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I have closed and produced instead offline versions of the Blitz newsletters and community news which you can download here. by simonh
- Official Blitz Newsletters (17 issues) by all
- Community news 2002 onwards (online version here)

This Blitz file mirror worklog thingy is a copy of useful Blitz software that has expired at the original site. I'm only redistributing files that were originally released for free so there shouldn't be any legal issues. If you are the owner of any of these files then I would just like to say thanks for your generosity!

Files by munch2014-04-03
BlitzMax | thread
- Blitz TrueType and Bitmap fonts (Win/Mac/Linux)

maxide_gtk2_bin | thread
- MaxIDE binarys (for default and CE) using Gtk2, Webkit1 (and Scintilla)

Blitz3D | thread
- Blitz3D Docs Patch for v 1.99 (extract to Blitz3D folder) | thread
- FreeImage Module for B3D/B+ (extract to Blitz3D folder)

BlitzMax Files2014-04-03
c-for-blitzers.pdf and by Otus | thread
- C for Blitzers tutorial (with source examples) by Fry Crayola | thread
- FryGUI module version 0.96 by John J. | thread
- XML format module

minib3dSoundv1.2 by ima747 | thread
- Minib3d 3d sound module with Brl.Audio by klepto2 | thread
- Minib3d 3d sound module using OpenAL by splinux | thread
- BlitzMax Linux Webcam Module, 5 Feb 2006 by Perturbatio | appfuncs | cgi | html | stringlist
- appfuncs, cgi, html, stringlist modules and by René | thread
- SQLite database

winconv3ds from
- frontend for DX SDK command line tool conv3ds.

Blitz3D Files2014-04-03 and by Ray Diaz | thread
- Blitz3D Beginners Tutorials (with source and media) and by Ray Diaz | thread
- Blitz3D Beginners Tutorials Part 2 (with source and media) by CodeD | thread
- Amiga Tribute (old school demo) by Techlord | thread
- Applied Object-Based Programming with Blitz3D (HTML format) by Michael Reitzenstein | thread
- B3D Tweak, MIT version (utility to adjust b3d files) by Michael Reitzenstein | thread
- BlitzBasic Preprocessor, MIT version (extract to Blitz3D or BlitzPlus folder) by Mustang | thread
- Game Menu Settings module (with example and media) by Marcelo | thread
- Blitz Close, DLL to detect close button event (C++ source) by ZJP | thread
- Realtime Image Processing with Image Styles Library (ISL) by diamondback_uk | thread
- BlitzMovie v1.3 with examples (extract to Blitz3D folder) by superqix | thread
- Blitz Resource Compiler v0.3 (BASE64 encode files into your exe) by Rob Hutchinson
- DLL for various Windows system functions (latest version) by Falcon | thread
- Popular free B3D/B+ GUI no longer in development by Drago | thread
- CRC32 calculation (not optimized, slow on files > 1 Mb) by Rob | thread
- Cubic environment mapped (CEM) water with underwater distortion by Stickman | thread
- 3D Canvas DX8 to B3D file converter v 1.04 by Rob
- Free FPS Shell, the media in the demo is copyright by Big& | thread
- Black Light Demo (aka Grey) by Ross C | thread
- Heightmap to Normapmap Converter (with source) by Jan_ | thread
- 3D motion blur effect by Rob
- Dot 3 normal mapping demo (with athene.b3d) by TheChange | site
- ProjectZ 1 and ProjectZ 2 (open source games) by ShadowTurtle | thread
- 3D world editor (editor in German but English help - extract folder over original - also includes by Anthony Flack | thread
- 2D screen shatter effect by Rob | thread
- 3 single surface systems (particle/entity/2D in 3D) by Algo | thread
- SketchFX Tech Demo by Kev | thread
- System tray icon (DLL that adds an icon to the taskbar) by Perturbatio | thread
- (simple to-do program) by TheCrow
- Tokamak Bowling Demo by bradford6 | thread
- Tokamak Piping Demo by Tom | thread
- Tokamak Rag Ork Demos

BlitzPlus Files2010-01-15 by Beaker | thread
- Flash and BlitzPlus (user interactions via an HtmlView)