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Entry 12016-05-28
Well I thought I should sort out a worklog for the Grimoire of worlds. So why not here lol.

I guess I should say a little about the game first.
The grimoire of worlds is a procedurally generated fantasy retro rpg. Inspired of games of old like secret of mana, Final fantasy 4, 5 and 6. chrono trigger. and games from today like minecraft, terraria, and cubeworld and many more games from across the ages.

heres a screenie so you know what I'm going for

So far I have worlds generating, The player can walk around, pick up items, use items, fight and kill monsters, be killed by monsters, level up, travel through the portal to new worlds. and that's about it really. Towns generate but theres nothing in them yet, no villagers or usable shops yet.

so the stuff Ive been working on the last few days..
Been doing a little bugfixing the last couple of days. Added fall damage, and made gravity more realistic and less floaty.
added in a day night cycle. Still not 100% happy with that though so we shall see if I make some changes.

I also set up a twitter account for the game.

My total pages now are....

so come and visit me on something ;)