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Released on because google suspended it for some reason that I'm getting reviewed currently.

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Coming together2016-11-08
My new game 'Star Battle Conquest' is coming together.

It is a fleet strategy game where you command a group of cruisers and capital ships and purchase upgradeable weapons for them.

Each type of ship has up to 3 slots for weapons and each ship and weapon can be upgraded in terms of a few different things. There are about 30 upgrades to choose from - 6 different weapons and 22 upgrades - each upgrade can be chosen multiple times.

When you launch a battle it launches against a randomly picked online opponent's fleet who is matched to be near your fleet in terms of ability (based on credits earned from battles).

You earn credits for destroying enemy vessels, with a penalty for losing your own vessels (down to a minimum of zero credits earned for a battle - quite rare - even a loss you win some usually).

I'm still deciding on another aspect of the game to give it that little bit extra 'campaignness' to it - maybe some kind of map or something but not sure...perhaps simply a rankings table?

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