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Haven't Been Idle2017-04-03
-> It's been almost 2 years since my last entry. For those that may scan the work logs for entertainment, I am not dead and I haven't been idle in my coding habits.
-> I've been continually working smaller side projects to help learn different aspects that I could incorporate into this main project. I've recoded a lot of key functions in Vonherin.
-> For one I've developed a system that segments the world into instances/regions. The regions can be interconnected via invisible areas of transition. Each region's content is loaded during these transition points and is near instant though the possibility of certain objects maintaining persistence definitely exists.
-> The system currently supports loading of these Objects:
Chests (and their inventories), Ladders, Bodies of Water, Npcs, Foliage, and Beds.

>>Old Objects: Description/Functionality
-> Chests can be accessed to display their unique inventory and can be looted easily.
-> Ladders can be scaled.
-> Bodies of water are defined as a transition layer of a width/depth that can be swam in/slows movement speed.
-> NPCs can be hostile or non-hostile, and have phrases to say when talked to. Currently 4 different hard-coded classes with equipment that's customizable.
-> Foliage is kind've self-explanatory.

>>New Object: Bed
-> Beds are a convenient way to speed up the passage of time. Debuffs/Buffs are affected by this change in time pacing. Which can be useful if needing to get rid of an annoying Debuff that isn't life threatening. Can be claimed/slept in. The view range whilst being in bed is severely reduced.

>>Side Note:
-> Prior coding achievements haven't been lost and will be repurposed to help expedite progress on this latest iteration of Vonherin.
-> Applys to equipment related functions, sheathing and unsheathing.

>>Planned Objects
-> Newer Furnace System
-> Ores System
-> Doors
-> Switches/Mechanisms for Activation
-> Fire/Torches

>>Day/Nite Cycle
-> Color Gradient for the sky/lighting has been added and is determined but a read_pixel function from it, updated once per minute.

-> The game is updated in segments of time/ticks, some events happen per second, per minute, per hour or per day. This is to help regulate the timing of events and help eliminate any lag associated with a function that doesn't need to operate continuously.

-> New system with a higher level of stability and finding of specific details. A lot of systems received an upgrade with regards to pointer handling to prevent having to cycle through lists to get the info required for some functions.
-> Supported Functions:
-> Copying of the inventory to another
-> Drag/Drop of items within interface
-> Swapping Of Items
-> Stacking Of Items
-> Dropping Of Items
-> Adding directly to a stack under max stack count
-> Suffixs/Prefixs are Disabled atm

>>Recipes or Using of Items on Other Items
-> Disabled atm

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Its good to be back.
I've recently been working on several other projects in development of this core game. These projects consisted of several different inventory systems - in order to see what direction I can do with Vonherin's current inventory system. I don't like the way armor is handled all too well. Because armor slots are treated as flagged bag type slots. It creates a lot of conditionals for absolutely no reason when the armor slots could be an entirely different type. Making some updates imposed on the armor slots take more time, having to cycle through all the invent slots to then find the armor slot.

New Inventory Features:
Primary and Secondary Mouse Click Function Utilization.
-> Left Click on a usable Item will result in EQUIP, DRINK etc.
-> Right Click produces a small drop down window to select a few options.
-> Equipment Slots and Bag Slots are Different Arrays altogether.
-> Main bag is easily accessible with HOT_KEY of "E"
-> Equipment is easily accessible with HOT_KEY of "Q"
-> Recipes have been converted into a USE_ITEM -> ON -> OTHER_ITEM = RESULTANT ITEM ~.

-> Less Media Dependent
-> Hovering over an item will display its given bonuses - if the item is considered equipment it will try to compare it to any applicable worn equipment.
-> An item is capable of having both a prefix and suffix, from which the item's attributes are enhanced.
-> Items come with a weight attribute to determine carry weight, attack speed, dodge rating. Etc.
-> Items with prefixes/suffixes are noticeable with applicable item-skins.
-> Now new weapon variants, dagger, mace, axe, essence, wand, knives, darts, crossbows. -Designed to the 3 applicable combat styles.
-> Now displays PlayerName$ / Username$ in Equipment Window.
-> Item attributes are not determined by the type of item, left like this on purpose. Adds true grinding for the "PERFECT" item in some situations.
-> Items have a item level that determines all the points put towards an item's attribute list.

Key aspects of foliage have been disabled to test Client -> Server Speed

~~Vonherin Developer~~


~~Vonherin Developer~~

~Massive Update~

1. Storage of Items be means other than the player inventory, such as chests or player unique bank.
2. Terrain generation has been limited to 1 core map.
3. 2 Different foliage variants have been added, 'Large Tree' - which is draped with vines and may have mushrooms placed at its roots.
4. Magical Attacks have added sprite effects that enhance their visibility and kind've explode on impact.
5. Combat Triangle: Melee Armor blocks arrows much better than Archer Armor or Mage Armor but weak to magical attacks, Archer Armor doesnt take melee blows too well but does well against Magical Attacks.
6. Associated items have been created: Fish, Cooked Fish, Wooden Storage, Stone Storage, Iron Storage, Fishing Pole, Furnace, Crafting Table.
7. New Recipes: Wooden Storage (6x Wooden Planks), Stone Storage (6x Polished Stone), Iron Storage (6x Iron Ingot)
8. Increased Targetting for ranged attacks.
9. Death now results in a burst of all your items into the world.
10. Armor sets: Plate (Warrior), Leather (Archer), Cloth (Mage) - each with their associated bonuses.
11. Camps: includes a fire pit and sitting stump. Speeds up the passage of time at night by sitting on the stump.
12. Sitting animation added, X key triggers this animation.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Introducing Alpha Version Test: 9.72014-08-31
I took a break to brainstorm where I wanted to go with my project. Seeing as how its simply a hobby of mine I don't dedicate 100% of my time to it and so updates do indeed suffer. After these couple of weeks i've created a few more updates to shovel out.

-fixed a display issue with slashing with swords in general: sometimes when taking damage it would offset the slash sprite, this has been fixed.
-added a 'Running/Jumping Combo Attack' - user must be running and mid jump while holding left click to perform spinning forward slash. (Swords only at the moment) Mages will have barrier generated for the duration (shield small amounts of damage), Archers will passively be granted a small movement speed buff. (Class depiction can vary in a fight: class is merely designed to indicate what type of weapon class the player is using. Staff:Mage, Wand:Mage, Dagger:Warrior, Sword:Warrior, Bow:Archer... etc.)
-Shielding no longer blocks 40% of incoming damage, this has been reduced to 15%, 40% was far too great and basically made you something similar to Armor Lock from Halo 4.
-Enemies now fall backwards instead of forwards upon death. Felt it fitting to "blow away your enemies" rather than have them come falling onto you. :)
-There's now a damage indicator of its origin. A small sprite that points in the direction of sought after damage.
-Enemies will now attempt to use a generic ability called 'Kick' if they see your charging up to deal more DPS. 'Kick' knocks the player back for a small amount but disables any charging of attacks.
-Playing "peek-a-boo" with casters as enemies is a little harder to do but still possible. It was possible to gauge the time between casts as to simply jump over them and mid-air cast at them, avoiding possible damage. This applied to Archers as well.
-All weapons have been slightly edited for stacking the following items onto the player's back: Quiver/Shield/Weapon. They now correctly displace each other rather than merge and intersect becoming quite an eye sore.

-Grass has been updated to be a little less dense. A little more responsive to wind with regards to YAW#. The variant of herb is now a fern-like plant in the ground rather than a red flowering plant.
-Trees have increased definition, I attempted to add individualized 'wind effect' to their leaves but my efforts only reduced FPS but it did look good :d
-Clouds, my cloud system is still going strong it helps blend the water and sky, as well as to the rest of the world against the background of CLSCOLOR.
-Sky_Tex: Altered to a greater contrast to increase bloom effect; it was so bad that the sky appeared a grey-ish distorted color... After I got a nice deep blue that is just beautiful.

-Upon opening disables the ability to run.

-Now have the ability to run with shift. Increases movement speed by 20% -no cost (yet)

-While running you may now use the mouse as a mouse_look to turn the player much faster than that of key_downs.

-I have removed the minimap because I would like the player to openly discover what the rest of the world looks like; however, I would like to still show the areas the player has been as these old places would not fall into that category.

-Armor has been recolored to reflect the different tiers. These are subject to change because some of the colors are borderline neon. (Only Tier 2, Like neon green -> Becoming a Dark Green soon.)

-Thinking of converting from generic b3d terrains to Mesh ones. I experimented around with mesh terrains and the power behind the ability to edit them is immense for some of the effects id like to achieve and re-create within my game. Not to mention better handling of no-clip and clipping.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Slight Revisions2014-07-13
>Changes to Combat
-Charged attack's particle effects have been revised to fly away from and orbit the player mesh.
-Charged attacks no longer use up all the energy charged on the initial engage, each attack subtracts up to a total of 60%-40% of the player's charged energy on a successful attack. This has been put like this for increased combat efficiency with rangers and mages as they are (mainly magers) heavily dependent on Stamina/Mana values that are subtracted from to create charged energy.
-Added a few new animations and features.
-Theres now an animation for crafting an item.
-Theres now a shielding animation for shielding. (Activated on Right Click) - Shields 40% of incoming damage when in this position.

>Changes to player (General Features)
-Texture slightly modified in certain areas.
-All Tier 1 Models have been updated to fit the new player mesh.
-Can have sheathing toggled, to either have the item in hand at all times or keep it sheathed like normal after you're done with an attack.
-Running has been implemented, the player now has this ability and it requires no stamina/mana to do at the moment.

>Changes to World
-Water/Trees/Grass/Sky all revised, there were still some shading issues with the water and sky added together. Sky have been updated to compensate for excessive bloom in certain light levels. Transparency was a big issue, I didn't want the player to be able to really see everything from far away (the stuff under the water) so I had to play around with the alpha values of some of the layers I used to construct the water as a whole. Trees have had a slight adjustment to compensate for better looking shadow definition, though the world doesn't involve any sort of occlusion effects it can still 'mimic' the effect.
-Terrain has a greater increase in detail. O(5000<9000)N

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Nother Graphical Update2014-07-07

-Boulders Added.
-Shadows Slightly revised.
-Textures revamped.
-Water revamped.
-Some camera functionality has changed.
-Compass is a dev.
-Less small foliage.
-Sky revised for more bloom effect during day and a subtract-ive glossy effect for night.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Graphical Update2014-06-28
-I was really unhappy with the current level of image-texture quality and so, I updated most of the textured land and completely re-made the player mesh.

-Successfully created a new player mesh.
-Successfully animated the new player mesh.
-Successfully aligned new animation cycles with game's current event triggering system (for combat etc)
-All animations are improved for visual detail.

-Improved Sky. Features not only my volumetric cloud system but a spherical skymesh that mimics the qualities of a skybox and a skysphere mixed (depending on angle it is viewed)

-Current Visual Updates-

~~Vonherin Developer~~

I spent a lot of time networking and modding around the code to allow for such things.

-Client Created
-Server Created

Client features all single player features.
Server provides Map seed and entity data for loot, enemies, combat, etc.

-Fourth tier of sword has been updated to reflect it's potential damage output.

-Server has full networking ability and can handle about 10-15 people without serious lagtime.

-Inventory, Recipes Known are saved within the Server config files along with the player's coords and personal data.

-There's no console commands, just a strong foundation for everything has been setup.

-Getting the inventory/armor setup to properly load in real time without generating excessive bitrate took a few same as Enemies.

-May release an Alpha in the upcoming month.
-May put up on kickstarter to try and get some funds for good servers and media assistance.
-May then put up on steam as well.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

-> World
- Shadows added to player, enemies, and projectiles.
- There are now 2 variants of grasses that spawn throughout the world, making the ground coverage much greater.

-> Gameplay
- Particle effects added to charging up attacks, a sort of "aura" is generated.
- Charge attacks now use stamina as a source of amplified damage.
- Item drops now resemble a crate with the item displayed on the sides.
- Item drops now have increased fluidity with it's applied physics.
- Utility Tab has an updated image.
- all abilities are finally independent of each other.
- ability cooldown indication has been updated to a swirling circle animation.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Game Improvements2014-06-06
<- GUI Changes & Fixes
-> Ability tab revised, sections up abilities based on classification (Melee, Ranged, Magic, Utility)
-> Inventory Slide now fully retracts into the side of screen (besides that of selected tab)
-> Mini-map may be changed into a 2D overview and the M key will trigger a 3D view of the world instead.
-> Direction indicator has been added to the mini-map; a white arrow pointing in the direction of player movement.
-> Recipe Tab now fills itself out when completing a new recipe ("Discovering a new one"), storing it for later reference if the user forgets how to craft a certain item.
-> Respective mouse-tooltips have been added to all new features, displaying proper name and description.
-> Action Bar has been revised to reflect an actual "bar" rather than a collection of images at the bottom of the screen.
-> Abilities now have a respective classification based on current weapon type be it melee, ranged, or magic related.
-> Aiming will probably be revised soon (ONCE AGAIN)... however it will probably only involve making a aiming cursor.
-> Terrain generation has been slightly altered to be smoother and less 'step-like'.
-> Planning on making the world indefinite based off the world's seed.
-> Planning on all sectioning off recipes in their TABs. My be classified on what they result in.. be it Food/Potions, Armor/Weapons, Smelting/Jewelry, Magic Items/Teleport Items.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

-Upcoming Changes to armors.
1) Legs, will no longer be a mesh, they will be a secondary applied texture.
2) All other armor will be provided a unique mesh for its respective tier.
3) Fix a bug with amulet/necklace displaying improperly on the player.
4) Player texture updated to reflect that of an aggressive less demonically stoic character.
5) Shields have been fully implemented.

-General Combat.
1) New AI, is in full effect and the changes are fantastic. No movement bugs and currently working on the STATUS$ of Sleep. Sleep is for an enemy that has been IDLE$ for far too long and can randomly occur, heals hitpoints BUT reduces the distance of detection by 10. (To make way for assassinations with the upcoming rogue classification of armor and weapons.
2) Enemies now accurately attack the player but will incorporate CC'n effects coupled with time till next ability potential damage output, making the enemies gauge if they will survive long enough to kill the player based on its current hp, the amount of damage its taken (overall percent of its hp) and the player's/target's hp. Making them more witty when it comes to "clutch" their way out of a fight. I've made Mages extremely cheap with stuns. WHY NOT??

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Progress ||2014-05-23
1) Revitalized Water to a degree. (Tweaked blend modes again)
2) Boundary added from Water Level down to seabeds to 'box' in the player.
3) Aiming has been greatly improved, Camera now responds to Player angle to target. I hope this is the last time i fool around with this! :D
4) Collisions with trees are possible.
5) Shadow system now using a multitude of different source images upon creation and is in realtime (basic effect of shadows)
6) Mouse-Tooltips are still a bit buggy but overall looking good. Colors with Damage and Armor items (in conjunction) Will only attribute the color of Damage as it's counted first rather than the color attributed to Armor.
7) Combat is more fluid and less buggy in mass-attacks.
8) Shielding is currently being re-vamped. Percent of Defense is far too high. (Basically negates all damage in higher tiers)
9) Foliage Maps have been removed, as they didn't really serve any point than to direct what was were, this can be handled without the extra computing usage.

1) See Above for Inventory (Mouse-Tooltips)
2) Its possible to spawn (on a new world) deep underwater, and this can sometimes be hazardous to beginning the game.
3) Drops still sometimes contain "NULL" items. They aren't obtainable within the inventory but they do become a nuisance in abundance.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

- Terrain now displays shadows from larger foliage such as trees.
- Mini-Map now perfected to be smooth regardless of FPS and delta yaw parameters.
- Camera changes fog ranges and display ranges when submerged in water. Effect includes a feature that emulates the tides moving in and out underwater. -texture updated on water, reflects waves in the animation.
- 5 Different Types of ground coverage now populate the world, Palm Trees, Lych Trees, Flowers, Herbs, and Mushrooms exist now.
- Added an additional blend layer to the water, keeps it crisp.
- Average Water Height has been reduced by 10% to make more land mass avail to walk on.

- Aiming has been tweaked yet again, melee does not need a change in Pitch of attacks and so, this feature has been isolated to ranged-type attacks.
- All projectile speeds have been reduced (so u can see them actually fire)
- Swords have had a general visual update
- Two whole new sects of items are now avail. (Shielding, Offhand). These items offer additional damage or armor. Does not affect animations however (will change later on)
- Ability Features Implemented, "Engage" - Does launch the player forwards to gain some ground on an enemy or close the gap when attacking a fleeing opp.
- Amulets now offer additional bonuses; Increased STAMINA, HITPOINTS, DAMAGE, or ARMOR.
- Shields can be 'engaged' to block incoming attacks with Right Click. -> Feature is still buggy however (Increases Defence by 25% when blocking with a shield)
- Now easier to dodge projectiles (due to their speed decrease) > Dodging can be perfected to a degree

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Recent Changes2014-05-07
-Colors That Have Been of Recent Issue-
1) All GUI items are now matching in border color.
-solves some of the images from appearing to be out of place compared to the rest of GUI.
This pertains to the inventory, abilities, health/stamina/charge bar pop-ups.
2) Colors that affect the way to the world is shaded or lit have been altered to reflect more realism within the cartoon-"y" world.

-World Itself-
1) The map has double the max height now, Variations in terrain are more noticeable and provide more land surface area on average.

1) Enemy Ai will be getting re-worked to incorporate newer routines and functions within the game. As well as to speed them up.
2) Will be incorporating Talkative NPCS for shop or trade usages.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

The Update That Changed The World.2014-05-04
~~~Updates as of 05/04/2014~~~

>Some items that were to be equipped during complex movements appeared distorted. - This has been fixed.
>Aiming is now smoother and no longer has a "jumpy" feel to it when switching between potential targets.
>Now jump 5% higher than before.
>Stepping sounds have been added to movements.
>All damage-movement has been reduced; excessive enemy damage makes it impossible to be effective in combat.

>Some items that were to be equipped during complex movements appeared distorted. - This has been fixed.
>Warrior Class enemies now follow slower, before they could essentially hunt you down to death. All combat escape spells were rendered useless because of their excessive movement speed.
>Archer Class enemies now have the ability to spot enemies at a further distance than Warrior or Mage classes. They'll also alert others of the enemies presence.
>Mage Class will always prioritize its HP when in a fight. Keeping it's distance as much as possible and excelling in casting Snares/Stuns as often as possible.
>Waypoint-ing has been improved with added Swimming AI.
>Sounds for all combat has been revised. (Sword Clang, Magic Burst, Arrow Shot etc)
>Their creation (generation routine) has been simplified, making load times less as well as overall gameplay.
>Adding a 4th Class potentially. (Assassin/Rogue most likely)
[Will specialize in doing high DPS and only appearing during the Night]

>See Weather Effects
>New Type of Tree added besides that of Palm trees. Inner Land now consists of birch/fur/pine trees.

-Water Effects
>See Weather Effects
>Shifting tides, (not water height, misleading I know). The Water appears to cycle in and out. Illusion created from masked textures.

-Weather Effects
>Dynamic Fog - Fog created by reusing the cloud system. Takes clouds and lowers them to the ground. Creates a misty graveyard feel.
>Rain is now present within the game. Rain will refill any empty vessel that can hold water in the inventory.
>Rain drops will make ripples on the water's surface
>Lightning is now present within the game. Sound added for this as well.
>Snow is present in the game, for snow to fall you must be within that height range for snow to be viewed.

>Global cooldown addition. When using an ability it will set every ability to a 1 second cooldown to prevent spamming of multiple abilities.
>Radiant Light's cooldown has been increased to 2 mins.

-Color Schemes
>Ability tool tips have been adjusted to be darker.

-Loading/Start Screen
>Proper Loading is now accurate in all instances.
>Ques all information for all profiles on game start up.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

The Ability Book2014-04-27
1) Loads of new abilities added: No Animations for them thou~
2) Abilities are now separated into 3 tiers of power.
Basic abilities provide nominal amounts of damage and vary from simple snares, stuns, or bleeds.

Threshold abilities are more powerful than basic abilities, they provide enhanced features of basic abilities, extending their duration quite a lot as well as their damage.

Ultimate abilities are vastly superior to basic abilities, they provide the most damage output. Specializing in eliminating one target at a time however.

-Melee: Engage, Double Cleave, Overpower, Blade Hurricane, Iron Skin, Revenge

-Archery: Double Shot, Rooting Shot, Tri-Shot, Arrow Volley, Rapid Fire, Explosive Shot.

-Mage: Aura, Muran, Curak, Zenek, and Faroc Bolts.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Recent Updates ||2014-04-25
Updated Topics:
1. Added ground coverage that's dynamic and fast-prop.
2. Aiming has been tweaked to reflect a greater accuracy at closer ranges.
3. Any items with Armor, Damage, Heal, or Restore tool-tips now state the amount and are color-coded. Armor:Teal, Damage:Orange, Heal:Dark Cherry, Restore:Green.
4. Player texture has been completely re-done, no longer fully naked as base texture.
5. Item drops now include some items that were on the object killed.
6. Items are now picked up by the MOUSEDOWN(2) instead of (1).
7. Slight tweak to clouds, water ripples.
8. 3D mini-map has been tweaked to reduce lagtime with render. (5 millisecs delay) > Added to delta the map camera. Creates a much more fluid transition without effecting map lagtime.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Recent Updates2014-04-20
Items Updates:
>Items (if weapons or armor) now display their armor or damage potential.
>Items can now be used objects within the 3D environment. One example of this would be filling up vials at a water source.
>Mouse Description values now fully compensate for any sized description. (adapted to allow for a multitude of different lengths *effectively*)
>Dropped items now can be selectively picked up rather than panned over.
>Fixed a bug that allowed "Arrow tips" to be used as arrows/ammo.
>Max tier level is still at 60 though scaling has been slightly altered.
>Stamina Potions have been added. -restores 1/6th the players total stamina with each use.

General Updates:
>Sword attack style has been modified to be more fluent.
>All Aiming has become more accurate and compensates to a degree if the enemy is point-blank -Camera Rotation keys in
>Entities now create an effect when parsing through waterways, they create ripples.
>Refined recipe system (to allow for 2D - 3D cross over)
>Bug removed that caused the game to crash occasionally when dealing with lost enemies and magic spells/arrows.
>New "Explosion" type spells are being created.
\Featured: New spell "Sonic Boom" - test spell.
\Releases 10x the spell damage to the surrounding area.
\in a full 360 degree coverage.
>Newer Spell "Blizzard" refined to have barrier fit within height of enemies. (they gravitate towards a very close enemy as well)
>All base ability cooldowns have been reduced as all cooldowns actually use 'true' seconds/minutes/hours creating more of a balance on abilities.
>Fast-Prop foliage is being implemented for land coverage having only trees makes things dull.
>Using an item on another item in the main inventory and its a proper recipe will prompt you with the yielded item and amount if you were to complete the recipe (aka by clicking with the 'R' - Recipe Key pressed)
>Aiming ridicule updated to ">-+-<" for Bow and "O" for a Staff.

Progress Bars:
>Redone to reflect a way smoother feel to their rather clunky past (even more fluid from last update) Doesnt update at a fixed rate, rate is now the (Difference/100).

>Health Potion: Revised to look more like a vial though distinguishing between doses (3) and (4) is difficult so they might be subject to change.
>Stamina Potion: as is above.
>Sonic Boom image created.

>Occasionally you can find yourself travelling faster in water than on land. Most likely due to a missing conditional.
>Not much else to report.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Screenshots of Latest Content2014-04-14
Charge Bar and Aiming with staff (WIP) ~ same for Bows
Cursor now appears as a "( )" symbol rather than "+"
Camera adjusts actively and tries to keep up with player movement in extreme situations. May add a whole another Camera for this.. but I like it so far. "White/Pink Cubes" are for debug purposes to show empty equipped slots on the player.

Visuals During day, a few enemies, inventory and more.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Additions To Additions2014-04-12
A new more profound magic damaging system that employs "barrier" - type styles. New Spell Chain added: "Ice Ascent"; New Spells added: Icy Bind, Ice Spike, Blizzard, Frigid Grave

"Blizzard" involves the new "barrier" type of spell. It encompasses the player in icy magic orbs that proceed to orbit about the player; smacking whatever enemy they collide with. The Duration is determined by Magic Lvl.

You're now able to aim with staffs and bows.
You're now able to hold and store energy for a more powerful attack. Notable with a "Charge Bar" that appears when trying to attempt this.

Armor is a little quirky at the moment.. I seem to altered a bone or too and made the models come out of order. Still works properly.

Mini Map optimized to reduce any rendering problems (added delay between sampling)

Main Map now displays nearby objects to the player (such as foliage and other Npcs)

Ability Cool downs now all update AT THE SAME TIME.
Jumping and General physics within the game have been re-worked.

Inventory: Previously Item Information was displayed in kind've a chopped mix and match way. Where i didn't really care "if to fit in box ill just break words if past certain character limit for the line". Info boxes are now dynamic in the sense that they Fit complete phrases without chopping up words, and can have more than 4 additional lines of description.

Re-color to Inventory Info boxes, greater contrast between border and give a more refined look to the GUI.

Each Health Potion dose (up to 4) will always heal the player for 1/6th of total health. No food items or additional stat changing potions exist yet.

To Create a Health Potion
1. Acquire a Vial (from drop)
2. Go for a swim and Use Vial (fills with water)
3. Acquire some Red berries
4. Use Red Berries with Vial of Water
5. Acquire either Crushed Stone, or crush a Polished Stone with a hammer.
6. Use Crushed Stone with Red Berry Mixture.

Some Damaging Movements have been added when taking an excessive amount of damage in one sitting.

Fall Damage now Exists.

When charging up for a more powerful attack with a bow, the player keeps the bow drawn and will release at the same instant an arrow is shot. Additional Damage is calc'd in by (Archery Level/99)*Charge
99 is Skill Mastery --- Makes your damage progress with leveling.

An Archery Level of 50 and a Charge of 100%
Will promote an increased damage potential of about 50 pts.
While an Archery Level of 99 and a Charge of 100%
Will promote an increased damage potential of about 100 pts.

Base Damage for archer = (BowDmg+ArrowDmg+Any Armor Archery Bonuses)


None of my demonstrated formulas are AS SHOWN, but its just proof of concept or path.

Progress Bars are updated to reflect more of a fluid "realtime" feel. They seemed clunky and only updated in intervals where-as they smoothly update to the new value commanded to them.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Some movements were tricky with the terrain. Fluidity has been preserved with a newer method.

Old method seemed to toggle or "stick" things to the terrain when within collision range (to speed things up), this has been eliminated because a simpler method is now used; with a greater appeal.

New Items and their applications.
1. Armor set: Glintclad
\Derived from Glintstone products.
2. Health Potion Implementation.
\Used to heal a 6th of the player's health upon use.
\Can have up to 4 doses in one slot of the inventory.

1. Arrows still have a apparent damage addition when not using them with a bow.
2. Occasionally the item "Empty" appears in invent but its deleted instantly (just a flaw with the way items get added)

1. Clouds now scale smaller when closer and scale larger the further away they are from the player. Creating a nicer feel of depth.
2. Overall terrain generation has been re-written to add more flat areas for combat and training.
3. Now possible to train a variety of skills from the inventory, many required item spawning.

Current plans:
1. Add Shops/Towns for actually making use of gold or items.
2. Add more items, add more abilities, add more things to do in general.
3. Add more secondary camera controls. (Free-roam "Area")
4. Terrain may be recolored to reflect sea to forest transition. (Outer Map to Inner Map)

Minor Changes and Additions:
1. There are now a total of 31 recipes for the previous (20)
2. New Images for Health and Stamina.
3. Altered cloud effect creates a sorta "bloom" to the sky.
4. New Armor, Glintclad
\Tier 5 of 5, Armor values are vastly high. Having this on negates a lot of any damage that you'd acquire with a given level of Defence. Damage calc is done by ResultantDamage=Rand(0,(Damage-(Rand(0,Armor Value)+(Rand(1,Defence)/2))))

ResultantDamage=Rand(0,(Damage-(Rand(0,Armor Value)+(Rand(1,Defence)/2))))
Step 1:(500-(125+(64/2)))
Step 2:(500-(125+32))
Step 3:(500-157)
Step 5: Rand(0,343)

Player Takes 213.0 points of Damage

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Item / Formula Editor2014-03-24
I've been having some issues implementing new items and creating more formulas to incorporate the new items into the game.

However, it dawned on me that i should just make a program to handle all those needs on the fly and so.. this is what resulted.

(As to the game, a lot has been added; will show screenshots shortly)
Features of Editor:
Description of function: to ease the burden of editing large array trees and excessive typing. Controls and protects 3 different arrays involved in item description, worth, and name as well as item image. All of which can be edited (besides the actual image) easily and then saved correctly. Formulas can be created on the fly, items (names, desc's) can as well or edited. Displayed previous list, new list, and formula.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Finally Back.2014-01-24
Recently I joined the Military and am now in Technical school. This being said i had to be gone for practically 2 months while in Basic Training. Well, now i'm back with my ability to continue development and I couldn't be happier.

1. Redo Melee Style combat system. To add more of a *combo-like system* Involving durated mouse clicks and indicated direction of motion.

2. Heavily improve Character detail and allow for personalization of the character besides that of the armor they wear.

3. Implement Volumetric 'fake' clouds so there's a greater effect of depth within the game.

4. Animations tweaked.

5. Camera needs work.

6. Have fun.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Environment Update2013-10-21
1. Armor Making is limited to the usage of the item named 'Hammer'
2. Quivers and Sheathing of items was corrected: occasionally showing the previous item in hand before sheathing.
3. Water/Trees/Terrain update.
-Water, vastly improved performance and overall quality.
-Trees, improved to be palm trees rather than evergreens, alpha'd leaves and HD textures.
-Terrain, Recolored; to resemble a tropical paradise, detail improved (more unique features) -inlets, bays, etc.
4. FPS cap dropped to 30 from 40.
5. Minimap now optimized and will maintain a great FPS even on slow systems.
6. Combat still needs to be improved; may introduce completely new AI ;D
7. Base Heal Cooldown is now 2.5 mins.
8. Armor Values now scale off a base factor associated with it's type: Helm, Neck, Chest, Belt, Legs, Feet.
9. Huge FPS increase. Excessive blend modes patched. :D
10. Expect new Player Texture and Model soon.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Update v22013-10-09
1. Added a Sound Library that plays ambient sounds as well as combat music.
2. Added Sheathing of weapons : they go on your back.
3. Redid base player texture to reflect having nothing on.
4. Adding more armor and items into the game, as well as recipes.
5. Armor Making will be implemented into the next update, currently you can only make up to stone weapons and even that process is cheap. Making forging require a heat source and an anvil to shape/craft the items (possibly)
6. Ability cooldowns greatly increased. Base Heal ability capped to only heal a maximum of 12% of your base health.
7. Aiming system for arrows and mage bolts needs to be slightly reworked to compensate for differences in terrain height.
8. Bug fixed in drop system where it would cause a stack overflow. Delay added, endless loop patched.
9. Added jump animation.
10. Fixed a few buggy vertexes within the player model that seemed out of place or just not needed.
11. Armor Values tweaked slightly, negated tons of damage.
12. Defense xp is now only awarded in 1/10 the damage given rather 1/2
13. Shift-targeting now accurately targets the closest and lowest amount of hp-monster around the player (if used).
14. Will introduce the old system of dropping what the monster is wearing. Makes farming for a certain item or item tier much easier.
15. May release a small demo to let people play around with the inventory and combat system.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

1. Partial recoloring of Item Prefix colors.
2. Each tier now contains an additional 5 Prefixes. Now a total of 50 rather than 25 different Prefixes.
3. Armor Value and Weapon Damage now scale off their Prefix value, rather than their actual image id.
4. Swords Primed to do the most damage to compensate for their lack of range over Mages and Rangers.
5. Implemented a system for LOD'ing trees. There's still some "pop-in", but it's slight.
6. Ability System refined to match the rest of the GUI layout, meaning movement of windows.
7. Character Statistics are now Displayed above the game info, Character Statistics show current Armor Bonus and Damage Bonuses.
8. The probability of monsters/creatures dropping more items has increased, however the chance of scaling to a different tier has been reduced to compensate.
9. Tweaked a targeting flaw in the AI of monsters/creatures that would make allegiances of factions attack each other resulting in friendly fire, this has now been prevented.
10. Ability Cooldowns have been fully implemented however, they are too short and will be tweaked to suffice.
-Heal is a little overpowered, it basically prevents death in 3v1's it should hardly prevent death in situations of 1v1 but entitle the possibility of survival nevertheless.
11. Bows still do not require arrows. I may simply make it so whatever type of arrow tier that happens to be in the Ammo Slot simply adds bonus damage to the bow, and lower the overall damage of bows. Not concrete however.
12. Total Inventory Space increased to allow for more items.
13.Newly spawned monsters will be geared towards dealing with the player efficiently and will put up an adequate fight.
14. Monsters currently gain nothing from what they have equipped. AKA Bonuses from armor or weapons are negligible.
-Will implement a system to do so.
15. Some camera following procedures changed, slight delay to yaw adjustment adds for a more combat-like stance of movement, may make it change in/out of combat.
16. Health does not regen passively. -This was intentional, forces the use of potions/food/abilities. However foods wouldn't have a cooldown and require you not be in combat while potions can be used in combat and have a debuff. Compensation!
17. Item Value will be implemented soon, it'll mainly reflect off the Item's Tier and Prefix values.

Goals as of 10/2/2013:
1. Greatly increase model detail and texture qualities.
2. Greatly improve images and item details.
3. Make animations more complex and fluid, doing bare minimum atm.
4. Add more recipes.
5. Add Potions. -coded needs implementation.
6. Add Food. -coded needs implementation.
7. Add Pets, and work in the rest of the skills into the game.

Currently the only skills that are able to be leveled are: Swimming, Health, Defence, Strength, Archery, and Magic.

ScreenShots Shortly... been working.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

1. Implement prop system for plants and foliage.
2. Increase overall level of detail with player and terrain features.
3. Add more abilities.
4. Add vehicles for faster land and water travel. Such as, pets and boats.
5. Fully implement equipping a full armor set. (Limited to weapon, helm, and necklace atm) Items don't exist and need to account for duping 1 leg's armor to the other.
6. Tweak animations to be more fluid.
7. Tweak textures overall.
8. Increase overall content and "Things to do" - Provide an alternate path to playing the game. Instead of killing everything to gain progress, one may just skill and level up their non-combat stats to gain xp and wealth.
9. Redo-Images, and make more images. Temporary ones have been put in place for many action-slot related functions.

Here is an example of the different colored tiered items. 1-5.

Swimming and Leveling up a skill.

Using an ability: "Arrow Volley"

~~Vonherin Developer~~

New Update2013-09-19
1. Added coloring of different Tier items. Tier 1:White, Tier 2:Green, Tier 3:Blue, Tier 4:Purple, Tier 5:Orange.

2. Multiple Saves are able to be created now rather than just one.

3. Water and Sky recolored and rebuilt to bring contrast to the player and more cohesion between the sky, land, and water colors.

4. MiniMap Update: Now Shows your current position and objective (If you have one)

5. Loot is now completely random with the exception of Bones and Currency drops.

6. Skill Tab added, makes looking at your stats convenient and efficient while accessing your inventory.

7. Level Up indicators now pop-up in top/middle of the screen.

8. Health, Damage now scale according to corresponding attack type, and "Health" Skill value.

9. Gameplay is quite fun, I find myself increasingly being sucked in by my own game, something i've always dreamed of, something I create sparking my attention.

10. Two new Abilities added, Battle Cry, and Camouflage.
-Battle Cry increases Total Stamina for a duration and Camouflage allows the user to temporary avoid detection by enemies.

11. Night and Day will present different enemy spawn patterns to the player. Aka, more enemies at night to discourage travel and to compensate i've added torches into the game, a hold-able light source for the player that illuminates a radius based on the torch's tier * 100.

-Foot Notes-
I'm quite happy on how the game has progressed over the last week or so, i love having all this time to myself, and it's apparently great for the game.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

3rd Person.2013-09-16
1. Re-hauled my prior inventory system: now supports item description, item durability, item value, item crafting, recipe discovery, tools, weapons, and armor all on the fly.

2. The game currently supports 15 different skills.
Include but not limited to: Archery, Magic, Swimming, and Cooking.

3. New Camera System that can support dynamic cinematic views of new areas. (Much like The Legend of Zelda can, aka new room or area) <- Made this smoother...

4. The Player has the option to individually train each skill to make them a better archer or melee specialization. Or Cook, etc. Free choice.

5. Ability book, abilities become unlocked as your skills go up, if you train your archery you gain more archery derived abilities; so on and so forth.

6. Complex day and night cycle based on actual 24-hour clock that's in-game.

7. Able to view all Skill-Related attributes (Haven't added the ability list) - such as xp till next level, and current xp.

8. Implemented saving once again, tracking of player, mobs, items, drops, and effects on everything.

9. Abilities include but aren't limited to:
Abilities that freeze, snare, burn, heal, slow, silence, lifesteal, cone, and aoe.

10. Player movement across the terrain is flawless now, makes combat way smoother but there is a limit to the angle that can be traversed.

11. Tiering system is implemented, boost gear that is exponentially affected. Power level 1 item that is tier 1 has base stats that are 1^1 = 1 while Power level 2 item that is tier 2 has base stats that are 2^2 = 4 and Power level 2 item that has a tier of 3 is 2^3 = 8 so on and so forth.

12. Equipment affects overall stats, boosts any skill bonus it may have or would seem to provide.

13. New Splash screen, and profile selection screen.

14. Three-dimensional mini-map and full map for viewing of the local area (rest is hidden in fog if you haven't been there)

-I'm continuing to work as hard as i can to pump this game out with my free time.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Turning To 3rd Person.2013-07-27
Sorry, I've been working non-stop and it hasn't yielded enough time to get on the forums to post something new.

Created an "Item List Editor" to handle the creation of recipes and new items/vs their image on the fly so that process has been greatly increased.

I was happy with the last setup for the character that I had created for the game. However, I've always liked the 3rd person games over 1st person games. So, I've changed the camera into a very dynamic and accurate system. Capable of creating situations (such as cut scenes). I completely rewrote the inventory system from the ground-up. Completely reworked the AI system behind every creature within the game, featuring smoother movement and Non-Collision-Based entity placement (FPS Increase)/All Math.

I'll release a screenshot soon and perhaps a video. Attack-Systems have been fully implemented with dynamic leveling of combat-based skills, combat effects (Bleed, Heal, Slow, Stun).

Ability to drop items from the inventory into the world freely, and Creatures/Monsters have unofficial drop lists. (Drops certain items, vary between each set but "Bones" and Other generic things stay the same.

Armor and Weapons affect the efficiency of Blocking, Dealing Damage to/from Creatures or other damage factors (Besides Effects)

Implementing dynamic character editing (Hair,Body,Etc etc).

-Redoing the save-world function. Saving is currently disabled. :C

~~Vonherin Developer~~

A few screenshots.2013-05-10
Im not really happy with the rather generic trees i have, ill soon make completely random tree meshes on the fly. i.e base template parts to create a tree and simply shuffle them around deviating slightly from a certain type of tree (oak etc..)

-Screenshots show, watermap,colormap,basic lightmap,terrain, basic trees and environment.

Here's an older one but, it should suffice.
it just demonstrates some of the odd configurations I get within my generated terrain.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Bug Fixes2013-05-01
I took a few days off and went back to work. Targeting main display bugs within every feature of the game. Retexturing and creating newer content that reflects my current skill in graphics, modelling, and coding.

-Bug Fixes.
1. Global light_level# variable not recording correctly (days became slightly offset upon each save roughly 2.5% degree of error; fixed its precision.
2. Slight display issue between entities z-buffer essentially overlapping.
3. Increased player's ability to get over general terrain features (reduced workload of getting around)
4. Cleaning of unessential calculations or moving them to a queue of events to be handled when needed rather than always running.
5. Fixed the occasional "Flip back to start menu" - was caused by a corrupt world save i.e if the world failed to create; result of closing early or some other issue involving inappropriate shutdown of the program.
6. Reduced run speed.
7. More commands added.. really just for me. ;D
8. New recipes added to obtain all items.
9. Spawning with wood.
10. Dieing on spawn (very RARE)
11. Corrupted terrain, aka.. its rather very flat.. or sketchy (looks like spiky hair)
12. General lagg from the terrain and other things.
13. Sky box has been removed, not a real feature really.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Taking a Break, Reporting Progress2013-04-23
Im taking a break for a bit, im immensely tired of day after day of coding.
1. I successfully reworked the entire layout and appearance of my login routines and speed.
2. Updated Lightmapping to be more dynamic and more realistic to sun-positioning.
3. Mesh Terrain implementation is still WIP.
4. Need a .lib for checking if the player were to exit the program without hitting escape (wont save otherwise)

-Many more Features added.
1. When attacking a creature the player gains "Instinct" might change the variable to "Rage" or some other form of energy that the player may then use to cast spells or do special attacks on creatures.
2. Currently there only exists 20 different generic spells (blasts of magical energy pretty much) which tier according to level. (1-70) -might add Cooldown periods for spells.
3. Quest System is in slight dev. NPCS spawn with a quest variable.
4. Reworked how World Selection appears, might add a preview to the world. :D -Rotating MiniWorld for the player to browse slightly.
5. Advanced Item Info added: When hovering over an item, displays Name/Rarity/Price: Doesn't allow the string of information to be written off-screen. Allows on top as well.
6. Added several different recipes, longest recipe currently requires 5 different layouts to create 1 of the said items.
7. Need to add more items in general only 67 different items exist in the game.
8. Ai, cancelled atm for debug.
9. Increased Terrain Interaction: No more getting stuck on high-ratio climbs.
10. Optimized many text-based drawings to images.
11. Combat system is being re-worked from its basis. Weapons will keep proper tier of damage.
12. My River Function (The Function that Creates a River in the map) - Only works Along the Y Axis (with reference to an image rather than a 3D space).. which bothers me i wish to have a rather windy path for a river... WIP
13. Speed in water dramatically reduced, ratio LAND/WATER (3:2 to 3:1)
14. Increased administrative control, Average FPS control, Lag-resistance commands: Affecting environment updates. Might add a global "Que" for events based on priority and distance from the actual view area.
15. Finally, Smooth Jumping, well.. smoother, previous jumping would sometimes be rather difficult to control.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

Delayed Post2013-04-15
Sorry, we recently had a power outage in my area and have been up able to post for a bit.

-Current Progress-
1. Implementation of mesh terrain is quite difficult... (WIP)
2. Finally made a good mesh for a willow tree.
3. Creatures are assigned random ai based on intelligence values, attributes can include utility towards attacking player or getting away as well as personal utility to re-heal.
4. Weather system tweaked, transitional periods now set to 4000 from 1000, I don't want it to rain back to back. 4000 being the minimum period in which to start the probability of it becoming a certain weather (light,medium,heavy rain, or snow)
5. Sun cycle also tweaked occasionally after setting a certain TOD(time of day): the sun isn't in the right corresponding spot. 5 to 15 degrees off that's now fixed.
6. Inventory System optimized to have multiple bags and storage devices rather than just the player's inventory.
7. Increased General particle usage.
8. Increased Foliage effects. Previous:Wind, Current:Wind,Player,Other Foliage.
9. Only render whats in view- FPS increase by +5.
10. Average FPS, 25-30. 30 being maximum.
11. Added the ability to customize layouts.
12. Might add personal recipes.
13. Might add the ability to 'unlock' certain recipes (efficiency etc)
14. Have a list of all recipes ever crafted and can be accessed for reference.
15. Considering adding full-integration of dungeons and exploration aspects. Cross-Dimensional Travel. 1D,2D,3D,4D

Note: Most are ideas that i simply propose here to write down my thoughts and possible actions. Often enough about 80% of my goals that don't directly say (Added,Or state an absolute) are usually a victim of this proposal.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

AI Progress and Additional Inventory Tweaks2013-04-08
I Finally finished the new ai systems and im quite happy with them, (will release a video of them soon). Recently i wanted to make the inventory optimized as possible and promote an active use of it. I completely re-wrote the code that generated or placed items into the inventory. The previous one was horrible to understand, i optimized it with 40 less lines of code which, in my opinion is quite impressive. Idk what i was thinking during its creation but, it certainly wasn't what i am now.

Suggest to Create item > Check for Bag > Check for bag Space > Check for empty slot/Check for stack > If stack add to stack > if empty add to empty slot > if stack is full > move to next stack in "Que" S\id=S\Id+1 > Repeat.

Bug Fixes by doing this.

-Possibility to create "Ghost" items. Basically null-data values.
-Sometimes items just wouldnt stack or had odd-behavior.
-Spawn outside of inventory and create an error (RARE)
-Occasional loss of item if bag or bank became to full upon loading. Spawn on items etc...
-Overall speed
-Fit for the new mouse-system.

~~Vonherin Developer~~

AI Progress.2013-04-07
Creatures Now have a priority task system assigned to certain Ai Layouts.

Such as obvious things like:
- going up for air when swimming to avoid drowning.
- how they interact according to the players health or its health such as going in for the kill or suggesting a flee which is based on Threat(Health/Max_Health) for each creature.
-Smart Movement, Wander,Hops,Take Shelter from rain (Certain creatures), go to water, Strafe, Follow and avoid obstacles and many more.

~~Vonherin Developer~~