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2016 and going on2016-05-11
So i had some problems so i could not programm any thing
Since janarie i have leared bltizmax,
The game is comming alonge nicely
I have the main game Objects and there status loaded up in the main game file.

This game will be modable. basics is you creata a picture 25x25 PNG format and a text file whit the same name as the picture
In the bootloader all the images and there status.txt filed get loaded
the bootloader fixes this up so it can be used in the main game file/loop

Since i needed a level to load at start i diceded to make a map editor, recently i have been working on the map editor and it works
you can save load and add or remove game objects.

As of now all game objects come from one folder and are a bit mixed up, Todo i have to change the objects structer in such a way its all nice at its own catagorie (creatures,wizards,worldobjects)

So here i am, the next things il be working on is the main game loop
and setting the game up that you can play 1vs1

Current Game Progerssion2016-01-12

I had frozen the project until i found that the time was right do continue
I maby should first write a more simple game but the concept still stands and il try to make it good

I have been working at the game again.
Since i need the game to be mod"able
this first thing i finishd is the builder script

This script takes information of the objects images and status files(a text file) and merge them into two data files
The text holds al status information example
"Evil Creatur",25,5 where first is name, second healt, third dmg

The MainData.Wof for al stats and object functions
The ImageData.Wof wich holds all the image data

While building these files they both are linked by an object refrance number.

The game will be gridbased and will update an array wich
on his turn will represend the correct data/object on screen

so if we have a 4X4 grid. and two objects Wizzard(7) and Zombie(9) the grid array looks like this
0 0 0 0
0 7 0 0
0 9 0 0
0 0 0 0
The object refrance nummber then wil represent the object
linked to it

In the game this will be used to add/show the actual data
and make the objects able to do stuff based on the information
from the status file.

I have finishd the builderscipt and now i can continue
to do actual game making

Also i shall make object functions
that can be added trough the status file that will be used
to add spells,specials or projectiles to the object whit out
any hard scripting i want it to be as easy as possible to add user content. The MainData.Wof also hold all initial status variables for the objects. its life movement damage, can it shoot, shoot what

Its going well and i am getting better at programming.
I now have to make a basic game eninge
to test out my converter for the wof files
and to make a basic battle version of the game
So player 1 can fight player 2

This is it for now.

OOP n Loop n reflection2012-06-02
So i have a small realy small good to go game setup

well all it does is paint a wizzard and a selectbox wich follows the mouse in a grid

i have used a calculation for the grid(wich is 25)

il had found a great OOP tutorial here on the blitzz forum
so todoy il be learning that

also i was trying to get an text to speech core to make the game talk since there will be diffrant wizzards and creaturs and also user content i cannot go and record all the stuff i want ie RedWizzard Conjours GreenGoblin

since the user content wont give response

so i found this thing [url][/url]

acctuly i first found a nother espeek problly made a typo

lol well lets try to get this one working than!

Also i am gonne use the Reflection system to create an ai wich programm its self by doing the following "idee"

1 user plays game vs diffrent types of ai
2 each dission the ai has made will be recorded in a log file
3 each dission the player makes will be recorded in a log file
4 stats will be recorded for each player/ai each round
5 afther the game is done the ai will write a new ai
based on the ai's vs player and player vs ai stats
6 this new ai will join the new match
7 this 1~6 will go on until there are 7 ai's
afther that old ones will be "frozen" and new ones wil be removed

i figure i also have to add a load old ai routines or such if it seems that the total ai making goes into a wrong direction

So my learning goal for today is
Figure out how to add a TTS eninge to the game
Do the OOP tut
Take a small peek at system of reflection(wich will be the hardest i figure)

Greetings RedWizzard !

I just started!2012-05-30
So i just stared to work on the main engine of the game

and i never programmed before!! oeef this is gonne be hard

i have all the basic game plans spirtes rules u name it i have made it unforntaly i never programmed before well i did smal stuff but not real complete games or what so ever

Anyhow the game will be a 2d turned based war game


1 the basic game eninge
2 user content
3 modfiles for loading user content
4 my own wizzscript
5 a intpertator for that script to go into game stuff
6 ai, brave ,gamble,logic wich will fight against players
7 network tcp/ip mode
8 self genarted ai files (each dissiion of ai will be logged and compared agianst that of other players and a new ai will be genrated whit the best desiscions )
9 an wizzmod editor
10 setup ai rules and definitions
11 make the wizzcode syntax
12 prob some more stuff

Il update this page freqently
greetings RedWizzard