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Condolence Register - R.I.P. Ploppy. (locked)Rick Nasher1Rick Nasher (2017)
Trump (locked)Steve Elliott1Steve Elliott (2017)
PSVR will hit mass market before others, says GfK (locked)Hotcakes1Hotcakes (2016)
How do you get over the emotional disgust re:free (locked)Matty1Matty (2016)
Want to resurrect Blitz or a Blitz-like product? (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2016)
My new 3D Printer (locked)RifRaf1RifRaf (2016)
How good is your computer? (locked)Polarix1Polarix (2016)
I'm looking for Sarah Connor (locked)EOF1EOF (2016)
BlitzMax or BMAX-NG? (locked)MikeHart1MikeHart (2016)
BlitzMax or BMAX-NG? (locked)MikeHart1MikeHart (2016)
Installing Windows 10 64 (locked)Yue1Yue (2016)
6 or 4 Whees for Explor on Mars? (locked)Yue1Yue (2016)
Blitz3D "NG" (locked)kfprimm1kfprimm (2016)
BRL icon - suggestion for the website (locked)degac1degac (2016)
BlitzMax, Monkey-X or Monkey 2 lessons (locked)Playniax1Playniax (2016)
Viva Amiga documentary. (locked)Floyd1Floyd (2016)
Div Game Studio (locked)Hotshot20051Hotshot2005 (2016)
Who will be interested in using Monkey 2? (locked)Playniax1Playniax (2016)
Tech predictions for 2017 (locked)EOF1EOF (2016)
BMX status on Greenlight (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2016)
Ambient on mars? (locked)Yue1Yue (2016)
Blitz3D using OpenGL & Vulkan API - Physically Based Rendering! (locked)cysis1cysis (2016)
Site mods (locked)skidracer1skidracer (2016)
Rodents found on Mars? (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2016)
Site modsskidracer19skidracer (2016)
Merry ChristmasSteve Elliott70MadJack (2016)
R.I.P Debbie Reynoldsdna8Floyd (2016)
does it no longer applyMatty6Rick Nasher (2016)
R.I.P Carrie FisherEOF10EOF (2016)
Rogue OneNeuro13MadJack (2016) (2016)
R.I.P. George Michael..Rick Nasher15Blitzplotter (2016)
Movie Trailer Threadskidracer15MadJack (2016)
Virus false positivesKrischan17Krischan (2016)
Days GONE -GamePlay E3Yue16dna (2016)
Life is too shortYue20Yue (2016)
Install Blitz3D and Ideal on Windows 7 x64 (locked)Yue1Yue (2016)
Java and php developer - Melbourne locationMatty4Kryzon (2016) (2016)
Oh well....server died....sighMatty7Derron (2016)
I want to learn ShadersYue10RustyKristi (2016)
DirextX 12 on Windows 10?Yue10col (2016)
PlayniaxJoshK6Playniax (2016)
Burnout Paradise 3Blitzplotter1Blitzplotter (2016)
I have a cat pianistYue18Yue (2016)
Street Namesdna10grable (2016)
still blitz3d?NotAGamer21angros47 (2016)
Spring Cleandegac1degac (2016)
Bye (locked)MikeHart13skidracer (2016)
Want to resurrect Blitz or a Blitz-like product? (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2016)
can I get the registration code for Blitz3d sdk?Anael4Anael (2016)
"PayPal" emailFloyd4Floyd (2016)
Java equivalent to some basic Blitz commandsloofadawg9loofadawg (2016)
Video Mod Gta 5 RealismYue21Yue (2016)
Win32 on ARM ? Could it be?popcade3xlsior (2016)
Skidracer, what about the free products?MikeHart16steve_ancell (2016)
Blitz3D not working (locked)grindalf1grindalf (2016)
Assassin's Creed III Free Game.Yue7Yue (2016)
.EOF14Grisu (2016)
How to sell a game idea?jfk EO-1111017Yue (2016)
Great to see Playniax's framework on the homepageBlitzplotter3Playniax (2016)
The electric engineskidracer18Naughty Alien (2016)
Vexille 2077 moviecol2Derron (2016)
Asset stores to sell assets?Playniax8Playniax (2016)
Nearly 40% of all games on Steam released in 2016(tu) ENAY11(tu) ENAY (2016)
BlitzMax for Absolute Beginners.!davidboy6RustyKristi (2016)
Spring clean part 3 - are we there yet? (locked)skidracer86skidracer (2016)
Gameplay protected by intellectual property ?RemiD12Dan (2016)
Take a moment to count your games you've madeMatty19coffeedotbean (2016)
Pyro 2 ( almost ) daily news (locked)Playniax1Playniax (2016)
Alien Phoenix loves Monkey 2. (locked)Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2016)
Palette EditorAdamStrange1AdamStrange (2016)
Community projectjfk EO-1111046RustyKristi (2016)
Whats being played and coded folks?Blitzplotter29Blitzplotter (2016)
The Blitz site has gone NUT NUT. (locked)BlitzMan3MadJack (2016)
DOOM 2016JoshK14(tu) ENAY (2016)
Windows 7 is so goodJoshK24xlsior (2016)
Hey it's Grey Alien at GDC!!!!andy_mc20Steve Elliott (2016)
what is your favourite hand held or mobile game?Matty10Neuro (2016)
Spring clean part 2skidracer43skidracer (2016)
what is itMatty2Floyd (2016)
Questions to consider when making my next gameMatty5Kryzon (2016)
Live 3d image on forums page.Floyd4skidracer (2016)
Small job for someone who knows REST APIJoshK5kfprimm (2016)
What's your favorite custom functionloofadawg15col (2016)
Youtube casts to TV from PC while WinX says nogo!?Rick Nasher4coffeedotbean (2016)
lol@Dabhand3skidracer (2016)
Nes Classic instock at Argos WOOT!coffeedotbean4coffeedotbean (2016)
Black Friday Salemrniceguy1mrniceguy (2016)
.EOF4RustyKristi (2016)
tax write offs as a UK developerandy_mc2dawlane (2016)
Fun with mathsDerron3Naughty Alien (2016)
ERROR: Internal error (locked)Chalky1Chalky (2016)
So, who is still using BlitzMax daily?Playniax34Yue (2016)
cyberpunk musicRemiD20RemiD (2016)
Planet CoasterSteve Elliott21_PJ_ (2016)
Reality is InsanityMatty40_PJ_ (2016)
Seeking expressions of interest:Analytics toolMatty33col (2016)
...suggestion needed...Naughty Alien7Matty (2016)
The forums Changed :DYue28RemiD (2016)
Nuclear Basic and Nuclear Fusion licenses for saleZethrax7CodeGit (2016)
HyperNormalisation(tu) ENAY6(tu) ENAY (2016)
Ingition FrameworkMakis9Dwapook (2016)
Yippee woohoo someone played my gameMatty7Matty (2016)
Thanks You Derron.Denisse5Hardcoal (2016)
.EOF6gpete (2016)
Game developers:Statistics pleaseMatty1Matty (2016)
Render Short FilmsYue10Yue (2016)
.EOF7Rick Nasher (2016)
We put the water was at homeYue25Yue (2016)
Visual Studio for MacJoshK1JoshK (2016)
Blitz Newsskidracer14Derron (2016)
Have we hit rock bottom?Matty9RemiD (2016)
Analytics tool for tracking customer behavior?JoshK5RemiD (2016)
c# exception-centriccol6dynaman (2016)
Unity ends support for 32-bit editor for windowsYue11xlsior (2016)
Falling foul of google's automated algorithmsMatty5Derron (2016)
has anybody seen this site beforeMainsworthy1Mainsworthy (2016)
Earthquakes in NZMadJack15Floyd (2016)
Run Run RunYue15Steve Elliott (2016)
DiRT 3 Complete Edition FreeYue5Qube (2016)
Happy Halloween!Rick Nasher41RemiD (2016)
Smart Packer Pro X at BitsDuJourmrniceguy1mrniceguy (2016)
Building a new microserver?popcade6popcade (2016)
what can be achieved with vertices lighting/shadinRemiD5Rick Nasher (2016)
Good Free WebsiteHardcoal4Rick Nasher (2016)
Not Your Problem - getting a game madeZethrax3RustyKristi (2016)
Most Fun Programming Languagescps22Steve Elliott (2016)
Is it illegal to look at Wikileaks?(tu) ENAY64JoshK (2016)
Man sentenced for making image downloaderJoshK46skidracer (2016)
Windows shows clickbait on lockscreenJoshK28_PJ_ (2016)
.EOF48Steve Elliott (2016)
Win 7 adoption out paces Win 10 as it flatlines.Richard Betson16RemiD (2016)
Minecraft schematic editingRifRaf1RifRaf (2016)
Google spyEdzUp MkII10degac (2016)
Looking for feedback on my Android gamesandy_mc6andy_mc (2016)
Flowchart dev of choiceBlitzplotter3col (2016)
Video on Quantum Mechanicsstayne5Matty (2016)
AI in our lifetimeMatty42Rick Nasher (2016)
Steam Halloween SaleJoshK5RemiD (2016)
The Internet of Things (that attack you)Zethrax17fox95871 (2016)
End Of The Internet?(tu) ENAY84fox95871 (2016)
Microsoft Surface StudioWinni16John G (2016)
It seems Desura resurrected (?)popcade2RemiD (2016) real physics,use sails tightMainsworthy3Rick Nasher (2016)
Another Space Combat GameMatty3AdamStrange (2016)
Comments in code are importantMatty2RemiD (2016) Community_PJ_9_PJ_ (2016)
I've played with phpBB as a forum option before...Blitzplotter3Blitzplotter (2016)
Anything released on Steam?Wolfsong7319Neuro (2016)
Brutal OpenerRustyKristi11dynaman (2016)
game templatesRuz8Steve Elliott (2016)
youtube adsMatty11(tu) ENAY (2016)
.EOF16Ruz (2016)
Ace HTML5 sites:Blitzplotter13Leon Brown (2016)
Tesla self-driving robot carsZethrax4dynaman (2016)
Nintendo SwitchSteve Elliott21Wiebo (2016)
DynDNS-DDos (twitter/github/amazon/.../ affected)Derron9EdzUp MkII (2016)
Blender ArmoryBlitzMan3RustyKristi (2016)
Life's preciousBlitzplotter25Blitzplotter (2016)
I've accepted some folk reckon a spreadsheet is..Blitzplotter8Blitzplotter (2016)
It takes 3+ years for nintendo to make Switch...popcade13skidracer (2016)
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag | My Game Play :DYue1Yue (2016)
First Look at Nintendo SwitchYue3(tu) ENAY (2016)
.EOF12(tu) ENAY (2016)
Internet of 'unsecured' Thingscol3col (2016)
Creativity in developingYue17RemiD (2016)
Windows is losing so hard that I don't even careJoshK44Steve Elliott (2016)
Favourite operating system?EdzUp MkII51taumel (2016)
Street Fighter II : Church Edition(tu) ENAY9(tu) ENAY (2016)
Markov Chain Text ParagraphsMatty1Matty (2016)
What coding fun you having at the moment....Blitzplotter163Blitzplotter (2016)
Recommended types of games to learn with?Wolfsong7313Dan (2016)
20 music pack offer for $19.99 through today onlyyertari1yertari (2016)
TIL\PSA - Identity fraudcoffeedotbean3coffeedotbean (2016)
Couple Tool-related questions...Wolfsong738RemiD (2016)
Beyond Good and Evil Ubisoft Free GameYue6xlsior (2016)
..shut down vs sleep..Naughty Alien21_PJ_ (2016)
..IoT..what is it actually..Naughty Alien16col (2016)
When Physics Engines Attack!Zethrax3(tu) ENAY (2016)
HTML5 canvas drawing is complete bollocksZethrax3col (2016)
Free O'Reilly Programming booksxlsior2Yue (2016)
Returning to Blitz, and have a questionWolfsong7358RemiD (2016)
What are you playing?Yue14taumel (2016)
Dark Basic ProYue31Yue (2016)
Xors3D Users..Hardcoal39Rick Nasher (2016)
Steam Summer SaleJoshK24JoshK (2016)
Anyone used Kalman filters?BlitzSupport3BlitzSupport (2016)
Witcher 3MonkeyBone4Matty (2016)
Peace in Colombia??Yue12Yue (2016)
First HTML5 Pyro for Monkey2 demo EVER!Playniax43Playniax (2016)
.EOF1EOF (2016)
C++ What's this then?Steve Elliott16Steve Elliott (2016)
Obsolete - hell no!Matty27taumel (2016)
PS4 - Grab one today for ONLY £149 ( UK )Qube3Blitzplotter (2016)
Banshee 3DIan Thompson16Steve Elliott (2016)
.EOF3MadJack (2016)
What's your favorite Linux Distribution?Naughtical16popcade (2016)
Youtube heroes...(tu) ENAY23(tu) ENAY (2016)
Blitz3D vs BlitzmaxPolarix45Blitzplotter (2016)
RetroEdzUp MkII16grindalf (2016)
iPhone 7 - Time to upgrade?Qube21(tu) ENAY (2016)
32bit finally seeing end of the road?EdzUp MkII15popcade (2016)
What gaming peripherals you bought of late?Blitzplotter21Hotcakes (2016)
Are we passing into another age of graphics over..Blitzplotter5Blitzplotter (2016)
Your ideal gameMatty21Blitzplotter (2016)
Games as a medium beyond entertainmentMatty28xlsior (2016)
What happened earlier? Can't connect to this forumRustyKristi9RustyKristi (2016)
Mars Nasa Curiosity :)Yue9taumel (2016)
The US is going absolutely bonkers (locked)JoshK31skidracer (2016)
Digital Homicide's legal suicideZethrax50Hotcakes (2016)
Global warming throughout history - XKCD comicZethrax80cps (2016)
that mask in physics ?Yue6Derron (2016)
Neat coding sitestayne3Blitzplotter (2016)
.EOF20virtlands (2016)
.EOF12virtlands (2016)
Oculus Rift not work in Windows 10?(tu) ENAY23Hotcakes (2016)
Nes Minicoffeedotbean20Derron (2016)
First computer game you ever played?wmaass59Neuro (2016)
C64 SID music - oscilloscope viewKrischan5Krischan (2016)
TV series for computer freaksDanilo16Ian Thompson (2016)
Free Download of Delphi Berlin 10.1 Starter Ed.Ian Thompson9popcade (2016)
Borderlands The Pre Sequel level design bollocksZethrax6Blitzplotter (2016)
Apple removed some of my games #shockQube16Steve Elliott (2016)
Dual Universe. Kickstarter.Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2016)
Raspberry PI with Code block?Hotshot20052grable (2016)
Humble Bundle Gamemaker Studio Promkg13John G (2016)
Refunds for games - opinionMatty22MadJack (2016)
Adding OculusVR support :DJoshK26JoshK (2016)
Ignition X vs PyroPlayniax1Playniax (2016)
Defenstar now on itch.ioPlayniax16Playniax (2016)
End Of Free Speech?(tu) ENAY33RemiD (2016)
Robots have rights tooEOF76mkg (2016)
Just bought a copy of Micro Mart in the UK and...Blitzplotter4Ian Thompson (2016)
How many years of fun have you had from BRL stuff?Blitzplotter32Blitzplotter (2016)
I'll admit it - only I would approach it this wayMatty47semar (2016)
Where To Find Low Poly 3D Models For Free ?semar7semar (2016)
Games in poor tastemkg11BlitzMan (2016)
Looking for a respectable PC for 3D Rendering...WERDNA8Steve Elliott (2016)
No Man's SkyNeuro73(tu) ENAY (2016)
Leadwerks Summer Games 2016 RoundupJoshK7Steve Elliott (2016)
Linux market share on the rise.Richard Betson23Wiebo (2016)
Why did you start making games?Matty9mkg (2016)
Bump mapping on Blitz3D.Yue13RustyKristi (2016)
Choose my next rideJoshK27John G (2016)
Who elsePolarix26TomToad (2016)
Invoking Developer Mode on Android DevicesBlitzplotter13Blitzplotter (2016)
Whats been played folks:Blitzplotter25Blitzplotter (2016)
Overwatch ARGcoffeedotbean1coffeedotbean (2016)
Help me decide!Makis27Derron (2016)
Teaching Game ProgrammingNotAGamer22(tu) ENAY (2016)
Firefox for Linux to support Netflix and Amazon.Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2016)
.EOF15EOF (2016)
New PC Buildtherevills19Hotcakes (2016)
Not No Man's SkyRustyKristi9taumel (2016)
Interesting style for a vertical scroller.skidracer3Blitzplotter (2016)
Most pathetic error message and reason..(tu) ENAY21xlsior (2016)
Win 7 and 8 updates to change in October.Richard Betson18Blitzplotter (2016)
I have been wonderingPolarix8Blitzplotter (2016)
.EOF21skidracer (2016)
A WYSIWYG level/map editor for blitz3dNotAGamer4Hardcoal (2016)
.EOF15Blitzplotter (2016)
I'de really like some adviceAdamStrange13degac (2016)
Metal Gear Survive - co-op zombie survival gameZethrax2(tu) ENAY (2016)
What BlitzMax games are on Steam?Grey Alien38Steve Elliott (2016)
can a small simple indie game be known and appreciRemiD13Hardcoal (2016)
That's not a nut!Zethrax5Blitzplotter (2016)
Windows 10 - how to disable lock screen.Floyd14EdzUp MkII (2016)
Win 10 anniversary update: A pile of trouble.Richard Betson21Wiebo (2016)
Doom 2016...MadJack2Matty (2016)
So who is playing with monkey2?Playniax15Wiebo (2016)
GODOT REACHES 2.1 STABLE!Yue6Hardcoal (2016)
...file loading speed..Naughty Alien6Naughty Alien (2016)
Why does curl -F work but curl -d does not?Matty10Matty (2016)
Just found out Unity now Free, not just Indie FreeRustyKristi25EdzUp MkII (2016)
10.000 Amiga titles on Internet archivePakz2Xerra (2016)
Ultra Portable Pi Zero SetupSteve Elliott3EdzUp MkII (2016)
..first law of Alien12dynaman (2016)
Whats your source of inspiration these days....Blitzplotter14Ian Thompson (2016)
How many people buy software (home use)Matty33kiami (2016)
Average indie game Steam sales halve year-on-yearMadJack22RustyKristi (2016)
Remote dev machines?JoshK7MonkeyBone (2016)
Pyro 2? / future plansPlayniax20Blitzplotter (2016)
Windows 10 first experience.Floyd33Hotcakes (2016)
B3D Map maker or Level makerNotAGamer4RemiD (2016)
.EOF61(tu) ENAY (2016)
.EOF8Hotcakes (2016)
Mr. Robot (TV Series)Danilo2Rick Nasher (2016)
What's Your Ride?wmaass47CodeGit (2016)
Old blitz MOD musicKryzon2Pakz (2016)
Want a job in the game industry? Learn C++JoshK20wmaass (2016)
.EOF46dynaman (2016)
I caught a SquirtleJoshK27RemiD (2016)
rims physical realismYue1Yue (2016)
Pico-8AdamStrange6Neuro (2016)
Game dev resource link listsZethrax1Zethrax (2016)
So it's been a few years...What Language do I use?WERDNA16Ian Thompson (2016)
A easy game engine with easy programming languageNotAGamer11Why0Why (2016)
Help Me please.Yue6Rick Nasher (2016)
Frequency and FPSYue4xlsior (2016)
Public Domain - Trivia Questions - Necessary?Matty4Derron (2016)
Pokemon Go (locked)wmaass51skidracer (2016)
Monkey 2 V1.0.0 now available!Playniax43EdzUp MkII (2016)
Windows 10 subscriptions are on the way.Richard Betson43JoshK (2016)
worth doing this?Yue6Yue (2016)
Images as single files a bad thinggrindalf8RustyKristi (2016)
Loading SVG files as raster images?JoshK6Kryzon (2016)
Other apps/games progrmming that using Basichoyoyo8040xlsior (2016)
gamejolt is perfect platform for blitz devs!Mainsworthy4AdamStrange (2016)
Any Movie Playing code yet??Streaksy6Streaksy (2016)
Raspberry pi 3Steve Elliott57skidracer (2016)
Leadwerks 4.1Ian Thompson2Hardcoal (2016)
ScreepsMatty4Brucey (2016)
Grab SPACECOM now for free , be quickMainsworthy1Mainsworthy (2016)
Elite DangeroDangerous: Arena for free be quickMainsworthy4xlsior (2016)
Simple Android GameMatty9Brucey (2016)
What's good to learn next?EdzUp MkII18TeaBoy (2016)
A networking QuestionNotAGamer10NotAGamer (2016)
Free Your Code..!Hardcoal63xlsior (2016)
Linux impressionsHenri36JoshK (2016)
just got surfaceAdamStrange5Mainsworthy (2016)
..3D Printer up to 500USD..Naughty Alien3MadJack (2016)
Renting remote dev machinesJoshK4skidracer (2016)
Invitation to Play OnlineYue6Yue (2016)
Fragment Shaders.Yue20Yue (2016)
Windows 10 UpgradeH&K37Henri (2016)
23 audio packs for just $26.99yertari4Danilo (2016)
Tips for TitlesMatty7Yue (2016)
Blitz Basic 2 (Amiga)skidracer5Derron (2016)
Bretix UDKYue118Yue (2016)
MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA Official EA Play 2016 VideYue6Ian Thompson (2016)
E3 2016 Game TrailersYue3Yue (2016)
Y'all got any more of dem blitz3D gamesJapaneseGameDev300010RemiD (2016)
My screen diedYue9xlsior (2016)
VS2015 Secretly Inserts Telemetry Code in BinariesRustyKristi35JoshK (2016)
warcraft filmMatty12KronosUK (2016)
miniB3D +! Would anyone be interested?BLaBZ138Streaksy (2016)
Don't subscribe to topics!Brucey10virtlands (2016)
Got my gaming head on today and managed to play...Blitzplotter10col (2016)
Working Alone Is hard..Hardcoal78Hardcoal (2016)
iOS gone ipv6 onlyEdzUp MkII8EdzUp MkII (2016)
Open Xamarinpopcade3Brucey (2016)
Old Game Metrics - Weird GraphMatty5Matty (2016)
Batman truck prototypeYue3Yue (2016)
Most unusual way to promote a blogMatty14Matty (2016)
Lazy programmer theory(tu) ENAY8H&K (2016)
Spider Man E3 2016 Trailer.Yue4(tu) ENAY (2016)
Efficiency of your programming..Hardcoal23Blitzplotter (2016)
impressive motion capture and material renderingazrak3Pingus (2016)
Code BlitzMax vs Blitz3DYue5Yue (2016)
This "video" is blocked in your region(tu) ENAY7(tu) ENAY (2016)
App Store rule changes(tu) ENAY6Matty (2016)
Symbols in video games, random or occult purposes?RemiD26Azathoth (2016)
Monkey Type Parameters with BMXRustyKristi5Jesse (2016)
Zero-Day Exploit found, affects version 2K - Win10RustyKristi1RustyKristi (2016)
Udoo x86 ( 10 Times more Powerful than PI 3! )Hotshot200515xlsior (2016)
Windows 10 floppy disk editionEOF8Hotcakes (2016)
Would you warn others about a dodgy contractor?Matty22(tu) ENAY (2016)
Huge Processing Power = shitty experienceSteve Elliott20Dan (2016)
Windows 10 - good or no ?Blitzplotter127Bobysait (2016)
modern system complexity overloadAdamStrange6RustyKristi (2016)
Looking for the best Amiga emulation experience?EOF39Hotcakes (2016)
Larry Bundy Jr(tu) ENAY6Trinosis (2016)
physical version of pongJason W.7Pingus (2016)
Testing a gameYahfree20RustyKristi (2016)
The 3D Builder in Win 10 is AmazingHardcoal4TomToad (2016)
How long will it take to code?(tu) ENAY42Matty (2016)
The VR War begins now...therevills122Pingus (2016)
Windows 10 Blue Screen again !Hotshot200512col (2016)
VR Camera Rigsskidracer4Floyd (2016)
Forum hacked?Ian Thompson7Rick Nasher (2016)
LOL IPV6 isp provider Bredband2 swedenWings5EdzUp MkII (2016)
BlitzMax language definition for Sublime Text 2/3Muttley46Taron (2016)
Need to buy a Xors3D licenseHardcoal38Hardcoal (2016)
..Google car glues pedestrians to cars..Naughty Alien17Naughty Alien (2016)
Whats floated your gaming boat tonite?Blitzplotter47Guy Fawkes (2016)
PC Monitor SensitivityHardcoal97Hardcoal (2016)
Google Play store is coming to Chrome OSEOF3EOF (2016)
Asus GL75V Laptop?Hotshot20054Hotshot2005 (2016)
Blitz 2 Source Code and Amiga Games Sourcetherevills2RustyKristi (2016)
Any .stl importer/exporters?TomToad7TomToad (2016)
GTX 1080BlitzMan9coffeedotbean (2016)
The Theory & Practice of Cameras in Side-Scrollerstherevills9CodeGit (2016)
Into the archivesskidracer13EdzUp MkII (2016)
Laptop with front keyboard..Hardcoal14Hardcoal (2016)
..UE3 License..Naughty Alien9Naughty Alien (2016)
Submit screenshot errorJoshK6Floyd (2016)
Bundle In A Boxcgrossi2markcw (2016)
blitzNG and raspberry piAdamStrange13Xerra (2016)
Can't post in the Code Archives?Guy Fawkes3Guy Fawkes (2016)
SFML Library in BlitzMax!?Hotshot20055Derron (2016)
Roguelike Games. Who is playing what?WERDNA6WERDNA (2016)
..superhero characters in movies/games..Naughty Alien5Matty (2016)
RANT....col4col (2016)
Things arnt done properly..Hardcoal6Steve Elliott (2016)
Idea : GPS Fantasy Game - Exploration and TradeMatty5Blitzplotter (2016)
Cube Escape Games..Hardcoal5okee (2016)
Putting the SID chip to useDoggie8Doggie (2016)
Windows 10. The epic fail continues.Richard Betson107Matthew Smith (2016)
Annoying Forum Search on this siteHardcoal20Hardcoal (2016)
New Shadow of the beast gameandy_mc20RGR (2016)
Casual games are weirdMatty12Blitzplotter (2016)
The famous and our youth, dying.Steve Elliott15Neuro (2016)
Website OpinionTeaBoy10TeaBoy (2016)
Anyone ever use Opencart?WERDNA7Pete Rigz (2016)
why no good afl pc games?Matty24Hardcoal (2016)
Am APPAULED with Public Internet CensorshipGuy Fawkes18Ian Thompson (2016)
Does anyone here still know anyone from Idigicon??andy_mc37andy_mc (2016)
Fantasy or Sci FiMatty25Gabriel (2016)
what brl products you been coding with recently?Blitzplotter15degac (2016)
Your dream job in ITMatty4Blitzplotter (2016)
I dont like pirates and might send a bomb!Matty23Derron (2016)
Blitz NostalgiaBlitzMan6Ian Thompson (2016)
onlineradio & HamRadioMainsworthy1Mainsworthy (2016)
UWP, is it possible with a bmax app ?Pingus1Pingus (2016)
Super Tiny CompilerEOF5Ian Thompson (2016)
Why do we not update blitz3d?NotAGamer87RustyKristi (2016)
Fantastic Contraption on the HTC ViveNeuro4Blitzplotter (2016)
Thinking of Making a music Editing SoftwareHardcoal20Hardcoal (2016)
TU2 now on Kickstarter!MadJack34popcade (2016)
Browser-based game. Advice needed.mkg15mkg (2016)
Limiting Uploadsdw81717dw817 (2016)
Xamarin now free in Visual Studioazrak5Why0Why (2016)
..developing with B3D..Naughty Alien19EdzUp MkII (2016)
Windows Bash(tu) ENAY13Winni (2016)
Oh, so it's April Fools day then(tu) ENAY6dynaman (2016)
Tracing the edges..NotAGamer6Kryzon (2016)
Fired up Medieval Total War II on the PC tonight,Blitzplotter5Blitzplotter (2016)
Defold - Free 2D game engineDerron27Derron (2016)
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if you like D&D and humor and understand frenchRemiD9Derron (2016)
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Rock Boshers DX(tu) ENAY2TomToad (2016)
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3D models aren't realZethrax10Naughty Alien (2016)
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Copy End of Life Announcement...popcade6Rick Nasher (2016)
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long battery life on smart phoneMatty10Hotcakes (2016)
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JXD Singularity S192 GamepadHotshot20052andy_mc (2015)
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Smartphone with a mini dvd drivefox958718fox95871 (2015)
are they still readable?Matty5H&K (2015)
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voice editing software?Matty3Guy Fawkes (2015)
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PS 4 Turn off suddenly while I played the gameHotshot20056Neuro (2015)
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Wave based arena shooterMatty25Matty (2015)
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TV LicensingHotshot200539_PJ_ (2015)
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Adobe giving you stuff you don't wantBlitzplotter15Richard Betson (2015)
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Brand New Amiga 500Hotshot20054big10p (2015) engine tutorial..Naughty Alien3Naughty Alien (2015)
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New AMIGA 1200 Cases (Made From New Molds)Hotshot200512Ian Thompson (2015)
Portable ZX Spectrum projectAdam Novagen5col (2015)
Any 20 environment/character packs $39yertari6jfk EO-11110 (2015)
Quake running at 60fps on Android phoneandy_mc17(tu) ENAY (2015)
DefenstarPlayniax2Steve Elliott (2015)
Happy Back To The Future 2 Day!(tu) ENAY56Rick Nasher (2015)
99.8% uptime is not what it seemsMatty15Matty (2015)
Algorithm for travel pickup/drop off of peopleEOF7_PJ_ (2015)
yellow screenYue12Rick Nasher (2015)
[linux-gnueabihf] Nitro Entertainment Systemskidracer5skidracer (2015)
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Star Citizen - CitCon 2015Grisu13Grisu (2015)
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Windows 10 advertisements in the startmenu(tu) ENAY25(tu) ENAY (2015)
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Methods for marketing and promotionMatty23RustyKristi (2015)
65 Watts powers Vs 38 Watts powers?Hotshot200513xlsior (2015)
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New HD TV?Hotshot200535Yue (2015)
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Javascript gameMatty26Matty (2015)
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30 Music Packs for $49yertari6stayne (2015)
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Computer Science Papers they should teachskidracer14(tu) ENAY (2015)
Folder permissions in Win8.1ErikT9Hotcakes (2015)
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The Wonders of Windows 7 & XPBlitzplotter15Blitzplotter (2015)
W7 Updates - sighBlitzplotter7Blitzplotter (2015)
Star Citizen - Free Fly WeekGrisu10Why0Why (2015)
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Ye olde timers threadMatty75(tu) ENAY (2015) of those days..Naughty Alien7okee (2015)
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Off and on in Windows 10Yue3Rick Nasher (2015)
Game blog - Star DancerMatty21skidracer (2015)
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command line interface queryMatty9xlsior (2015)
Suprised I've never heard of this until now..._PJ_7_PJ_ (2015)
Building own Game Machine for KickstarterHotshot200523Yasha (2015)
own tools preference styleMatty2Yasha (2015)
NASA - EPIC View of Moon Transiting the EarthQube48_PJ_ (2015)
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Non Blitz game - Twin Stick Space Shooterandy_mc2Richard Betson (2015)
Language query - my game - portingMatty7Naughty Alien (2015)
Why do torches only ever last minutes in games???andy_mc27Matty (2015)
Oculus Rift DK2 for saleJoshK7(tu) ENAY (2015)
[closed] Dragon Age - Origins & Contraption MakerGrisu9stayne (2015)
How tough is it staying on task?Blitzplotter30Steve Elliott (2015)
..Firefox issues..Naughty Alien15Blitzplotter (2015)
Sometimes its so simple (Bezerk mazes gen.)coffeedotbean8stayne (2015)
order game but you must give your phone noc h i e f y12(tu) ENAY (2015)
What Year do you miss the most?Hotshot200529coffeedotbean (2015) franchise/license purchase..Naughty Alien9_PJ_ (2015)
Help Passon my link?Mainsworthy21Mainsworthy (2015)
Whats your gaming poison today folks?Blitzplotter48Grisu (2015)
is it just me or has the forum changed.....Matty11c h i e f y (2015)
30 years ago ... The Amiga arrivedEOF41c h i e f y (2015)
Antivirus False Positives?Dodo2Gabriel (2015)
Amazing twin stick shooterMakis12Grisu (2015)
Finally time to upgrade my mobile phone?Blitzplotter19Blitzplotter (2015)
I join the fast lane todaycoffeedotbean19big10p (2015)
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AliteKrischan17Blitzplotter (2015)
Student Dazeskidracer16Matty (2015)
Sleeping Dogs GameYue6-=Darkheart=- (2015)
Anyone else at Gamescom?-=Darkheart=-1-=Darkheart=- (2015)
not sure if this game demo is known on the englishRemiD3RemiD (2015)
My living roomJoshK9Neuro (2015)
my game - would you like to tryMatty17Matty (2015)
Would be good Idea if Blitzbasic of this forumHotshot200512Blitzplotter (2015)
Apple Mac Fireworms(tu) ENAY8RemiD (2015)
Directx 12 DocsPloppy13Hotcakes (2015)
Monoid - Open source font for codingEOF7Gabriel (2015)
Forgotting Games?Hotshot20052Gabriel (2015)
HTML5 is fairly coming on then....Blitzplotter19Blitzplotter (2015)
..good bye Metaio..Naughty Alien4Brucey (2015)
windows 10 and Blitz?Yue2xlsior (2015)
Monkey X2 makes an appearance.Richard Betson63Playniax (2015)
Move Bitch (GTA V Edition)Neuro1Neuro (2015)
..M$ writes off Nokia..Naughty Alien20xlsior (2015)
2D shading/lighting and normalmaps?popcade6Yahfree (2015)
New Blitz Community SiteKennethMcI10Rick Nasher (2015)
..M$ record loss..Naughty Alien5Winni (2015)
..Pickford brothers..Naughty Alien16Steve Elliott (2015) was down??Rick Nasher16Rick Nasher (2015)
...ooh, a Lionazrak5steve_ancell (2015)
Ram in Windows 7Yue15* (2015)
Nintendo President passes away(tu) ENAY3markcw (2015)
[Solved] GCC 5.1.x and BMX?Grisu21Brucey (2015)
Latest Humble Bundle-Game Dev StuffWhy0Why19xlsior (2015)
Anyone ever user Xamarin?BLaBZ3Qube (2015)
Windows 10 lol*53Hotcakes (2015)
here's a thing: bmx rounding errorAdamStrange26LT (2015)
Indie games comp 2015grindalf12Neuro (2015)
F1 2015Hotshot20053markcw (2015)
Heliumstayne2Yasha (2015)
TimeSteve Elliott6Steve Elliott (2015)
Downsizing My Retro StuffsHotshot20057Neuro (2015)
..How to hack the time..LOLNaughty Alien7markcw (2015)
Wizardry 8 Tips?stayne3stayne (2015)
..procedural content..Naughty Alien4RemiD (2015)
I just played Age of rifles on a samsumg galaxy taMainsworthy2Mainsworthy (2015)
..Oculus Rift SDK..Naughty Alien31skidracer (2015)
Monkey X2 Progress Report.Richard Betson21ShadowTurtle (2015)
BlitzPlay,UDP,TCP=DirectPlay=obsolete in new DX?Rick Nasher8Rick Nasher (2015) name..Naughty Alien11coffeedotbean (2015)
What is the best story of these three?TheGroominGuy6ShadowTurtle (2015)
Maybe desktop is not deadskidracer22Dodo (2015)
First public testing of my game - how it wentMatty1Matty (2015)
Framework Puts slow my pcYue6ziggy (2015)
Free Windows 10 final, regardless of current OSxlsior21Ruz (2015)
Old School BBS Memoriesstayne7Yasha (2015)
Any Google Cardboard users?EOF4EOF (2015)
Straight from dream to canvasYasha6Floyd (2015)
freeware tools/games and malwares...RemiD2Matty (2015)
Youtube advertising - sometimes a little off targeMatty8Matty (2015)
Video from 'Lite' edition - and sales methodMatty4RemiD (2015)
My friend is dying of Lupus...Guy Fawkes26Rick Nasher (2015)
Gaming Laptop?Hotshot200510Neuro (2015)
RaspberryPi 2, quad core, 6x performance of B+Tom72Scaremonger (2015)
what are you working on?Matty50* (2015)
PUSC #1 on Slide DBRichard Betson3col (2015)
..home page games list..Naughty Alien10MadJack (2015)
Ain't technology grand...Matty7Ian Thompson (2015)
Mojo2 is out!Richard Betson21Richard Betson (2015)
software will nit recignize USB device on old AcerTomToad2xlsior (2015)
Taunts in games?Steve Elliott7Kryzon (2015)
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Fallout 4 announcedMadJack17Wiebo (2015)
Who here is using TimelineFX?Pete Rigz6Galdy (2015)
Article: Balancing in competitive gamesMatty2Xaron (2015)
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PC purely for coding?Matty3Blitzplotter (2015)
Simplest way to upload music to youtube on iPad?WERDNA6WERDNA (2015)
HP mini 110Yue3grable (2015)
Playstation Technical Support, worst ever service(tu) ENAY19(tu) ENAY (2015)
BlitzPlus, 3D and Max on Win 8.1Matrix10Matrix (2015)
Apple announces Metal for OS XAdamStrange15AdamStrange (2015)
Drunken game reviewer(tu) ENAY1(tu) ENAY (2015)
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C as a binary format (wall o' text)Yasha7Yahfree (2015)
irrelevant ads in games...RemiD9(tu) ENAY (2015)
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Kung Fury!Ian Thompson22AdamStrange (2015)
The Bards Tale IVGrisu5(tu) ENAY (2015)
Work - who else gets to do this?Matty5Matty (2015)
Mobile gaming is the future!(tu) ENAY56(tu) ENAY (2015)
Japanese Windows 10(tu) ENAY18xlsior (2015)
a couple of vids (ui mainly) - non battleMatty2Matty (2015)
Nintendo using AndroidLeon Brown3(tu) ENAY (2015)
Experience selling software on own websiteMatty15Gabriel (2015)
..ShaderFX..Naughty Alien9Naughty Alien (2015)
Aliens fizzle(tu) ENAY1(tu) ENAY (2015)
Simple but incredibly addictive game.Tom12andy_mc (2015)
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Sega selling out?(tu) ENAY7(tu) ENAY (2015)
Original ideas of game mechanicsRemiD9H&K (2015)
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Godot 1.1 ReleasedIan Thompson9videz (2015)
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They found ET!GfK19Xerra (2015)
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Rockstar suing the BBC(tu) ENAY4Matty (2015)
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Are there any BlitzMax jobs in the UK?Czar Flavius14Gabriel (2015)
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If you created your own programming language ..EOF34nitti (2015)
Competitionskidracer1skidracer (2015)
Jewel of Orion II - retro shoot 'em upGrey Alien28col (2015)
Android TabletsH&K5H&K (2015)
Maybe a cheap ARM PC solution (CHIP)popcade19Dabhand (2015)
Hosting speedsMatty5xlsior (2015)
Gone are the days of dual boot!PhotonTom11PhotonTom (2015)
@panno (locked)ShadowTurtle11marksibly_v2 (2015)
Competition (locked)ShadowTurtle1ShadowTurtle (2015)
V-Packer on Steamlightmrniceguy12mrniceguy (2015)
First Megaman and now Castlevania, kickstarterfund(tu) ENAY3ErikT (2015)
Intractable programming problems - your experienceMatty2Xerra (2015)
GTA V PC modsBlitzSupport20ShadowTurtle (2015)
..CyberGames..Naughty Alien3Hardcoal (2015)
STAR TREK: 25TH ANNIVERSARY at GOG $5.99MarkG12xlsior (2015)
..JAR file icon..Naughty Alien3azrak (2015)
Star Dancer-Cinematic Space Battles on Your MobileMatty6Matty (2015)
Value of goods - and perceived value of goodsMatty7H&K (2015)
Anyone mucked around with a 3D printer?MadJack5MadJack (2015)
3D Scroll Shooter.. Like R-TypeHardcoal14Hardcoal (2015)
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google makes it hard dont they...Matty4iprice (2015)
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4 CPU Cores - The sweet spotEOF7Hotcakes (2015)
Anyone use/interested in Python?Who was John Galt?25steve_ancell (2015)
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Programming on Chrome OSYasha6Yasha (2015)
Whats your current gaming thing?Blitzplotter11Neuro (2015)
4K Monitors..Hardcoal20Hardcoal (2015)
Some ideas to display many buildings in a 3d worldRemiD4RemiD (2015)
Games that take you back.Steve Elliott29Galdy (2015)
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Anyone have any ideas on this?*8ShadowTurtle (2015)
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playing SpintiresYue6MadJack (2015)
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linux cups zebra printer inserting extra bytes?Matty8Matty (2015)
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Youtube / Google question re: licensed materialMatty15Ian Thompson (2015)
GTA 5 arriving on my PC tomorrow.MadJack48(tu) ENAY (2015)
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My Programming sectionsHardcoal1Hardcoal (2015)
IZLEDoggie1Doggie (2015)
What does Mark Sibly look like?Rad Gravity85PhotonTom (2015)
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Windows 8 Extra Snappy.Steve Elliott5* (2015)
markets stats mobile dev - estimates and forecastMatty27Richard Betson (2015)
Any "world of tanks" players here?Jason W.5Jason W. (2015)
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is GLUT/FreeGLUT worth it?*9Ian Thompson (2015)
Legal issues surrounding quoting lines from a filmMatty30(tu) ENAY (2015)
Neverwinter Nights has made it to XBox One....Blitzplotter3Blitzplotter (2015)
GauntletHotshot200513_PJ_ (2015)
NASA AudioDoggie7_PJ_ (2015)
What Indie mini hurdle you addressing now.....Blitzplotter26_PJ_ (2015)
What tools to create / edit B3D animated meshes?Blitzplotter7Blitzplotter (2015)
Larceny Scheme 0.98 releasedYasha1Yasha (2015)
Video of my game (wip)Matty12Matty (2015)
Make use of home bandwidth?popcade5popcade (2015)
MacGameStore don't payGfK41Grey Alien (2015)
elgooGazrak5azrak (2015)
2 classics gamesazrak5popcade (2015)
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All Amstrad Action magazines online for downloadandy_mc72(tu) ENAY (2015)
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So who gets shot for this?Matty8(tu) ENAY (2015)
Am I the only one think Chrome/FireFox bloated?popcade9(tu) ENAY (2015)
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C compilers - getting startedMatty25Matty (2015)
Dynamic Programming/Self Modifying CodeHardcoal15Yasha (2015)
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First time in 54 years a teenager will start....Blitzplotter12Matty (2015)
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Vintage Computing, Consoles and Games?Hotshot200513Matty (2015)
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Sonniss 10GB of free audio sound effects GDC2015Shagwana26virtlands (2015)
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It's been a long time coming...WERDNA24WERDNA (2015)
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Python Game Lib?zoqfotpik3videz (2015)
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2015 Macbook - Engineer exposes the truthEOF10EOF (2015)
Free computers for all new school pupils in UKandy_mc10big10p (2015)
Kinect for B3D Animation?stayne3RemiD (2015)
Google Code admits defeatskidracer16Wiebo (2015)
Dragon Nest StyleNotAGamer23RemiD (2015)
How do you teach typical users internet security?Matty21Naughty Alien (2015)
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App Store is down at the momentsHotshot20052Qube (2015)
Heard about this Game Dev Group?NotAGamer1NotAGamer (2015)
Unreal Engine 4 free?*163RemiD (2015)
Defender in Under 1 Kilobytezoqfotpik5Steve Elliott (2015)
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As I can control the CPU usage in wordpress?Yue3popcade (2015)
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Music Composing App Creation QuestionHardcoal9Naughty Alien (2015)
Galaxy S6EOF28okee (2015)
AAA dev costs ? over estimated ? creative accountiMatty17Gabriel (2015)
Nvidia Shield ConsoleHotshot20054skidracer (2015)
legal stuffMatty7-=Darkheart=- (2015)
New book; "A Gremlin in the Works"GfK27Dabhand (2015)
Closed Sim City(tu) ENAY5MikeHart (2015)
Street Fighter played on... a piano!big10p5(tu) ENAY (2015)
The Geocitiesizerstayne8Hotcakes (2015)
Murphys law is sometimes eerily predictiveMatty13(tu) ENAY (2015)
Valve's VR headset: the 'Vive'MadJack15Ian Thompson (2015)
A small sample of development progress....Matty17Matty (2015)
Simulate server locallyYue15Henri (2015)
Gambling / Slot Machines?zoqfotpik15(tu) ENAY (2015)
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1000 chrome experimentsEOF10xlsior (2015)
Russia aims for moon landing for 2030Blitzplotter20EOF (2015)
Archive of Ancient BASIC Sourcezoqfotpik4stayne (2015)
125 million active steam accountsDodo7(tu) ENAY (2015)
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Patent troll vs Patent trollldawlane6RemiD (2015)
2D in 3D: the way forward?zoqfotpik18* (2015)
Phoenix USC DemoRichard Betson5Matty (2015)
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osx compatibility question*7* (2015)
2D game with modern graphicsJoshK5Neuro (2015)
Windows 10 , Dx12 and Blitzmax.Richard Betson7zoqfotpik (2015)
Google Public DNSYue36Derron (2015)
Leadwerks Game Engine 3.4 ReleasedJoshK1JoshK (2015)
Perception Neuron for saleJoshK6JoshK (2015)
Good book - 3d game engine designMatty12MarkG (2015)
Retro FPS Roguelike?zoqfotpik1zoqfotpik (2015)
Far Cry 4 - eat your heart outcol11Yan (2015)
What kind of IDE do you prefer to develop in?Matty32Matty (2015)
Array programmingYasha30zoqfotpik (2015)
GameMaker Getting Ready for Dirtnapzoqfotpik13davidboy (2015)
Mars one projectBlitzplotter41Blitzplotter (2015)
Your Top 30En92941Blitzplotter (2015)
.NET and BlitzMAXBLaBZ6(tu) ENAY (2015)
Creating a 3D Doom Engine in Czoqfotpik16Panno (2015)
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The end of Windows?(tu) ENAY18zoqfotpik (2015)
Favourite cartoon for the current age...Matty5Matty (2015)
Hand Of Fate (Game)AdamStrange5GfK (2015)
Visual Studio 2013?Hotshot200517Hotshot2005 (2015)
SFML Vs BlitzMax?Hotshot200524zoqfotpik (2015)
Youropa kickstart failskidracer23Why0Why (2015)
So what is the difference?Matty7Yasha (2015)
Whats your gaming poison at the mo....Blitzplotter43(tu) ENAY (2015)
Not Recommended - 255 hrs (playtime) on recordZethrax11(tu) ENAY (2015)
Kickstarter question - oculusMatty11Hotcakes (2015)
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brain stormskidracer128GfK (2015)
Forget the iPhone, soon it's the iCar.dawlane14* (2015)
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Apple creates a No IAP App Store sectionIan Thompson3Steve Elliott (2015)
Mobile Development Dead?zoqfotpik19Derron (2015)
Mac EmulationSoggyP7Derron (2015)
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Ideas Sharing ForumHardcoal10Hardcoal (2015)
TCP vs UDPstayne8stayne (2015)
military RTS game?Hotshot20058zoqfotpik (2015)
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Comfortable Working EnvironmentHardcoal29MadJack (2015)
Apple Store Rankings(tu) ENAY8skidracer (2015)
if I ever buy a (smart ) tv....Matty18Matty (2015)
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Programmers v ArtistsMatty10(tu) ENAY (2015)
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Server move!marksibly_v212JoshK (2015)
Shaders - OpenGL ES 2.0 - quite fun!Matty7Matty (2015)
Example - test - 3d model in android appMatty4Matty (2015)
..chip under skin..Naughty Alien12dynaman (2015)
where did that go?*13GfK (2015)
[UK] Disconnect on TV tonightbig10p4GfK (2015)
Blitz homepage update*5* (2015)
Horror without survivalYasha14RemiD (2015)
Vote for Leadwerks Game Player on GreenlightJoshK12RemiD (2015)
App I developed for workMatty4Rick Nasher (2015)
But is the user human?Matty29Tricky (2015)
Ultima Underworld AscendantKrischan5Steve Elliott (2015)
I thought I'd do a bit of showing off...Matty25Matty (2015)
.NET must be bad. They are giving it awayShadowTurtle8xlsior (2015)
A learning experience. ...Matty14(tu) ENAY (2015)
Big Hero 6H&K10(tu) ENAY (2015)
Cocos2d-xtherevills8(tu) ENAY (2015)
Commercial games that went open source.Tom17Derron (2015)
Chess in 487 bytes!big10p17(tu) ENAY (2015)
FCC: Broadband now 25Mbps I only get .512MbpsRichard Betson16Guy Fawkes (2015)
Got sued for an AMIGA game made with BACKBONE!Hotshot200542Hotcakes (2015)
Supreme League of Patriots Out NowGabriel19xlsior (2015)
64-bit ios requirement from February(tu) ENAY22(tu) ENAY (2015)
Windows 10 must be bad. They are giving it awaydawlane66Henri (2015)
How many of you develop with pen and paper?Matty34Blitzplotter (2015)
Mobile App reviewsMatty5RemiD (2015)
Windows RT 2Leon Brown10(tu) ENAY (2015)
Cost of developmentMatty3Matty (2015)
Homeworld RemasteredH&K3H&K (2015)
Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your worldHotshot200511steve_ancell (2015)
Alleged Mac developers(tu) ENAY6(tu) ENAY (2015)
MaxIDE Source Code?zoqfotpik6Derron (2015)
Any tips on making good looking explosions efficieMatty11Matty (2015)
Currency conversion and online software purchasesMatty8Gabriel (2015)
Sony,Google,Apple Hit w/Lawsuit Over Pre1972 musicvidez6H&K (2015)
..whatsapp vs. surveillance..Naughty Alien8xlsior (2015)
MPL or LGPLTricky12Tricky (2015)
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Alternative mobile app monetisation methodMatty9Derron (2015)
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Monkey XShagwana96* (2015)
XBox One refuses to turn offBlitzplotter37Blitzplotter (2015)
What if I want multiple variables? (locked)iHateMath1iHateMath (2015)
Started dev on my own game (first time in years!)Matty24(tu) ENAY (2015)
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Can I sell my Blitz3d games?iHateMath15videz (2015)
Good old rogue like algorithms handy at work!Matty1Matty (2015)
NASA Rules for Safety-Critical Codezoqfotpik24Yasha (2015)
From Blitz3D source, does this get called?Tom3Brucey (2015)
Seattle Leadwerks Users Meetup GroupJoshK4GfK (2015)
What are you listening to in 2015?skidracer22Blitzplotter (2015)
GaryV's ban (locked)Who was John Galt?28Who was John Galt? (2015)
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Possible opportunityWho was John Galt?16LT (2015)
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Play 2.400 MS-DOS games in your browserDerron22(tu) ENAY (2015)
200+ Classic Arcade Gamestherevills10Neuro (2015)
Tower Defence Games on AndroidBlitzplotter9Blitzplotter (2015)
your xmas break gaming list please folksBlitzplotter34Ian Thompson (2015)
And...we're back!marksibly_v218CodeGit (2015)
..write/read files to/from smart card..Naughty Alien3videz (2015)
Vote Leadwerks Engine on SteamGrisu26BlitzSupport (2015)
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R.I.P Gyusteve_ancell3Pakz (2015)
Must have Software :Compiling a list: HELPImperium20Matty (2015)
Short wave radio scanner (online)EOF6EOF (2015)
Braid creator working on games programming langWho was John Galt?6Who was John Galt? (2015)
Worth learning C?Matty9Steve Elliott (2015)
And another year bites the dustZethrax18GfK (2015)
PS 4 PSN Store is down?Hotshot200514col (2015)
What Indy coding hurdles do you plan afore yr end?Blitzplotter17Ploppy (2015)
UK readers: Great dirt-cheap tablet at Tesco!BlitzSupport20BlitzSupport (2014)
Haha take that, shonky google coding!!!!Matty6Calibrator (2014)
my New Year resolutionGfK26smilertoo (2014)
Humble Indie Bundle 12GfK22Hotshot2005 (2014)
Mathematical Problem...maximum value of this functMatty13Matty (2014)
others forums about blitzbasicRemiD6outsider (2014)
Galaxix - Kickstarter.. Umm, nowt to do with me,Qube13Derron (2014)
RealmCrafter Resurrection is (apparently) comingZethrax2videz (2014)
Next Gen Consoles load slower than 1st gen PCsBlitzplotter18GfK (2014)
kkrieger - 96k first person shooterZethrax6Yasha (2014)
Blender - Better than I rememberEOF3azrak (2014)
Merry Xmas and happy new year*38Rick Nasher (2014)
I've been offered some paid game dev workandy_mc31GfK (2014)
Low volume on AndroidYue6Zethrax (2014)
Steam Holiday SaleJoshK4markcw (2014)
Polite Begging..(tu) ENAY51(tu) ENAY (2014)
I WILL ESCAPE - QA testing apparentlyZethrax1Zethrax (2014)
Holy crudskidracer35c h i e f y (2014)
..Data comparison/pattern recognition..Naughty Alien5GW (2014)
"Hatred" removed from Steam GreenlightGfK53JoshK (2014)
android apps - securityMatty4RemiD (2014)
JXD Android Retro gaming tabletEOF3Zethrax (2014)
[test] poop complianceskidracer20xlsior (2014)
which 3d printer is yours andPanno2GfK (2014)
Entire Screen Of One Game(tu) ENAY8GfK (2014)
Bass.dll helpPalmer5Palmer (2014)
Godot 3d engine like Unity (open source) releasedXaron22zoqfotpik (2014)
Direct X 7 experts please respondRobert Cummings24BlitzSupport (2014)
Can I just say...MadJack21EOF (2014)
2D games, language choice*20MikeHart (2014)
Godot Engine Reaches 1.0, Releases First Stableazrak4videz (2014)
Rocket Ranger on Kickstarter (funded! just...)Matthew Smith4Derron (2014)
Programming language TimeLineHotshot20055CGV (2014)
Substance Painter 67% off on steam, 20 hours leftTom1Tom (2014)
Game Programming is Absurdly Difficultzoqfotpik50skidracer (2014)
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AT&T's vision of the future from 1994Neuro1Neuro (2014)
The many languages of HELLO WORLDEOF30_PJ_ (2014)
Just Found something interesting...AdamStrange18Derron (2014)
Ultra HD 4K/2K LED TV?Hotshot200542Ian Thompson (2014)
...rush hour..Naughty Alien5steve_ancell (2014)
[UK] Anyone ever bought from (2014)
3d js visualization of global weather conditionsazrak2(tu) ENAY (2014)
early access / alpha funding, what do you think ?RemiD8Hotcakes (2014)
Sim City?Hotshot20058Grisu (2014)
Blitz website forum question [OOH MY! SOLVED]Matty6Zethrax (2014)
Distributed / Grid computing - solving problemsMatty4Yasha (2014)
anybody heard of the hour of code...Matty10Matty (2014)
Mark Sibly Defender Clone?zoqfotpik19zoqfotpik (2014)
Bizarre coding experienceMatty19dynaman (2014)
New Biowarr gameMadJack36zoqfotpik (2014)
Firefox updates...BlitzSupport6Qube (2014)
No Elite WipeH&K1H&K (2014)
Difficult test situationMatty34Matty (2014)
3DO Doom Source code have been ReleaseHotshot20053Who was John Galt? (2014)
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Blitzmax browser pluginHardcoal4Derron (2014)
Language name choice.Steve Elliott36Steve Elliott (2014)
NeoAxis 3D Engine is Now Fully Free!azrak10Steve Elliott (2014)
I'll be back!Qube25Henri (2014)
Indies Vs PewDiePie Game Jam (top ten phenomenon!)davidboy16Naughty Alien (2014)
Unique appsMatty4xlsior (2014)
Thank goodness Linux/Android is open source!Matty7Matty (2014)
Destiny PS 4 Demo Installed is jokeHotshot20052Zethrax (2014)
whats your gaming title of the mo....Blitzplotter30-=Darkheart=- (2014)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum VegaHotshot200519smilertoo (2014)
Which style are you?Matty43ErikT (2014)
What the Oculus Rift was invented forbig10p32Neuro (2014)
At last .. a game about BREAD!EOF6Hotcakes (2014)
Grand Theft Auto V retire in Australia for violencYue30(tu) ENAY (2014)
Nostalgia Programming Language?Hotshot200529Wiebo (2014)
Share the love!Matty1Matty (2014)
Raspberry PI A+ £15.50Hotshot20059Steve Elliott (2014)
..USB data reading..Naughty Alien5col (2014)
Support the games that You think deserve Support?Hotshot20058Hotshot2005 (2014)
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will you vote for my game at the indie awards?Mainsworthy6Mainsworthy (2014)
OpenGL VAO Interesting...BLaBZ5Yasha (2014)
the most difficult thing when making a game is...RemiD43Alberto (2014)
Sir Clive Sinclair planning new ZX SpectrumQube12dawlane (2014)
First 'chatbot' conversation ends in argumentHotshot20053(tu) ENAY (2014)
Drone Camera(tu) ENAY6(tu) ENAY (2014)
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NVidia Shield Tablet - Who's got one?EOF11Ian Thompson (2014)
Gideros Studio KickstarterMikeHart15Xaron (2014)
Leadwerks 3.3 ReleasedJoshK27JoshK (2014)
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If Pacman for the Atari 2600 was released today...Ian Thompson26xlsior (2014)
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Snoop Dogg SimulatorJoshK12steve_ancell (2014)
I just tried an Oculus Rift DK1 for the first timeandy_mc18skidracer (2014)
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Mac Mail query (Yosemite)Who was John Galt?7* (2014)
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Hey, Fatso! [Off topic]Who was John Galt?9Matty (2014)
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Big Fish Games sold for up to $885 millionPingus16(tu) ENAY (2014)
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Hardwired kickstarter?Ploppy26Rick Nasher (2014)
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old blitz games that went missing....Matty14Hotcakes (2014)
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Duck Programming Languageazrak6(tu) ENAY (2014)
Young people will never understandskidracer40(tu) ENAY (2014)
How are you in the game's industryziggy9(tu) ENAY (2014)
image enhancement in movies/tv shows and realityRemiD21RemiD (2014)
Gaming is actually good for Brain.popcade2_PJ_ (2014)
Good 3D game middleware?ErikT33Hotshot2005 (2014)
MS Visual Studio - Android+Fast emulator supportEOF5dynaman (2014)
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Installing GTA V on my pcYue12Wings (2014)
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Any one use Exent - Game Service partner??therevills1therevills (2014)
Copy their Games from someoneHotshot200514(tu) ENAY (2014)
Simple fun 3D games ideas?JoshK23(tu) ENAY (2014)
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PLATYPUS Bundles - 72 Hours Only !Hotshot200513Neuro (2014)
Star Citizen FPS gameplay + zero-gravityGfK4* (2014)
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RTS Creator Greenlit, Thank you All!BLaBZ12BLaBZ (2014)
GTAV flight missions, who needs flight sims?Blitzplotter9Blitzplotter (2014)
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What if technology stopped getting better?andy_mc28Hotcakes (2014)
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A BlitzMax/Monkey resource site.Richard Betson13therevills (2014)
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What is the point of a blog? Total waste of time..(tu) ENAY18GaryV (2014)
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Render your own man, for Free!Brucey4Derron (2014)
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Game stats (non financial)Matty1Matty (2014)
Air Particle Manipulation(tu) ENAY2Matty (2014)
If you used live wallpaper would you install one tMatty4Matty (2014)
What coding acievements you had off late?Blitzplotter18Banshee (2014)
Programming Text Adventure Game(tu) ENAY13Banshee (2014)
Have you tried MODO?BLaBZ3therevills (2014)
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GCC 4.8.2 distribution package?Grisu10LT (2013)
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Playing old games from the late 70s and early 80s.Matty13big10p (2013)
Video editing with BlenderSystemError515SystemError51 (2013)
Adobe hacked- Photoshop sourcecode stolenGfK20xlsior (2013)
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Any owners of Smart TVs here - your thoughts?Matty3Naughty Alien (2013)
Commander and Conquer General 2Hotshot200511Hotcakes (2013)
Facebook to buy BlackBerry?SystemError5111xlsior (2013)
Xors3d - Website hacked?Imperium53Yue (2013)
Windows 8.1 font blurrinesscol5ziggy (2013)
OS X 10.9 Mavericks - FREEQube29ziggy (2013)
Perspective playthroughSystemError518big10p (2013)
Someone was interested in Train simsDoggie6Who was John Galt? (2013)
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FM 2014Hotshot20051Hotshot2005 (2013)
visual studio 2013 pro & subscriptionHappy Sammy7dynaman (2013)
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The fastest selling entertainment product, ever!big10p6Doggie (2013)
Computer Encryption Documentary(tu) ENAY1(tu) ENAY (2013)
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Ison Comet Model 3DYue1Yue (2013)
Cyberpower i7 4770kHotshot200511xlsior (2013)
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Basis For Water In a Game.Omnicode31(tu) ENAY (2013)
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Sky Now TV Box is a bargain!!!!andy_mc4andy_mc (2013)
Space EngineersMCP1MCP (2013)
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Microsoft erects 383-inch Surface in LondonSystemError5114D4NM4N (2013)
Start 8Hotshot200513xlsior (2013)
NVidia G-Sync - Putting an end to screen tearEOF7Hardcoal (2013)
Electricity, we all need it......Blitzplotter17GfK (2013)
Millions Deleting Facebook due toHotshot200533Matty (2013)
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MS Security Essentials usersbig10p21virtlands (2013)
Intel integrated graphics...don't suck?JoshK11ima747 (2013)
Papers Please(!)EOF6Blitzplotter (2013)
My game got pirated!mkg22Derron (2013)
Windows 8: Enter key stops workingSystemError518Banshee (2013)
Holographic 3Dbig10p10Neuro (2013)
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Windows 7 or 8JBR55GfK (2013)
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Cortex Command at 9$Armitage 198211Armitage 1982 (2013)
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First PS4 adGfK9RifRaf (2013)
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Game Developer magazine archiveBlitzSupport4Happy Sammy (2013)
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Modern game enginesKryzon19Hardcoal (2013)
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Wizard of Oz match 3 is out for iPad/iPhoneGrey Alien7Blitzplotter (2013)
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Computing history museum in Cambridgeandy_mc5andy_mc (2013)
Centre for computing historyDodo4andy_mc (2013)
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In-app purchase costing parents £1000andy_mc32xlsior (2013)
Video game photographySystemError515Dodo (2013)
Bill Gates to quit?Dodo19D4NM4N (2013)
Give B3D to new programmer?Who was John Galt?41(tu) ENAY (2013)
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Google Earth 3D buildings are now amazing!!!!andy_mc1andy_mc (2013)
Try it and be honest!D4NM4N28D4NM4N (2013)
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Stufffox9587128Matty (2013)
Want to play on a quantum computer?Yasha5Matty (2013)
iOS 7 makes your device waterproof! Its AMAZING!!D4NM4N28D4NM4N (2013)
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Moan about your job thread(tu) ENAY42GfK (2013)
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Numbers of comments|ratings compared to sales ?RemiD23ImaginaryHuman (2013)
Matthew Smith making a comeback?...steve_ancell36Matty (2013)
HYDRA Game Development KitHotshot20058GaryV (2013)
iPhone Garbage(tu) ENAY19JoshK (2013)
Free versions of BlitzPlus seem to be being abusedGfK26Jason W. (2013)
3d engines to create 3D apps/VG for tablet pcs ?RemiD15D4NM4N (2013)
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Show Me The Sales: Giant indie game saleGrey Alien8Sledge (2013)
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Online coding coursesEOF6Hotshot2005 (2013)
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Not "what you're playing"....SLotman39Blitzplotter (2013)
PureBasic, 8000 resgistered users..!davidboy36davidboy (2013)
Everyone loves [magical] TrevorGfK3Hotcakes (2013)
Google Earth cache, GRRR!Floyd25Kryzon (2013)
First Leadwerks 3 game is out!JoshK6D4NM4N (2013)
Commodore 64Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)31TaskMaster (2013)
Not Starting with the Story.-=Darkheart=-15_PJ_ (2013)
XBox 720 unveiledGfK50* (2013)
Rain looks goodGfK12* (2013)
..smartphones with physical keyboards..Naughty Alien17Dodo (2013)
Awesome fluids(tu) ENAY23Steve Elliott (2013)
Look what I found in my mother's atticstayne7stayne (2013)
..STEAM update..Naughty Alien23Blitzplotter (2013)
D-Grafix down?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)6D4NM4N (2013)
Smart Packer Pro v1.9mrniceguy3mrniceguy (2013)
SCIFI PlanaSphere Music pack from Arteria3dyertari2MadJack (2013)
Chromebooks FAIL lol*35ziggy (2013)
I converted an Atari user to Amiga this weekendandy_mc17D4NM4N (2013)
Wise Old Wizard from Arteria3dyertari6Ginger Tea (2013)
Leopard animated characteryertari1yertari (2013)
Microsoft: hasnt changed*8D4NM4N (2013)
Udoo - Android/Linux board with Arduino onboardEOF4TaskMaster (2013)
Welcome to the new Windows ME*36D4NM4N (2013)
Space Game 2dCruis.In4Cruis.In (2013)
I'm old, Gandalf!Amon55scribbla (2013)
Anyone into compiler design?Rixarn27Rixarn (2013)
Enough of the "what you playing" threads....GfK46caff_ (2013)
Firefox OSCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)10Winni (2013)
Writing an OS*26* (2013)
Leadwerks 3 time-limited trial now availableJoshK4Steve Elliott (2013)
..bitmap images for GUI gadgets..Naughty Alien10Blitzplotter (2013)
Progress...xlsior22MCP (2013)
Post-PC = Post-IntelJoshK78* (2013)
Internet Explorer 10!Amon7col (2013)
What mobile games you been playing of lateBlitzplotter17Blitzplotter (2013)
StoneTrip - Makers of Shiva3D - LiquidationAmon19SLotman (2013)
SCI FI Character - Talon Guardianyertari6_PJ_ (2013)
What do you expect to see in Windows 9?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)24_PJ_ (2013)
Help critic my websiteRifRaf13Banshee (2013)
Would you do SD cards like Hard Drive Back up?Hotshot200512TaskMaster (2013)
Open Source adventure creatordynaman1dynaman (2013)
Source code comments(tu) ENAY16Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2013)
ENIGMA, The free and open source Game Maker clone! (locked)Robert B Colton29skidracer (2013)
So, what happend to the Blide/FontMachine forums?!GfK8ziggy (2013)
Judge DreddMadJack9_PJ_ (2013)
Corona Free versionCodeGit3Why0Why (2013)
Legend of Grimrock 2taumel10Grey Alien (2013)
Arteria3d Easter Giftyertari7MadJack (2013)
Medieval Knights packyertari2Ian Thompson (2013)
Disney shuts down LucasartsJustLuke10Ian Thompson (2013)
Google Chrome failbig10p9D4NM4N (2013)
Adding alphabetical links to a wordpress site.WERDNA3WERDNA (2013)
anthony wells is back already?GaryV6Hotcakes (2013)
Just what am I not getting about Journey?GfK39Hotcakes (2013)
Best April fools?*7Ginger Tea (2013)
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Any Bliters going to GDC this year?Oddball24Grey Alien (2013)
iPhone three times more reliable than SamsungQube19D4NM4N (2013)
Another VR headsetdynaman34JoshK (2013)
Activision realtime character demoGfK25* (2013)
XKCD 1190 - TimeMr Snidesmin16Mr Snidesmin (2013)
If you only buy one game this year...-=Darkheart=-13Hotcakes (2013)
Tortoise SVN for version Control is awesomeBlitzplotter4Muttley (2013)
It's official - Apple have lost the plot!GfK32Dodo (2013)
Sping Bonus mobile is out today! Please shareGrey Alien5Blitzplotter (2013)
Bye bye OpenDNSGfK25LineOf7s (2013)
Who else struggles to find time to game these daysBlitzplotter18RemiD (2013)
How's GDC going!?Chroma7GaryV (2013)
Windows Blue (win8 successor)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)11LineOf7s (2013)
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Whats been your coding poison this week thenBlitzplotter33Blitzplotter (2013)
Kerbal Space ProgramArmitage 19829josk (2013)
Anyone recommend where to purchase Sprite Candy?Blitzplotter14Blitzplotter (2013)
Unity Technologie launch a new tutorial forum.ZJP1ZJP (2013)
So C'mon, whats been played this week?Blitzplotter75Blitzplotter (2013)
Ponga now on Ubuntu Software Centre!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)3Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2013)
Deferred renderer on iPadJoshK15JoshK (2013)
Minecraft server upRifRaf17RifRaf (2013)
First Impressions with Z10-=Darkheart=-2Ginger Tea (2013)
BASICoder - WIP dev forumCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)25Hotshot2005 (2013)
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Game development is impossible with requirementsCanardian67Canardian (2013)
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Nokia, Samsung and Sony to improve indoor mobilityCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)13Adam Novagen (2012)
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Gates flushes charity down the toiletCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)16TaskMaster (2012)
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Indiecodez forum reopened...Dabhand9Dabhand (2012)
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Compute Gazette magazines on pdfJason W.16Why0Why (2012)
Medieval Music Pack Ultimate, 41 tracks, $25yertari3yertari (2012)
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Indiecodez forum to close...Dabhand39Dabhand (2012)
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Windows 8 Retail available to MSDN Subs!Amon19Hotcakes (2012)
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Another completely ridiculas patent by AppleRoss C23D4NM4N (2012)
Monkey VS GLBasicCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)45MrTAToad (2012)
DAYUMSystemError5111D4NM4N (2012)
Need a Marketing PartnerWERDNA6WERDNA (2012)
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MS Office 2013 Professional Plus!Amon19ImaginaryHuman (2012)
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Best free DVD to mp4 convertor?(tu) ENAY24SystemError51 (2012)
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play old PC games online!!!!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)10CodeGit (2012)
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Recommend a decent firewall?WERDNA31Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Polytron - Fez patchRaz18taumel (2012)
Nexus 7ima7477ima747 (2012)
UK judge says Samsung didn't copy the iPadCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)34GaryV (2012)
Samsung Flexible DisplayDodo3iprice (2012)
Some people have WAY too much time on their hands!-=Darkheart=-4jsp (2012)
Matte & Dewy finish (laptop)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Blitzmax / Monkey ?Matty35Armitage 1982 (2012)
PC game sales up 230%, console game sales down 28%JoshK38JoshK (2012)
The web - now in 3D!SystemError5126Sledge (2012)
Educate me!Adam Novagen22Adam Novagen (2012)
Anyone Tried Square or Stripe for Payments?-=Darkheart=-2TaskMaster (2012)
Name that Atari ST GameRaz14Matty (2012)
GameFly bad for developers?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)7TaskMaster (2012)
$145,000 from 3 casual games in 6 monthsGrey Alien45Oddball (2012)
Yahoo HackDodo14Naughty Alien (2012)
Steam Summer Sale has begannrasool9taumel (2012)
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OT - Video editing and dvd authoringsemar7-=Darkheart=- (2012)
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Progress...Ross C31D4NM4N (2012)
Valve GreenlightMadJack22_PJ_ (2012)
Shiva 1.9 is OUTZJP27Alberto (2012)
Kickstarter coming to the UKLeon Brown10Hotcakes (2012)
Awesome Deskfan(tu) ENAY10Yasha (2012)
Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro: $39.99SystemError5152-=Darkheart=- (2012)
ARGH, Stupid digital activation!-=Darkheart=-40Adam Novagen (2012)
So, about Lenovo and UPS......GfK10GfK (2012)
Software license resale - new European rulingSoggyP10MrTAToad (2012)
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Bought a PS3MadJack33MadJack (2012)
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The use of "Energy' for pay in gamesWhy0Why7Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
How to do realistic facial animation of human?Happy Sammy8Happy Sammy (2012)
Devs: Don't update that Apple App!-=Darkheart=-4D4NM4N (2012)
Zombie customisable character packyertari1yertari (2012)
Games Britannia(tu) ENAY26-=Darkheart=- (2012)
Microsoft SurfaceMatthew Smith156(tu) ENAY (2012)
iGoogle 2013Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9Adam Novagen (2012)
Free Game Engine Support Android and iOSCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)10Blitzplotter (2012)
Lightest internet browserRoss C25D4NM4N (2012)
OpenSSL for software validation?Rixarn3Rixarn (2012)
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NASA thinking with portalsSystemError517Floyd (2012)
Hasn't anyone tried my 3ds/x to B3D converter? (locked)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)21BlitzSupport (2012)
All your iPhone/Pod/Pad accessories are uselessGfK36D4NM4N (2012)
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Create Your Own Animated Shorts With ValveZethrax7Adam Novagen (2012)
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If SNES games were made by Blizzard(tu) ENAY6Hotcakes (2012)
Google Nexus 7GfK1GfK (2012)
Why Android, Linux; OpenSource is the bizz?Amon12EOF (2012)
Arteria3d release Roman Generalyertari1yertari (2012)
Arteria3d release HIgh Mage Class for MedBaseyertari1yertari (2012)
Name of this Math solving game?EOF15Basil (2012)
Windows Phone 8 adSystemError5114D4NM4N (2012)
Blade runner 30 years old !D4NM4N44Mr. Write Errors Man (2012)
Monkey Debugger (locked)JoshK1JoshK (2012)
Liked Fez? How about Perspective?Neuro6SystemError51 (2012)
Is iphone more popular than ipad?Happy Sammy15Grey Alien (2012)
CompatabilityK9K (2012)
Great Game IdeaDoggie11taumel (2012)
UDK for indie personal license is just 99!Happy Sammy1Happy Sammy (2012)
Proof Reader RequestWERDNA11WERDNA (2012)
As for ancient/older computerstaumel29steve_ancell (2012)
Resonancetaumel9Armitage 1982 (2012)
Ponga & Virtual-Sketch Released for FREE!!!!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)19steve_ancell (2012)
Awesome Robot Arm Ball thing(tu) ENAY4Yan (2012)
Old TimesNice_But_Dim18Hotcakes (2012)
Is IE8 now out of date?BigH11Hotcakes (2012)
CONTEST: The Secret World beta key giveawayZethrax1Zethrax (2012)
Microsoft: Welcome to 1992xlsior34D4NM4N (2012)
Who say C64 is Dead?Hotshot200531Steve Elliott (2012)
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 bug(tu) ENAY11JKP (2012)
antique browser tax!D4NM4N9Armitage 1982 (2012)
Humble Bundletaumel27taumel (2012)
I love Windows 8 (so far)*74D4NM4N (2012)
Google Drive. Opinions?WERDNA10Sledge (2012)
Office 365 is garbage.WERDNA32D4NM4N (2012)
Indie Game : The MovieNeuro18Ginger Tea (2012)
New display Apple MacbookCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)37JKP (2012)
All Brits to be micro-chippedEOF12EOF (2012)
Speaking of games ...taumel5Hotshot2005 (2012)
IndieroyaleHotshot20051Hotshot2005 (2012) has been disabledtherevills13Nice_But_Dim (2012)
.Apple really want to change the world..LOL..Naughty Alien15Yasha (2012)
My latest toy: Samsung Galaxy NoteSystemError5117EOF (2012)
Knock off consoles(tu) ENAY10D4NM4N (2012)
Bethesda seeking to widen target audienceSystemError513slenkar (2012)
Portal: Terminal VelocitySystemError513taumel (2012)
Websites forced to identify trolls(tu) ENAY21D4NM4N (2012)
Antivirus era over?*11Canardian (2012)
How the world endsDodo3Guy Fawkes (2012)
Metal Gear Solid online(tu) ENAY8(tu) ENAY (2012)
Square's real time tech demo(tu) ENAY31(tu) ENAY (2012)
VS Express 2012 no longer metro-onlyxlsior19xlsior (2012)
Lovely Jubilee!GfK64Winni (2012)
ePawnArmitage 19825Matty (2012)
Watching e3...Neuro24Ross C (2012)
PlayN - Cross Platform Game DevelopmentAmon3AdamRedwoods (2012)
Unreal Engine 4Neuro6Genexi2 (2012)
Buying New Programming Langauge?Hotshot200519slenkar (2012)
Intel C++ Compiler Claims 47% faster than MSVS-=Darkheart=-9ziggy (2012)
WWDC?ima7479ima747 (2012)
LinkedIn Hacked(In)(tu) ENAY7Zethrax (2012)
Eduard "Trololo" Khil dies, aged 77SystemError5110slenkar (2012)
Either I'm getting old, or....GfK29Foppy (2012)
Humans, sky, other?Amon25Dabhand (2012)
Cool Unity Particle Effects(tu) ENAY12(tu) ENAY (2012)
#BecauseWeMay massive indie game sale!Grey Alien18Armitage 1982 (2012)
New lightning fast webbrowser for WindowsCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)4slenkar (2012)
What you loving playing recentlyBlitzplotter44Blitzplotter (2012)
Recommend me a good game for the weekend!SystemError5115Hotcakes (2012)
No cost development dead on Win 8Dodo45* (2012)
The Joy of OracleBlitzplotter10Blitzplotter (2012)
I'm sorry. I have more crazy questions (locked)En9291En929 (2012)
Outpost Firewall/Security suite offerDodo2popcade (2012)
Risen 2MadJack4MadJack (2012)
Diablo IIIChroma79(tu) ENAY (2012)
StarForge - A cross between Minecraft and HaloZethrax8Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
Notch's space game - 0x10cJason W.14Adam Novagen (2012)
Abandon Ship!JoshK77D4NM4N (2012)
Just had ACL surgery...Neuro7Neuro (2012)
"TheFlame" - apparently the largest virus everSystemError517Canardian (2012)
Anyone remember this!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)43Why0Why (2012)
I have a question about web hosting (locked)En9291En929 (2012)
lolGfK15D4NM4N (2012)
Just been playing with UU3DBlitzplotter3MadJack (2012)
38 studios goes kaputdynaman6Bremer (2012)
Fake Android Apps scam costs £28,000Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)6D4NM4N (2012)
LEAPdynaman13Neuro (2012)
Ron Gilbert's The CAVEtaumel4Winni (2012)
What's with insanely difficult race games?-=Darkheart=-32Matty (2012)
Interview with former Infinity Ward headsZethrax1Zethrax (2012)
Looking to sell more of your Android apps?Leon Brown1Leon Brown (2012)
Bethesda announces The Elder Scrolls OnlineSystemError5111Adam Novagen (2012)
Robert Moog's birthday - Google logoFloyd8Floyd (2012)
Free Windows Games DRM FREE!!!!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)4andy_mc (2012)
What phone app would people want written?andy_mc15andy_mc (2012)
Commodore 64 Arabian Nights SoundtrackCanardian11taumel (2012)
News Submit Form(tu) ENAY15zwische (2012)
The $49 Android motherboard PC APC 8750EOF9andy_mc (2012)
the most realistic Hunting game I ever seen!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)111Ross C (2012)
Have you ever wished for a "Banana Piano"?SLotman12* (2012)
Your first post?Yahfree20* (2012)
Smart Packer Pro v1.7mrniceguy14Canardian (2012)
Moving On?ClayPigeon41Blitzplotter (2012)
Two for Kickstartertaumel12taumel (2012)
Html5 GBC Emulator(tu) ENAY10Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
CONTEST for the best Modified code for this gameMainsworthy24Mainsworthy (2012)
What happen to ...Pete Carter8SystemError51 (2012)
IDEal Open-Sourced with Monkey + BlitzMax supportCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)14Blitzplotter (2012)
Best Recent Blitz Gamessimonh16ImaginaryHuman (2012)
What is the distribution license on Blitz3D SDK?bytecode7711bytecode77 (2012)
BLIde for .net framework 4 (locked)ziggy1ziggy (2012)
Any Redditors here?zcbeaton2Htbaa (2012)
Who, what, when, where, why and how?En92962SLotman (2012)
Good place for tileset :D*3BlitzSupport (2012)
Released my first Android App - Romance Reminderandy_mc7andy_mc (2012)
Anyone Ill? What are you playing?Grey Alien12Hotcakes (2012)
UK ISP's to block The Pirate BayRoss C59Hotcakes (2012)
Filax - iglass and easytokAmon22TaskMaster (2012)
TitaniumGLSystemError515SystemError51 (2012)
Reality Sandbox with realtime water(tu) ENAY7(tu) ENAY (2012)
Google fight(tu) ENAY36* (2012)
App Game Kit price slashed.steve_ancell5Armitage 1982 (2012)
I want to buy lots of these!(tu) ENAY12Neuro (2012)
Animated TROLL from Arteria3dyertari8D4NM4N (2012)
Next Kickstarter game: Carmageddonmatibee7Armitage 1982 (2012)
Samsung Galaxy S3EOF26Canardian (2012)
Car Windscreen HUD(tu) ENAY24* (2012)
Whats has been/will be played this weekendBlitzplotter31Armitage 1982 (2012)
indiegamebundles.comArmitage 19822Grafos (2012)
Bubble Safari(tu) ENAY5SystemError51 (2012)
MS closes book - MAPP data leakCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2Adam Novagen (2012)
webhost for larger files, 25 to 500 mb up/downloadgerald5Htbaa (2012)
Bing MapsRoss C5SystemError51 (2012)
Just how big is Apple?SystemError5116* (2012)
gameinstituteDaY11DaY (2012)
Windstalks: Wind power from turbulenceZethrax5MadJack (2012)
Player's attempt to destroy Eve Online economyZethrax5Zethrax (2012)
O'Reilly ebooks half priceFloyd1Floyd (2012)
Gamification: Gaming the real worldZethrax9Zethrax (2012)
Iphone snobs and elitistsEOF38D4NM4N (2012)
Some 3D papersShagwana8col (2012)
Maratis 3DAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2012)
Surface to air missiles to protect London OlympicsZethrax37D4NM4N (2012)
Minecraft Goofball ChallengeZethrax8andy_mc (2012)
Making my own freeware LuaJIT2-based 2D game langtaxlerendiosk5taxlerendiosk (2012)
Ain't Nobody Got Time For ThatSystemError514Blitzplotter (2012)
Looking for routine to auto-arrange blocksEOF4D4NM4N (2012)
Draw Something is not the new Angry BirdsZethrax3EOF (2012)
DYIgooglemesilly7ImaginaryHuman (2012)
Realtime Hard Hat Mack ClockCanardian11Matty (2012)
Blender or Unity Max portCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)14Zethrax (2012)
Skyrim Bikini ContestNeuro1Neuro (2012)
Playstation suite SDKArmitage 198213(tu) ENAY (2012)
Marketing is magicZethrax15Neuro (2012)
JavaScript/HTML 5 AnimationsEn9293Neuro (2012)
Asteroid mining ventureZethrax16Zethrax (2012)
Reset video game trailer with amazing graphicsZethrax4Hotcakes (2012)
Playing Tetris on a BuildingEn9295En929 (2012)
OFF topicYue3Yue (2012)
Photorealism in video games??Yue27Yue (2012)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs reunite, planning new projectJoshK2wmaass (2012)
2 GNU Mario Kart clonesCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)5Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
First reported Kickstarter scam projectZethrax1Zethrax (2012)
The Google Drive! 16TB StorageAmon39Yasha (2012)
Video games make people kill (again)GfK26Ginger Tea (2012)
Google zerg rushZethrax1Zethrax (2012)
Light TableWhy0Why8Adam Novagen (2012)
Whats been played this week then folks?Blitzplotter25MadJack (2012)
Arteria3d release SOLDIER Base - First Release Geryertari1yertari (2012)
Games make children violent, yet again(tu) ENAY14Grey Alien (2012)
Quick SurveyBlitzplotter7Blitzplotter (2012)
Google ZX Speccy and St George front pagecol40Yasha (2012)
monkey for blitzmaxNice_But_Dim9Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
"Tablet Friendly"Tricky5D4NM4N (2012)
POP source code recovered after 22 years!Krischan9matibee (2012)
iArt Pro Over 60% off + Logo creator dirt cheap!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)4Zethrax (2012)
Can we talk about Star Trek in general discussion?Grey Alien16Grey Alien (2012)
Unregistering BlitzBASICEn9295Blitzplotter (2012)
Do not try this at home (or work)(tu) ENAY8Kryzon (2012)
It is Universal that.....Amon6D4NM4N (2012)
Diablo III Open Beta WeekendZethrax14-=Darkheart=- (2012)
Real-time GPU based Ray-TracingSystemError516Matty (2012)
Uncharted: The MovieZethrax5MadJack (2012)
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Which do you prefer?skn321skn3 (2012)
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Tribes: Ascend anyone?ima7478ima747 (2012)
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Drew Curtis vs. Patents Trolls -- TED TalkAdamRedwoods3Grey Alien (2012)
wanna make speccy games?slenkar19andy_mc (2012)
this could be nasty.D4NM4N11D4NM4N (2012)
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Buying an iphone. Need a good plan!WERDNA28andy_mc (2012)
US Courts says Source code are not Propertynrasool25Yasha (2012)
Not looking good for NokiaD4NM4N31D4NM4N (2012)
Wasteland 2 - Only 3 days left...Why0Why5Steve Elliott (2012)
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Bought IGlass but get nothing...Trader356431Matt Vinyl (2012)
Jack Tramiel 1928 - 2012Floyd13Ginger Tea (2012)
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MS backing away from DirectX?MadJack30Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
COS now under the Apache LicenceYasha2D4NM4N (2012)
Recommend me a gameboy game...Dabhand19Armitage 1982 (2012)
Paid job - GUI programmerJoshK36* (2012)
Coding cookbookMrTAToad2MrTAToad (2012)
The power of the internet strikes again! (R-Pi)Adam Novagen19Naughty Alien (2012)
Leadwerks Software Now Offering InternshipsJoshK6JoshK (2012)
Spring Bonus is out for Mobile!Grey Alien30D4NM4N (2012)
Indie Royale April Fools bundleOddball12Oddball (2012)
Happy Cocoa Induced Coma WeekendDabhand11Kryzon (2012)
Star Wars Hit's Rock Bottom!-=Darkheart=-23D4NM4N (2012)
Games make children violent, again (again)(tu) ENAY45D4NM4N (2012)
Fallout free on for next 2 daysZethrax2Dabhand (2012)
PSIONIC3D - Hacked???Amon5Zethrax (2012)
PAL-V Flying Car gets in the airZethrax8Steve Elliott (2012)
..miniature fanless PC's..Naughty Alien5gosse (2012)
WC Olo Garbstayne2Ross C (2012)
Need funding for your game? Check this out.Chroma25gosse (2012)
Check out my home office from 2001!Grey Alien9Grey Alien (2012)
Genres I'd like to see again!-=Darkheart=-30Hotcakes (2012)
Gmail Tap and new and improved Google MapsZethrax14Kryzon (2012)
Life on Enceladus?D4NM4N11D4NM4N (2012)
Whats been played so far this weekend....Blitzplotter28ErikT (2012)
Arteria3d release Modern Day Customisable Characteyertari1yertari (2012)
Elephant plays with the Galaxy Note.SystemError5114Dabhand (2012)
"Please Steal My Movie"Zethrax13D4NM4N (2012)
Real life hoverbikeZethrax11D4NM4N (2012)
10 million polygons on an iPad 3?JoshK25Alberto (2012)
Another old skool adventuretaumel6okee (2012)
Basic4Android - 50% discount couponEOF11hub (2012)
Consoles have finally turned into PCs(tu) ENAY12Dabhand (2012)
Bundle software (Easter special)Dodo4JKP (2012)
Manchester(UK) Game JamOddball2Leon Brown (2012)
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Probably too late: Android devs, want a free BB plima74730Xaron (2012)
wowtaumel18Armitage 1982 (2012)
Looks like Apple is increasing their security(tu) ENAY9D4NM4N (2012)
Introducing jPlayLeon Brown13Jason W. (2012)
Star Wars: The Old Republicnrasool2slenkar (2012)
Flying drones to be used for US police surveilanceZethrax17stayne (2012)
Quake with HTML5 demo:Leon Brown13D4NM4N (2012)
*yawn* ANOTHER new iPhoneGfK39* (2012)
Full screen apps with HTML5Leon Brown3Leon Brown (2012)
Author of Flow3D?JoshK4JoshK (2012)
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Fueling your car with algaeZethrax8Zethrax (2012)
Download content without a download...(tu) ENAY25(tu) ENAY (2012)
Seagate Promises 60TB Drives This DecadeZethrax38Ginger Tea (2012)
Wing Commander SagaMadJack9Krischan (2012)
Explore the Amazon with Google Street ViewZethrax2Adam Novagen (2012)
Boffins build cyborg snails to make electricityZethrax8MadJack (2012)
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Tex Murphy Returns!Gabriel6D4NM4N (2012)
RUIN - Animated short set in a ruined worldZethrax17D4NM4N (2012)
Looking for a 3G router ... Any suggestions?Andy4Armitage 1982 (2012)
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Windows time strangely off..matibee9* (2012)
iPad 3 Launch Day - Who got one?Qube27Armitage 1982 (2012)
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PCTools Spyware Doctor TFService Resource HuggerBlitzplotter3Yasha (2012)
Annual fee of IOS developmentHappy Sammy19Grey Alien (2012)
Develop Android Apps from within AndroidEOF6D4NM4N (2012)
are you receiving spam at your blitz email addyAndy5Andy (2012)
What is the reasoning behind macros/pre processingMatty5Matty (2012)
Half-price solar panel made with an ion cannonZethrax15D4NM4N (2012)
Arteria3d released animated PlainsWolfyertari13D4NM4N (2012)
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High Speed Touch Screen TabletsNeuro7Dabhand (2012)
Ipad3 wot no 4G!?D4NM4N26D4NM4N (2012)
Unity iOS and Android Basic Licenses free!Amon29Gabriel (2012)
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2038 bug(tu) ENAY14Armitage 1982 (2012)
People will buy anythingD4NM4N11matibee (2012)
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buy my dreamcast arcadestick converted for pc usbskn36skn3 (2012)
Facebook domain hackedCanardian5xlsior (2012)
ACTA in UK..10 years prison for music download??Naughty Alien32* (2012)
Youtube slow?(tu) ENAY31Hotcakes (2012)
I never post about bands...stayne3D4NM4N (2012)
Desert Winds Audio Pack from Arteria3dyertari1yertari (2012)
Loads of planets in the sky right now!D4NM4N27slenkar (2012)
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Game no longer stocking EA titles*23xlsior (2012)
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PhotogrammetryMadJack8Blitzplotter (2012)
iPad 3 announcementGfK26Raz (2012)
My HTML5 Game - Tesseract Hyper GunnerNeuro10Matty (2012)
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Canon Fodder 3Dodo11DrDeath (2012)
Raspberry Pie and Custardc h i e f y8Blitzplotter (2012)
Facebook acting funny?Guy Fawkes13c h i e f y (2012)
My book about Trolls and Bridges- Game coming soonAmon47GfK (2012)
Female Elementalistyertari6Ginger Tea (2012)
Dowload warningswmaass5Ross C (2012)
Blitz3D for Web BrowsersCanardian17col (2012)
Game Design Booksboomboom5AdamRedwoods (2012)
Programming UK Educationboomboom48boomboom (2012)
Consoles Dying?JoshK59Armitage 1982 (2012)
This doesn't seem like a real story...Ross C15D4NM4N (2012)
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Pygames forum that's like thisEn9296En929 (2012)
Leadwerks Levels UpJoshK28col (2012)
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virus front page.Paul "Taiphoz"35Canardian (2012)
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Preferred payment method for selling your gameRixarn21Oddball (2012)
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Maybe a Psychonauts 2 funded by Notchtaumel11taumel (2012)
What been 'played' this week then?Blitzplotter52Blitzplotter (2012)
Voluniadegac2Canardian (2012)
Daz Studio 4, Bryce 7, Hexagon 2.5 for free ??Neuro24Blitzplotter (2012)
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Star Wars Ep 1 parody video. No, wait...Zethrax8taumel (2012)
Has anybody used a 3d laser scanner for games?CodeGit4Ross C (2012)
This is amazing and scary at the same time.Jason W.28(tu) ENAY (2012)
Holographics tvscol2ima747 (2012)
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Convienence of tablet gaming trumping consolesBlitzplotter26dynaman (2012)
Self steering bullet!D4NM4N25Matty (2012)
Mac Steamworks wrapper (locked)jkrankie1jkrankie (2012)
Thin clients have ruined my college...Ryan Burnside12-=Darkheart=- (2012)
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Command and Conquer in HTML 5Leon Brown13Dabhand (2012)
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Lego Man in SpaceKrischan4taumel (2012)
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Custom Windows 7 USB key w Boot Camp - MacBook AirArmitage 19823Armitage 1982 (2012)
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Use Dreamhost? change your passwordPerturbatio3Paul "Taiphoz" (2012)
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Ipod Touch is enough?SLotman4GfK (2012)
Government poisoning us? (locked)Guy Fawkes8BlitzSupport (2012)
Newer SSD drives aren't always fasterandy_mc4xlsior (2012)
Real-Time Eularian Water Simulationgosse9Armitage 1982 (2012)
FBI has closed megaupload, megavideo, etc. (locked)ziggy23BlitzSupport (2012)
Picked up a Galaxy TabJoshK20Tri|Ga|De (2012)
this is how it looks like when BMW design a mouseNaughty Alien14Neuro (2012)
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German state uses Trojan ...Dodo4Winni (2012)
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This Android Console looks fun...popcade12Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2012)
New Xbox/PS4 to be unveiled at E3 2012GfK73* (2012)
Windows Phone smokes iPhone and Android @ CESMatthew Smith16Yasha (2012)
BitcoinsNike15Canardian (2012)
Alien Breed on GOG + moreGrey Alien19Matthew Smith (2012)
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Game Portals and Download Sites ?Paul "Taiphoz"10Zethrax (2012)
Facebook BRL ?Paul "Taiphoz"20WERDNA (2012)
Would Next Gen Console would be able to do this?Hotshot200522Kryzon (2012)
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Interesting Indie gamestaumel82taumel (2012)
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Dropbox ?Paul "Taiphoz"21Paul "Taiphoz" (2012)
CopperlichtWarner9Warner (2012)
Mole Kart(tu) ENAY4Paul "Taiphoz" (2012)
What VC++ Version do you have?popcade12dynaman (2012)
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Top 100 adventure game listtaumel7Doggie (2012)
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FACEBOOK DOWN?! O_OGuy Fawkes28Guy Fawkes (2012)
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Raspberry Pi - $/£25 linux box (barebones)Perturbatio42Htbaa (2012)
Anybody tried the 8GB Commodore OS?Russell18Ginger Tea (2012)
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New Denathorn Games Site...Dabhand13Blitzplotter (2012)
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Fan Page Launched. Give me some love, folks :)WERDNA1WERDNA (2011)
For those who missed Arteria's Discount.. Enjoyyertari1yertari (2011)
End of year!MadJack44Blitzplotter (2011)
Arteria3d pffer one time subscription planyertari2Retimer (2011)
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Game Design Articlesshinkiro18AdamRedwoods (2011)
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Sprite Sheet Packing - Whats betters?therevills10Gabriel (2011)
Spread the Christmas Cheer!WERDNA17Adam Novagen (2011)
EchoSpace releasedgman2GfK (2011)
Great tools to use with Blitz3DCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)4Krischan (2011)
Patent madness ...Dodo26xlsior (2011)
Let it snow...Dabhand13col (2011)
Oh bloody hell.Paul "Taiphoz"6Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
Try Holiday Bonus for free on multiple platforms!Grey Alien19Grey Alien (2011)
2 Mario Blitz Games!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Blitz3D (*.b3d) format import for Unity3DZJP1ZJP (2011)
am I the only one who uses classic theme style?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)27Adam Novagen (2011)
Gaming over the festive seasonBlitzplotter30Grey Alien (2011)
A good Asteroids RemakeCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)1Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Xmas Discounts ProductsHotshot20053GfK (2011) from a nightmare..Naughty Alien5Ross C (2011)
AdBlock+ now accepting Ads(tu) ENAY10Ross C (2011)
Animated Santa, and Christmas Packyertari1yertari (2011)
Anyone here do Ludum Dare #22?Grey Alien10ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Steam Xmas Sale Now OnGabriel13Grey Alien (2011)
Discussion by TotalBiscuit about the SOPA actZethrax18Hotcakes (2011)
Gesture controlsRoss C11big10p (2011)
Anyone aside from Grey Alien written a game yet?Rob Farley39Chroma (2011)
Torque 2D update !!??Armitage 19821Armitage 1982 (2011)
Physynth: bmax is for games and toolsRobert Cummings8Ian Thompson (2011)
Make your own capacitive stylusD4NM4N1D4NM4N (2011)
Free Indie BundleGrey Alien8Neuro (2011)
Red Dwarf XSoggyP26dynaman (2011)
Man sells 10% share in Apple for total of $2300big10p9MadJack (2011)
Good book on C++ Linker and stuff?Rixarn4Rixarn (2011)
All Time crappiest Game IntrosArmitage 19826Armitage 1982 (2011)
Blitz nostalgia fix!BlitzSupport15Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
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Flying Spherical RobotGrey Alien6Neuro (2011)
All Time Favorite Game IntrosDoggie36D4NM4N (2011)
SciFi Character Project Released from Arteria3dyertari6gosse (2011)
Holiday Bonus is out for iOS and Android!Grey Alien32GaryV (2011)
Embedding games and C++, HTML, Flash, etc.En9294En929 (2011)
Matt Dickie releasing official Blitz3D update!!!!! (locked)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)37BlitzSupport (2011)
I remember FPS games.......Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)11Grafos (2011)
Ohh this will make things easierLeon Drake5Ross C (2011)
"Whoopsie! We just deleted our entire MMO!"Zethrax26Armitage 1982 (2011)
Christmas gadgetsMadJack21Leon Drake (2011)
Mac Steamworks wrapperjkrankie1jkrankie (2011)
xmas lightssmilertoo22taumel (2011)
Cylon mothership spotted near MercuryZethrax43Grey Alien (2011)
How to market your Indie GameNeuro4Grey Alien (2011)
Stalker 2 cancelledMadJack14MadJack (2011)
Youtube view cout wonky?Ginger Tea7Ginger Tea (2011)
HGE For Mac & Linux :)Armitage 19822Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
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Weird symbol definition...taumel27Adam Novagen (2011)
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OpenTTD is slightly addictiveandy_mc10andy_mc (2011)
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Battle Dogs!-=Darkheart=-1-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Windows 8 Public BetaGfK31okee (2011)
iBrummie??Dodo3Blitzplotter (2011)
Maximum Image Size for a Casual Game?therevills18MGE (2011)
Crime Solitaire HD - December Sale!GfK17Grey Alien (2011)
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New blog - the curious case of the hoodieskn313skn3 (2011)
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siri meet siri (made me chuckle)D4NM4N2Dabhand (2011) "hacked"?Kittomer28Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
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YouTube Sub 4 SubPaul "Taiphoz"14Paul "Taiphoz" (2011)
My team of independent developmentYue15Gabriel (2011)
New BBC websiteRoss C6Kryzon (2011)
java slow in Android ?Happy Sammy14EOF (2011)
Any annual fee for android development?Happy Sammy20therevills (2011)
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The Bumper Book of Adventure Game ClichesGabriel21SoggyP (2011)
DXStudio Commercial Pro is freeDoggie11Yasha (2011)
Gaming Poison this weekend folksBlitzplotter42Blitzplotter (2011)
Who is Jeffery Gregory?Doggie12Doggie (2011)
Grey Alien Games is having a Thanksgiving Sale!Grey Alien1Grey Alien (2011)
Blitz3D Flagship Product? or BMax?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)10Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
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Arguing Chatbotsbig10p34Mr. Write Errors Man (2011)
Cinder - creative codingArmitage 19822AdamRedwoods (2011)
Are they kidding?D4NM4N11D4NM4N (2011)
Humble Inc have a competitor!Hotcakes31jkrankie (2011)
Adobe Kills Flash MobileAdamRedwoods16MGE (2011)
Awesome Garageband example (ipad 2)GfK15ziggy (2011)
Silverlight might be on the backburner as wellBlitzplotter25Yasha (2011)
A little license issueTricky5Tricky (2011)
Mac OS for Windows!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)22dynaman (2011)
GTA V trailer in a week!BlitzSupport20* (2011)
EdzUp has a point for BRL, TGC, and the Law! (locked)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)13BlitzSupport (2011)
F1 2011 Steam saleDodo9Brucey (2011)
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Xbox Update PreviewMatthew Smith8Htbaa (2011)
Steam hackedGaryV16Naughty Alien (2011)
Xbox 360 With Free Joypad, 3 Games at ArgosHotshot20051Hotshot2005 (2011)
Please Define BASICPaul "Taiphoz"46D4NM4N (2011)
MDickie in China (locked)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)15BlitzSupport (2011)
Hard disk prices on the up due to a bit of floodinBlitzplotter14Blitzplotter (2011)
HTML5 + javascript to any platformAdamRedwoods4AdamRedwoods (2011)
NVIDIAAlberto22Alberto (2011)
A friend of mine needs to hire a C++ coderziggy19Yeshu777 (2011)
Battlefield 3 and EA stupid Origin (RANT)-=Darkheart=-65Chroma (2011)
I'm still InTo Games, honest!Sledge3Sledge (2011)
GTA:San Andreas PS 2 Vs GTA 5 PS 3Hotshot200511Adam Novagen (2011)
youtubetaumel11dynaman (2011)
Kudos to FoppyGaryV12stanrol (2011)
BT's Game Streaming Service Powered by OnLive!Amon3slenkar (2011)
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Men of War: Red Tide for freeGrafos3okee (2011)
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Real GTA : Vice City(tu) ENAY2GfK (2011)
No.3 search term for my site is sadGrey Alien20ImaginaryHuman (2011)
Autodesk software coming on mondaydynaman4Amon (2011)
Love Pro Evolution Soccer 2011! Love it Love it!Amon3Dabhand (2011)
When your kids play video gamestaumel12Hotcakes (2011)
GarageBand is funJoshK11Chroma (2011)
Former Blitzer has diedGaryV12Wiebo (2011)
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Dr Pepper VS Coca ColaCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)21andy_mc (2011)
This is a real problemD4NM4N28D4NM4N (2011)
BB Forums Error?Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)8col (2011)
Anonymous vs Zeta Drug CartelNeuro2Gabriel (2011)
Zombie Bargains on SteamGabriel20Sledge (2011)
TinTin movietaumel11D4NM4N (2011)
Now this is a video game!dynaman14Neuro (2011)
Galaxix - Available soon in the AppStoreQube43Dabhand (2011)
Eco friendly PC?Dodo41Volker (2011)
3DCrafter/3DCanvasCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)5Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Bendy Laser effects?(tu) ENAY5D4NM4N (2011)
Crime Solitaire - now available for iOSGfK12(tu) ENAY (2011)
64% discount from Arteria3dyertari9xlsior (2011)
Forza Motorsport 4GfK7Brucey (2011)
(setq john-mc-carthy (1927 . 2011))Yasha13-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Anyone tempted to play Rage...-=Darkheart=-24Ian Thompson (2011)
uninstalled DX9 and installed DX7 HELP!!!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)20Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Arteria3d release MAGEyertari1yertari (2011)
Splashtop - Computer Desktop to IpadHotshot200512Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Early First Person Shooters..*25Dabhand (2011)
OnLive Play?Hotshot20058Canardian (2011)
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Platypus and Super Gerball on the App Store!!!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)9xlsior (2011)
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10+ year game dev listAmanda Dearheart25Canardian (2011)
Awesome article on 2d shadows for tiled games.daaan2D4NM4N (2011)
IGF Pirate Kart! 300+ gamesGrey Alien4andy_mc (2011)
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Higher FPS in Blitz Games!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)7Adam Novagen (2011)
Should I buy an AM3+ 8 core CPU?JoshK12Adam Novagen (2011)
..anyone knows this song..Naughty Alien3Naughty Alien (2011)
For those who write and complete many games -Matty27GfK (2011)
New MDickie Game Released !googlemesilly18Yasha (2011)
Dragon's Lair java-type game--fun(ny)Jason W.7Matty (2011)
Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy PhotographKrischan5MadJack (2011)
Classic Game Postmortums: GDC 2011AdamRedwoods5AdamRedwoods (2011)
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Is This Normal Now?Gabriel16BlitzSupport (2011)
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Good website design/promotion service (UK)?EOF2Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
I love Apple!GfK74Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly) (2011)
Bye Bye DennisZJP7Armitage 1982 (2011)
Very interesting!Ross C84dynaman (2011)
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Drawing a title logo?(tu) ENAY12(tu) ENAY (2011)
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'lull security' attack SonyBlitzplotter68Blitzplotter (2011)
Whats your gaming poison this weekend?Blitzplotter52Blitzplotter (2011)
TimeLapse video of Java Game being writtenandy_mc11col (2011)
Decent Paying Job for PHP/Delphi Dev.-=Darkheart=-1-=Darkheart=- (2011)
The Humble Frozen Synapse BundleNeuro31JustLuke (2011)
Byte order marks (BOMs) anyone?Andres7Andres (2011)
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Magnetic Billiards hits iOSJohn Pickford32(tu) ENAY (2011)
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Go to last post?GfK7andy_mc (2011)
To JFK, Your foliage system on the news pageRifRaf11Adam Novagen (2011)
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Steve Jobs RIPFloyd51andy_mc (2011)
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Interpolate the normal of a point along a triangleJoshK9Bobysait (2011)
History of video games (video)ando1ando (2011)
Where is that bug.....?Blitzplotter1Blitzplotter (2011)
Big Fish Gamesdaaan8Ross C (2011)
Text Adventure GamesTeaBoy31taumel (2011)
Football Manager 2012 Demo Out nowHotshot20051Hotshot2005 (2011)
iPhone 4sima74732D4NM4N (2011)
Sunny Road - 8-bit arrangementKryzon7slenkar (2011)
Why the timestamp of post keep changing?Happy Sammy5Czar Flavius (2011)
Special Sale of a city generatorHappy Sammy17Gabriel (2011)
Strategic ZoomH&K2Czar Flavius (2011)
Xbox720 and PSVitaCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)28Hotcakes (2011)
Thinking about buying Platypus from IdigiconCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)22Hotcakes (2011)
Blitz Browser ToolbarCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)42WERDNA (2011)
The Binding of IsaacNeuro2H&K (2011)
FAO Simon Armstrong - skidmarks 3?Robert Cummings13Grey Alien (2011)
UK ripped off on new Kindle, no big surpriseandy_mc13D4NM4N (2011)
Best 3D fighting game ever.(tu) ENAY10* (2011)
Amazon to release a tablet?Dodo24AdamRedwoods (2011)
iGoogle VS Yahoo! VS MSNCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)21Adam Novagen (2011)
Arteria3d Release Sci Fi STRIKE Troopyertari5nrasool (2011)
news submissionMatty1Matty (2011)
Honest capitalist exploiter?Czar Flavius7D4NM4N (2011)
2D Ball RollingYahfree2Canardian (2011)
Dead Space 2 is broken on SteamGrey Alien29taumel (2011)
Dead IslandMadJack29Zethrax (2011)
New blog post: Galaxy S2 battery savingandy_mc11EOF (2011)
28 percent of 3DS users don't like 3DHotshot200520Zethrax (2011)
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Mdickie is back ! (locked)googlemesilly165GaryV (2011)
Anyone up for a $13,000 PC? :DAdam Novagen28Andy_A (2011)
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Digital: Love Story. Old school gamenrasool3Neuro (2011)
Real life laser guns. Now we're talking!WERDNA10H&K (2011)
Android ad revenue???andy_mc19dynaman (2011)
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Extra Credis - Relocated-=Darkheart=-1-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Who's upgrading this year?MadJack49MadJack (2011)
Happy birthday Blitz3DNaughty Alien22skidracer (2011)
..saga continues..Naughty Alien11xlsior (2011)
Calling all frameworks and sprite systems...skn32Hotshot2005 (2011)
TOTAL HORROR character - WARNING Horror Themeyertari31nrasool (2011)
GREE - the next EA and/or the end of indie dev?(tu) ENAY23Ginger Tea (2011)
Marketing suggestions?Richard Betson1Richard Betson (2011)
Potential Advertising RevenueSculptureOfSoul4ima747 (2011)
So, whats your gaming poision this week...Blitzplotter37Blitzplotter (2011)
Quickster now rents gamesdynaman2xlsior (2011)
Custom Logo Companies trustworthy?Grisu10JKP (2011)
Best music to code to?andy_mc38Genexi2 (2011)
Deus Ex - Gaffer-tape PatchH&K22Aymes (2011)
Will next generation consoles dump physical media?-=Darkheart=-55D4NM4N (2011)
New blog post on a technique for time managementskn37Matthew Smith (2011)
videoblocks free 7-day trialGrafos1Grafos (2011)
GadgetsNice_But_Dim22Nice_But_Dim (2011)
Jetpac Joyride and similar games= Death 2 3DS-=Darkheart=-17Steve Elliott (2011)
Strangest Blitz Creation?SoggyP9jsp (2011)
Something wrong with the forum tonightD4NM4N8Kryzon (2011)
Just before Blitz3D was released....GfK31Genexi2 (2011)
Scary!D4NM4N8googlemesilly (2011)
Gamestop coming out with tabletdynaman2xlsior (2011)
Uninstall EADM - Hell No, just use msconfigBlitzplotter11Blitzplotter (2011)
Need a Blitz Related Nostalgic Boost?AvestheFox11Blitzplotter (2011)
iPODs how flaky is apples software?Blitzplotter22Blitzplotter (2011)
DUNGEON ULTIMATE by Arteria3dyertari9Naughty Alien (2011)
Just do itGfK58Jeremy Alessi (2011)
Michael S. Hart - RIPFloyd3D4NM4N (2011)
My Current Developement Work StationAvestheFox7Dabhand (2011)
Trauma -- a different gameAdamRedwoods17taumel (2011)
looking for disk imaging softwareJoJo4JoJo (2011)
CRUSADER Animated Character from Arteria3dyertari22John Blackledge (2011)
ASIAN ELEPHANT by Arteria3dyertari11Canardian (2011)
Cheapest way into iOS development?andy_mc30MikeHart (2011)
iOS performance questiontaumel10taumel (2011)
Halifax Phishing Mail to my Blitz Accountjsp95Dabhand (2011)
Mailing list and/or weekly BlitzMax newsletter?Htbaa18Kryzon (2011)
Smart Packer Pro -30% discountmrniceguy23mrniceguy (2011)
New company, new website, new blog entry!skn312skn3 (2011)
RSS and Atom feed for BlitzMax.comHtbaa1Htbaa (2011)
Html programming question(tu) ENAY5(tu) ENAY (2011)
Classical gamesbig10p2Matty (2011)
HasCanvas - Online Javascript codingEOF5Neuro (2011)
Ignition FrameworkRetroRusty4Neuro (2011)
Animated Cartoon Detective from Arteria3dyertari4MCP (2011)
Google image searchFloyd3xlsior (2011)
IreneMadJack12Adam Novagen (2011)
Say goodbye to WebOSpopcade18okee (2011)
Music for small games - to consider/thoughtsMatty7Adam Novagen (2011)
Mugshot, 3.0WERDNA71WERDNA (2011)
ro.meEOF6EOF (2011)
Linux Market ShareDodo23Yasha (2011)
The joy of simple thingsYasha1Yasha (2011)
An open letter from Steve JobsGfK80ErikT (2011)
Bizspark....Dabhand45Adam Novagen (2011)
Have AAA games reached there pinacle.Nice_But_Dim12Adam Novagen (2011)
online software development newslettersAndres2Canardian (2011)
Notch or BethesdaH&K13Leon Drake (2011)
Website security featureLeon Brown1Leon Brown (2011)
Anyone go to PAX?Grey Alien4Hotcakes (2011)
My indie panel at Casual ConnectGrey Alien22Grey Alien (2011)
2d tile map gameRoss C16Blitzplotter (2011)
Programming Languages Part 4: ConclusionYasha6K (2011)
Acer or Hp netbookPax30D4NM4N (2011)
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game coding structure?Pete Carter13Htbaa (2011)
Arteria3d 6 years birthday offeryertari3yertari (2011)
Need advice...Oiduts Studios3Canardian (2011)
Best game(s) for Kinect?taumel9taumel (2011)
George Lucas in loveVolker7slenkar (2011)
CryENGINE 3 Free SDK is OUT!!!ZJP23taumel (2011)
Arteria3d launch Medieval NPC Pack 1yertari10Blitzplotter (2011)
Apple prevents Samsung selling Tab 10.1 in EuropeEOF66D4NM4N (2011)
Swarmanoid robots are stealing out books!Zethrax5Neuro (2011)
augmented realityBlitzplotter3Blitzplotter (2011)
Max size (MB) for a Flash Game?therevills10taumel (2011)
Website Design Questions.WERDNA9WERDNA (2011)
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Why is Elite considered good?slenkar50andy_mc (2011)
Humble Indie Bundle 3Who was John Galt?84taumel (2011)
First ComputerSteve Elliott104Chroma (2011)
id releasing Doom 3 source codeZethrax25taumel (2011)
Extra Credits leaves the EscapistZethrax4Hotcakes (2011)
London riots - GTA's fault!GfK76Matthew Smith (2011)
FIFA 12Dodo2big10p (2011)
Looking for work!sswift16KronosUK (2011)
70% discount on non-exclusive music & sfxImphenzia1Imphenzia (2011)
HelloRukiri4therevills (2011)
Looking for a gfx artist for small project (paid)Playniax1Playniax (2011)
Just got a macbook airXaron51Grey Alien (2011)
Gaming addictionLeon Brown5Leon Brown (2011)
Trigonometry For BeginnerKirkkaf21Steve Elliott (2011)
List of previous nick nameRoss C9Ginger Tea (2011)
Death by Xbox(tu) ENAY22Steve Elliott (2011)
"This movie is not available in your country"(tu) ENAY9Hotcakes (2011)
Unlimited Detail? Polygon to Atom Scanner? ?????Amon39Ian Thompson (2011)
What does your browser say about you...Dabhand29Hotcakes (2011)
Batman logo FTWDabhand6Pengwin (2011)
Unlimited Detail Engine 2011Canardian8Canardian (2011)
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(Genuine) Signs You've Been Programming Too MuchGabriel33Vorderman (2011)
Somebody wants me to be Mark Sibly's friendGfK19Jesse (2011)
A relaxing game for you allWho was John Galt?2Matty (2011)
So, what you toying with in B3D at the mo?Blitzplotter17Blitzplotter (2011)
The Book of Poems, Now For Sale.WERDNA28WERDNA (2011)
Whopping great thank-youAdam Novagen17WERDNA (2011)
how to test your finished gamehub12Nice_But_Dim (2011)
Flash Packer - 40% discountmrniceguy3mrniceguy (2011)
Marketing your gameZethrax1Zethrax (2011)
This forum is greatBlitzplotter52therevills (2011)
Norton Anti-virus becoming too aggressive?Steve Elliott39Steve Elliott (2011)
Anyone seen Tiberion around?Baystep Productions2Wings (2011)
The future of AAA game developmentZethrax45AdrianT (2011)
Just ordered an iPad2Chroma45Matt Vinyl (2011)
Summary of Casual Connect in SeattleGrey Alien10Grey Alien (2011)
Retro Sand CastleGaryV3Graythe (2011)
Issuing a press release. How can I improve this?WERDNA21WERDNA (2011)
Inch high stunt guy (Augmented Reaility)EOF6Nice_But_Dim (2011)
Need a Wizard?yertari12Adam Novagen (2011)
Leadwerks 3.0 on the iPhoneJoshK7taumel (2011)
Arteria3d launch 'Zentia Female Mercenary'yertari2Steve Elliott (2011)
THE PROP SHOP launched.. arteria3dyertari9yertari (2011)
Windows 8 to play Xbox games?Dodo10AdrianT (2011) Been Hacked !!Hotshot200518Graythe (2011)
Positive!big10p31Graythe (2011)
#monkey @ irc.blitzed.orgArska25Specis (2011)
Techlord woulda been a millionaire...Chroma12stayne (2011)
Idea for occlusion in Blitz3d and other engines?Ross C27RifRaf (2011)
Free PROP from Arterias new packyertari7Ross C (2011)
is the gnet server here glitched?RifRaf1RifRaf (2011)
Play WoW on your tablet or phoneAdamRedwoods2Neuro (2011)
forum thread warning (chrome)stayne5Steve Elliott (2011)
O.M.G, I'm an author!WERDNA50WERDNA (2011)
Deleting posts (locked)H&K59skidracer (2011)
Animated scifi Assault Troop from Arteria3dyertari10yertari (2011)
Is Blitz3D Good Enough?(DEBATE)Shuffles65Yasha (2011)
Default monitor resolutions? Survey.Steve Elliott37Nice_But_Dim (2011)
iPhone, iPad, iTouch development...SLotman13CodeGit (2011)
Free Puzzle Agent 1 licencetaumel13taumel (2011)
A trying to be an indieDabhand57Steve Elliott (2011)
I made a new forumCanardian15Canardian (2011)
...The Future of WerdnaWorldGames...WERDNA30WERDNA (2011)
Leadwerks Engine 3 on iOSJoshK22* (2011)
Can we have a Warner engine forum*12Pete Carter (2011)
Animated Roman Guard plus free Amphitheatreyertari5yertari (2011)
physics question?Jesse1Jesse (2011)
Now this is a good dealyertari1yertari (2011)
More Lodsys, the evil exploitersAdamRedwoods5Canardian (2011)
Arteria3d launch Medieval FARM PACKyertari8Steve Elliott (2011)
Arteria3d launch Animated Female Warrioryertari1yertari (2011)
I say it's easy, therefore I want it cheap!Leon Brown17Paul Murray (2011)
Child of EdenNeuro4-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Anti-Pi Day!BlitzSupport22H&K (2011)
Installed League of Legends? Bandwidth nicked?-=Darkheart=-5Hotcakes (2011)
Slow websitebig10p8Pete Carter (2011)
Duke Nukem ForneverGfK75Jeremy Alessi (2011)
Gallery uploadJoshK5Paul Murray (2011)
Office 365Matthew Smith7xlsior (2011)
Arteria3d launch Elystian Red Knight Characteryertari4yertari (2011)
B.I.T.Z.RifRaf2RifRaf (2011)
Heber X10i & Blitz MaxYeshu7775andy_mc (2011)
Arteria3d launch Medieval Rangeryertari5yertari (2011)
SkypeJoshK26WERDNA (2011)
Ball dropping .. simple conceptEOF12Ts Inventions (2011)
We're Back (part 2)simonh22Hotcakes (2011)
Indie Dev Newsstayne20stayne (2011)
Arteria3d new website and first character launchesyertari4yertari (2011)
Team Fortress goes free ...Dodo10Htbaa (2011)
The price for making iPadHappy Sammy35WERDNA (2011)
blitzbasic is alive!Charrua11big10p (2011)
Best soundtrack to a game, ever?big10p78okee (2011)
Full Indie 48-hour game jam photos and stuffGrey Alien4Grey Alien (2011)
To EVERYONE - ApologyGuy Fawkes90Hotcakes (2011)
Corrupt download for full version of World 3D?Guy Fawkes9josk (2011)
Gagne's Twisted Planted: teaser videoAdamRedwoods7CyBeRGoth (2011)
For those with a 'company' nameRaz34Ross C (2011)
My fave Blitz3D IDE - IDEalBlitzplotter5Yasha (2011)
Charles Cecil MBEGabriel14taumel (2011)
Nuclear BasicMadJack174simonh (2011)
When it all comes together!Ross C45Steve Elliott (2011)
Anyone experience with Armadillo or similar ?Blitzplotter15Grey Alien (2011)
Selling games.Steve Elliott30Ginger Tea (2011)
Windows 8Dodo95xlsior (2011)
Music for everyone (95% Total persistent discount)Tim5Tim (2011)
Aspect-oriented programmingYasha1Yasha (2011)
2012 Opinions? Note: This ISN'T a religious thread (locked)Guy Fawkes23BlitzSupport (2011)
Facepalm momentMadJack16andy_mc (2011)
Wii UAdamRedwoods31Genexi2 (2011)
Ping Pong Battle Now Free!WERDNA2Steve Elliott (2011)
Scifi and games favoritesbashc2taumel (2011)
Codemasters hackedDodo3Hotcakes (2011)
Mum and dad always told me not to drink too much..Matthew Smith8H&K (2011)
..can you defeat Chuck Norris .. LOL..Naughty Alien2Xaron (2011)
HTML 5 and videotaumel7taumel (2011)
Teddy 2D to 3DWarner3Warner (2011)
Blitz TouchScreen GamesDoggie3Doggie (2011)
Fanboyism is a strange thingD4NM4N29D4NM4N (2011)
3d Characterworld Pre Launch offeryertari4gosse (2011)
Market for 2d Sprites and tiles?YellBellzDotCom12YellBellzDotCom (2011)
go to Mars ..... but .... don't come backc h i e f y46xlsior (2011)
Frozen Synapse or Lazer Squad 2011-=Darkheart=-4* (2011)
Playstation Network Hacked!Amon122Mr. Write Errors Man (2011)
Retro computer quizbig10p36Pete Carter (2011)
Android VM for WindowsWinni7D4NM4N (2011)
So new Wii 2/HD, PS4...what no new Xbox?!?-=Darkheart=-59Adam Novagen (2011)
About blitz3DHardcoal16Hardcoal (2011)
Programming on Android deviceJason W.20Blitzplotter (2011)
Question about Samsung Galaxy Tabbashc14Doggie (2011)
The cake is not a lie (Portal fan video)Zethrax6Hotcakes (2011)
Arteria3d single year membership deal todayyertari7mrniceguy (2011)
OT: JSF Java Server Facessemar1semar (2011)
Castle Realms Packyertari2-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Selling rights to Sprite and Shadow systemssswift24sswift (2011)
What do you think of Bitcoins?taumel12Adam Novagen (2011)
Now thats bandwidth !D4NM4N15Dabhand (2011)
C64 is no.10 in Time's top 100 gadgetsGrey Alien47Adam Novagen (2011)
Punk This - ARM module for X86 machinesEOF5slenkar (2011)
Gfk : Hole In OneRaz26GaryV (2011)
Do you use a social media site e.g. Myspace...Arowx30Matty (2011)
Q? about bug (fixed/unfixed?) in bplus - (b3d?)Matty6Kryzon (2011)
Microsoft to buy Skype?(tu) ENAY22_PJ_ (2011)
P6 Rovers, anybody know em? (locked)c h i e f y6BlitzSupport (2011)
How much dedication do you need to game on PC?Blitzplotter43taumel (2011)
LA Noire is Awesome!-=Darkheart=-26taumel (2011)
Should I publish a Blitz3D beginners eBook?andy_mc9c h i e f y (2011)
Gamebooks for the tablet generationAdamRedwoods16slenkar (2011)
Microsoft open war to apple. Comparison website...ziggy95D4NM4N (2011)
Deus Ex: Invisible War: £1.25 on GamersGateGabriel3WERDNA (2011)
Caption text. Am I the only one ...EOF30Hotcakes (2011)
Another content pack (RPG/dungeon tiles/rooms)?Matty35D4NM4N (2011)
There must be a catchDoggie2Gabriel (2011)
Game Idea...well sort of a gamestayne14D4NM4N (2011)
Collected data from R(18+) classification rpt(AUS)Matty5Hotcakes (2011)
Spring Bonus is out on Windows Phone 7!Grey Alien20Grey Alien (2011)
Textures in the UK - you're so lucky!Matty15Steve Elliott (2011)
Medieval Starter Kit Promotionyertari2yertari (2011)
Most impressive Android app/game?andy_mc27AdrianT (2011)
What version are you using?col13D4NM4N (2011)
Need a Map of New York City, preferrably .pdfWERDNA17WERDNA (2011)
Name that tune?QuickSilva7QuickSilva (2011)
Exploits in Android Phones?Dodo17D4NM4N (2011)
Wow bionixD4NM4N2Yeshu777 (2011)
Humble Frozenbyte BundleGIB3D12taumel (2011)
Skia-- a Cairo 2d library competitor?AdamRedwoods4AdamRedwoods (2011) drooling no foolingDoggie43Foppy (2011)
CyBeRGothPaul "Taiphoz"8* (2011)
Firefox 4 for android...D4NM4N5TaskMaster (2011)
Make your own Portals!-=Darkheart=-6Ginger Tea (2011)
Anyone pick up Dream Trigger 3D for the 3ds?SculptureOfSoul2-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Plants Tree GrassDuckstab[o]4Warner (2011)
Small PC on the cheap from David BrabenEOF41xlsior (2011)
How much of a computer can be made from USB?Ryan Burnside9Dabhand (2011)
News+Gameplay Bin Laden RaidJeremy Alessi2D4NM4N (2011)
An abnormal proposition...kfprimm4* (2011)
mac mini for development?Pax17Al Meyer (2011)
I'm going to make 50 games* this yearGrey Alien23Grey Alien (2011)
Blitzlike: try to do blitz like code into Unity.patmaba36patmaba (2011)
Adobe CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5AdamRedwoods5D4NM4N (2011)
google docsD4NM4N24andy_mc (2011)
Even more Ipad funDoggie6Doggie (2011)
How things blitz are going?Pete Carter9Dabhand (2011)
Sequel to Zool for PSP minisJake7JustLuke (2011)
Dice ModelChevron8Blitzplotter (2011) website iconRussell9ima747 (2011) Slow Delivery now?-=Darkheart=-11* (2011)
Sketching and moreDoggie9D4NM4N (2011)
MiniB3D Thick Raycast CodeJoshK10* (2011)
Puzzle Game how important is aPaul "Taiphoz"11CS_TBL (2011)
Nintendo's new console!Oiduts Studios36dynaman (2011)
Arteria giveaway before new character site launchyertari1yertari (2011)
IPhone TrackingSoggyP10EOF (2011)
Twitter account exchangeskn330skn3 (2011)
Single player games on their way out?Dodo20Techlord (2011)
Apple sue Samsung for "copying"GfK27xlsior (2011)
The future of Web Design/ DevelopementYahfree23D4NM4N (2011)
Google maps: is this unique?big10p4Shagwana (2011)
Angry Birds is out on PCandy_mc36Dabhand (2011)
Portal 2andy_mc20Ked (2011)
Judgement Day tomorrownrasool14MadJack (2011)
Access without registration..?Yahfree6Czar Flavius (2011)
Server speed testsJoshK9Dodo (2011)
Looking for a tool (image calculation)Shagwana1Shagwana (2011)
Super Scorchmarks?slenkar4Grafos (2011)
TRON II Evolution the gameBlitzplotter51MadJack (2011)
Goro Fujita - AnimatorMCP2D4NM4N (2011)
A 1.8GHz Commodore 64!GfK42Grey Alien (2011)
Anyone else drooling?Doggie17Tri|Ga|De (2011)
Is there still a place for software minimalism?Ryan Burnside25EOF (2011)
GTA4: The TrashmasterEOF1EOF (2011)
FreelancingLeon Brown5Leon Brown (2011)
How low can you go?JoshK82Gord (2011)
IE9 - one month on...GfK21JoshK (2011)
UML toolHappy Sammy3Happy Sammy (2011)
Witcher 1 for $5!Hotcakes5MadJack (2011)
My 2nd iOS game now available... WOOT!!!Dabhand15Blitzplotter (2011)
2=1 ?EOF8Yahfree (2011)
MS StreetsideYeshu7777D4NM4N (2011)
Check out this awsome Firefox 4 WebGL + Audio demoDifference11Robert Cummings (2011)
don't be these guysjhocking5Kryzon (2011)
Java ASC and CHR???D4NM4N3D4NM4N (2011)
Sparse Voxel Octree raytracerNoobody10-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Cletus ClayChroma38Robert Cummings (2011)
Japan Earthquake(tu) ENAY136ICECAP (2011)
Python programming opinions.Ryan Burnside11Gabriel (2011)
Spring Bonus is done!Grey Alien28Grey Alien (2011)
@Krischanstayne1stayne (2011)
Flow3D dead?popcade39Grafos (2011)
Dynamic diary of where you've been....Blitzplotter1Blitzplotter (2011)
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Robot goes on killing spree - murders family (vid)Zethrax15dynaman (2011)
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Quick QuestionYeshu7776Yeshu777 (2011)
Control Gmail with your body motionsAdamRedwoods6EOF (2011)
Arteria3d3d launches Medieval VillagePackyertari1yertari (2011)
Your best April FoolsDabhand13Ruz (2011)
Arteria3d release Shanty Pack 2yertari4D4NM4N (2011)
Nintendo 3DSjfk EO-1111082Adam Novagen (2011)
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GameSalad secures $6 million from Steamboat...!davidboy2MCP (2011)
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Leadwerks Engine 2.42 releasedJoshK2WERDNA (2011)
Programming at work vs Programming for playSnixx22D4NM4N (2011)
Hacked?Chroma23jfk EO-11110 (2011)
OSAKit Pro v4.0 releasedSphinx22JoshK (2011)
Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint (ipad/iphone)John Pickford32slenkar (2011)
Kinect salesbig10p21Matthew Smith (2011)
Streetfighter 4 for 59p to help Japan victims-=Darkheart=-8Snixx (2011)
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What FREE dev tools do you use?Chroma30D4NM4N (2011)
Arteria3d New releases and offeryertari5yertari (2011)
My Wii Game (Liight) is Finally Live!Roland4Roland (2011)
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Macbook Pro i5 Sandy Bridge TechQube14xlsior (2011)
Urine powered carZethrax19Kryzon (2011)
DimensionAlberto5GfK (2011)
Wanna Work in the Game Industry?Gabriel20Grey Alien (2011)
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Man builds 12 foot high spiderbotZethrax7Steve Elliott (2011)
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C/C++ programming techniquesslenkar16Steve Elliott (2011)
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Windows 7 SP1GfK25Hotcakes (2011)
Difference between TF2 and TF2 beta?Happy Sammy8Happy Sammy (2011)
Playniax framework community feedback request!Playniax15josk (2011)
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Nokia and Microsoft Announce PartnershipDodo29D4NM4N (2011)
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Messiah Studio - DIRTY CATS!!GfK15Blitzplotter (2011)
IE9 RC - Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate!Amon31Canardian (2011)
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Buying sound effectsRaz14Grey Alien (2011)
Anyone Freelancing in C#?Gabriel3Leon Brown (2011)
Cheepy tabletD4NM4N18D4NM4N (2011)
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Capture http datas from modemgui ?Panno3Panno (2011)
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Video games save livesbig10p4Matty (2011)
48% discount on Flash Packer for one day!mrniceguy3mrniceguy (2011)
Grey Alien : XNA XBLiRaz5Grey Alien (2011)
My first iOS game releasedDabhand35Grey Alien (2011)
Multi-Platform Resolution?Chroma10Gabriel (2011)
Xperia PLAY, seems sexy for game players...popcade8smilertoo (2011)
Windows Speech Synthesizer - change language how ?semar3semar (2011)
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Cancer Wars the Game Online!Arowx5Tom (2011)
Make A Game In A MonthCanardian11AdamRedwoods (2011)
Create Company?Yue34Gabriel (2011)
Top News: WoW guild kills dragonPerturbatio18Dabhand (2011)
Messiah Studio Pro, just US$ 40lo-tekk3GfK (2011)
On some CD that fell behind the desk or ???Amon1Amon (2011)
HTML5 vs. Flash - differences ?semar53bruZard (2011)
Marketing questionMatty4Kryzon (2011)
MAME cabs - anyone know about them?Vorderman32khayn (2011)
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Interesting experiment on bing by google.D4NM4N6D4NM4N (2011)
is the apple keyboard really the only one withPanno7Steve Elliott (2011)
Rank Up: Sergeant Master Sergeant Shooter PersonZethrax1Zethrax (2011)
Partners wanted to help port IP: Flash/iOS/AndroidGrey Alien1Grey Alien (2011)
[PAID] Artist needed for Easter-themed casual gameGrey Alien1Grey Alien (2011)
iPhone 4JoshK75D4NM4N (2011)
Xors3d for MacOS XDodo15Kryzon (2011)
My Internet connection is working....I am alive!Sphinx17big10p (2011)
Cannon Fodder 3 Announced!!!!!andy_mc21Grafos (2011)
A question for smartphone ownerssemar12D4NM4N (2011)
Imac with OS X - PantherSoggyP7SoggyP (2011)
Stalker:Call of PripyatMadJack14D4NM4N (2011)
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Free Sprites (possibly) - any takers/interest?Matty19Panno (2011)
OnLive cloud gaming beta test results leakedZethrax19Perturbatio (2011)
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Miss the network activity indicator on Win7?big10p17big10p (2011)
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Dark and dirty deeds in MinecraftZethrax4Zethrax (2011)
Keep your favorite code in the palm of your hand.Tri|Ga|De5Pengwin (2011)
So, if you fancied devving for a mobile, what 1?Blitzplotter48smilertoo (2011)
Sid Meier's Civilization V ?Hotshot20058taumel (2011)
Good Minecraft server?Grisu17Oiduts Studios (2011)
Thoughts on UAC?big10p16ziggy (2011)
If using phpBB, disable new unconfirmed usersBlitzplotter3Htbaa (2011)
Finding the angle at which an object slidesYahfree4Blitzplotter (2011)
PhonegapD4NM4N3slenkar (2011)
Forza 4 - evolution or jumping on the 'Kinect' blaBlitzplotter5Blitzplotter (2011)
Torque3D for just $996146 (2011)
Mark please hurry up with monkey (part II) (locked)BlitzSupport133Beaker (2011)
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Latest Wolfenstein free to play!Hotcakes10Grey Alien (2011)
Check out my old-skool PC game collectionGrey Alien16Grey Alien (2011)
Magicville: Art of Magic for cheap!GfK4Steve Elliott (2011)
Some Great Vidoes for Developers-=Darkheart=-6xlsior (2011)
New Duke Nukem Forever trailer and release dateZethrax27Matty (2011)
Don't forget to pay your web developer!Zethrax14D4NM4N (2011)
What do you think of Andengine?Yahfree42Dabhand (2011)
Music played on mechanical motors(tu) ENAY10okee (2011)
Video ContestRifRaf8RifRaf (2011)
Modeling 3D!!Yue7Kryzon (2011)
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Defenstar on direct2drive!Playniax6Kryzon (2011)
2D or not 2D That is the question...MCP15Genexi2 (2011)
Big Fish Games (BFG) now selling iPhone/iPad Gamestherevills6Grey Alien (2011)
Cross platform engine coming soonDud8Kryzon (2011)
A Mammoth taskZethrax15D4NM4N (2011)
Anyone else playing Cover Orange on the Iphone?-=Darkheart=-1-=Darkheart=- (2011)
The Physics behind AsteroidsYahfree9Matthew Smith (2011)
My first game is on Xbox Live Indie Games!Grey Alien20Grey Alien (2011)
SimpleNigel Brown14LarsG (2011)
Mac app storecoffeedotbean9jhans0n (2011)
Android Phones...therevills23ZJP (2011)
graphics accelerator cardYue18Yue (2011)
List some good Shoot Em Up games that are FreeWareYukio9Grey Alien (2011)
Halo: Reach - Fails of the Weak videosZethrax7Neuro (2011)
Content-Flatrate (only available for a few days)Tim5Tim (2011)
Boston Dynamics 'BigDog' getting biggerZethrax13MCP (2011)
VoxatronShagwana20Richard Betson (2011)
Benchmarking language operationsRixarn14Rixarn (2011)
check this out for bad codingfurbrain13Blitzplotter (2011)
..Youropa..Naughty Alien5Perturbatio (2011) is online!ShadowTurtle21ShadowTurtle (2011)
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Ubuntu screensaver creation vs Windows.Ryan Burnside5Picklesworth (2011)
Android NDK r5, build in C++Leto5D4NM4N (2011)
Probably the funniest Minecraft vid you'll ever cWho was John Galt?5Blitzplotter (2011)
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What Games that Keep you coming back for More?Hotshot200521-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Amazon Launching Android App StorePerturbatio7Perturbatio (2011)
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Profenix S2Engine HDZJP7Kryzon (2011)
Kinect: Post Christmas-=Darkheart=-10ShadowTurtle (2011)
Minecraft has already made 12M!-=Darkheart=-5-=Darkheart=- (2011)
Am I missing something?Oiduts Studios7Ginger Tea (2011)
PS3 codes...D4NM4N14Hotcakes (2011)
Looking for a BlitzMax coder.WERDNA17slenkar (2011)
FakeTV on the AppStoreTri|Ga|De18Reactor (2011)
Gaming HeadsetDodo2Chroma (2011)
Razer Switchblade conceptMCP6RifRaf (2011)
Whatever happened to Qoob?schilcote3rs22 (2011)
Another framework...orgos13Htbaa (2011)
Kindle SDK???andy_mc11Wiebo (2011)
Mobile apps - Be aware of their spying natureEOF9D4NM4N (2011)
Just submitted Holiday Bonus to XLBIG for reviewGrey Alien22Snixx (2011)
KINECT OWNER please test ...Panno4Panno (2011)
Leadwerks Engine upgrade to latest is now free!Canardian2Dodo (2011)
Ping Pong Battle now free!WERDNA3WERDNA (2011)
Unity Vs Blitz3DWERDNA108taumel (2011)
What's your biggest...GfK39Dabhand (2011) renderers era on sight..Naughty Alien13taumel (2011)
Steam holiday sale startedxlsior49GIB3D (2011)
Happy New Year!Arabia19Ross C (2011)
Ipod Touch for...Dabhand9Amon (2011)
..5K gift, what would you buy..Naughty Alien28Chroma (2011)
Your top 10 games of 2010 as a New Year beckons?Blitzplotter30Hotcakes (2010)
Free BlitzMax?JoshK18JoshK (2010)
Outerra EngineKrischan7ZJP (2010)
Indie Games GiveawayTachyon5Blitzplotter (2010)
Arteria New year Dealyertari1yertari (2010)
Is Touchscreen Tablet worth buying?Hotshot200599D4NM4N (2010)
Need help with website design/programming!Sphinx10Yahfree (2010)
Careful what widescreen monitor you buy.....Blitzplotter15Blitzplotter (2010)
Xors3D bargain!josk18Bossti (2010)
Whatever happened to games like...Matty5Dabhand (2010)
Coloured vector text format?taumel11D4NM4N (2010)
Cortex CommandWho was John Galt?2ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Happy ChristmasPerturbatio22c h i e f y (2010)
markspace - Christmas update! (locked)plash133BlitzSupport (2010)
For us 40 somethingsShambler42Beaker (2010)
Videos you should show your internet granny...Hujiklo6andy_mc (2010)
I hope you've all been good little boys and girlsZethrax5c h i e f y (2010)
BlitzCoder.coAmon14c h i e f y (2010)
Do you know something about Cellular automatons?Yukio6Yukio (2010)
Actual game footageSteve Elliott17c h i e f y (2010)
Are you sick of all the Black Ops YouTube videos?Zethrax7c h i e f y (2010)
What retro remake floats your boat?Blitzplotter17c h i e f y (2010)
Where in the world?Brucey118CS_TBL (2010)
Death Takes a Holiday. A Christmas Tale :)WERDNA4GaryV (2010)
Arteria Final Christmas Saleyertari6Dabhand (2010)
Humble Indie Bundle 2Grey Alien83Grey Alien (2010)
Looking for royalty free photos of roomsWERDNA8WERDNA (2010)
When Trial Versions alter your driversjfk EO-111106Matty (2010)
Did you try Rock Memphis?taumel8D4NM4N (2010)
Secret of Mana on iPhoneGabriel8DIJ (2010)
Pre-release sharing - dev blogs, alphas, etcjhans0n8jhans0n (2010)
Cute Christmassy Lightbulbs on top of pagesKryzon11Zethrax (2010)
Persistent Windows 7....Blitzplotter13Blitzplotter (2010)
Need music for a GameJam today!Grey Alien7Grey Alien (2010)
Cross platform B3D replacementXaron21Xaron (2010)
Grey Alien Games is 5 years oldGrey Alien59Grey Alien (2010)
Pre-owned games Price?Hotshot200531_PJ_ (2010)
Naming conventions helpChroma28_PJ_ (2010)
Are you a freelance coder in the Midlands?Beaker6matibee (2010)
Handed in my notice. Full-time Indie again in JanGrey Alien41GaryV (2010)
Christmas SpriteSheets_Skully4GaryV (2010)
Pink Elephant_Skully5_Skully (2010)
Unreal SDK for iPhoneTri|Ga|De2Zethrax (2010)
..Geo Political Simulator..Naughty Alien3* (2010)
Offering to do a few free logosRoss C45Grisu (2010)
Antikythera MechanismEOF8BlitzSupport (2010)
TGC App Game KitZJP42D4NM4N (2010)
Check this one out... (locked)taumel5simonh (2010)
Is that a railgun in your pocket?Zethrax32dynaman (2010)
Arteria3d launch Modern Sewer Packyertari13yertari (2010)
MD2 modelsTeaBoy8Yasha (2010)
What Have you made with the Irrlicht Mod?gman18T-Light (2010)
Awesome Xbox Live Indie GamesGrey Alien5Blitzplotter (2010)
Been out enjoying the sunshine today?Zethrax8Shambler (2010)
Arteria3d Second Christmas Sale runup to Christmasyertari1yertari (2010)
Once you go SSD you don't look backandy_mc35ragtag (2010)
Apple Mac App StoreTachyon4jhans0n (2010)
..fake but good.. :)Naughty Alien4MGE (2010)
Samsung Galaxy Tab?Hotshot20055Perturbatio (2010)
..anyone heard/tried this..Naughty Alien2GaryV (2010)
Linux is cuteHotcakes18dynaman (2010)
I need help with some XML C# codeTri|Ga|De2nrasool (2010)
100 metres? .. As easy as QWOPEOF16degac (2010)
It is Possible to have more Ram on GP2X Wiz?Hotshot20056Canardian (2010)
Do you work for a mainstream game developer?Zethrax1Zethrax (2010)
When care packages go badZethrax2Gabriel (2010)
Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941.Yukio12Winni (2010)
try out my new Flash game!jhocking13Oiduts Studios (2010)
Honeycomb..D4NM4N2Oiduts Studios (2010)
Avg Crashing Windows 7Richard Betson38D4NM4N (2010)
GT5 ... worth the wait?Blitzplotter26TaskMaster (2010)
Panorama Next Week - "Addiction To Video Games"_PJ_13smilertoo (2010)
Real State Bubbles?Yukio5Floyd (2010)
Thich is better eclipse or netbeans?D4NM4N15Yukio (2010)
Indie Games uprisingGrey Alien6Ked (2010)
CS_TBL please contact meGrey Alien4Grey Alien (2010)
So, what game do you desire from Santa this year ?Blitzplotter52Blitzplotter (2010)
Now I have an iPhone app on the AppStoreTri|Ga|De8Blitzplotter (2010)
Png is the best image filetypefox9587128ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Lumion. 3D toolsZJP4dawlane (2010)
Inspiron DuoMCP8Winni (2010)
Best Boxing Game?Hotshot200515Blitzplotter (2010)
..puppy vs. Robot .. lol..Naughty Alien10Gabriel (2010)
Natal : Now more EyeToy than everHotcakes34Hotcakes (2010)
"Nothing to see here"!D4NM4N13Mark Judd (2010)
Steam 75% Off Thanksgiving SaleGabriel16Jesse (2010)
Anyone heard of and used horde3d?D4NM4N13D4NM4N (2010)
CyberMonday 3d saleyertari1yertari (2010)
Anyone going to GDC 2011 in San Francisco?Grey Alien4Blitzplotter (2010)
An other news page questionjfk EO-111104Blitzplotter (2010)
PC mouseRoss C19Ross C (2010)
OpenGL ES_JIM8Kryzon (2010)
Arteria3d black friday giveawayyertari1yertari (2010)
Arteria3dMusicyertari1yertari (2010)
Drivers for Kinect codedRoss C26AdrianT (2010)
news not news (locked)jfk EO-1111028marksibly (2010)
3 New royalty free songs! (no license fee)Matt McFarland14WERDNA (2010)
Panamericano Bank in trouble!Yukio21Yukio (2010)
C64 game released this year*8Yukio (2010)
light peakPanno4slenkar (2010)
Does anyone remember this BMX/B3D game?byo3okee (2010)
Anyone play MineCraft?Zethrax37Wings (2010)
Web Design laptopYahfree13D4NM4N (2010)
How do I convert a BMax game to Mac?WERDNA32WERDNA (2010)
Retro Game Console/Computer Vs Emulators?Hotshot200528Robert Cummings (2010)
Google Docs - First time user - impressedEOF11gosse (2010)
Story I'm writing.WERDNA17WERDNA (2010)
Google's better for searching this sitefox9587116Yukio (2010)
The next big RPG is about to get its releaseHotcakes18Hotcakes (2010)
80 Gigapixel photoEOF7TroM (2010)
Blitzcc tried to communicate with smss - by itself (locked)puki10marksibly (2010)
Will video games acheive the status of comic booksAmanda Dearheart12dynaman (2010)
kinect hackingPanno3WolRon (2010)
Penetrate the Penthousegosse4Kryzon (2010)
I found a secret stash of 3D modelspuki7Oddball (2010)
Aerrevan to be released this November!Zetto7Robert Cummings (2010)
Christmas hols and dev plansMadJack186 (2010)
minecraft computerjhocking14D4NM4N (2010)
Solar blast on its way towards Earthpuki22Dabhand (2010)
Video of my band at our studioRichard Betson12Richard Betson (2010)
DX7/B3D and CSP Engine-=Darkheart=-15Yue (2010)
Am I an Intel Snob?Gabriel45GfK (2010)
Giles2MadJack4Matty (2010)
Arteria3d launch Medieval Sewer Packyertari6gosse (2010)
Attn BRL/mods - editing is showing as a post countpuki12Robert Cummings (2010)
..Photoshop was first ? No.. :)Naughty Alien10D4NM4N (2010)
VindictusKed10MikeHart (2010)
Leadwerks 3D World Studio 5.6 releasedJoshK1JoshK (2010)
Web Design ProjectsYahfree13D4NM4N (2010)
Civilization V could turn into a frozen turkeypuki67puki (2010)
Brucey?Roger47Dabhand (2010)
RIP Gamebryoblitzgeek11Gabriel (2010)
My younger brother wants to code.Kalisme54D4NM4N (2010)
RIP Torquepopcade18jhocking (2010)
Google-sponsored AI Contest_JIM9GW (2010)
PC piracy figures are staggeringandy_mc23AdrianT (2010)
Tommy Tronic PlatformerHujiklo34Ginger Tea (2010)
File HamsterPerturbatio17Perturbatio (2010)
Remake Ultima IVjankupila18ShadowTurtle (2010)
Formula 1 is coming back to the PC after 8 yearspuki57puki (2010)
Brilliant animation :)*7D4NM4N (2010)
Ok, someone fess up to stealing ping pong battle..WERDNA12WERDNA (2010)
Microsoft Kinect Launches-=Darkheart=-30_Skully (2010)
Brazil, ENEM is nulified! (locked)Yukio6D4NM4N (2010)
Easy Compression - Hard DecompressionShortwind35ImaginaryHuman (2010)
Black Ops: Who's getting it? Start a blitzer Clan?andy_mc26andy_mc (2010)
Lol where do they rake up this stuff?D4NM4N14Matty (2010)
Microsoft in potential freefall?puki50puki (2010)
is the DS the new Amiga?slenkar16xlsior (2010)
Level Design : 1993 Vs 2010Gabriel21AdrianT (2010)
markspace: Updateplash103jhocking (2010)
Citric Gamesmv3334-=Darkheart=- (2010)
The spirit of Blitz3D caught in the wildpuki12Naughty Alien (2010)
Risen 3D - Doom Hi Res!Hotshot200522Zethrax (2010)
I'm one sick puppy. Take a look (keyboard design)Ryan Burnside9Ryan Burnside (2010)
"Other programming languages" section?bytecode775EOF (2010)
Bargin Shop Games ?Hotshot200515GfK (2010)
ERP Software usage - What have you usedMatty3Matty (2010)
Can you do a Bmax level of OOP in C++ easily?H&K93Alberto (2010)
Cultural Coding CollisionsMatty8Matty (2010)
Networking with Blitz3D codeBlitzplotter2Blitzplotter (2010)
..Particle Candy on Iphone..Naughty Alien10MikeHart (2010)
3G on top of the worldjhocking3Ginger Tea (2010)
Office Speak...D4NM4N30_PJ_ (2010)
Lord of the Rings Free has been delayed in Europepuki12Czar Flavius (2010)
Stream Games?Hotshot20052puki (2010)
Blitzers at Montreal?orgos10orgos (2010)
Gran Turismo sort of game in Blitz3Dpuki7GfK (2010)
BlitzMax on saleDrDeath46puki (2010)
Another TM case, this time its about DASH...MikeHart19smilertoo (2010)
Experts develop moving 3D hologramsHotshot200512DrDeath (2010)
FuturePaint3DPro & Blacksmith 3D PaintAmon4JKP (2010)
Looks like google screwed up again...WERDNA7WERDNA (2010)
Really big iPhoneTri|Ga|De5okee (2010)
Should I label it retro or not? What do you think?Playniax49Matt Vinyl (2010)
Finite State Machine - FSMArmitage 198213Rick_72 (2010)
Any Blitzers in Ottawa?_Skully2gosse (2010)
Read it and weep!!Hujiklo29Hujiklo (2010)
Anyone for lemonade?EOF10Matty (2010)
Out of curiosity...taumel7BlitzSupport (2010)
Champ Manager 01/02 with 2010 Season updateHotshot20058Gabriel (2010)
Fable 3 - Completed in less than 12 hours ??!!?Blitzplotter12TaskMaster (2010)
automatic commenting of codejhocking16jhocking (2010)
Stream distributon for Blitz games_PJ_13_PJ_ (2010)
Payment changes for TimelineFXPete Rigz8Lazaruso (2010)
Cyborg with multiple brains stolen out of ratspuki14Mr. Write Errors Man (2010)
FAO Big10pGrey Alien4Grey Alien (2010)
Arteria3d Launch Monastry & Catacomb Packyertari9yertari (2010)
Dexsoft media purchasers: redownload heads-uppuki1puki (2010)
Farming Simulator 2011 - any takers?puki17dawlane (2010)
Steam have a Halloween sale onpuki13Grey Alien (2010)
How many plan with flowcharts? (Visio)Jaydubeww20Leon Drake (2010)
Long download timesEOF25* (2010)
Stylish, somewhat flat, mini PC thingpuki16Robert Cummings (2010)
What games have you dusted off this week?Blitzplotter23slenkar (2010)
Making tutorialjankupila5shinkiro1 (2010)
CastlevaniaKed3Grey Alien (2010)
How to sign blitzmax .apps for mac appstore :] (locked)Robert Cummings1Robert Cummings (2010)
3d tvRuz18Genexi2 (2010)
Schizophrenia (locked)jankupila14BlitzSupport (2010)
..HLP file creation..Naughty Alien5xlsior (2010)
3d -routinesjankupila21Dabhand (2010)
Are Google planning .jpg genocide?puki26jhans0n (2010)
Why doesnt playniax have his own Forum?Hotshot200510Happy Sammy (2010)
Real Time Strategy?Hotshot200530Raz (2010)
Football Manager 2011 demo out on Thursday.puki8Hotshot2005 (2010)
Inside info about Grey Alien GamesGrey Alien12Grey Alien (2010)
OpenGL (Mini3D) and portalsDabhand14Robert Cummings (2010)
HD versus Non HD console gamingBlitzplotter8smilertoo (2010)
GUI design - Your thoughtsEOF9D4NM4N (2010)
Blitz3D video excitement -puki10Dabhand (2010)
Mandelbulb (3d mandelbrot)Filax27_Skully (2010)
Creator of the fractal rejoins entropyGrey Alien12Noobody (2010)
wolfire tutorials on linear algebrajhocking9slenkar (2010)
Gothic 4 demo is out!!! Gothic 4!!! Honest!!!puki20EOF (2010)
New Office?D4NM4N19D4NM4N (2010)
..Tower Defense style games..Naughty Alien17Hotcakes (2010)
.JVM Source..Naughty Alien5Orca (2010)
Minecraftdogzer11smilertoo (2010)
Blitz Support (locked)Streaksy206BlitzSupport (2010)
So, what you up to (coding wise) at the moment?Blitzplotter47jhans0n (2010)
Ever got angry and smashed your PC/Console?puki29ShadowTurtle (2010)
cut the rope -- Physic engine ?Panno16Nate the Great (2010)
Will bmx2 be available for new Analytical Engine?EOF6slenkar (2010)
..spam trace..Naughty Alien10D4NM4N (2010)
Windows XP dynamic wall paper refreshing.Ryan Burnside3Warpy (2010)
Sonic 4 - Sonic 4 is Back!!! :)Hotshot200512Ryan Burnside (2010)
Changes to Edit Postsimonh64Kryzon (2010)
Unwrap3d Pro...MadJack9Reactor (2010)
Vera Blanc Released for iPhone/iPod TouchGabriel9taumel (2010)
Some new video reviews of old computerspuki8* (2010)
Windows Phone 7 - who's getting oneMatthew Smith32D4NM4N (2010)
Terms of Service (MAC OSX and others)Matty7dynaman (2010)
What the hell happened to Google image search?puki12puki (2010)
Selling my iphone 3gs 8GB - £280 (locked)Amon2marksibly (2010)
Wow! Microsoft Free Software!Amon44D4NM4N (2010)
FAO: UK Unity developers (locked)Leon Brown2simonh (2010)
Is it safe to assume 1024x768 is minimum?Amon34Foppy (2010)
Eversion gameZethrax4Zethrax (2010)
..this one was close..yay..Naughty Alien2Matty (2010)
This is why portals sell more that you do!anawiki18Zethrax (2010)
bmax2 - when? (and where can I buy it? :D)gameproducer42gameproducer (2010)
Protracker module on PCmv3335Hotcakes (2010)
Graphic novel style artistMadJack5Matty (2010)
Old software or games?Hotshot200516Blitzplotter (2010)
funny vid*9Nate the Great (2010)
NETGEAR why can't such a global product deliver?Blitzplotter16xlsior (2010)
Civilization Series?Hotshot20056GfK (2010)
@MarkSibly (locked)GaryV10GaryV (2010)
Dev forum? (locked)GaryV16marksibly (2010)
I changed ISP & was sceptical about their claims..Blitzplotter15Ross C (2010)
Surely Google know that "Lennon" is dead?puki23D4NM4N (2010)
Unity 3 - Released!Kryzon116Reactor (2010)
Anyone found a free GPS 'under' their car yet?Ian Thompson10Who was John Galt? (2010)
Dead Rising2MadJack10MadJack (2010)
Duke Nukem Forever lives onN29Dabhand (2010)
Built some PCs with old parts.popcade3puki (2010)
Ascension Live Wallpaper for AndroidN55N (2010)
The Space Elevator is real - but surely a scam?puki15Dabhand (2010)
Sick PCs off the net.D4NM4N19* (2010)
Leaked vista sourceD4NM4N6D4NM4N (2010)
Tools of the past...MCP12MCP (2010)
Google App Inventor.ZJP18EOF (2010)
Got a 290Mb avi file - needs shrinking (locked)JBR1JBR (2010)
Dad and 7 year old kid send iPhone into space :)AdrianT15okee (2010)
15 games that influenced meGrey Alien50Winni (2010)
Forums are playing up.kenshin9Oddball (2010)
Minecraft?jhans0n35Muttley (2010)
Movie made with Blender & GimpTri|Ga|De29simonh (2010)
Medal of Honor - Open Beta is now availablepuki3-=Darkheart=- (2010)
Nasty trick spamMadJack19MadJack (2010)
Eurogamer Expojkrankie6jkrankie (2010)
Microsoft, Google, iPhones and Sony are Awesome.. (locked)Czar Flavius17simonh (2010)
Who wants a keyboard that comes with a fan?puki10Who was John Galt? (2010)
Wowowowowowww!taumel24JustLuke (2010)
Sintel is out!Grafos18Kryzon (2010)
Apologetic spam.Floyd10D4NM4N (2010)
How did NASA screw up their buzzroom site?puki11ShadowTurtle (2010)
Arkhelom 3DJBR3JBR (2010)
Virus False Positives... or notBlitzplotter6Blitzplotter (2010)
Nice little HTML gamedegac8taumel (2010)
One user online... Me!Dabhand15Wings (2010)
Assasins creed and dungeon hunterD4NM4N1D4NM4N (2010)
Rebel ScienceRoss C214taumel (2010) htmlChroma8_JIM (2010)
Best device i ever -ahem- scabbedD4NM4N6Raz (2010)
Intel AppUp StoreMadJack5Chroma (2010)
Tanki OnlineMoliskScout1MoliskScout (2010)
Problem with DPAD4NM4N1D4NM4N (2010)
MY3D-Printer - VirusRichard Betson6Czar Flavius (2010)
Starcraft me win!stayne18okee (2010)
ea and unity sitting in a treejhocking40taumel (2010)
New accelerator cards for A600 & A1200Hotshot200529slenkar (2010)
markspace - Self compiling!plash150coffeedotbean (2010)
Trying to format a hdd (locked)BigH1BigH (2010)
How to deliver documents securely on a website? (locked)ImaginaryHuman1ImaginaryHuman (2010)
..any Virtools users here ..Naughty Alien10slenkar (2010)
Google Maps Data AlterationShortwind1Shortwind (2010)
GOG is back! Long live GOGShambler3Gabriel (2010)
Undeletable cookies are coming - be afraidpuki31Robert Cummings (2010)
General BMX2 questionsRobert Cummings62Robert Cummings (2010)
Notebook - Netbook_JIM11_JIM (2010)
How crap are Apple at apps?Dabhand19Jesse (2010)
Blitz3D->PSPNaughty Alien6ShadowTurtle (2010)
Atari open door to clones made with Blitz productspuki6Dabhand (2010)
Microsoft Game Studios feel sorry for themselvespuki4dynaman (2010)
Fat Frog ForeverGrey Alien20Grey Alien (2010)
To Hell with IE8Chroma21D4NM4N (2010)
Programming languages part 3Yasha3Yasha (2010)
RIP, GOGTachyon30Yukio (2010)
Ping Pong Battle Game Review, 2\5.WERDNA4Dabhand (2010)
Liquid cooled PC - full of liquid - for real!puki21D4NM4N (2010)
IRC- What sever our we using.Richard Betson15big10p (2010)
Different Language Sections ...........Panno30Alberto (2010)
Never knew gfx card mem counted towards totalRoss C18TaskMaster (2010)
Looking for a partner in gaming. Gfx preferably.WERDNA13WERDNA (2010)
Selling my Silo 2 Pro License!Amon7Sledge (2010)
Solar tsunami to put us back into the 'Dark Ages'puki31ShadowTurtle (2010)
Ie9 betaD4NM4N34D4NM4N (2010)
New FilePackerSanctus4Dabhand (2010)
ARme, It's almost time for the great departure !!!Armitage 198215Armitage 1982 (2010)
Falling tree, no sound?H&K39xlsior (2010)
Monkey Island 2 SE on special (for apple products)Grafos17Grafos (2010)
Google accountRoss C29D4NM4N (2010)
Bastion - awesome upcoming 2D game in 2011taumel12Yan (2010)
Clever automatonWho was John Galt?8xlsior (2010)
Realtime Worlds in adminDabhand20Dabhand (2010)
[android hw] LG Optimus Onedegac7Uncle (2010)
24 hour office space for San Francisco Blitzerspuki5Shambler (2010)
@Malice - possible error in your worklog's codeMatty1Matty (2010)
This is heavy!andy_mc12smilertoo (2010)
Lats & Longs squirted into KML for use in MapsBlitzplotter6Blitzplotter (2010)
StackOverflow for Game DevelopersMuttley2Sledge (2010)
Nice phone reviewTri|Ga|De6coffeedotbean (2010)
I got married...Dabhand31_PJ_ (2010)
An application for learning how to deal with Euro?taumel13taumel (2010)
Woman single-handedly destroys headshots in gamingpuki34D4NM4N (2010)
Samsung Galaxy TabEOF35D4NM4N (2010)
Browsers and power consumptiontaumel5taumel (2010)
iPhone development open to all third party tools!pls34D4NM4N (2010)
Forum Feature request: Lock old topics*27D4NM4N (2010)
who can help with mocap ?Panno3Naughty Alien (2010)
Blitz3D and Leadwerks Engine in a paperback bookpuki20Hotcakes (2010)
Unity, very tempremental?-=Darkheart=-44ImaginaryHuman (2010)
holey moley!D4NM4N13dawlane (2010)
Power comsumption of the next/current gen consolesRoss C11TaskMaster (2010)
UPX 3.07 - with TLS callback support!Grisu2Blitzplotter (2010)
Pad or small laptop?slenkar17Matty (2010)
SDK SourceH&K29Hotcakes (2010)
SubveinPineapple3Blitzplotter (2010)
Mac vs PC dabate comes alive.-=Darkheart=-5Reactor (2010)
WerdnaWorldGames, Now Open for BusinessWERDNA39WERDNA (2010)
EULAGrafos6Grafos (2010)
HDR Videostayne1stayne (2010)
Kindle 2 - Looking goodEOF67dynaman (2010)
Want a $35 Android Tablet?Dodo7EOF (2010) Alien16SLotman (2010)
Google "Instant Search"Gabriel12D4NM4N (2010)
Asteroid warning - I like to know about thesepuki27DH (2010)
Gameplay captureRaz19Blitzplotter (2010)
XBLiRaz1Raz (2010)
Sony releases PS3 updateRoss C10Genexi2 (2010)
Mafia 2 demo arrives on Tuesday, 10th Augustpuki34Matty (2010)
Arteria3d release Fortified Manor House Packyertari10-=Darkheart=- (2010)
Where can I get Unix Time?ThePict7D4NM4N (2010)
Appropriate Game For A 3-Year OldGIB3D31D4NM4N (2010)
New Zealand Earthquake...degac366 (2010)
New free song! EMERGENCEMatt McFarland4Matt McFarland (2010)
To those who just bought the 450D Cannon :(Ross C15GfK (2010)
Target AudienceWERDNA6WERDNA (2010)
What's your personal Blitzbasic Google score?puki61_PJ_ (2010)
Stardock pledges to learn from latest disaster.-=Darkheart=-9_PJ_ (2010)
cool html5 thingymajigD4NM4N10EOF (2010)
And after PC64 now Amiga...degac46taumel (2010)
My3D-Printer on CHIP Cover DVDjfk EO-111107Happy Sammy (2010)
Do it yourself "3D" photo graphy!Ryan Burnside4Ryan Burnside (2010)
R.U.S.E Demo?Hotshot20054Hotshot2005 (2010)
Duke Nukem Forever may be in development againZethrax22MadJack (2010)
Epic Citadeltaumel13D4NM4N (2010)
ATI bites the dustZethrax10jhocking (2010)
The computer game Industry is dying out ;-)Jesse5_Skully (2010)
False positive Virus detection issues? (locked)jfk EO-111101jfk EO-11110 (2010)
YAY!Ked5Ked (2010)
Leadwerks Engine is... (locked)Chroma28simonh (2010)
C++ Game Library or Graphics Library?Hotshot200510gosse (2010)
XBox Live subscriptions going uppuki7Zethrax (2010)
Oh yes...Ked7slenkar (2010)
How'd you get started with PCs?stayne32D4NM4N (2010)
Android overtaking apple for apps?D4NM4N27DH (2010)
Who is still using a PowerPC Macintosh?Tachyon19taumel (2010)
While we're at it, what have u mainly been playin.Blitzplotter52Hotcakes (2010)
Arma IIChroma5dynaman (2010)
Twitter\Facebook help on advertising. (locked)WERDNA1WERDNA (2010)
Sorting algorithms with sound!gosse3Kryzon (2010)
Mr. Eschalon..Takuan18taumel (2010)
PS3 cracked - BBC singing like a canarypuki21Hotcakes (2010)
Interesting tech development made me laugh...Ross C12ShadowTurtle (2010)
P64 - Atom based C64Matthew Smith12ShadowTurtle (2010)
Scary...but it's time.