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Snake egg by Fernhout

A old progam original written by: Leo Christopherson. He did it in 2005 and write it with DarkBasic SDK. I translated it to BLITZ3D. And i think i did a good job.
Its some kind of a blackjack game. But now with eggs and snakes. Roll the eggs and the total of rolls is the number. Try to hit 21 or very close to it. If the dealer is lower then you you win. If you hit 21 and the dealer lose you money and bet is dubbled. Just play the game by donloading it from here: egg.rar.
if you want to have the source code you can download here: egg_source.rar. This include for the IDeal Ide users the project file.

Submitted: 2010
No. of ratings: 10
Average rating: 2.5 / 5