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Tang 2 by TikiDays

Tang 2 The Revenge of Octo is a followup to my original Game Tang Swim with the Fishies, which was released for the Macintosh PPC platform. Since discovering Blitz Basic I have been on a steep learning curve to produce a followup to be released on Windows, Mac PPC, Mac Intel and Linux. Its been tough for me because I really only ever programmed in STOS on the Atari ST before moving to TNT Basic. Both of these took care of all sprite routines. I'm old school that way. Game play is collect the Starfish, collect bonus for hidden games (three in the planning, Match, Find and Maze), Fight Octo the Octopus. Parallax Side Scroll Actioner, dynamic resolution support up to 1080p.

Submitted: 2009
No. of ratings: 22
Average rating: 3.18 / 5