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simonh(Posted 2009) [#1]
Download from here. See iminib3d.h for instructions.

For those who don't know what it is, iMiniB3D is a C++ version of MiniB3D designed to be used with the iPhone SDK. To use it you will need an Intel Mac and the iPhone SDK.

You will need a good grasp of C++, or Objective-C to use it, and you will need to know your way around Xcode. It closely resembles Blitz3D/MiniB3D, so if you're used to those, you should know what all the various commands do. Obviously there are some extra ones for the iPhone, to get tilt and touch inputs etc.

I've decided not to bother with selling it or licensing etc, despite saying I might do so - it's not really in keeping with the spirit of MiniB3D, and hopefully more people will be encouraged to use it and improve it as a result.

Warner(Posted 2009) [#2]
That's amazing! Thank you simon

ima747(Posted 2009) [#3]
if anyone needed any more proof simon is a god, they may now begin bowing.

Thanks simon!

P.S. where should we start support/assistance threads? keep it here or is there a more appropriate place since it's another language...

Jason W.(Posted 2009) [#4]

I might not ever used this, but I really appreciate your hard work and generosity.


xlsior(Posted 2009) [#5]
Just out of curiosity: Is this 3d-only, or can it also be used to create Max2D-style programs?

Brucey(Posted 2009) [#6]
I'd guess it's 3D only, but doing 2D stuff on the iPhone is not difficult.

It only took me 2 days to port my Box2D module over to the iPhone, and knock out a small demo of some crates which would fall to earth regardless of the rotation of the handset. Fun fun ;-)

jkrankie(Posted 2009) [#7]
You could create max2d style programs with it.


simonh(Posted 2009) [#8]
ima747 - use this forum for iminib3d topics.

And yes, 3D commands only - although as jkrankie says, it can be very easily used for 2D games.

JaviCervera(Posted 2009) [#9]

Is it public domain like MiniB3D?

Happy Sammy(Posted 2009) [#10]
Thanks a lot, simonh.

orgos(Posted 2009) [#11]
You are the fu..... best man on the earth :D

Sorry about the expression, but it really merely

Robert Cummings(Posted 2009) [#12]
Wow nice simon! If I improve anything, I'll post back here.

simonh(Posted 2009) [#13]
Jedive - yes, it's public domain.

Sledge(Posted 2009) [#14]
Awesome -- really should get my noggin around Objective C++ now.

ubergeek(Posted 2009) [#15]

I haven't done anything with this in months due to it being stuck in beta for so long, but now I might try to actually do something with it. Now if I can just get over Objective-C...

Thanks a lot Simon!

jhocking(Posted 2009) [#16]
I have the zombie demo running on my iphone right now. Obviously nothing new to you, but I'm pretty jazzed about it!

For anyone interested in doing 2D games, make sure to look into cocos2D

MikeHart(Posted 2009) [#17]
Yes cocos2D is amazing. I'm using it atm and I love it.

But Simon, a big .... no a huge thank you for creating IMiniB3D. For sure I will give it a try after I finish my current game.


Russell(Posted 2009) [#18]
Has anybody created anything with this that they would like to show off?

On a side note: Can ANYONE program for the iPhone or do you have to license it through Apple (ala Nintendo, etc). I think not, as this would explain why there are over 89,000 apps for the iPhone already!


Tri|Ga|De(Posted 2009) [#19]
You can program for the iPhone simulator.
If you want to test your programs on your device you have to get a license from Apple.

Pete Carter(Posted 2009) [#20]
ive not got a mac yet but have been looking at getting into iphone/ipod touch development, does iminib3d use open gl ES 2.0? I know this is quite new but i just wondered as its ment to be quite a bit better than the old version.

simonh(Posted 2009) [#21]
No it doesn't use OpenGL ES 2.0.

ima747(Posted 2009) [#22]
To the best of my knowledge only the iPhone 3G S supports 2.0 so that would limit distribution quite substantially. As it is it works on all iPhone OS devices (personally tested on 2nd gen touch, and all 3 gens of iPhone, and of course the simulator).

Pete Carter(Posted 2009) [#23]
thats good thanks for the info. i should have my mac soon so ill try it for myself i have a new ipod touch so would it be good to test on the older model?

ima747(Posted 2009) [#24]
older is weaker so expect to loose some frames if you intend to have it as a target. personally I target 1st gen iPhone, the touch drops a couple frames compared to that but nothing too major. 3G tends to be a bit smoother and you can give an option for S to enable extra features if you like (more particles, etc. before slowdown) or just let it run smoother. The nice thing about dedicated hardware is you know almost exactly how it will behave (no one has an iphone with an intel graphics card...)

Dazza(Posted 2010) [#25]
This is simply excellent Simon - really impressive stuff.

I'm going to have a crack at converting my B3D version of Elite over to the iPhone now that I have just about got the hang of Objective-C.


jhocking(Posted 2010) [#26]
Been using iminib3d with AR Toolkit, I've almost finished the integration.


Panno(Posted 2010) [#27]
my first test runs fine


Panno(Posted 2010) [#28]
any news simon ?

jhocking(Posted 2010) [#29]
Figured I'd point to my worklog because the latest entry is about a useful thing I noticed in iminib3d:

Long story short, I noticed that iminib3d has a few undocumented commands that aren't in Blitz3D. These all seem to be additions for working with iPhone. In this case, while searching online for information to work through a problem I was having loading the XML file, I noticed that iminib3d had a command called ResourceFilePath that looked a lot like the stuff I was reading online. Sure enough, after I used that command the XML file loaded. Handy!