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schilcote(Posted 2009) [#1]
In the Kernel32 decls, there is a command called api_Beep, which allows pesiospeaker access. I need some tunes for the pesio. I'm thinking of eventually making a pesio media player for the C64 junkies out there. I would really like the pesio frequencies for the Star Spangled Banner, which google cannot find. Also, is there a way to translate MIDI to frequencies?

CloseToPerfect(Posted 2009) [#2]
If you are still looking, I can post frequencies to notes and then you can simply transpose the sheet music of the star spangled banner.

I've heard mps/mod/wav and midi played thru the speaker before so I know it can be done. the thing I wonder about is that I think the pc speaker can only output a single voice and the c64 had 3 voices. I am not sure what type of speaker is in new pc, pc/jr and tandy1000 had a 3 voice speaker original pc speakers only had a single voice.

Frequency Note
110 A
117 A#
123 B
131 C
139 C#
147 D
156 D#
165 E
175 F
185 F#
196 G
208 G#
220 A
233 A#
247 B
262 C (Middle C)
277 C#
294 D
311 D#
330 E
349 F
370 F#
392 G
415 G#
440 A (Above Middle C)
466 A#
494 B
523 C (High C)
554 C#
587 D
622 D#
659 E
698 F
740 F#
784 G
831 G#
880 A (Above High C)
932 A#
988 B
1047 C
1109 C#
1175 D
1245 D#
1319 E
1397 F
1480 F#
1568 G
1661 G#
1760 A