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degac(Posted 2008) [#1]
I wrote this application BlitzMax Companion (win32) that helps the downloading and installation of many programs that can be useful for BlitzMax developers (newbe or not).

The list at the moment manages the following programs

- MinGW*
- SubVersion**
- FrameWork Assistant
- Help Index Creator
- ResHacker
- MaxIDE Community Edition

* MinGW is required to change and compile BlitzMax module. The program downloads the version indicated by BRL and install it on your computer. It changes path and environmental variables for you.
* SubVersion is required if you need to use the latest version (still WIP and not considered a 'stable' version). This is NOT necessary to run BlitzMax. BlitzMax Companion helps you to install SubVersion and it creates (if you want) desktop shortcut for Install Bmax via SVN and Updating it.
No more needed
BlitzMax Companion handles automatically .zip files (they are decompressed in the BlitzMax folder). For .rar files you need to download and install WinRar or equivalent program.

For every other programs in the list there is an explanation file that describes what the program does.

Here there is a video of the program in action
Here there is the initial thread

tested on Windows XP and Vista

Latest Version: 1.33 - update on 14th feb 2010

This .zip contains the text informations about the applications and BlitzMax Companion.

VISTA users
Please run with UAC disabled and as administrator
Please report more info about using the program under Vista

iprice(Posted 2008) [#2]
Looks and sounds like an invaluable tool. Nice one :)

Pineapple(Posted 2008) [#3]
Awesome, I'm gonna have to download this

Grisu(Posted 2008) [#4]
add fasm to your list:

Ian Thompson(Posted 2008) [#5]
This is excellent, well done!

degac(Posted 2008) [#6]
Thank you very much to all!

I've update the program list to add the latest FASM (1.67.27). I don't consider this *safe* to do for a beginner user, but in any case you can go back to previous version. (PS: the Bmax SVN version currently supports 1.67.26...)

I'm thinking to add a 'backup' option for some application/program before installing new one.
And I'm updating my web site to show what applications are current in the list.


Macguffin(Posted 2008) [#7]
Adding now to the newbie thread. Nice work!

TomToad(Posted 2008) [#8]
Ok, when I hover the mouse over a program, a description appears in the window on the bottom. Sometimes the description is larger than the window and a scroll bar appears. When I move the mouse off the program name, the description changes. Also the description for MinGW is in french.

Lastly, If I scroll the list of programs by clicking on the button and moving it, or using the scroll wheel, there is no problem, but if I click on the arrows or click on the scroll area then it does not scroll.

degac(Posted 2008) [#9]
@TomToad: I added your critics in my to-do-list. At the moment I'm fixing some problem & improvements on the program itself (mainly on the update aspect), so then I will concentrate on the GUI itself.

CASO(Posted 2008) [#10]
Just curious, was this coded in blitzmax? Even if not, it looks like a really handy tool!

I ran it and it ran great but it got stuck installing UPX

degac(Posted 2008) [#11]
The program is written in BlitzMax.
What do you mean with 'it got stuck installing UPX'?

UPX comes in a .zip file, BlitzMaxCompanion should decompress it in the dest_path choosen. (In the last version 1.26 you can choose if use BlitzMax installed via Setup or via SVN).

The only problem I can not really find a proper solution is when you are downloading from slow server: BlitzMaxCompanion tries to download from different servers (the URLs are stored in a file). I found that downloading MinGW is in general, even via browser, sometimes difficult - the servers hang out or I need to refresh the browser.

PS: thanks for your feedback, and please download the last version 1.26 - it improves some things and fixes some bugs.

PPS: If you have suggestions on what programs can be useful, please post them so I will update the content-list!

CASO(Posted 2008) [#12]
Made in Blitzmax...Nifty

It downloaded all the things fine and then I moved onto the install tab. Is it supposed to say "Install complete" (or something along that line) because mine got to "Installing UPX..." and didn't say anything else for half an hour?

degac(Posted 2008) [#13]
Start install 17:20:38
Applications total 1
Install target = <C:\blitzmax>
UPX Installing...

Install file batch on desktop
Add MinGW to path...
Copyfing Mingw folder...
Copy folder <3.4.5>1
Install - finished 17:20:38
You should see something like this in the textarea.
You can check (or post) the log file in the DATA folder (it's named something like '23 Aug 2008_log.txt' to verify what's happened.

What OS are you running?

CASO(Posted 2008) [#14]
format_codebox('19:21:19 : Loading configuration - ok
19:21:19 : Load Locale...
19:21:19 : Locale - OK
19:21:19 : Check version
19:21:22 : Remote Version : 1.24
19:21:22 : Local Version : 1.25
19:21:22 : L VER = 125
19:21:22 : R VER = 124
19:21:22 : Loading list of programs (in download folder)
19:21:22 : File: FASM
19:21:22 : Loading description file FASM
19:21:22 : Reading file <>
19:21:22 : File: <Warning! This version *could* be not supported by BlitzMax!
You should wait for an official release!> caricato...
19:21:22 : Reading file <Warning! This version *could* be not supported by BlitzMax!
You should wait for an official release!>
19:21:22 : Reading file <Warning! This version *could* be not supported by BlitzMax!
You should wait for an official release!>
19:21:22 : Primo URL =
19:21:22 : File: SVN
19:21:22 : Loading description file SVN
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:23 : File: FMA
19:21:23 : Loading description file FMA
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:23 : File: HIC
19:21:23 : Loading description file HIC
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:23 : File: UPX
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:23 : File: RSH
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:23 : File: MAXIDECE2
19:21:23 : Loading description file MAXIDECE2
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:23 : File: MINGW
19:21:23 : Loading description file MINGW
19:21:23 : Reading file <>
19:21:23 : File: <Select 'current' when asked which package to install.
Select 'MinGW base tools' and 'g++ compiler' when
asked which components to install.> caricato...
19:21:23 : Reading file <Select 'current' when asked which package to install.
Select 'MinGW base tools' and 'g++ compiler' when
asked which components to install.>
19:21:23 : Primo URL =
19:21:24 : Download info
19:21:24 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:28 : Source: <>
19:21:29 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/fasm.english.txt>
19:21:29 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:34 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:38 : Source: <>
19:21:38 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/fasm.english.txt>
19:21:38 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:41 : Check for INFO files...
19:21:41 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:44 : Source: <>
19:21:44 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/>
19:21:44 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:47 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:49 : Source: <>
19:21:49 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/>
19:21:49 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:52 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:55 : Source: <>
19:21:55 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/fma.english.txt>
19:21:55 : Checking file size...<>
19:21:59 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:02 : Source: <>
19:22:02 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/fma.english.txt>
19:22:02 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:05 : Check for INFO files...
19:22:05 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:06 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:22:07 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:08 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:22:08 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:10 : Source: <>
19:22:10 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/hic.english.txt>
19:22:10 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:15 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:17 : Source: <>
19:22:17 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/hic.english.txt>
19:22:17 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:20 : Check for INFO files...
19:22:21 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:22 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:22:22 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:23 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:22:23 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:26 : Source: <>
19:22:26 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/maxidece2.english.txt>
19:22:26 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:29 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:31 : Source: <>
19:22:31 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/maxidece2.english.txt>
19:22:31 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:35 : Check for INFO files...
19:22:35 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:36 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:22:36 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:37 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:22:37 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:40 : Source: <>
19:22:40 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/mingw.english.txt>
19:22:40 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:43 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:47 : Source: <>
19:22:47 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/mingw.english.txt>
19:22:47 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:50 : Check for INFO files...
19:22:50 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:53 : Source: <>
19:22:53 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/>
19:22:53 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:56 : Checking file size...<>
19:22:58 : Source: <>
19:22:58 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/>
19:22:58 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:01 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:03 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:23:03 : File: rsh.english.txt not found...5 8
19:23:03 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:07 : Source: <>
19:23:07 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/svn.english.txt>
19:23:07 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:10 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:13 : Source: <>
19:23:13 : Dest : <L:/Programs/BlitzMax Companion/Lang/svn.english.txt>
19:23:13 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:17 : Check for INFO files...
19:23:17 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:18 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:23:18 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:19 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:23:19 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:21 : 404 - NOT FOUND! ----------------------------
19:23:21 : File: upx.english.txt not found...7 8
19:23:21 : Source: <>
19:23:21 : Dest : <lang/languages.txt>
19:23:21 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:24 : Source: <>
19:23:24 : Dest : <lang/english.lang>
19:23:24 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:28 : Language <english.lang> 1
19:23:28 : Source: <>
19:23:28 : Dest : <lang/italiano.lang>
19:23:28 : Checking file size...<>
19:23:31 : Language <italiano.lang> 1
19:23:31 : Loading list of programs (in download folder)
19:23:31 : File: FASM
19:23:32 : Loading description file FASM
19:23:32 : Reading file <>
19:23:32 : File: <Warning! This version *could* be not supported by BlitzMax!
You should wait for an official release!> caricato...
19:23:32 : Reading file <Warning! This version *could* be not supported by BlitzMax!
You should wait for an official release!>
19:23:32 : Reading file <Warning! This version *could* be not supported by BlitzMax!
You should wait for an official release!>
19:23:32 : Primo URL =
19:23:32 : File: SVN
19:23:32 : Loading description file SVN
19:23:32 : Primo URL =
19:23:32 : File: FMA
19:23:32 : Loading description file FMA
19:23:32 : Primo URL =
19:23:32 : File: HIC
19:23:32 : Loading description file HIC
19:23:33 : Primo URL =
19:23:33 : File: UPX
19:23:33 : Primo URL =
19:23:33 : File: RSH
19:23:33 : Primo URL =
19:23:33 : File: MAXIDECE2
19:23:33 : Loading description file MAXIDECE2
19:23:33 : Primo URL =
19:23:33 : File: MINGW
19:23:33 : Loading description file MINGW
19:23:33 : Reading file <>
19:23:33 : File: <Select 'current' when asked which package to install.
Select 'MinGW base tools' and 'g++ compiler' when
asked which components to install.> caricato...
19:23:33 : Reading file <Select 'current' when asked which package to install.
Select 'MinGW base tools' and 'g++ compiler' when
asked which components to install.>
19:23:34 : Primo URL =
19:23:34 : Menu Language esiste!
19:23:34 : Languages: 2
19:23:34 : Init main window - tabbers...
19:25:36 : Checking file size...<>
19:25:38 : Source: <>
19:25:38 : Dest : <>
19:25:38 : Checking file size...<>
19:25:40 : Checking file size...<>
19:30:56 : Checking file size...<>
19:30:58 : Source: <>
19:30:58 : Dest : <>
19:30:58 : Checking file size...<>
19:31:01 : Checking file size...<>
19:32:26 : Checking file size...<>
19:32:27 : Source: <>
19:32:28 : Dest : <>
19:32:28 : Checking file size...<>
19:32:29 : Checking file size...<>
19:33:10 : Checking file size...<>
19:33:12 : Source: <>
19:33:12 : Dest : <>
19:33:12 : Checking file size...<>
19:33:13 : Checking file size...<>
19:35:12 : Checking file size...<>
19:35:31 : Source: <>
19:35:31 : Dest : <>
19:35:31 : Checking file size...<>
19:35:43 : Checking file size...<>
19:36:35 : Checking file size...<>
19:36:38 : Source: <>
19:36:38 : Dest : <>
19:36:38 : Checking file size...<>
19:36:40 : Checking file size...<>
19:39:20 : Checking file size...<>
19:39:21 : Source: <>
19:39:21 : Dest : <>
19:39:21 : Checking file size...<>
19:39:22 : Checking file size...<>
19:58:29 : Checking file size...<>
19:58:30 : Source: <>
19:58:30 : Dest : <>
19:58:30 : Checking file size...<>
19:58:31 : Checking file size...<>
20:02:53 : Create list of applications for installation
20:02:54 : Create list of applications for installation
20:03:40 : Start installing...
20:03:40 : Installing applications... start!
20:03:40 : Installing FASM 1.67.27
20:03:48 : DestZip: <L:\Programs\BlitzMax/bin>
20:03:48 : Running ZIP file > L:\Programs\BlitzMax\bin
20:03:48 : Source: download/
20:03:48 : Dest : L:/Programs/BlitzMax/bin
20:03:49 : Create dir <L:/Programs/BlitzMax/bin/fasmw16727> =1
20:06:58 : PS.COPY = </bin/FASMW16727/FASM.EXE,/bin/FASM.exe>
20:06:58 : Path 0 L:/Programs/BlitzMax/bin/FASMW16727/FASM.EXE
20:06:58 : Path 1 L:/Programs/BlitzMax/bin/FASM.exe
20:06:58 : Installing FrameWork Assistant
20:06:59 : Running ZIP file > L:\Programs\BlitzMax
20:06:59 : Source: download/
20:06:59 : Dest : L:/Programs/BlitzMax
20:06:59 : Create dir <L:/Programs/BlitzMax/fa> =1
20:07:03 : Installing Help Index Creator
20:07:03 : Running ZIP file > L:\Programs\BlitzMax
20:07:03 : Source: download/
20:07:03 : Dest : L:/Programs/BlitzMax
20:07:03 : Create dir <L:/Programs/BlitzMax/HelpIndexCreator> =1
20:07:04 : Installing MaxIDE CE 2
20:07:04 : Running ZIP file > L:\Programs\BlitzMax
20:07:04 : Source: download/
20:07:04 : Dest : L:/Programs/BlitzMax
20:07:05 : Create dir <L:/Programs/BlitzMax/maxide2-win-2.00b4> =1
20:07:30 : Installing ResHacker
20:07:30 : Running ZIP file > L:\Programs\BlitzMax
20:07:30 : Source: download/
20:07:30 : Dest : L:/Programs/BlitzMax
20:07:31 : Create dir <L:/Programs/BlitzMax/ResHack> =1
20:08:54 : Installing SubVersion
20:08:54 : Running EXE file...
20:14:30 : Installing UPX
20:14:31 : Running ZIP file > L:\Programs\BlitzMax
20:14:31 : Source: download/
20:14:31 : Dest : L:/Programs/BlitzMax
20:14:31 : Create dir <L:/Programs/BlitzMax/upx303w> =1
20:15:19 :
20:15:19 : -------------------------------------------
20:15:19 : Subverion installed : C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin
20:15:19 : Mingw installation path - not found!
20:15:19 : Registrazione variabile MINGW')
Windows XP Home

degac(Posted 2008) [#15]
The problem is not related with UPX or decompressing ZIP files.
It hangs on the installation of MinGW.

Can you download the latest version (you are using 1.25), delete the DATA and LANG folder (not DOWNLOAD!) and run it again?
Do you have MinGW already installed on your system? [from the log it is not installed...]

EDIT:If MinGW is installed, do you have used a different installation path than the one preconfigured by the Mingw setup?

Interesting, very interesting. I was prepared for any possibile error under Vista and I still got problem with XP! :(

CASO(Posted 2008) [#16]
I like to keep my files mobile so I store them on my USB drive and have MinGW on it (and the environmental paths set to it). Does it have to be on the computer to work?

degac(Posted 2008) [#17]
I think I found the bug (and fixed it. The program didn't like a path as C:\program files\mingw - I need to put it in 'quotes'

Version 1.27 should fix the problem.
Thank you very much for your help.

plash(Posted 2008) [#18]
C:\program files\mingw
Is that the default installation directory? You should be using C:\MinGW instead.

degac(Posted 2008) [#19]
Is that the default installation directory? You should be using C:\MinGW instead.

No, it's not the default installation directory, but user can change it - I just modified the program to manage this situation.

simonh(Posted 2008) [#20]
Excellent work. This will be very handy for many people (judging by the support requests I get). Will make sure this is given a prominent link on the site.

degac(Posted 2008) [#21]
Oh! Thanks.

CASO(Posted 2008) [#22]
There are currently no .rar files in the list yet are there? I use a freeware program called ExtractNow for .rar files. would it just download them and wait for me to decompress them?

degac(Posted 2008) [#23]
The program looks for WinRAR (in the specific UnRar.exe that comes with WinRAR): if the path is selected (not null) then the .rar file is decompressed.
Unfortunately the external program is required.
I don't know about ExtractNow, I dont' know if it can works via CLI.

There are currently no .rar files in the list yet are there?

I added the .rar support only because I've got some my programs compressed in that format. Consider it as an option if in the future other programs come compressed in .rar format.

GfK(Posted 2008) [#24]
I would change your version numbers so that they correspond with the version of BlitzMax you know it all works with. I.e. '1.30.<revisionNumber>'.

Pineapple(Posted 2008) [#25]
Ah, good, this was made a sticky. It was extremely helpful, and fully deserves sticky status.

Mark Tiffany(Posted 2008) [#26]
Haven't tried it out yet, but does it or could it have a check for updates function? This would be really neat, especially if you could run it at startup / schedule and have it auto-download / install if config'd that way, or just tell you, and then exit.

degac(Posted 2008) [#27]

Haven't tried it out yet, but does it or could it have a check for updates function?

At the moment the program checks only for its own version, not for the content/list of application.
I'm working on a new version that should be check for a new BlitzMaxCompanion version AND for a new list of apps to download - and report the information to the user. Of course you can force the 'update' for the list automatically at the program start.

What do you would like to check? Every single application in the list, BlitzMax or whatelse?

I think with SVN should be quite easy check remote version and local version and notify this to the user; but this approch is valid (at the moment) only for users who want to keep Bmax up-to-date with SVN, not for users who install Bmax via setup file. So it will an half-utility.

Mark Tiffany(Posted 2008) [#28]
I was thinking of finding a means of checking the version number / file of each app in the list. "Easy" for SVN, probably feasible for CE IDE & BlitzMax if you make some assumptions about file names, locations and web layouts. Just a thought...

Hotcakes(Posted 2008) [#29]
Great tool, if it would work! My problem - probably Vista Home Premium (64 bit) with UAC on =]

Everything runs smoothly until the Install part. I deselected everything, clicked on SVN, clicked Install, it said installing... finished! straight away and nothing else happenned.

Same with MinGW, except it asked me to reset straight away without actually running the installer. =]

When I then tried to install all (except SVN and MinGW which I saw to both installing manually first) it would get so far as to say installing Framework Assistant... then quits out!

No problems after running as administrator, which makes sense, but you should make a mention of that somewhere perhaps =]

degac(Posted 2008) [#30]

No problems after running as administrator, which makes sense, but you should make a mention of that somewhere perhaps

Yep! Sorry, I still think that when someone installs some programs like Mingw/SVN should act as administrator as default, since you are 'working-in-depth' with OS and application. I will change the readme.txt as soon as possible with your suggestion.

Hotcakes(Posted 2008) [#31]
Been a while since I visited BMax and only installed it for the first time under Vista (with UAC on) yesterday, so I keep finding myself running into problems that are eventually solved by running everything as admin =] I'm getting the hang of it...

Also took me ages to figure out why the IDE wasn't recognising MinGW... duh...

Ziltch(Posted 2008) [#32]
thanks, a very useful tool.

Hotcakes(Posted 2008) [#33]
Hmm, noticed you are recommending UAC off. I think that is a really bad recommendation (which a lot of programs make). This program works fine with UAC on (when run as Admin) so it's not really even necessary.

EDIT : MASSIVE INCOMPATIBILITY PROBLEM! (Vista 64bit with UAC in case it makes a diff)

OK, so for the last few months I've had this ongoing problem with Internet Connection Sharing, whereby after a reboot it would 'forget' that it should be communicating with other machines, leaving them without an internet connection. The solution was to turn off ICS and turn it back on after every reboot and it would start to work again as it should. A bloody pain.

I've just reinstalled Vista and narrowed down the problem to this program. Don't ask me how it is related. But if I install MinGW through your program this issue occurs. A System Restore fixes the issue. I can install any other package, I can download MinGW through your program and I can install MinGW manually and everything is fine. It only happens when installing MinGW through your program.

So I would advise to anyone not to install MinGW through this program - do it manually, because something brakes something.

Sanctus(Posted 2009) [#34]
This is such a great tool. Installs everything so fast :)

*(Posted 2009) [#35]
Once you whack out Linux and OSX versions I think BRL should package this with max.

degac(Posted 2009) [#36]

Once you whack out Linux and OSX versions I think BRL should package this with max.

I was waiting the new MacMini (I own an old iBook PPC on MacOSX10.3.9) but after seeing its 'new' (higher) price (opposite my forecast...) I will wait for a looonger time.
And today I was reading this post and I start thinking that the 'usefullness' of my application is very very reduced at the moment :D

julianbury(Posted 2009) [#37]
What on Earth is a UAC?

A TLA (three-letter-acronym) is devastating for the learner.

Be kind and use the real words, please.

xlsior(Posted 2009) [#38]
What on Earth is a UAC?

UAC = User Account Controls, which is what trigges those "application is trying to do -x-. Allow / Deny?"pop-ups under Vista and Windows 7.

(Microsoft themselves refers to this as UAC instead of the full name in many places as well)

degac(Posted 2009) [#39]

What on Earth is a UAC?

UAC is User Account Control.
Is something introduced with Windows Vista, that should limit the possible damages a 'normal' user could do when he/she doesn't know what he/she is doing.
For example if you want to install a new driver, update a library and so on... on Linux the OS will prompt a simple input box that ask the user to type in a 'password' to grant the access to a 'superior level of rights' for complete the task.
In Windows the UAC asks for everything - because it is a little paranoic.

When I wrote the program I've tested it only on my sisters' computer (Vista Home? I don't remember). Every time I run it I got a 'block' for running it.
So I decided to 'turn if off' and it seems to work.

Probably - the best solution as someone already posted - is to run as administrator (so you have all the rights to do things).

I've update the program to ver. 1.31 recently. It disables some features of the previous version (as Subversion is no more used there is no more separate installations, script and so on)..
It should work better both with Vista and 7, or I hope so!

Danny(Posted 2009) [#40]
Hi Degac,

First off: THANK YOU for building this tool and enable beginners to actually find a start in this chaos!!!

Here some vista-based feedback:
I just wanted to move my installation from an XP to a Vista machine and ran into many problems. So I uninstalled anything BMax related and attempted a fresh reinstall, using the BlitzMaxCompanion (BMC) of course. Btw, I'm running on Vista Home Premium, SP 2. Here's what I did and some problems I ran into:

1. Installed BMax (1.36)
2. Launched BMC, then it asked for my BMax folder, I give it C:\BlitzMax.
!! THEN the app stops and I have no choice but to 'close program'
(I did notice however, that conf.txt now has the correct BLIZPATH=C:\BlitzMax)

3. I launch BMC again; it doesn't asked for BMax path ofcourse, but instead for my winRar folder (which is in the default C:\program files\winRar - as it suggests itself). I press OK
!! Then again the app freezes and vista automatically forces me to 'close program'.
(note that now conf.txt has WINRAR=C:\Program Files\WinRAR correctly set)

4. I launch BMC again; select all the software, download the lot, and want to install it. However, MinGW mentions "theres a new version, you want to upgrade?" Because I answered Yes, it didn't got installed. BMC does install the rest however, which all looks fine. But after the install, MinGW is clearly nowhere to be found, never got an installer presented, etc. However, the MINGW environment variable does exist but has a blank value.

5. I launch BMC again, only opt for installing MinGW (didn't need to download it again), and I choose 'not' to do the latest version. I get an installer presented, and everything else works fine (incl the environment variable).

When testing the programs in BMax, everything seems to be ok. Except that doing a 'Rebuild Modules' (not 'all'!) still gives me the final error:
Build Error: failed to compile C:/BlitzMax/mod/pub.mod/freeaudio.mod/freeaudio.cpp

Note: I re-installed MinGW (5.1.6) manually, but this time not using the default minimal config!! Instead I included "G++" and "Objective C" and "minGW Make" and since then BMax builds everything perfectly !!!

So PLEASE add a notification in your program or include this minGW info in your readme file for the future!

Thanks again,

degac(Posted 2009) [#41]

first I'm starting to *hate* Vista with all my heart!
I've only problem with this OS...
I've tested BMC only with my sister's computer (that have Vista on it), but I'm starting to think I have 'turned off' too many 'features' of Vista to avoid problems...

second, about MinGW.
The BMC should popup a note about the 'DONT' choose to download the latest version' and something about 'Select Default and G++'. I never experienced problem with the default settings.

third, I've just tested on my dad's computer and ....ooch! @£@##@#@!"!" there's some bug in the latest 1.31 release!
Thanks for the advice, I will check it immediately!


degac(Posted 2009) [#42]
Update ver 1.32 with bug fixes.
Thanks again.


Danny(Posted 2009) [#43]
Thanks for that Degac,

You're lucky you 'only now' start to hate Vista :)
Stay away from it as long as you can! The beast IS evil! I already lost a fortune, most of my hair and had to sell my soul to the devil! - but even that didn't work ;)

Nate the Great(Posted 2009) [#44]
well I cant believe ive had blitz max for so long and not downloaded this!! lol nice work man

Grisu(Posted 2010) [#45]

- Are you still working on this?
- Why did you exclude FASM?
- Do you need a German translation file?


degac(Posted 2010) [#46]

...well, everything is in 'wip' stage (even if it works) - but at the moment it is in 'hold' (I've started a re-make of it, a 2.0 version, but it is in an alpha state).
FASM info was removed because the (at the time) latest BlitzMax version was up-to-date with Fasm release - I need to check if something has changed.
A German translation will be a good thing, thank you very much!
I will put a link to a .zip file where you can find the files and the info for translating the content.

PS: at the moment I have still 1-2 days before I'm disconnected from internet (Telecom Italia ISP is a .....) so I dont' know how much time I'm get back on line (I hope less than 2 weeks!

Grisu(Posted 2010) [#47]
Ok, will be waiting.

FASM has been updated to 1.69.12 (dev trunk) lately.
Would be nice to have that one in as well.

degac(Posted 2010) [#48]
I updated the application to release 1.33 - fixed some minor bugs.

This .zip contains the text informations about the applications and BlitzMax Companion.

Restored FASM information with the latest 1.69.12 (dev) support.

About the localization files...
I've wrote the program before MaxGUI did come out with the 'localization' module - I've written many other little functions to make programming easy - and re-reading the source of BMC now - well, everything seems very outdated and over complicated!
I need to find some time for BMC 2...

If you have some ideas, please post here!
Thank you again.

Brazilian Joe(Posted 2010) [#49]
Tried the app on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, english on a macBook Pro (Bootcamp).

Worked mostly, but I have only tried installing stuff when running as administrator.

the last packages (ResSomething, UPX) give me an EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION when trying to install though.

degac(Posted 2010) [#50]
grhhhh...can you please post the log file (found in the folder DATA, named something like 14feb2010_log.txt)?

I've made some 'bug fix' but surely I've made something wrong!

Thank you

Grisu(Posted 2010) [#51]
Get my translated german.lang here:

May I suggest that in future releases you store the short & long tanslations for the apps inside an extra file. While the other items (author, license etc) will stay the same and don't need to be updated.

degac(Posted 2010) [#52]
Thank you very much!

I was thinking about a complete redesing of the 'app-database' to handle it in a easier (and faster) way.
So, as I dont' want to waste your time, please stop every possible translation in progress!
The idea is to make an editor to allow the translation more flexible.


shinkiro1(Posted 2010) [#53]
hey degac!
I would be really interested in the FrameWork Assistant.
Although I'm on Linux so I can't use it. Would you mind sharing the source?
(just a polite question ^^')

degac(Posted 2010) [#54]
Well, FrameWork assistant is a Jim Brown's creation, you can find it here - it's available for Linux too!
And somewhere there should be the source code also...only I don't remember where Jim posted it!

shinkiro1(Posted 2010) [#55]
Thanks (I couldn't unpack the Linux archiv but the Windows version runs fine under Wine). Btw ... this app is awesome!

Nigel Brown(Posted 2010) [#56]
won't downlod? Anyone else have a problem?

Hotshot2005(Posted 2010) [#57]
Work fine here and i think it could be your server problem

Grisu(Posted 2010) [#58]
A new subversion of fasm has been released:

MDV(Posted 2010) [#59]
Not sure what this tool does. Just starting from beginning. How hard is it to learn gamming programming? I have lots of free time. No exp. with programming what so ever.
Thanks for any help and info you can give me.

darkhog(Posted 2015) [#60]
Great tool. Since it remind me so much of Linux repros, how about adding support for custom repositories and giving out server part of this tool so people could make their own Max repos? Another advantage is that people could set up mirrors which will make tool alive in case of main repo closing for one reason or another.

That being said that this isn't already the case (only had brief look at the app).

degac(Posted 2015) [#61]

thanks, technically BCompanion downloads (from my site at the moment) the translation of the program and the 'application/SDK' things.
Adding another mirror to download the 'app description file' (just see in DATA/ to see the content) is quite easy.
My only preoccupation is/was that there's no *safety* in this: everyone could put an URL link to download a 'special' version of MaxIDECE for example, and you get a virus or worst!

Yes, I could be a little paranoic...

And yes, I find an advantage: everyone shuould/could add/change links to updated version (ie: FASM etc)

ps: just noticed that the last time I touched it is about 2010... wow time flies!
And I found I have a v2 (written in 2013, never released!).
I should restart this thing (the gfx and layout is out-dated, I should use LIBCURL module (from Brucey) and clean-up many, many things!

At this point, if I ever find the time to do it!, I will rewrite it considering *also* BMX-NG.


dw817(Posted 2015) [#62]
I have Windows 8.1 64-bit, resolution 1024x768. I try to run it and get the message:


I would be interested in getting this program to run as I need all the help I can get. :)