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David Boudreau(Posted 2007) [#1]
I'd like to post an announcement of my latest BP project. Do I need any special permission beyond the guidelines in the "Submit News" at the bottom of the front page? I'm giving it away for free by emailing it to people and don't have it hosted anywhere yet. I am also thinking about making a tutorial since I tried to wring all the practical use I could out of BP's movie commands as they are (and managed to get shuttle-jog like features such as frame-by-frame advance/rwd/ff/slow motion), and also it might be helpful for learning a few GUI things. Here's what I was thinking of posting:

Wrectangles v0.80

Wrectangles is a tool for gamers which grabs some frames from a movie file of gameplay, and lets the user draw rectangles directly over those frames to indicate collision detection. Useful for making tutorials for other new players in explaining techniques and what is going on "under the hood", e.g. in fighting games you can indicate where the hit boxes occur, as illustrated guidebooks show, but animated in the full context of the gameplay itself. Wrectangles is free and source code is available; for an intro please see or email David Boudreau for a copy.

Should this just be a "worklog" instead?

David Boudreau