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Alaric(Posted 2006) [#1]
Lately, I have been playing around with my XBox's Hard Disk Drive and eventually the inevitable happened... I deleted an essential file for booting from it. Anyways, I had to go through heck and back in order to solve the problem. Let's just say that not only did it involve hotswapping drives with an old computer, but boot CD's as well... It really irked me to have to access the files on the drive through a linux boot CD. After all of this I got to thinking "What is stopping people from writing to the disk in windows?" I still haven't figured this out, as information for the FATX file system is freely available on Wiki. Anyways, I figured I might as well write my own file explorer for Windows. The problem is, obviously the FATX filesystem differs from NTFS and usual FAT(12,16 & 32). I think I can figure out the actual formatting parts, but I need a way to read/write directly from/to a HDD. Any ideas or userlibs??? As far as I know, all of this is perfectly legal as long as I don't use any of M$'s code... but please feel free to point out otherwise.