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Jeroen(Posted 2004) [#1]
Hey y'all!

I have found a freeware DLL for disabling/enabling the Windows key! (and it does more). You can download it on
Now I know I can call a DLL, but I don't have a clue on how I should call the exact function.

The docs say this:

KILL_WINKEY = 0x0001; // Disable the Windows Key

KILL_CTRLESC = 0x0002; // Disable the Ctrl+Esc key combination

KILL_COMBOS = 0x0004; // Disable all WinKey combinations like WinKey+E
// for Explorer and WinKey+F for Find

KILL_CONTEXT = 0x0008; // Disable the context menu key

KILL_SYSKEYS = 0x0010; // Disable all system keys including the Windows
// Key and all WinKey combinations, Ctrl+Alt+Del,
// Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Esc and Alt+Esc. This option
// does not work on Windows NT.

Passing 0 (zero) to the Kill function re-enables all keys that were

Calling convention:
I have provided DLLs with __stdcall, __cdecl and __fastcall calling
conventions. Depending on the programming language and/or compiler
you are using, you can use the DLL with the appropriate type. The
DLLs are otherwise identical.

Can someone shine a light on this, coz I am out of ideas. Especially on parameter passing using pokeInt and createBank. I could eventually turn it into a blitzBasic command set:

SetWindowsKey 0 ;off
SetWindowsKey 1 ;on

Thank you.

UPDATE: The maker of this proggy explained me the above are hexidecimal values and they act as flags. I should pass an int.

But, no succes...:

PokeInt inBank,0,0001

result=CallDLL( "userlibs\WKeyKill.dll","Kill",inBank )

FreeBank inBank

While Not KeyHit(1)

Kanati(Posted 2004) [#2]
A) CallDLL is not used any more. That's the old poopy way to do it. (Poopy is the technical term for it).

B) Create a .decls file and put it in your userlibs directory. It should look somewhat like the following.

.lib "WKeyKill.dll"

C) Then you can call the dll routine as if it was a regular blitz command.

flags% = 1

Seldon(Posted 2004) [#3]
Just be sure to use the "standard calling" version of such DLL. CallDLL() can handle C standard, but UserLibs declared commands can't.
Try this (saved like WKeyKill.decls in the UserLibs folder):
.lib "WKeyKill.dll"

With UserLibs you MUST use the standard calling version.

PS: Note that such DLL could slow your applications, as it installs an input hook to process any key pressing before the system itself.
See documentation for SystemParametersInfo() API call and do it yourself.

Jeroen(Posted 2004) [#4]
YAY Seldon! That worked!

It's now:

setWindowsKeys 0

I use Blitz3d, so I can't do an API call. The author claims to be an exception to other programmers which use slow and bloated libraries. Let's hope so :P

Seldon(Posted 2004) [#5]
You're welcome. Ehi, you CAN do API calls in Blitz3D !!! Just like you can call a 3rd-party DLL, you can do a call to a system (Win API) DLL. :)