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Apollonius(Posted 2003) [#1]
Well as some know I'm trying to make a map editor for 2D games, and with my lack of experience my ideas are a bit limited, and I need your help to complete this project.
So if you have time to spare then help me~

Ok so far I made a rather limited thing but I got no idea how to do the rest, and thats where you come in.
(note: Source is at the bottom.)

I got a pretty basic menu set up,
as you can see at the bottom I used Blitz+ GUI thing.

So how would I go if I want that when you click on NEW
it would creates a Temp .map file (txt file)
and create this:
| | |
| | |
First little box would have a Load button to load a Tile file, 32x32 with a gride and the other side would show your map...?

You guys following me?

It might be alot to ask from you nice peoples but it would help me a great deal to have this program when it finished and it would help me learn alot.
WinHandle=CreateWindow("Blitz Mapper",0,20,640,480)


CreateMenu "New",1,file
CreateMenu "Load",2,file
CreateMenu "Quit",3,file

CreateMenu "Add Layer",4,layers
CreateMenu "",5,layers
CreateMenu "Layer 1",6,layers
DisableMenu layers

UpdateWindowMenu WinHandle


; Wait for an event to occur...

; exit on a window close event
If ID=$803 Then End

; handle a menu event
If ID=$1001 Then
Select EID

Case 1
Notify "You have selected, NEW"

Case 2
Notify "You have selected, Load"

Case 3

End Select
End If

NO MAPPY please.

Apollonius(Posted 2003) [#2]
My idea right now is to created 2 canvas gadget 4 scroll bar X,Y for each canvas and make a button onto fo the first canvas to load tile image, is this a good idea, your opinion please (<-doesnt know what hes doing)

Apollonius(Posted 2003) [#3]
Fine I understand no one wants to help me.
I guess I'll just give it my best.

ford escort(Posted 2003) [#4]
sorry, i'm not familliar with the gui side of b+...