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Point & Click adventure gameWith a simple engine, made in Blitzmax. Nothing fancy, but fun!Snader22008-11-28
Time TravellingA puzzle based game which involves travelling back and forward in time to complete your task.BODYPRINT12008-11-16
Workings of deranged programmerVarious projects as I work on themBaystep Productions102008-11-08
QbixQbix - is for sale...Arowx32008-10-24
Deflektormy forever on hold cloneGinger Tea12008-10-09
Aerial AnticsAn On Going Aerial Adventure ...Jeremy Alessi12008-10-09
RPG GAME PROJECT NONAME3d multiplayer Rpg (6 man?)Duckstab[o]22008-10-05
CobaltA networked development environmentBlueapples92008-09-20
BLide PlugIn SDKA module to create BLIde PlugIns using BLitzMaxziggy62008-09-17
A.B.E ( Alpha.Beta.Engine )A modern, advanced and flexible software 3D Engine for maxDavidSimon12008-09-16
Space Rock Killer2D in 3D Asteroids Written in C# and Blitz 3D SDKCoderLaureate22008-09-11
Food chain simulation3d graphical representation for a food chainDrak32008-09-08
RPG game...A little project.Cp's worklog of an RPG game project.Cp82008-09-06
SphereSphere FPSDrak32008-09-05
TURBOCHOMP2D Platformer_3342008-08-09
Grid TerminalText interface for games_3322008-07-28
Crayon physics CloneFirst worklog, latest game :)Xip22008-07-16
Worklog 1No descriptionShambler192008-06-30
Areonx (Reworked)Developement Log for my SrpgDuckstab[o]42008-06-25
Project Studio IDEAdvanced Integrated Development Environment for BlitzMatthew Smith352008-06-11
LinksWeb Linksmrburns12008-06-06
Coastal BatteryDefend the shore!Drak32008-06-05
2.5D map viewerA simple 2.5D viewer for 2d maps made using vertecies. Just a personal learning tool I guess.Kalisme22008-05-28
Stunt Car RacerStunt Car Racer Remake attemptWMSteadman42008-05-21
BCS ArchiveArchive of BriskVM 2 command setsplash102008-05-01