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Worklog 1No descriptionBrucey532009-06-13
TimelineFXParticle Effects for BlitzmaxPete Rigz12009-06-13
Tribal SimulationA simulation of want-driven "creatures" simulating tribal lifeDrak32009-06-01
AnantaTop-down space trading gameVilu102009-05-27
Mod setup wizardA new utility for BLIde Plus usersziggy12009-05-23
OMDMMORPG (online RPG)khayn92009-05-20
MiniB3D SoundPositional 3D Sound Module for MiniB3Dima74732009-05-17
BloodBane OnlineOnline PvP RPGXzider152009-05-15
Worklog 1What I'm up to.Chroma12009-04-02
PsychoScriptNew scripting library for Blitz3D/MaxBaystep Productions52009-03-30
Nexus 3D Engine - DX9/10Blitz3D-like DirectX 9/10 engineKimoTech142009-03-26
Creative EnvironmentA networked development and operating environment for games and applicationsImaginaryHuman372009-03-25
Worklog 1No descriptionBlitzplotter32009-03-14
PhysLite2D physics module for Blitz MaxOddball232009-03-03
GorillaWorklog for my Gorilla game made 2/14/2009GIB3D12009-02-14
Darkened WorldsCel Shaded RPGgrindalf22009-02-13
ModulesSome of my BlitzMax modules.Ked52009-02-13
BMP to WAVph33r my helecopter sounding flikr albumGinger Tea22009-02-12
Icicle Worksmy first "i want to remake that game" gameGinger Tea82009-01-24
Worklog 1No descriptionWarpy92009-01-12
GAGEA Graphic Adventure Game Engine and Toolkit.MatthiusF22008-12-30
Script LanguageProgress of a small script languageziggy22008-12-21
macsystemextension.modSystemextension for MacOS X (only)MacSven12008-12-18
Colums Version2Creating my first game in Blitz3DFernhout52008-12-13
Kart Racing TestsKart Raceriroker32008-12-06