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MS Paint CloneFor personal use.Zakk22009-12-22
Variable ControllersNumeric ramps, etc...Zakk42009-12-20
Forum HighlightsA collection of the best stuff I've come across in the forums.Zakk22009-12-20
TUIO ClientFor use in a Reactable-like project.Zakk22009-12-18
axe3dBlitz3D Compatability Layer Moduleskidracer22009-12-17
TileMap EngineNew TileMap Engine for related Games_Skully92009-12-17
VigilGuiGraphical UILeon Drake42009-12-06
Space Fight SimulationComputer driven space battle between 2 competing computer teamsDrak62009-12-05
bb-mode for emacsBlitz 3D Emacs mode.oofoe52009-12-03
No Title...yet...A FPS inspired by Fallen Empire: LegionsIcyDefiance42009-11-19
Codename DominoXLThis is a basic first concept to test the functionality of the new 2.0+ versions of Newton and TV3dDuckstab[o]72009-11-05
Sniper 3DSniper 3D is a shooting game. Walk around. Shoot people.AJ0020012009-10-31
1860's gameA civil war based gameDrak22009-10-26
TimeOSA operating system written in B+!neos30012009-10-26
schiaccialapulceschiaccialapulce is a free little game made in Blitz3D which consists in a remake of an old 2D blitz game named spider by Jurgen Valks . Author: Francesco Ardizzone (emanresu1963) link:
Ludum Dare #15Quick test run of simple game concept using BlitzMAX Community Framework!Arowx22009-09-05
Verlet MaxA 2d physics engine for Blitz MaxNate the Great82009-08-15
mmjMillisecond Mah JongArowx22009-08-13
BlitzMax Coder MagazineOnline Magazine for BlitzMax CodersArowx22009-08-12
Lua ScriptingLua design for my gameDuckstab[o]42009-08-07
Nameless Online RPGIt's right now in pre-pre-beta-status, and were still looking for a nameSytzeZ42009-08-03
FastGuiskinnable Gui using FastImageBobysait12009-07-27
Ghost Rocket Flight EngineMy progress on the flight engine and creating a dedicated threaded server.Chroma42009-07-27
My FPSIt is the 'snizz'puki12009-07-13
Blitzmax Community frameworkAn open source framework for blitzmaxPete Carter42009-06-24