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Candy World IIIHeart of Heaven.Xilvan122010-09-06
MaxGUI UpdatesA worklog for keeping track of any updates/enhancements made to the MaxGUI modules.SebHoll182010-08-31
M.O.F.E. Open Source 2d fighting engine!2d fighting game engine project i started a while ago, it was intended to be an online multiplayer fighting game, i haven't finished it yet.Leon Drake22010-07-29
Tank attackA tank based game similar to the one included in Wii playandy_mc12010-07-19
oops(Object Orianted Programming Syntax) for blitz3d and other converts, i guess my own bread of programming dialect, to Blitz3D code.MusicianKool32010-07-13
a spinning clockof n animationstanrol22010-07-11
Super GerballFurry funsimonh152010-07-09
text adventuresimilar to King's Queststanrol12010-06-12
Burning Skies : Rebellion StoriesA game for the Burning Skies web showSpaceMan9452010-05-31
BLIde CompilerProgress of a new compiler for BlitzMax-like codeziggy22010-05-30
b3da papp i madestanrol22010-03-22
2d GUIVirtual Music Mixersspriteman262010-03-16
Tower DefenseI decided to make a more simple gameOiduts Studios22010-03-13
adv Radventurestanrol12010-03-08
New Game EngineA new game-focussed engine for developing cool gamesImaginaryHuman132010-03-07
shift.remakeA remake of an (almost) unknown C64-gameqim22010-03-06
MrRocketMayhemA physics Based GameDuckstab[o]42010-02-25
JipParticlesAn incredibly (almost sinful) easy-to-use particle system.Ked12010-02-11
Sphere Wars 2Bigger, Better, Badder, Sphere Wars Game. (FPS)Drak22010-01-29
The Pirate GameA pirate themed RPGOiduts Studios62010-01-18
Botz!A greater creature simulationDrak42010-01-17
Pocket FunctionsA collection of small miscellaneous functions that I use often.Zakk52009-12-23
Leve editor / EngineThe development log for my upcomming level editor and framework_JIM22009-12-23
Axe Shredder/Drum HeroA Guitar Hero and Rock Band spin-offCaleb12009-12-22