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TileMap System...Zakk22011-03-02
3D modelsworking on models for salemelonhead22011-02-26
KeePeeUpA smaller projectAngus122011-02-19
Worklog Warnerworking on my code projectsWarner132011-02-16
Ssdw moveplay minigames with you'r webcam.ssdw22011-02-15
Candy World IVThe Lillians Planet.Xilvan242011-02-10
New CodeCreating PrimativesStickman12011-02-09
Solarance: Procyon Council - Alpha 2A 2D Space Trading/Combat Shooter - EV: Nova inspiredGalaxy61312011-02-02
Next BLIde versionDevelopment progress of the BLIde IDE for BlitzMaxziggy242011-01-06
Jungle Ide (monkey IDE)Wroklog updates for the monkey (BMX2) IDE I'm developingziggy32010-12-20
Core2DDetails and updates on Core2D Framework.Chroma32010-12-16
Valkyrie Strike3D space shootercrazydba42010-12-12
The most simple shooterShoot asteroids - not less, nothing else. Version 0.5Rick_7212010-12-09 WorklogCurrently I am mostly working on...Arowx12010-11-26
Tower Platform Gameworking title for my long-term projectAngus52010-11-26
Transporterstransporter MANIA!!!jute12010-11-22
htbaapub.modWorklog to keep you up to date on htbaapub.mod modulesHtbaa172010-11-14
Pilot Goes to SpaceMy current project - a 2D arcade game with a 20s silent film aestheticCoinOpBard22010-11-12
iphone puzzle rpgDocumenting the process as I use iminib3d to develop a game.jhocking222010-10-27
Star Trek: RequiriusA Star Trek Fan ShowSpaceMan94102010-10-22
Triskell3D (other Ogre3D wrap)Ogre3D wrapAlan_82010-10-08
Crystal ConquestA casual number game with a space theme.Sauer272010-10-06
MicroGameXonline gamemakerWarner22010-10-05
MapEngineGUIMapEngineGUI MacOS X onlyMacSven12010-09-15
Mano TrooperParatrooper remakeFoppy62010-09-08