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BattletrackTop-down racing game with gunsFoppy92012-01-30
Xilvan Design SpriteLib EngineXilvan Design SpriteLib Engine.Xilvan22011-12-25
TSA Video Game Creation CompetitionA team of high schoolers making a small game for a game competitionNate the Great22011-11-30
LukeGUIMy GUI for Xors3D. Old versions are in b3dsdk.Luke11112011-11-30
LukeminerMinecraft Clone Made In Blitzmax with Blitz3D SDKLuke11122011-11-06
Neural Network BuilderBuild artifical Neural networks with ease.MusicianKool52011-10-09
JavaB3dCreating a wrapper to make coding java3d more like blitz3dLeon Drake32011-09-25
Candy to The Rescue IICandy's Last Hero.Xilvan112011-08-24
Rackspace Cloud Files SyncAn application for online backup using Rackspace Cloud Files serviceHtbaa42011-08-21
Bad Things Happen in New MexicoIsometric adventure in the old westIon12011-08-06
BlitzoggerOpen Source Arcade Style ProjectBlitzogger12011-08-04
AXASpace simulationGraythe42011-08-04
Project ViralWorking on my MMORTSBaystep Productions22011-07-28
Puzzle gameJust an idea I had when replying to a threadGinger Tea12011-07-14
GalaxiangEssai d'espacePrym12011-06-30
Candy World VCandy to the Rescue.Xilvan182011-06-18
Hack, Slash, LootCoffee break graphical roguelikeOddball122011-05-12
Star Opus ISpace shootingJohn Cage132011-05-04
My RPGA new Start for AreonxDuckstab[o]122011-04-28
Concept XPhysics GamesDuckstab[o]62011-04-14
RangerA vertical scrolling shooterFoppy262011-04-03
Casual Game FrameworkA new set of modules that will enhance the development time of such gamesSanctus12011-03-11
Getting PhysicalyayDuckstab[o]42011-03-05
Imp GameSimple game.Zakk32011-03-04
2011tools for the tradeDuckstab[o]42011-03-03