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Candy in Space IIIA Mission for two Dogs.Xilvan332014-01-15
DaveyA platformerBlueapples42013-12-26
Blitz ToolkitsA project to create a tool-kits that can be used to enhance basic programming.mk2y1022013-11-09
SwapshotProject in progressDRH192013-09-13
Crates and BoxesPuzzle game with an incredibly innovative working titleLucky_Luc22013-09-05
Grand PrixPseudo 3d racerFoppy112013-08-01
More ModulesA list of BlitzMax modules on the go...Brucey1302013-07-25
Development PC BuildBuild a flexible PC for developmentScaremonger72013-06-20
SimpleWorld developmentA simplified version of the game I first had in mindKronosUK52013-06-19
ImaginationConstruct R1Do cpus dream of electronic birds?GuyMartin12013-03-31
General WorklogGeneral news on my projects in GeneralTricky12013-03-18
3D SnakeSimple project from start to finish.Aussie52012-12-22
TouristNon-violent FP gameMikorians12012-12-16
RPG-WIPA currently unnamed RPG project that will slightly resemble TES series.psychicbottle42012-12-09
Drak's RPGA game I've been working on for quite some time.Drak162012-12-01
Screensaver 3DrawThese series of projects aim to create flexible and marketable screensavers using Blitz3D, Window's API, and nothing else!mk2y1012012-09-11
Computer ImaginationCan Computers Dream?TechnoSinga12012-09-06
Wizard Battle 2One-switch strategy gameFoppy212012-08-12
Game Media and Resources LinksLinks to websites with media and resources that can be used in your gamesZethrax12012-06-28
The Million 2-minute Puzzles ProjectA Multi-platform, multi-media experience for those with a small amount of time to killThePict12012-04-16
Worklog 1No descriptionMarkus Rauch362012-04-11
Freezing WorldMultiplayer survival adventure gameArska12012-02-24
b3d-jpct-vglB3d style wrapper for the JPCT-AE android 3d apiLeon Drake22012-02-17
NyonTurbo - OpenCL accelerated Neural NetworkOpenCL accelerated neural network system capable of learning and improving fuzzy 'functions' over a number of cycles. Often Known as Black Box learning networks.AntonyWells22012-02-16
Vivid3D 2.0It's back! The engine that blew up the world, returns in glorious HD.AntonyWells22012-02-16