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Blitz HardwiredDirectx9/Directx11 Substitute for B3DPloppy532016-02-21
GPS 3D Training ViewerDepicts in 3D a training route showing latitude, latitude, longitude & heart rate around a routeBlitzplotter22016-02-01
ConvergenceNew Game I'm working onMatty712016-01-24
UDP Network libraryA network library for Blitz3D based on UDP server-client protocol with host switchingFlanker52016-01-17
Tile Based GameHoping to make it into a simple playable game.Omnicode72015-12-31
ConstrictorEmbedded InterpreterRaster Ron12015-09-16
Star Roguea monkey space game based in the Star Flight 2000 universe :)*292015-09-08
TiberionTiberion Online MMORPG.. (former voidrpg)Wings352015-09-07
Blitzer IDEA modern IDE for Blitz3D/BlitzPlusRaster Ron42015-08-08
Hwyl gyda crynoadyddionIf it ain't broke...Brucey162015-06-26
Ctrl A revealerImage/Animation displaying tool which Reveals the Old CTRL-A Hidden images which were viewable in Older versions of Internet ExplorerDan62015-06-25
Elite Multiplayerthe final say on it*12015-05-02
A test!Just a test...marksibly_v212015-04-22
Minecraft like projectCode and video's of what I get donePakz62014-11-04
Civ CloneMaking a Civilization like gamePakz102014-10-02
Baldy FortressA newbies attempt at Dwarf Fortress style gameplayNest22014-08-27
Tiny TanksOnline Multiplayer Tank CTFRifRaf272014-06-11
Galaxang46My space programmPrym12014-06-10
ConvertionFrom MaxGUI to wxMaxHenri32014-05-20
Civilization 3 automationRemake of the worker automation of civ 3Pakz162014-04-30
Stellar ExpansionXplore, Xpand,Xploit and Xterminate-Rick-72014-04-29
Blitz mirrorCollection of free Blitz archive filesmarkcw52014-04-03
WumpusHunt the Wumpus exampleXerra12014-02-24
(Renamed) Alrea Predue, Alchemists of the floating IsleRenamed, same projectDRH42014-02-22
Space battleSpatial rpg/str under construction.Stephane12014-01-23