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Raw Socket testCreating ICMP packets such as echo (ping) and echo reply from scratchSub_Zero12007-01-02
Gaea GUI Creation ToolAnother GUI creation tool coded in Blitz (open source)Alaric32006-12-20
Devil GUIFast and free GUI for Blitz3d.bytecode7712006-12-16
FleetStrategic fleet combat in spacegburgess72006-12-11
HLSL Shader PackA pack of HLSL Shaders covering all the most popular effects ready to use in your game.Gabriel102006-12-09
CodeMonkey - Making a monkey out of you.When basic meets C#, they make love. over and over again.AntonyWells122006-12-09
MiniB3D XEMy funky umm chunky, err, clunkly mod of minib3dAntonyWells52006-12-02
Devil Shadow SystemFast and free shadow system for Blitz3D.bytecode7782006-11-11
MaxEditan evolution of MaxIDEskidracer22006-11-08
RTS gameIn the veins of starcraftdjdee32006-11-08
Orbicuspuzzle gameChroma22006-11-07
Worklog 1No descriptionNigelC32006-11-01
Devil Physic EngineFast and free physic engine based on Newton wrapper(former BlitzODE).bytecode7752006-10-29
BloxSure it's been done before, but there are a few "novelties" you might find interesting...Adam Novagen22006-10-25
Archon 2160A 3D-tribute to ArchonAJirenius32006-10-06
My Company planConceptDuckstab[o]22006-10-04
Galaxy At WarFree-roaming space gamegburgess12006-10-02
Devil Particle SystemFast and free single-surface particle system for Blitz3D.bytecode7712006-09-29
MattVonFat IDEAn IDE for BlitzMax, for a start.MattVonFat152006-09-20
Worklog 1No descriptionMyrmydon112006-09-16
Worklog 1No descriptionDiablo892006-09-15
Worklog 1No descriptionskidracer92006-09-05
Worklog 1No descriptionDustin32006-09-01
Worklog 1No descriptionDuckstab[o]522006-08-30
Worklog 1No descriptionziggy122006-08-29