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Game Engine3d engine using dreamotionckob12007-07-10
Kamaya2D Game Creation FrameworkDreamora12007-07-10
Glide IDEA new IDE for BlitzXXXNeochrome22007-07-09
Parsing dataAutomated translationNebula22007-07-06
Drawing the gameplayThoughts on the inner workings of games.Nebula12007-07-06
Dungeon MakerThe Ultimate 3D Dungeon Crawler Game CreatorMadMunky32007-06-25
My first big gameI'll chart my progress on everything here.Eviltoes22007-06-19
BlitzLuaLua Interface for many BlitzMax and MaxGUI modulesRozek62007-06-02
Namex FPS GameHuge and interactive FPS Gamesniper_boy14712007-05-30
Max'd GUIAdvanced GUI EditorSebHoll52007-05-28
GameBuilderVarious components for 3d gamebuildingb32202007-04-28
Dreamotion3D3D engineTMyke22007-04-28
'Zero'Top down, 3D space combat gamelowpoly22007-04-18
CutieMore GUI shenanigansBrucey152007-04-14
The Cronicals of Singed LabcoatAutomator Virtual Input V2.0 still in the worksGA72007-04-14
CGI library for BlitzmaxA Complete CGI library for development of web based content in BlitzMax with support for Cookies and session variables.Scaremonger62007-03-27
Areon-X: FoundationsA Rpg/WorldBuilder Developed with Bmax,TV3D and Glimmers WrapperDuckstab[o]122007-03-19
HydraMax IDEBlitzMax MDI IDE designed to be small and fast. Does not require the .NET frameworkEikon122007-03-19
SWARM2D shoot em up with some extra...TheSin52007-03-06
Little Life Forms WLsWorks logs from all products of Little Life Forms Company.Martin S. Stoller42007-02-28
WWII text baseda text based RPGMyrmydon62007-02-01
Kong-Fu_XPURemote PC Control with a few fun toysSonari Eclipsi Onimari12007-01-24
Something to do...It's not cvsBrucey32007-01-22
2D Adventure3D is just an illusion – it all ends up 2D in the final displayjoko22942007-01-10