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Bubbles and liquidJointed Circular Plate movementNebula12007-11-27
UnderwaterWorking on an underwater game enginelowpoly12007-11-11
My New Match Three GameEarly Developement StagesDuckstab[o]12007-11-07
BLIde new engine 0.9.xDevelopment statusziggy142007-10-24
Projects2D tool chainDefoc812007-10-22
Void RPG Online 3DMulti player Online game.Wings402007-10-22
State Of The Art 2 Point 0Every game has an end. Every end has a begining.errno!12007-10-20
Rc car SimulationThis is my first greater Application, trying to make a very realistic Rc car simulationelcoo22007-10-18
MiniB3DA lightweight version of Blitz3D for BlitzMaxsimonh62007-10-15
3d platformer enginedev news(tu) sinu202007-09-29
HYPERPONGMultiplayer 3D PONGTechlord12007-09-27
MacOS X Build Universal BinaryThis tool create a Universal Binary from BlitzMax ApplicationsMacSven32007-09-23
AVR Programing GUIAVR Atmel Program GUIMacSven12007-09-16
StealthRoom V2One House DividedFuller62007-09-14
ELEMENTALMy Final Blitz3D FPS Engine.Techlord42007-09-10
B3D SDK/C# 2D Engine TutorialDocuments the creation of a 2D game engine using B3D SDK and C#PaulM32007-09-10
My work BlogReadabout my Max/GUI works hereBoulderdash22007-09-02
JuxScript Languageerrno!22007-08-26
Planet XA real-time strategy game.Subirenihil52007-08-26
Project TKThe game I've always dreamed about making...Apollonius22007-08-25
WildVideoEver dreamed of hi def 1080p perfect visual/audio playback of practically any format under the sun? Dream no more.errno!22007-08-15
ImperialThought I was dead!?Baystep Productions32007-08-06
Casual games developmentBlog for development of some casual games I'm making and planning to sell on portalsandy_mc22007-08-04
Jigsaw PuzzleCreating a simple jigsaw game like www.jigzone.comGlenn Dodd12007-07-20