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Music generatorCreating a music generatorNebula32008-01-20
Font MachineDevelopment of Font Machineziggy12008-01-20
Sin Castlestop-down boss rushTwitchfactor22008-01-19
3d libopenglnawi62008-01-12
Mirror to movieGame LightingNebula12008-01-11
Areonx Foundations (Final Cut)Turn Based Rpg GameDuckstab[o]202008-01-11
Text to movietext to image text to animation text to movieNebula12008-01-10
Intelligent car assecoiresThingsNebula12008-01-07
MiniB3D Extended VersionA regularly updated summary of my current development stateklepto272008-01-06
Computer interactionSmart computersNebula12008-01-05
BroadswordArmy roster creatorScaremonger32008-01-04
SpawnA shoot-em-up with a difference!Scaremonger32008-01-04
[MAXGUI] TTableviewGrid control for MAXGUIScaremonger52008-01-04
3D Sound LibraryA 3D Sound Library for BlitzMax, complete with EAX EffectsGabriel22008-01-02
Worklog 1No descriptionnawi42008-01-01
D-WorklogWorklog for Dan at D-GrafixD4NM4N12007-12-19
TRAP - Just For FunWhy not remake C64 demos ? :)Stu_ovine12007-12-17
Earth DefenderStrategy for casualsDreamora12007-12-16
DownlandTRS-80 Tandy Color Computer RemakeEikon22007-12-13
Sound scannerScan books with sound / scan models with soundNebula12007-12-13
My first gameMy worklogcaff_22007-12-12
ProtectionModule (Only MACOS X)This is a module to protect your software against the software pirates. It use the MAC-Address or the Machine Serial Number to protect your software.MacSven12007-12-11
Csg Lib Bmax3d independant CSG Lib for BmaxLeon Drake62007-12-05
Zin generator.Scentence generator based on part scentences.Nebula32007-12-02
Shaders and hologramsShaders and smoke and colored particlesNebula22007-11-30