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deKALmy attempt at a free opensource decal system that wraps the decal around objectsKalisme52008-04-29
Zama Flight EngineA realistic flight physics engine.Chroma72008-04-28
Axel's WorklogStuffAxel Wheeler22008-04-24
Grid WorldArcade style 3D FPS / puzzle game_33192008-04-11
Worklog 1No descriptionStu_ovine82008-04-08
PhyBallNewton + Tv3d Physics GameDuckstab[o]162008-04-08
shaKALa simple, free, fast & opensource shadow library for blitz3dKalisme172008-04-07
Gem HeroesMultiplatform Massively Multiplayer Puzzle Battle Game (Client = BlitzMax / Server = C#)EnigmaticGames42008-04-01
BLIde SVN supportIntegrating a small svn client to BLIdeziggy12008-03-29
Old BlitzPlus projectsSome of my old stuffplash72008-03-28
My Next GameIt's about time I wrote another game, and here is where I chart my progress.Gabriel192008-03-27
BlitzCoopYour new blitz-SiteSytzeZ22008-03-27
Co-operative FPSSave the world. As a team!gburgess12008-03-21
Game DesignerA program to create games, just by putting all resources togetherSytzeZ22008-03-15
BLIde solutions like in Visual StudioDevelopment status of the BLIde solutions engineziggy122008-03-02
Story reader softwareRead me a story (voice .txt *.xxx)Nebula12008-02-19
Building CreatorBuilding creatorckob22008-02-17
Simple DungeonMY first large scale projectSchragnasher52008-02-14
Physics GameCurrent DevelopementDuckstab[o]42008-01-31
nuclear warfarebackupmtnhome3d42008-01-29
Intelligent vibrationsArtificial intelligence (director)Nebula32008-01-28
GraphicsGraphic programmingNebula12008-01-28
MaxGui and beyondsugar mountainskidracer12008-01-23
Picklesworth's RamblingsThe worklogPicklesworth452008-01-20
EditorSnap to correct scentenceNebula22008-01-20