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GameBuilderAll types Game constructorHardcoal52017-06-10
Candy's Space Mysteries IIMissions on Earth.Xilvan22017-06-04
Overland RPGSimple Overland RPG for MobileMatty22017-05-24
Soul of SphereThe Sky Garden.Xilvan12017-05-07
Lights of Dreams IVFrom the Angelical Blade to Far, Above the Clouds.Xilvan172017-04-16
Candy's Space MysteriesMissions on The Blue Planets.Xilvan142017-04-16
Current ProjectI have tinkered and fooled around with blitz for quite awhile, grasping and using every possible function to create and fulfill my game-design needs. I would like to showcase my WIP of my game calledOmnicode372017-04-03
Code TestTesting CodeFBEpyon62017-04-03
Animate Model ExperimentsAnimate code of different "life forms"gpete22017-03-09
Learning BlitzMaxLearning BlitzMaxYue532017-01-23
Candy to the Rescue IVScepter of Thunders.Xilvan132017-01-10
Candy World IIThe Golden Bones.Xilvan102017-01-10
Fantasy Gamenew game im thinking is a fantasy game. a battle game with a brief story. i might do it for pc instead of mobile this time around.Matty112016-12-07
Star Battle ConquestSpace Strategy GameMatty22016-11-09
Game Server - Blitz3D Client UserlibA game server and userlib package written in PureBasic for use with Blitz3Deng_harvey442016-09-17
Candy World II: The Other Golden Bones...Are finally back!Alex. L.12016-07-06
RPG GameRouge Like BuilderFBEpyon12016-06-29
Grimoire of WorldsProcedural RPGgrindalf12016-05-28
Candy Racing CupThe Lillians Rally.Xilvan62016-05-26
Wizards ChaosTurnbased 2d war gameRedWizzard42016-05-11
Drawing/Pixeling tool (bplus)I hope to create a lot of drawing tool features.Pakz62016-05-01
Candy World Adventure IVA 2D Adventure.Xilvan162016-02-23
Candy's Space AdventuresThe Messages from the Lillians.Xilvan412016-02-22