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ShowcaseShow off your latest projects here.467586114therevills (2017)
Technical DiscourseGeneral Discussion 21652553JoshK (2017)
Developer StationsGame development applications and utilities.179315188Rooster (2017)
General HelpWhen you need solutions to real world problems.164414875Yue (2017)
Graphic ChatDisplay and discuss your visuals here.144720815Matty (2017)
Common RoomRelax and chat801648Hardcoal (2017)
Monkey TalkInformation about the new Monkey products from BRL.3804397Playniax (2017)
Bug ReportsCurrent product and forum issues24196Dan (2017)

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Blitz3D ProgrammingProgramming with the language of champions1008290765RemiD (2017)
Blitz3D UserlibsBlitz3D additions, extensions and User Libs65211284Yue (2017)
Blitz3D Beginners AreaFriendly support to get you started with Blitz3D589547211Blitzplotter (2017)
Blitz3D TutorialsStep by step guides to greatness7150346n3463 (2017)

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BlitzMax ProgrammingOfficial BlitzMax developer forum890891770EdzUp MkII (2017)
BlitzMax NGNext generation BlitzMax programming46757col (2017)
Brucey's ModulesFor discussion about Brucey's modules12309949Henri (2017)
MaxGUI ModuleFor discussion about programming using the BlitzMax GUI module.11487422skidracer (2017)
OpenGL ModuleFor discussion about programming in OpenGL.4973425Grover (2017)
MiniB3D ModuleFor discussion about MiniB3D - a free, open-source 3D engine for BlitzMax10619268Kryzon (2017)
BlitzMax Beginners AreaFriendly support to get you started with Blitzmax517640987Rick Nasher (2017)
BlitzMax TutorialsBlitzMax related programming tutorials can be found here.1261428Hardcoal (2017)

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General DiscussionIntelligent discussion about computers and games15722279576Rick Nasher (2017)
BlitzPlus TutorialsBlitzPlus related programming tutorials can be found here.27114Bobysait (2015)
BlitzPlus Beginners AreaNew to BlitzPlus? Confused? Post here for help!6804035RustyKristi (2016)
BlitzPlus ProgrammingFor discussion of BlitzPlus specific programming.230714061RustyKristi (2016)
MacOS X DiscussionA forum for discussing MacOS X related topics. 4513240RustyKristi (2016)
Win32 DiscussionA forum for discussion of Win32 related topics.1741239Mikorians (2016)
Linux DiscussionA forum for discussion of Linux related topics.6055323dawlane (2016)
MaxGUI Bug ReportsReport any bugs you find in the MaxGUI modules here. 52201Midimaster (2016)
BlitzMax Bug ReportsReport any BlitzMax bugs or suspicious behaviour here3602131Tricky (2016)
Blitz3D SDK ProgrammingDiscuss programming with the Blitz3D SDK here.2881748skidracer (2017)
Blitz3D SDK Bug ReportsThink you've found a bug in the Blitz3D SDK? Post details here!1269Kryzon (2011)
Blitz3D SDK TutorialsBlitz3D SDK related programming tutorials can be found here.25monotonic (2008)

Monkey Programming
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Monkey BeginnersNew to Monkey? New to programming? Ask your questions here.7674395SLotman (2017)
Monkey ProgrammingMonkey programming discussion - not specific to any target339827913Pakz (2017)
AndroidAndroid target discussion7715188dawlane (2017)
DesktopDesktop target discussion (formerly GLFW target discussion)2671632Pierrou (2017)
FlashFlash target discussion130737Pakz (2017)
HTML5HTML5 target discussion2581349Xaron (2017)
iOSiOS target discussion3142004Soap (2017)
OuyaOuya target discussion987Hotshot (2016)
PSMPSM target discussion30170garyk1968 (2014)
Windows 8Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 target discussion54279SLotman (2017)
XNAXNA target discussion94510rIKmAN (2016)
User TargetsFor discussion of targets created by Monkey users39887SLotman (2016)
User ModulesFor discussion of modules created by Monkey users1505073SLotman (2017)
Bug ReportsImportant - when posting bug reports, please remember to provide your device details, as well as example code that reproduces the bug6002666Beaker (2017)

Monkey General
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Monkey DiscussionNon-programming Monkey discussion17348300MikeHart (2017)
Monkey AppsMonkey apps that have been submitted to the website's apps section. Every app has a topic created automatically. Please leave feedback!230721Tamaki (2017)
Monkey ProjectsMonkey projects that have not been submitted as an app to the website's apps section.4435186Shinkiro1 (2017)
Monkey CodePost useful or interesting bits of Monkey code here - remember to use the [code][/code] or [codebox][/codebox] tags!2701764Pakz (2017)
Monkey TutorialsPost Monkey tutorials here37480Pakz (2017)
Digital DiscussionThe place to discuss games, computers - anything with 0s and 1s!5894633Playniax (2017)
Monkey2Monkey2 development discussion1783510Unknown (2016)

Monkey Apps
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GUI exampleGUI example discussion24frank (2011)
Mirror FXMirror FX discussion22Richard Betson (2011)
Tile ImageTile Image discussion22Richard Betson (2011)
Infinite landscapeInfinite landscape discussion24EdzUp (2011)
Line vs. CircleLine vs. Circle discussion23Jesse (2011)
RockOut!RockOut! discussion22DruggedBunny (2011)
Simple VertletSimple Vertlet discussion22Richard Betson (2011)
HorseyHorsey discussion22Warpy (2011)
Monkey madnessMonkey madness discussion22Warpy (2011)
GLFW DiffusionGLFW Diffusion discussion33Richard Betson (2011)
Zombie Trailer ParkZombie Trailer Park discussion322Shanon (2012)
Gunfright moneybagsGunfright moneybags discussion23Snader (2011)
Car TestCar Test discussion28DruggedBunny (2011)
KNN ClassifierKNN Classifier discussion22GW_ (2011)
Blob MonsterBlob Monster discussion426Uncle (2011)
Cutscene - SkeletonCutscene - Skeleton discussion210Skn3 (2011)
MonkensteinMonkenstein discussion24EdzUp (2011)
SnakeSnake discussion22Skn3 (2011)
Multi-ScrapperMulti-Scrapper discussion26Sledge (2011)
DodgemDodgem discussion22Raz (2011)
SpacedSpaced discussion46degac (2011)
Asteroid GameAsteroid Game discussion311Dan (2011)
Dividey CirclesDividey Circles discussion38Amon (2011)
PerticlesPerticles discussion25Perturbatio (2011)
WitchBlasterWitchBlaster discussion411simonh (2011)
Monkade PhysicsMonkade Physics discussion212Rob Pearmain (2011)
SokobanSokoban discussion214Amnesia (2011)
Mini Bullet CandyMini Bullet Candy discussion215Grey Alien (2012)
InvadersInvaders discussion34Dan (2011)
Atomic Blaster CFAtomic Blaster CF discussion39mangoo (2011)
Dancing VerletsDancing Verlets discussion24Canardian (2011)
AsteroidsAsteroids discussion410MikeHart (2011)
Arca-LowArca-Low discussion36Tri|Ga|De (2011)
PlatformerPlatformer discussion519therevills (2012)
SURVIBALLSURVIBALL discussion326Jesse (2012)
PianoMonkeyPianoMonkey discussion26Grey Alien (2012)
FISH! FISH!FISH! FISH! discussion28Corum (2012)
Croco MagnetoCroco Magneto discussion212xlsior (2011)
explosions demoexplosions demo discussion24dave.h (2011)
ImpactImpact discussion210devolonter (2011)
Moon LanderMoon Lander discussion23Foppy (2011)
Rabbit JumpRabbit Jump discussion22Wagenheimer (2011)
Sudoku EpicSudoku Epic discussion22TMK (2011)
Doggy BounceDoggy Bounce discussion411therevills (2012)
Pirate SolitairePirate Solitaire discussion22therevills (2011)
Pirate TriPeaksPirate TriPeaks discussion213therevills (2011)
Triangle SolverTriangle Solver discussion22Cheese (2011)
TOWERS IN ENFERNOTOWERS IN ENFERNO discussion215dave.h (2011)
iRetraineriRetrainer discussion22xzess (2011)
Driller BunnyDriller Bunny discussion211Neuro (2011)
Golden SwordGolden Sword discussion24matty (2011)
CubeClackerCubeClacker discussion45York (2011)
Save your NotesSave your Notes discussion24Aman (2011)
Web Image AlbumWeb Image Album discussion24Hummelpups (2011)
myFleamyFlea discussion22maverick69 (2011)
Wheels On FireWheels On Fire discussion22maverick69 (2011)
KabamaKabama discussion23c.k. (2011)
Monkey PixelsMonkey Pixels discussion35QuietBloke (2011)
Diddy!Diddy! discussion23TaskMaster (2011)
8-Ball8-Ball discussion529Jesse (2012)
Textured PolygonsTextured Polygons discussion22Earok (2011)
SNES Mode 7SNES Mode 7 discussion27Earok (2013)
Maze BoyMaze Boy discussion312TheRedFox (2011)
QB GalaxiansQB Galaxians discussion310QuietBloke (2011)
QB AsteroidsQB Asteroids discussion310therevills (2012)
NinjahNinjah discussion38dopeyrulz (2011)
6 degrees of freedom6 degrees of freedom discussion25Earok (2011)
Asteroid FieldAsteroid Field discussion45dawlane (2011)
3D Terrain3D Terrain discussion314Grant (2012)
PucupoPuzzlePucupoPuzzle discussion22York (2011)
Serpent LizardSerpent Lizard discussion28BlitzProg (2011)
Maze RaceMaze Race discussion36Dabz (2011)
Ocean QuestOcean Quest discussion22Lugato (2011)
BuChaoBuChao discussion23Waldo Reed (2012)
Snake ChampionshipSnake Championship discussion212Grey Alien (2012)
Pattern MatchPattern Match discussion25TheRedFox (2011)
Jack HammerJack Hammer discussion23Grey Alien (2012)
BlastoidsBlastoids discussion22matty (2011)
Flames of VengeanceFlames of Vengeance discussion22matty (2011)
Lockdown NecrosisLockdown Necrosis discussion24matty (2011)
Tac StarTac Star discussion22matty (2011)
Tac Star DeluxeTac Star Deluxe discussion22matty (2011)
Detective ChessDetective Chess discussion23therevills (2011)
Jango on TourJango on Tour discussion35Risc (2012)
Always AloneAlways Alone discussion413MonkeyPlotter (2012)
Super Math AdventureSuper Math Adventure discussion46Grey Alien (2012)
Hurdle JumperHurdle Jumper discussion22Yoda (2011)
Frequency AnnoyerFrequency Annoyer discussion23Waldo Reed (2012)
Midnight RunMidnight Run discussion38Jesse (2012)
Electro Man MCElectro Man MC discussion35teremochek (2012)
Gulp RunnerGulp Runner discussion22Yoda (2012)
Tilt MazeTilt Maze discussion22Gerry Quinn (2012)
iMonkiMonk discussion210xzess (2012)
Naughty Gnomes QuestNaughty Gnomes Quest discussion25frank (2012)
The SurvivorsThe Survivors discussion26Farflame (2012)
AlphaburnAlphaburn discussion34Grey Alien (2012)
Star WorldsStar Worlds discussion22Leonid (2012)
Crossbow ShootingCrossbow Shooting discussion23teremochek (2012)
BattletrackBattletrack discussion215skape (2012)
Clone Zoo Easter EggClone Zoo Easter Egg discussion22pantson (2012)
MemorizerMemorizer discussion22Yoda (2012)
Gulp LandGulp Land discussion22Yoda (2012)
Pizza PestZPizza PestZ discussion612Grey Alien (2012)
Keyframe AnimationKeyframe Animation discussion39Chroma (2013)
Scorched MonsterScorched Monster discussion39benmc (2012)
Blotty Pots - ChainBlotty Pots - Chain discussion39Xaron (2012)
Unga UngaUnga Unga discussion22tagoror (2012)
Spooky CreaturesSpooky Creatures discussion22tagoror (2012)
PiPs Tic Tac ToePiPs Tic Tac Toe discussion25simonh (2012)
Funny MatchingFunny Matching discussion36NoOdle (2012)
Pseudo 3D StarfieldPseudo 3D Starfield discussion22DarkyCrystal (2012)
Number BobbleNumber Bobble discussion22jowli (2012)
SnakeMiniXSnakeMiniX discussion22York (2012)
New Star SoccerNew Star Soccer discussion319ziggy (2013)
MonkeyMaxMonkeyMax discussion23visionastral (2012)
Slice ItSlice It discussion210Paul - Taiphoz (2012)
Puzzle 8Puzzle 8 discussion25cursedbyte (2012)
Wacky Tackle [Free]Wacky Tackle [Free] discussion25dave.h (2012)
ModeMode discussion34devolonter (2012)
Vector ModuleVector Module discussion210Paul - Taiphoz (2012)
SafeSafe discussion38NoOdle (2012)
SwapsiesSwapsies discussion26simonh (2012)
Avalon LegendsAvalon Legends discussion22anawiki (2012)
10.000 Chests10.000 Chests discussion26Fred (2012)
Jan-Ken-PoJan-Ken-Po discussion22Lugato (2012)
YikesZombiesShootEmYikesZombiesShootEm discussion27silentshark (2012)
World of DoodlesWorld of Doodles discussion25Amnesia (2012)
Dying To LiveDying To Live discussion315Grey Alien (2012)
Get The JellyGet The Jelly discussion38FelipeA (2012)
Crazy ClownsCrazy Clowns discussion24zoqfotpik (2012)
Planet ProtectorPlanet Protector discussion22FelipeA (2012)
Portal EnginePortal Engine discussion39BlitzProg (2013)
Dolphin UpDolphin Up discussion22arawkins (2012)
PussyowlPussyowl discussion25misterSquare (2012)
Rocco´s Block LandRocco´s Block Land discussion27Waldo Reed (2012)
DEATHDEATH discussion23John Galt (2012)
Bit-InvadersBit-Invaders discussion516Paul - Taiphoz (2013)
Puzzle AdventurePuzzle Adventure discussion412Matthius (2012)
SuperArcade TabletopSuperArcade Tabletop discussion23zoqfotpik (2012)
Gravity EdGravity Ed discussion33Cygnus (2012)
HR Tycoon DemoHR Tycoon Demo discussion33TennisPlayer (2012)
DaffyDropDaffyDrop discussion35Waldo Reed (2012)
Wizard Battle 2Wizard Battle 2 discussion26Foppy (2012)
DuettDuett discussion35Midimaster (2013)
My Little Miner- DiMMy Little Miner- DiM discussion24John Galt (2012)
Gravity ShipGravity Ship discussion33Matthius (2012)
The RunesThe Runes discussion22Polan (2012)
[RECT][RECT] discussion321Grey Alien (2012)
Yikes! Zombies! Run!Yikes! Zombies! Run! discussion35silentshark (2012)
BubblutionBubblution discussion22Grant (2012)
ExtremelyComplicatedExtremelyComplicated discussion23skid (2012)
Monkey Tower DefenseMonkey Tower Defense discussion26Jesse (2012)
Captain BackwaterCaptain Backwater discussion215time-killer-games (2013)
Mystery RummyMystery Rummy discussion22Dan (2012)
The Lost WandThe Lost Wand discussion24Grey Alien (2012)
Pair PanicPair Panic discussion29simonh (2012)
Easy Snake XEasy Snake X discussion22York (2012)
Pets Day OutPets Day Out discussion24Origaming (2012)
Santa's WorkshopSanta's Workshop discussion23simonh (2012)
CPS Demo ParticlesCPS Demo Particles discussion24DarkyCrystal (2012)
Advanced RaycasterAdvanced Raycaster discussion332time-killer-games (2013)
Sophia's WorldSophia's World discussion37Waldo Reed (2012)
Neon RingsNeon Rings discussion22Leonid (2012)
Volley BombVolley Bomb discussion22Leonid (2012)
Food & CowsFood & Cows discussion22tagoror (2012)
Christmas Zombies!Christmas Zombies! discussion33silentshark (2013)
Light Cycles DuelLight Cycles Duel discussion22Snader (2012)
TIGS Advent 2012TIGS Advent 2012 discussion23AdamRedwoods (2012)
Cheese BoxCheese Box discussion22Midimaster (2012)
You Are The YetiYou Are The Yeti discussion22Raz (2012)
Disharmony BlocksDisharmony Blocks discussion24John McCubbin (2013)
Rocket CrocRocket Croc discussion33sionco (2013)
CentripeballCentripeball discussion25C10B (2013)
Zombie RushZombie Rush discussion24sionco (2013)
Green HoodGreen Hood discussion310Neuro (2013)
Monkey Touch 2012Monkey Touch 2012 discussion22Paul - Taiphoz (2013)
Penelope's RevengePenelope's Revenge discussion25zoqfotpik (2013)
Spectral SerpentSpectral Serpent discussion25Nobuyuki (2013)
Spriter ImporterSpriter Importer discussion510therevills (2013)
Crates And MarblesCrates And Marbles discussion22Tri|Ga|De (2013)
Gravity PairsGravity Pairs discussion22Volker (2013)
Missile Trail TestMissile Trail Test discussion38Paul - Taiphoz (2013)
Negative SunNegative Sun discussion22tagoror (2013)
PairsXPairsX discussion22Ironstorm (2013)
Cylindrical PanoramaCylindrical Panorama discussion44time-killer-games (2013)
Score-TrainerScore-Trainer discussion22Midimaster (2013)
Sine wigglerSine wiggler discussion48zoqfotpik (2013)
n-cuben-cube discussion35skid (2013)
Word HuntWord Hunt discussion24c.k. (2013)
ShardWars:DungeonsShardWars:Dungeons discussion46Goodlookinguy (2013)
Mini Car RacingMini Car Racing discussion23David Casual Box (2013)
shonshon discussion23Jesse (2013)
B4 G.T.T.B4 G.T.T. discussion24StoneFaceEXE (2013)
Popper HopperPopper Hopper discussion22Aymes (2013)
BMI CalculatorBMI Calculator discussion29Shinkiro1 (2013)
Escape from AlcatrazEscape from Alcatraz discussion224SLotman (2013)
Push Five LTPush Five LT discussion22dub (2013)
Math Forever 2Math Forever 2 discussion22Grey Alien (2013)
MindpeaceMindpeace discussion22Grey Alien (2013)
Xeno FarmerXeno Farmer discussion25monkeyben (2013)
Swerve!Swerve! discussion33silentshark (2013)
InvadersInvaders discussion22Powelly (2013)
Don't Flip OutDon't Flip Out discussion316Spinal (2013)
Sheepless NightsSheepless Nights discussion28Snader (2013)
Dungeon Pub Crawl!Dungeon Pub Crawl! discussion22Grey Alien (2013)
TurnToTurnTo discussion36zoqfotpik (2013)
mojomatosismojomatosis discussion212Neuro (2013)
Nazi SmugglerNazi Smuggler discussion22Grey Alien (2013)
BlastTraxBlastTrax discussion415zoqfotpik (2013)
This is TioThis is Tio discussion22Risc (2013)
Fruit DropperFruit Dropper discussion22Salmakis (2013)
Trash It!Trash It! discussion22mjcamerer (2013)
FuzzleBallFuzzleBall discussion22PhillipK (2013)
PopCorn 1988PopCorn 1988 discussion25Fred (2013)
SpikeDislike2SpikeDislike2 discussion23John Galt (2013)
Circle FlowCircle Flow discussion22maverick69 (2013)