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ESCAPI 2.0 Webcam/Image Capture by BlitzSupport2007
You need to place escapi.dll in the same folder as this source code. (You'll therefore have to save the code before running it.) This DLL is part of the package available from

This version grabs directly to a PixMap. If for some reason this causes any problems for you, try the (slower) pixel-by-pixel version posted here.

By default, this example uses the first capture device found (number 0).

UPDATE: Tidier 'include/import' version here, which grabs to standard Blitz images: It also comes with a simple example for one web cam, and an example of using two web cams at the same time. Again, you will need the ESCAPI 2.0 package as described above.
' Thanks to Freak from the PureBasic forums for assistance!

Type SimpleCapParams
	Field mTargetBuf:Byte Ptr ' Must be at least mWidth * mHeight * SizeOf(Int) of size! 
	Field mWidth
	Field mHeight
End Type

Global InitCOM () "C"
Global CountCaptureDevices () "C"
Global OpenCaptureDevice (device, scp:Byte Ptr) "C"
Global CloseCaptureDevice (device) "C"
Global GetCapture (device) "C"
Global CaptureDone (device) "C"
Global CaptureDeviceName (device, name:Byte Ptr, namelen) "C"
Global ESCAPIDLLVersion () "C"

Function SetupESCAPI ()

	esc = LoadLibraryA ("escapi.dll")
	If esc
		InitCOM					= GetProcAddress (esc, "initCOM")
		CountCaptureDevices		= GetProcAddress (esc, "countCaptureDevices")
		OpenCaptureDevice 		= GetProcAddress (esc, "initCapture")
		CloseCaptureDevice		= GetProcAddress (esc, "deinitCapture")
		GetCapture				= GetProcAddress (esc, "doCapture")
		CaptureDone				= GetProcAddress (esc, "isCaptureDone")
		CaptureDeviceName		= GetProcAddress (esc, "getCaptureDeviceName")
		ESCAPIDLLVersion		= GetProcAddress (esc, "ESCAPIDLLVersion")

		If InitCOM = Null Or CountCaptureDevices = Null Or OpenCaptureDevice = Null or..
			CloseCaptureDevice = Null Or GetCapture = Null Or CaptureDone = Null or..
				CaptureDeviceName = Null Or ESCAPIDLLVersion = Null
					DebugLog "Function missing!"
					Return 0

		InitCOM ()
		If ESCAPIDLLVersion () < $200
			DebugLog "Old DLL (needs version 2.0+)"
			Return 0
		DebugLog "Failed to open DLL"
		Return 0

	Return 1
End Function

Function CaptureDevice$ (device)
	Local cam:Byte [1024]
	CaptureDeviceName (device, cam, 1024)
	Return String.FromCString (cam)
End Function

If SetupESCAPI () = 0
	Notify "Error! Make sure escapi.dll is in same folder and capture device plugged in!"

For num = 0 Until CountCaptureDevices ()
	Print "Capture device [" + num + "] name: " + CaptureDevice (num)

device = 0

' To list/select devices...

	'	device = Int (Input ("Enter capture device number: "))
	'Until device > -1 And device < CountCaptureDevices ()

' Preferred target width/height (ESCAPI scales capture data to this)...

width = 320
height = 240

AppTitle = "Using " + CaptureDevice (device) + "..."

Graphics width, height', 32

' Data structure...

Local scp:SimpleCapParams = New SimpleCapParams

' A PixMap for captured data...

pix:TPixmap = CreatePixmap (width, height, PF_BGRA8888)

' Stick pixmap memory pointer into data structure...

scp.mTargetBuf	= PixmapPixelPtr (pix)
scp.mWidth		= width
scp.mHeight		= height

' Start capture process...

If OpenCaptureDevice (device, scp) = 0
	Print "Failed to initialise capture device!"



	GetCapture (device)
		If KeyHit (KEY_ESCAPE) Then quit = True
	Until CaptureDone (device)

	DrawPixmap pix, 0, 0


Until quit = True

' Stop capture process...
CloseCaptureDevice (device)



Thank you very much!

no new ways to acquire the webcam, this method seems not working well with Driver-provided webcams and windows 8 and 10

There's a newer 3.0 version of Escapi dll as well, which is a complete rewrite based on media foundation APIs, includes new interfaces for adjusting camera properties (such as brightness), comes with both 32 and 64 bit builds, and source code is in github.

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