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.bbEFFIcient Map (etc) SavingUse as few bytes as possible when saving/loading large values to/from filesStreaksy2017
.bmxStl Export for OpenB3DExports entities as StlTomToad2016
.bbExport stlExport an entity as an stlTomToad2016
.bmxFix Subtitle SRT UppercaseConverts any text from SRT to proper case denoted by punctuation marksdw8172016
.bmxSearch Text in filesA standalone tool to search text in filesBobysait2016
.bbPrintF() functionPrints text to a file - the easy wayDan2016
.bbCompile Blitz3D with Blitz3DCompile and run source and script files in Blitz3D using Blitzcc.exeSpencer2015
.bbfile requester - B3dsingle directory - file requesterDan2015
.bbCommandline SplittingSplits the commandline, usefull for the file handlingDan2015
.bmxmp3 tag readerReads ID3v1 tag information from mp3 filesBlitzSupport2015
.bbPreference libraryThis lib allows you to set, get, save, and load configuration preferences.Zethrax2015
.bbData buffer system for loading/saving data filesThis library allows you to create buffers to simplify write and read operations for data files.Zethrax2015
.bbFile Loading Progress BarOne file writes an Int (1-100) to a .dat file, the other reads the .dat file and presents a progress bar. Run both the files from the same directoryBlitzplotter2015
.bbSave debugging messages to a debuglog fileAllows you to save debug messages to a file while your program is running. An optional 'name' string and separator can be added before the value.Zethrax2015
.bmxSerialize/deserialize objects as JSONUse reflection to effortlessly serialize and deserialize dataPineapple2015
.bmxosx resource file locationsosx resource folderAdamStrange2014
.bmxGet online doc examplesGets code examples from the online manual and adds them to the docsmarkcw2014
.bmxOnline doc linksAdds links to docs/html for all functions in brl and pub modules, links are to online docmarkcw2014
.bbGetFileFromShortcutRetrieves the internal filename from a shortcut.John Blackledge2014
.bmxDictnode type, for parsing thingsIt's like XML but better; especially useful for external configuration filesPineapple2013
.bbSaveString - saves a string value as a fileSaves the specified string value as a file.Zethrax2013
.bbGetInternetFile - downloads a file as a stringGrabs a file from the internet and stores it in a global string variable.Zethrax2013
.bbLoad and Display Text using types B3D (b+ need modification)load+display text +typeDan2013
.bbRead/Write Progress MetersCheck Progress of Reading/Writing_PJ_2013
.bbAny File to b64 BB data statementsPost small images with your sourceAndy_A2013
.bmxSemi-automatic 2 variable replacement toolA tool which changes the code around two variables in a fileImmutableOctet2013
.bmxModern RequestDir :- RequestFolderUse for a more modern look when browsing folders on Vista/Win7col2012
.bmxJPEG reference parser and EXIF readerReads JPEG files and extracts EXIF dataBlitzSupport2012
.bbSafe Loads (b3d)Get the missing filename reportedRifRaf2012
.bmxSave animated GIFsWrite pixmaps as animated (or static) GIFs, including optional automatic color reduction/palette detectionPineapple2012
.bmxNull-terminated string read/writeRead and write null-terminated strings in a streamPineapple2012
.bmxXML Parser & SaverCapable of efficiently reading and writing XML data. This is not a wrapper.Pineapple2012
.bbAddLineToFileSticks a line of text or data to the end of a fileThePict2012
.bbCheck Free Disk SpaceTest a device or path for enough disk space left to write your dataDanny2012
.bmxDelete to Recycle BinSend files to the recycle bin instead of permanently deleting themJoshK2012
.bbText extractorExtracts all text inside quotesTAS2012
.bmxAutoVersionAutomatic minor-version updaterBlitzSupport2012
.bbShortcutCreate a shortcut file (*.lnk)Subirenihil2011
.bmxJPEG reference parserParses JPEG file structure and shows sections foundBlitzSupport2011
.bbINI-format data filesLoad and save data to and from human-readable text filesYasha2011
.bmxProgram settings with reflectionThis code will handle settings loading and saving automatically, with a nice interface for accessing the values in your program.JoshK2011
.bmxencrytion text readerwriterencrypt and decrypt text filesMainsworthy2011
.bmxMax to JavaTake some of the annoyance out of converting codeYasha2011
.bmxRead contents of online zip filePrints out the contents of an online zip fileBlitzSupport2011
.bmxBest INI file reader/writerFast access to INI propertiesJoshK2011
.bmxFile attributesControl file attributes on WindowsJoshK2011
.bbRead/Write PureText StringsConverts strings to pure alphanumerics to read/write_PJ_2010
.bbosx file attributesFind common attributes for files. (BMX)Dabhand2010
.bbLoad TGA (Targa) With Alpha MapLoad a TGA file to texture, retaining alpha channel.Streaksy2010
.bmxFile System WatcherMonitors changes to a directoryJoshK2010
.bbEncodeZip - Distribute zipped .decls & .dlls via code archives.Distribute zipped .decls & .dlls via code archives.MCP2010
.bbBB Data packingMore manageable data packaging_PJ_2010
.bbRenameFileFunctions to allow for file renaming_PJ_2010
.bbBetter WriteFile() and ReadFile() etc.Faster file handling, and with optional RLE compression and encryption.Streaksy2010
.bmx2GB+ filestreamHandles large files (64bit sizes) - Windows onlyAzathoth2010
.bbSuper-simple C-style preprocessorUse #define, #ifdef, #include etc. with any fileYasha2010
.bmxDetect file/dir changesMonitor file/dir changesZeke2010
.bmxOOP File System InterfaceObject oriented wrapper for BRL.FileSystemOtus2009
.bmxRead Win32 executable data section namesLists the data sections in a Win32 executableBlitzSupport2009
.bbSimple INI GetterGets a field from an ini fileneos3002009
.bbFile SearcherStores results of file searches with various options for criteria_PJ_2009
.bmxRIFF Reader/WriterRead from and write to files using the RIFF structurespacerat2009
.bmxSearch ToolWindows search tool that actually worksJoshK2009
.bmxPack file classEasy to use file packerJoshK2009
.bmxUsing NTFS Alternative Data StreamsSpooky hidden text/data!BlitzSupport2009
.bmxRecycleBinPath()Returns the physical path of the Recycle Bin (Windows XP and earlier)Ked2009
.bmxFileLastModified()A function I could never find, so I just posted a modified version here.Ked2009
.bmxSearch FilesSearch for files and contentsJoshK2009
.bmxSavePixmapDDSSaves a pixmap as a .dds texture fileJoshK2009
.bbBank IO commandsWrite files to a bank before hard diskRifRaf2009
.bmxBlitz PruneCleans up source directoriesOtus2009
.bmxXmlToMaxConvert XML to/from user defined typesOtus2008
.bbLZMA Streams[BMX] Easily read and write to compressed streamsOtus2008
.bmxLZMA CompressionLZMA compression for BlitzMaxOtus2008
.bmxmcc (module cleaner)Delete '.bmx', 'win32', 'linux' and 'macos' module compilationsplash2008
.bmxGifLoad Port for BMaxLoad gif'sWarner2008
.bbDelete files to Recycle Bindelete file to recycle binKev2008
.bmxSimple OOP Database engine with Threaded loading *SVN Blitz Required*Database library, that performs all it's loading in one thread per datarecord.DavidSimon2008
.bbdatabombuse to erase folderscipherdude92008
.bmxtiny JSON reader/writerdecodes / encodes JSON data - see www.json.orgWarpy2008
.bmxmouse handlingmouse control (type)Jesse2008
.bmxDirectory FactoryExtendable class for reading the contents of a directoryJoshK2008
.bmxObject LoaderRead/write any object to a streamOtus2008
.bmxCreateShortcut()Creates a Windows Explorer Shortcut fileCanardian2008
.bbComment Box GeneratorGenerates code comments for legal and readmesBaystep Productions2008
.bmxWAV SaverSave sound data in WAV formatGhost Dancer2008
.bmxSimple ParseParser for simple structured text filesN2008
.bbGIFLoad Module for B3D/B+Loads animated gifsmarkcw2008
.bbText Editor (b+)Edit textNebula2008
.bbFile Date/Time/Attr functions for b+File Date/Time FunctionsSnarkbait2008
.bmxREKO loaderAllows Blitzax to load REKO card imgaesPantsOn2007
.bbNTFS Alternate Data StreamsAllows to handle/enumerate NTFS Alternate Data Streamsgrable2007
.bbFileName, FileExtention, FilePath, AddFileExtentionGet file name, file extention or file path or add a file extention | Bekomme den Dateinamen, die Dateiendung oder den Pfad oder f├╝rge eine Dateiendung hinzuDiego2007
.bmxJSON Reader/WriterEasy handling of JSON datagrable2007
.bbIn game scripting B3d BplusPorted the bmx version to bbLeon Drake2007
.bbfind mydocumentsget path for 'my documents' folderb322007
.bbCode2HTMLTurns code into an HTML file, good for open source distributionsXtremeCoder2007
.bmxIn game scripting (UPDATED!)Want to write in game scripts?Leon Drake2007
.bmxConfig File Save / Load with XMLUses Brucey's libxml wrapper to save and load a config file. Easily adaptable code, and simple function interface for non-OOP guys.ninjarat2006
.bbSelf-Destructing .exeA program that removes itself when its done runningSubirenihil2006
.bmxRead/Write INI File (BMX)Simple INI file reader/writerPerturbatio2006
.bmxfont to defdataconverts characters to dataJesse2006
.bmxHigh Score TypeSimple high scores file handler, and an unfinished method for sorting them.ninjarat2006
.bbLoad a menu from a fileLoads a menu (*.mnu) file and creates a window menuJoshK2006
.bmxMedia file 'Nibbler' [bmax]Nibble-loads media files (images etc) so you can display a progress bar (or other feedback)Beaker2006
.bbRead mesh and write to bb dataFor packing meshes in executablemarkcw2006
.bbRead image and write to bb data fileFor packing images in executablemarkcw2006
.bbSaveImageDDS functionSaves an image to DDS file format.markcw2006
.bbBB Code FormatterStrips away and re-adds blank lines and tabsAlaric2006
.bbConfig file reader/changereasy functions to read/edit config fileAndres2006
.bmxtxt2stringconverts a textfile into a stringCS_TBL2006
.bmxProgressStreamHook-Functions for StreamsByteemoz2006
.bb.decls ConverterConvert .decls files to BlitzMax sourcecodeN2006
.bmxStreamBankA bank interface to a streamN2006
.bmxLong FilesizeGet a filesize using a Long instead of an IntN2006
.bmxEasyHtmlHelper funcs to easily generate html pages with images/headers etcAntonyWells2006
.bbHigh Score Entry and SavingHigh Score Entry and SavingGrey Alien2006
.bbBasic Game Ini FileBasic Game Ini FileGrey Alien2006
.bbData ArchiverStoring archiver not packingAndres2006
.bmxBSP ParserParses Q3 BSP filesN2006
.bbFixPathCreates every missing folder in a file pathPicklesworth2005
.bb3D fileexplorerA funny fileexplorer in 3DOJay2005
.bmxCopyFileCopies a source file to the destinationPerturbatio2005
.bbThreadingEmulate threading so that you can make animated loading screens etc.Andy2005
.bmxSave a list of objectsSaves a list of custom objects to a text fileWarpy2005
.bbSimple ini functions for BmaxOriginal code by skn3[ac]Filax2005
.bbConvert any file to bb data filesome code to convert binary data into bb data filemarkcw2005
.bmxHOT.IFFILBMloaderA loader module for IFF ILBM imagesHotcakes2005
.bmxHOT.IFF8SVXloaderLoads IFF 8SVX sounds through LoadSound()Hotcakes2005
.bmxPNG HeaderA Type that describes the PNG HeaderFlameDuck2005
.bbCreate directory with the name of curent dateCreates a directory in curent dir with the name of curent dateWings2005
.bmxXML (Load\Save)XML (Load\Save)Proger2005
.bbOnline Patcher using the recursive CRC-32 builderHTTP Patcherozak2005
.bbRecursive CRC-32 file builderCRC-32 file builderozak2005
.bbFileDate$() and GetFileTime$()Get the time and date that the given file was created, last accessed, or last written.turtle17762005
.bmxPub.PCXLoaderPixmap loader for PCX filesgman2005
.bbShortcut FinderFind the REAL file from a windows .LNK (shortcut) file!Damien Sturdy2005
.bbBlitzXMLLoad, save, and manipulate XML data files with ease and speed!John J.2005
.bmxHTML/XML ParserSeperates the supplied file into tags, parameters, values and textPerturbatio2005
.bbArem Pack/ DepackAllows packing a directory into a single file, then unpacking it to the directory of your choice.Arem2005
.bmxEnumerate Files & FoldersCreates a list of all files / folders in a given folder and its subdirectoriesRobert2005
.bbMerge .cfx AnimationsAppends .cfx animations for identical character models.Jake2005
.bb.ico file loaderLoad icons as image without DLLSnarkbait2005
.bbHiscoreSimple Hiscore Examplejfk EO-111102005
.bbImport OBJLoad an .OBJ Mesh in Blitz3Djfk EO-111102005
.bbScreenshot UtilScreenshot UtilMErren2005
.bbSaving/Loading TypesReload Str$() saved typeBlackJumper2005
.bbFile Encryption/DecryptionUse this to encrypt/decrypt files.fall_x2005
.bbmore INI funcsanother set of INI access functionsgman2005
.bbSave TGA 32Save alpha from rgb sumHulk2004
.bbPatchIconPut your own Icon instead of Blitz Rocket IconRGR2004
.bbSimple file output debuggerDebug a file both in and out.AntonyWells2004
.bbSimple File Save, File LoadFunctions to save information to a *.dat file.wizzlefish2004
.bbSource Code CLeanerRemovesDamien Sturdy2004
.bbFilecheckIf a file doesn't exist, exit application.JPD2004
.bbgile[s] .gls LoaderLoads gile[s] .gls scenesN2004
.bbB3d loader for cartography shopb3d loaderD4NM4N2004
.bbSimple ini functionsIni file read/write access, without hte headacheskn32004
.bbreadzipUseful Zip file reader!Captain Laser2004
.bbRandom Access File UtilitiesAllows you to randomly access a fileTygerWulf2004
.bbCheck if an image have good sizeTest if an image have good sizeFilax2004
.bbFilename listerFile listerGraythe2004
.bbCommand Line ParserObtain values and switches in the command linePantsOn2004
.bbFile-Function collectionsome function to deal with files and foldersKlaas2004
.bbBlitz3D Filerequester (2.Update)Use a Filerequester in Blitz 3DMPZ2004
.bbLoading Screen with Progress BarA Loadscreen module and test programRogue Vector2004
.bbGet TTF Font File DataGet any TTF file fontname directly from the file.pantsonhead.com2004
.bbbin2ascBinary To Ascii, Ascii To Binary ConvertersTechlord2004
.bbUSERLIB: Add/Read Bank resources from executableRead / Write blitz bank as resource, from and to any executable file!skn32004
.bbRead Comma Delimited StringUse ReadCSVString$(Stream) to read quote enclosed comma delmited data into strings.Ziltch2003
.bbHow encrypt a stringFunction for crypt a string with a keyFilax2003
.bbExtractFileName$, ExtractFileExt$, ExtractFilePath$Allows extraction of Filename, FileExtension and FilePath from a stringPerturbatio2003
.bbsimple ini file commands (broken)read/write ini files using the win apidan_upright2003
.bbIni File UpdaterUpdate, Read and Write to an ini file with one functionRob Farley2003
.bbGet Filename/Folder/Extension3 useful file functionsNebula2003
.bbRename File DeluxeRenames a file.-=Darkheart=-2003
.bbFILE SELECTOR (save/load) for BlitzUIWith double click, extension filtering, creation of new folders, overwrite warning, illegal character warning... very simple to includemrtricks2003
.bbIniLibA library to load and write .ini filesJaviCervera2003
.bbReadFileAsString$( ) FastFaster version of Peter Scheutz's ReadFileAsString$( )Michael Reitzenstein2003
.bbReadFileAsString$()Read file into stringDifference2003
.bbGet File DateFunction to get the creation date of a file.Kevin_2003
.bbCopyDirectory([From], [To])Thats a CopyDirectory Function ^^ShadowTurtle2003
.bbLightwave3d ExporterExport to .lwo from Blitzstarfox2003
.bbDrive Volume InformationReturns lots of handy drive infoEOF2003
.bbSimple Encrypter/DecrypterAn easy way to scamble/descramble filesRob Farley2003
.bbINI File Functions v2.2INI file manipulation (read/write).Murilo2003
.bbSimple way to separete/cut a stringGet just the usefull part of a stringInsane Games2003
.bbSeq2Stripv1.0Convert a series of images to a single AnimImage "strip"Russell2003
.bbAuto-formatAuto-format Blitz Sourcecodejfk EO-111102003
.bbGetting Drive Info with KERNEL32.DLLThis short proggy lists all used driveletters ...Klaas2003
.bbRemove Annoying Backup filesA simple tool/utility to remove all files from directory that you don't likeGiano2002
.bbMilkshape - ASCIIExport a Milksahpe - ASCII fileVertex2002
.bbMilkshape - ASCIIExport a Milksahpe - ASCII fileVertex2002
.bbHard Drive CleanerAllows you to automatically delete certain files and directoriesOldefoxx2002
.bbMilkshapeLoad Milkshape3D-filesVertex2002
.bbCSV GeneratorGenerate code for .csv files (Jul03 update)Braneloc2002
.bbBlitz Resource Compiler v0.3BASE64 encode a file for "include"ing into your Blitz project for later retrival.superqix2002
.bbBlitz Resource Compiler ExampleExample of the Blitz Resource Compiler v0.3 in actionsuperqix2002
.bbINI file functionsRead from and Write to INI filesMurilo2002
.bbFile RequesterA simple file requesterelias_t2002
.bbXML codeXML loading/parsing/savingGrahamK2002
.bbBatch Convert .3ds & .x to .b3dBatch convert .3ds & .x files in a dir to .b3delias_t2002
.bbreformat path in dos 8.3 stylethis function can be usefull to pass long filenames to dos batch or appsford escort2002
.bbImport STL...A set of functions for importing and exporting '.stl' files for Blitz3D.Anthony2002
.bbSave a type to fileSimple example of how to save a type to a text fileskn32002
.bbSplit CSV parameters out of a stringCSV allows text to be encapsulated in "" marks - a simple Split command is no use for getting these parameters out, as the ',' may appear within the string. This is a dirty way of splitting the strings down.AngelEyes2002
.bbHighscore functionsLoad, save and sort highscores !wedoe2001
.bbParser FunctionBreaks strings into elements.Includes Val function.add2001
.bbExamples of the parserShows how the parser function worksadd2001
.bbAllFiles on AllDrivesDisplays all files as found on all drives from C: to Z:Oldefoxx2001
.bbTexTileTexture creator/viewerBlitzSupport2001
.bbSaveTGAsave texture in TGA formatskidracer2001