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.bb4 key states (Up/Idle, ToDown/Pressed, Down/Held, ToUp/Released)This demonstrates how to get 4 different states for each key instead of the default 3 (up, hit, down)RemiD2016
.bmxEfficient multitaskingmain program loop for good multitaskingAdamStrange2014
.bmxMousewheel MenuMousewheel Menu.zoqfotpik2014
.bbRumble Beta 1a part 5/5A force feedback rumble libraryMikorians2014
.bbRumble Beta 1a part 4/5A force feedback rumble libraryMikorians2014
.bbRumble Beta 1a part 3/5A force feedback rumble libraryMikorians2014
.bbRumble Beta 1a part 2/5A force feedback rumble libraryMikorians2014
.bbRumble Beta 1a part 1/5A force feedback rumble libraryMikorians2014
.bbxinput device testTest your xbox or other xinput controllers or whateverbloos_magoos2013
.bbRTS Drag SelectDemonstrates Drag Select for RTS gameszoqfotpik2013
.bmxKey input handlingMore flexible than polledinputPineapple2013
.bmxMouse handlingMore flexible than polledinputPineapple2013
.bbGalaxangSpecial cosmosPrym2013
.bmxGetKey()Gets key scancodejkrankie2013
.bmxDisable Sticky Keys (Windows)Disable and restore the sticky keys prompt that appears when you repeatedly press the shift key.Zethrax2012
.bbDisableStickyKeys and RestoreStickyKeys functionsThese functions disable and restore the sticky keys prompt that occurs when you repeatedly press the shift key.Zethrax2012
.bbMax KeyCodes for B3D,B2D,B+BlitzMax Key Codes for BlitzBasicCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bbAccessing of Wacom Pen (Legacy serial)Direct Access of Wacom pen using their RS232 protocolJimmy2011
.bmxmouse buttons onscreenpress a screen button with mouseMainsworthy2011
.bbSimple Pause GameAllows the user to use Pause/Break key to Pause/Unpause the game_PJ_2010
.bbExtended Mouse Click EventsMouseClick, MouseUp, MouseDown, MouseDoubleClickSpencer2010
.bbPlayer Movement: Round vs SquareSomething about game controls that some people might not knowGIB3D2010
.bbScanCodes - Mouse - ASCII (Constants)Constants for replace the numbers from Scancodes, Mouse buttons and ASCII codes.Ian Caio2010
.bbMultiple Keyboards Handling, Blitz3D versionUse many keyboards and identify from which each key were pressed. Windows send to the application the sum of all, with this code you can read input selectivelly.Charrua2010
.bmxMultiple Keyboards HandlingUse many keyboards and identify from which each key were pressed. Windows send to the application the sum of all, with this code you can read input selectivelly,Charrua2010
.bmxIdentify EventsIdentify events from EventId() with a stringBobysait2010
.bbXGetKey()Better alternative to the native GetKey()Streaksy2010
.bmxMultitouch Trackpad EventsAdds handling for mutlitouch trackpad events (magnification, rotation, and swiping) under Mac OSN2010
.bmxInput Class/Lua ScriptSmall script for handling input (key presses, releases, hooks, etc.)N2009
.bmxbasic max2d window event systema desktop manager system with balls!skidracer2009
.bbMouse Helper functionsFunctions that return - Mouse just pressed, let go, held and clickedRoss C2009
.bmxRumble effects for Xbox 360 controllerExample of rumble effect on Xbox 360 controllerBlitzSupport2009
.bbsimple text input for graphic modesBlitz plus has no input command for the graphic modes only the consoleCloseToPerfect2009
.bmxAuto FormAutomatically input data to an object using MaxGUIOtus2009
.bmx-Please remove--cut-Trader35642008
.bbSimple buttonsText and Graphical button code.Pongo2008
.bbControl Configuration FunctionsA Comprehensive Library of Functions for allowing reconfiguring of controls including Keyboard keys, mouse buttons/wheel or Joysticks/pads_PJ_2008
.bbMouseHold()Detects if a mouse button has been held down for a specific amount of timeblade0072008
.bmxMouseXSpeed, MouseYSpeed and MouseZSpeedFor help with B3D users converting to BMaxPerturbatio2008
.bbStepper Motor ControlDo Robotics or CNC with Blitz3Djfk EO-111102007
.bbTrapping the ENTER keypressThis will trap the users enter keyUUICEO2007
.bmxMINIB3D Mouselook workaround for linuxA dimple mouselook workaround for linux BMAXD4NM4N2007
.bbXbox 360 Controller InputA controller library for the X360 Controllerxtremegamr2007
.bbImproved Dropdown (v2.0)Improved version of Yahfree's dropdown.MadMunky2007
.bbtextfieldtext area/memo/textfield/notepadb322007
.bbDropDown Menus!My second GUI, for my calculatorYahfree2007
.bbInput "field"a basic input fieldYahfree2007
.bb3rd-Person CameraRotates around a pivotMattizzle2007
.bmxGame MenuDisplays and Uses a game menuninjarat2007
.bbSimulate mouse clickSimulates left mouse click on a desired positionAndres2007
.bmxASynchronous Input FunctionGet keyboard input without stalling your programPantheon2007
.bmxMouseXSpeed(), MouseYSpeed()Add Mouse speed functionality to BlitzMaxGfK2007
.bmxESCAPI 2.0 Webcam/Image CaptureCapture images from webcams, TV devices, etc (Windows only)BlitzSupport2007
.bmxProgrammatically click the mouseInserts mouse clicks in the input bufferWho was John Galt?2006
.bmxTMouseStickEmulate mouse as a digital joystick with smoothmovementralphy2006
.bmxMaxGUI: Imagebuttonsuper-userfriendly Photoshop-like imagebuttonsCS_TBL2006
.bmxMouse as Pseudo-Proportional Controller (Smooth, Boundary-Free Mouse)Mimics proportional controller input using existing BMAX mouse routinesTom Darby2006
.bbInput Key System for GamesExample of key input management for gamesxmlspy2006
.bbGprint/Ginput/locategraphical input/print commands to replace B2D commandsAlaric2006
.bbFull-Screen Text InputFull-Screen Text InputGrey Alien2006
.bbDual Stick ConfigConfigure any dual axis joystick to work with your gamePongo2006
.bmxParsersimple, minimalistic, but handy parserCS_TBL2005
.bbEasy Mouse System for MaxGuiMouse handling (BMX)klepto22005
.bbFile Saving and LoadingSimple File Saving and LoadingQ2005
.bbCameraMouseViewCamera controls similar to those found in a modeller.markcw2005
.bmx[maxgui] Custom Image ButtonSimple custom image button (with toggle/cycle and mouseover)Beaker2005
.bbTheCatWalksOnTheKeyboard-proof String-2-Floatconvert strings to float while ignoring messy inputCS_TBL2005
.bmxText inputText input type for graphic mode that uses getchar()lonnieh2005
.bmxbutton libraryA simple button classTelemental2005
.bbChange Mouse SensitivityChange the Windows mouse sensitivity ( and restore it )Gabriel2005
.bbCOM-Port IInow it works!Vertex2005
.bmxInput in Graphics ModeUse the normal Input in graphics mode without stopping your appTibit2005
.bbPrevent Windows ScreensaverA simple way to prevent windows screensavers from becoming activejfk EO-111102005
.bbMore API RequestersMore API RequestersKevin_2005
.bmxKey name from key codeWhat it says on the tinWho was John Galt?2005
.bbBlock Intrusive keys - StickyKey_dllDisable Windows StickyKey popup and toggle keyboard beeps ... now trap ALt+TAB and WIN key, etc.BlackJumper2005
.bbConfine Cursorcrappy but functionalaab2005
.bbSetPointerThis function allows you to change the mouse pointer in Blitzsswift2005
.bbUse bitmap fonts with user inputAn alternative to the input commandslenkar2005
.bbMouseHover()Commands for checking to see if the mouse is over an imageasdfasdf2004
.bbVirtual KeysFunction for simulating keystrokes B+/B3DEikon2004
.bbImageMapA Simple HTML Client-side Image Map LoaderTechlord2004
.bbCustom Input boxesbare bones GUI exampleEikon2004
.bbMouse userlibHow to automate mouse movement and clicksEikon2004
.bbVisualB for quickguigraphical point and click editorchurchaxe2004
.bbMouse IncludeHandles the mouse. mouse\doubleclick, mouse\button\released...Curtastic2004
.bbHuman Input LibraryA more simple library to manage player's inputsDabbede2004
.bbCOM-PortShow how to receive and transmit any datas with the COM-PortVertex2004
.bbHuman Interface LibVERY Simple 'Keybinding' SystemaCiD22004
.bbGet the name of a key, using its scancode.A function to get the name of a keyboard key, using its scancode value.Zethrax2004
.bbSimple 3D MouselookEasy mouselook for a 3D entityslenkar2004
.bbUser input systemSupports keyboard, mouse and joystick. Have load and save functions, and will give you the name of a key.eBusiness2004
.bbKBS Key Binding System like commercial gameKey Binding System like commercial game 'Joystick / Mouse / Keyboard )Eole2004
.bbSpeech input for Blitz!Grab your microphone - Blitz input will never be the same again!Beeps2004
.bbMouse Click FunctionsA simple function which determines whether a click,double click or if the mouse is held down.Matty2004
.bbAsynInputgood replace for Input$Markus Rauch2004
.bbGetJoyProperty$()Get the Windows name of your joysticks, and much more!fredborg2003
.bbBlitz CloseAllows detection of blitz window closeMarcelo2003
.bbP5 Glove userlibA userlib that lets you use the P5 Glove in your Blitz apps...Beeps2003
.bbScancode constantsDefines descriptive constants to use instead of scancode numbers. By Outcast.WendellM2003
.bbA much better input functionPrevent the user from entering certain characters while input-ingRussell2003
.bbRedefine key return functionThis will return a test string dependent on what key code you give it*2002
.bbMouse Released, or Mouse Updetermine if user has let go of mouse button easily.Rob2002
.bbJoyU() throttle 0-1 converterThis little formula takes the -1 to 1 output of the JoyU() command and converts it to a more desirable 0 to 1.Chroma2002
.bbUSB 12 buttons joypadDigital USB 12 buttons gamepad checkLitobyte2002
.bbRevised Key CodesFixed a few errors in scancodes by DefianceEviLToYLeT2002
.bbWagglerKeyboard/Joystick waggler functionEOF2002
.bbJoystick CorrectionJoyX() and JoyY() Spikes Correctionjfk EO-111102002
.bbProper Key NamesPrint Out User Friendly Key Namesdapsycho2002
.bbquickGuiFull Freeware GUI to use in your BB projectSeven2002
.bbJoystick port detectionDetect a joystick portstarfox2002
.bbWindows-style Keyboard InterfaceGetKey() on steroids. Deals with automatic key repeating just like Windows. Useful for creating intuitive textbox controls.octothorpe2002
.bbTEXT input LibFucntion that returns String of keypressesskn32002
.bbrInputThis code is like the input$, but the programm donĀ“t stopsDarkmaster2002
.bbSimple input functionPositionable input with custom number of charactersDougUK2001
.bbSimple KeyCode libraryUse it as in include, to avoid having to lookup al the numerical keycodes all the timeJim Teeuwen2001
.bbYes No Cancel WindowA window that displays up to three buttons, and returns the button that was pressed with the mousesemar2001
.bbSmall keyboard handlerAllows easy config of keys+very flexible key readingVector Viper2001
.bbQuestion$()A more versatile input routine...Reaper2001
.bbMouse RoutineA mouse routine for full screen programs including double buffering.Snarty2001
.bbGetScanCode()Returns the current scan codeRussell2001
.bbKeycode scanning...Keycode scanning... (Advanced)Rob Hutchinson2001