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.bbProcedural Grass Pattern for textureGenerate a grass patternBobysait2017
.bbCreateCubeSphere() functionA function to create a subdivided cubesphere mesh with cubemap UVsFlanker2016
.bbrandom Spore-Like planetGeoSphere + Random stuffBobysait2016
.bbAddSurfaceToOtherSurface(Surface,Mesh,OSurface,OMesh)merges a surface with another surface (alternative to addmesh)RemiD2016
.bbConvert BlitzTerrain To MeshConvert Blitz Terrain To Mesh_PJ_2016
.bbB3D mesh/entity debbuggerto analyze the surfaces, vertices, triangles, joints/bones, in your mesh/entityRemiD2016
.bbVent_lib. A B3D-like vector GFX systemDuplicates the B3D commandset for vector entitiesbig10p2013
.bbCombine Surface VertsCombines Surface Vertices & Triangles_PJ_2013
.bbPrimitives By PolyCountCreate Primitives By Number Of Triangles_PJ_2013
.bbSpriteMesh instead of Blitz3d SpriteShows how to use a sprite mesh instead of a Blitz3d spriteRemiD2013
.bbSetTextureAlphaWithThreshold() functionSet the alpha value for the pixels in a texture based on a color level threshold.Zethrax2012
.bbStarfield Stress Test (Blitz3D)Starfield stress test in blitz3dCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bbSpherical Terrains and MathsThis uses a matrix of floats to create a spherical terrain.mk2y102012
.bmxminiB3D - .x mesh loaderLoad .x meshes with minib3d.ZaPx642012
.bbCreating a Diamond.Teach how to create a diamond in raw code.Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bbOBJ Exporterexport a mesh in blitz3d to obj formatLeon Drake2010
.bbImport Unreal T3d into Blitz3dCode to import Unreal Level into Blitz3dLeon Drake2010
.bb3D letters using blitz sprites3D letters with FastText extensionFilax2010
.bbDynamic LOD (Level Of Detail)my fist attempt at lodMusicianKool2010
.bbColorMesh and ColorSurfaceWorks like EntityColor and EntityAlpha except on the actual mesh or a single surface on the mesh.GIB3D2010
.bbHeightMapped GeoSphereEver wanted to Create your own Planet, well now you can.MusicianKool2010
.bbTexture Splatting on MeshterrainCreates transparent mesh Layers with different texturesKrischan2009
.bbFish!A pseudo-fish mesh in codeIon2009
.bbCenterMeshCenters an off-center mesh. Provides position values which allow the mesh position to be restored.Zethrax2009
.bbCube to Sphere TransformationDeforms the vertices of a cube that it appears like a sphereKrischan2009
.bb[BMX] Wedge MeshA wedge mesh like you would see in Maplet.Ked2009
.bmxRamp MeshA ramp mesh like what you see in Maplet.Ked2009
.bbWipeout vapour style trailsFast 3D mesh for trailsModded2009
.bbMesh deformdeform all Vertex of a meshSantiworld2009
.bbCreate bones in codeAdd mesh-deforming bones to a static mesh without using LoadAnimMeshYasha2009
.bbVertex animationMD2-like animation using VertexCoordsYasha2009
.bbTerrain ErosionFluvial (rain) and thermal (cracking) erosion for procedural terrainsYasha2009
.bbCSG routinescsg routinesWarner2009
.bbSilo3D .obj import for B3DImports .obj meshes from Silo3D, including full automatic material/brush setupVorderman2008
.bbMesh-MorphingThis function morphs a mesh to the shape of another oneelcoo2008
.bbSkyPanorama loading codeLoads a skybox created by SkyPanoramaJohn Blackledge2008
.bbDSA heightmapAnother random heightmap generatorYasha2008
.bbCLE - Cower Landscape EditorA landscape/terrain editorN2008
.bbFurys Alpha Terrain example.Alpha terrain example. build of several smal meshes.Wings2008
.bmxminib3d - converted terrain functionsminib3d conversion of a terrain optimizing codeWarner2008
.bbTriSteepnesscalculates the steepness of a triangleringwraith2008
.bbUpdateNormalsAngleEnhanced UpdateNormalsBIG BUG2008
.bmxCSG Bmax + B3d EditionJust porting markus & fox's uber coolnessLeon Drake2007
.bmx.obj loader for minib3da short addition to minib3d while you're waitingklepto22007
.bbGetSecMesh(mesh,parent)Retrieves the handle from a child mesh simply and easilyFuller2007
.bb'Lightmesh' fixed-point lightingLocks the position of the lightpuki2007
.bbDoors 101 - Simple multiple door systemVery simple latching doors system with triggerD4NM4N2007
.bb3D chessboardRotational solids editor using exampleMatt Merkulov2007
.bbRotational solids editorRotational solids editor with curvesMatt Merkulov2007
.bbpolygon drawing programadd points to polygonb322007
.bbFindChild command replacementWorks will all model file formats including .b3d.Chroma2007
.bbAttach Body PartsAttach Body parts to a skeletonLeon Drake2007
.bbStatic Direct X, hierarchical meshSaves everything under 1 pivot to an X (static only)D4NM4N2007
.bbDoors!Open/Close/Lock/Unlock DoorsShambler2006
.bbBox Unbox mesh functionsBox with side on/off switches (optimalization)Nebula2006
.bbCreatePillMesh()Creates a capsule mesh.bytecode772006
.bbCreateJointMesh()Creates a joint pivot meshbytecode772006
.bbSaveMesh3DS functionSaves a mesh to 3DS file format.markcw2006
.bbLoad/Save Anim .b3dLoading and saving an animated .b3dRicky Smith2006
.bbCentre MeshCentres a mesh around its centre pointJohn Blackledge2006
.bbsaveanimmeshsave animated x fileb322006
.bbMesh-EditorA primitively Mesh-EditorMr. Bean2006
.bbMesh LoadTerrainCreates a mesh from a heightmap image you choose. Doesn't use blitz terrains.Ross C2006
.bbQuad functionsSimilar to those you have for Triangles/Vertices - AddQuad(), CountQuads(), QuadVertex() etcBeaker2006
.bbCopyPartMesh(mesh,start,end,par=0)Copies part of a meshBeaker2006
.bbForm3Da Free pixel perfect 3d guiPepsi2006
.bbCreate a ladderCreate a ladderBoiled Sweets2005
.bbMirror MeshTakes a mesh, and mirrors it along an Axis X, Y or Z. Does NOT copy the mesh.Ross C2005
.bbDarkMatter Models and B3DHow to use DarkMatter Models in your B3D Programsxmlspy2005
.bbMultiTextureModel->SingleTextureFile Convertorconverts models with multiple textures into a single surface model.Banshee2005
.bbCentreAnimMesh()Centres a hierarchical meshJohn Blackledge2005
.bbFaster vertice manipulationGet a huge speed increase modifying meshes when using collision such as linepick()Damien Sturdy2005
.bbRandom Tileable Terrain GeneratorGenerate terrain meshes that can be tiled side by sideDelerna2005
.bbscale animated mesh to set blitz unit sizescales an animated mesh to set blitz unit sizeD4NM4N2005
.bmx3D OpenGL Include 04.06.2006BB3D Like ;-)Markus Rauch2005
.bmxHeightmap classHeightmap classozak2005
.bmxMD2 loader/animator classMD2 classozak2005
.bbWeld MeshWeld mesh and keep vertex infoTartanTangerine (was Indiepath)2005
.bbMesh Position Getting CommandsUsed to get the position of the center of a mesh, and other such important local coordinatesPicklesworth2005
.bbAppMeshAppMesh() copies one mesh to another, as AddMesh(), but in more sophisticated way.Mikle2005
.bbClusterizeMesh Revisitedbreak up large meshesRifRaf2005
.bbBezier Patches - Editable 3D surfaces.Shows how bezier patches can be created, example demonstrates an interactive 3d surface.Jeppe Nielsen2005
.bbPolygon ReductionA function to reduce the polygons in a meshJohn J.2005
.bbnew fast animationanimation mnzmongia22004
.bbClusterizeMeshDivide a huge Mesh into a 3D Grid of clusters (Updated)jfk EO-111102004
.bb3D Line With CylindersHow To Draw 3D Lines With CylindersToony2004
.bbThe Open Source Single Surface Quad LibraryThe Open Source Single Surface Quad LibraryTechlord2004
.bb3D Line LibDraw lines using 3D acceleration,TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)2004
.bbMesh builderBuilds a flat mesh planepuki2004
.bbSingle surface pixel perfect sprite base.Base code for single surface PP sprites.poopla2004
.bbMake EntityAlpha etc. work with animated MeshesAnimated Meshes with multiple Child-Levels require recursive Manipulationjfk EO-111102004
.bbF.L.E ( Free landscape editing code)Alpha blending terrain edinting demoRifRaf2004
.bbMesh Clipping DemoClips a mesh along an arbitrary plane.big10p2004
.bbCreateTorusCreate a torus meshBODYPRINT2004
.bbAsteroidsMake random AsteroidsRob Farley2004
.bbSegmented quadCreate a segmented plane, to allow blitz to cullaCiD22004
.bbOPIS2A colormap to .BB utilityBaystep Productions2004
.bbShow NormalsSimple debug library to visually check normals by drawing them.big10p2004
.bbIsometric Terrain Loaderloads a terrain from a bitmap but uses isometric tilesMr Snidesmin2004
.bbRemoving Triangles and VerticesIndividually remove tris & verts from a surface.Mr Snidesmin2004
.bb.ASC Mesh ExporterSaves Multi-Surface Meshes to .ASC formatBug Face2004
.bbRandom Terrain TileCreates Random Terrain TileAbbaRue2004
.bbMesh Terrain GeneratorCreateTerrainMesh(x,y) FunctionSarakan2004
.bbASE LoaderLoads a 3d Studio Max .ASE fileN2004
.bbCalculate_FrontFacingVerticesThis function calculates all vertices in a mesh which are visible to a camera.sswift2004
.bbCalculate_FaceNormalsThis function calculates the face normals for a mesh.sswift2004
.bbCalculateNormalsThis function calculates face and vertex normals for a mesh using a method which works better for levels (and many other types of meshes) than the built in function.sswift2004
.bbCreate a GridCreate a single surface GridMatty2004
.bbForestRandom Forest Scenejfk EO-111102004
.bbCrater FunctionThis function creates a crater model out of quads which will align itself with the terrain beneath itMatty2004
.bbQuad FunctionsCreating Quads for use as billboard/sprite modelsMatty2004
.bbweld routine performance improvement90% improvement of the performance for "weld" function : 21s to 1,6sPedro2004
.bbSaveB3DSave multisurface textured Mesh as .B3Djfk EO-111102003
.bbCreateMyCone [Updated:2004-2-18]a CreateCone blitz-like function. The cone looks better then blitz CreateCone's generated cone now! ie: no smoothed edges on the end face.Pepsi2003
.bbCreateMyCylinder [updated:2004-2-19]a CreateCylinder blitz-like function. Does the Same thing with added ring segment parameter.Pepsi2003
.bbCreateMySpherea CreateSphere blitz-like function. Does the Same thing. Update[12-22-03] Fix: North & South Pole UV coordsPepsi2003
.bbRippleMesh ( )Ripple a mesh to parametersRob2003
.bbmodel vieweryet another .x .3ds .b3d model viewerchurchaxe2003
.bb3d lines1pixel wide lines in 3dkoekjesbaby2003
.bbPolyTry Blitz VersionTesselation of mono connected non convex polygonsfredborg2003
.bbRetro style patchwork landscape generator - ala ZarchdittoStevie G2003
.bbDirectX X File ExporterSaves MultiSurface meshes with normals+tex coordsShambler2003
.bbCustom mesh tiled terrain engineA Blitz lib that creates endless terrains using dynamic meshes tiled togetherBeeps2003
.bbTriangulate ToyTriangulate Points of a Polygon - Oct 27,03: Clean up code, bug fixPepsi2003
.bbUnlimited Terrain w. Unique meshesAllows the developer to place unique meshes at certain locations while also allwing them to use a 'generic' tile for all other areas. Ie wildernessLostCargo2003
.bbResizeMesh(mesh,width#,height#,depth#)Do you hate ScaleMesh?AuzingLG2003
.bbsingle surface particle system modmod to simon@acid's systemelias_t2003
.bbCircumcenterFind a Triangle's circumcenter in 3DJeppe Nielsen2003
.bbTrails - As seen in Rocket BoardsFlexible trail mesh that follows two entitiesBinary_Moon2003
.bbRemove individual triangles,vertices & isolated verticesRemove individual triangles,vertices & isolated vertices functionselias_t2003
.bbMid3dhandle() functionCenter's an object's handle to a mesh (locational handle)Bot Builder2003
.bb3dsMax Ase -> B3Dconvert 3ds Max Ase export to B3D file - Support Lightmap and Reflect map not animationDareDevil2003
.bbExplodable mesh demo (updated)Create a mesh with unwelded, sub-divided tris... then blow it up!big10p2003
.bbTriangle RotateRotate a triangle on a surface.Birdie2003
.bbTerrainY equivalent for mesh terrainsTerrainY equivalent for mesh terrainsPsychicParrot2003
.bbMeshes, surfaces, vertices, trianglesCreate hollowed bisected sphere from bb sphereGraythe2003
.bbDirectX ExporterExports MultiSurf+TexCoordsstarfox2003
.bbOutlinesCell Shader Black Outlines scaled Distance Independentlyjfk EO-111102003
.bbList Mesh HierarchyLet's you spy recursively a Meshes complete Family/Hierarchyjfk EO-111102003
.bbVRML Mesh ExporterExport a mesh in VRML format, load in max or whatever.Braneloc2003
.bbAddMeshToSurfaceThis function allows you to otpimize your levels by addding a single surface mesh to a specific surface of another mesh.sswift2003
.bbCSG Functions another edition02.11.03 Use Boolean Union/Subtraction/Intersection , with UV and multiple SurfacesMarkus Rauch2003
.bbCSG FunctionsUse Boolean Union/Subtraction/Intersectionstarfox2003
.bbMeshEditor and B3DX libraryBeta release 08.01.2003 link to homepage , 30.01.2003 out now , see new description hereMarkus Rauch2003
.bbRemove overlapping trianglesThis function removes overlapping triangles in a mesh, even across surfaces. For example, if you build a level out of cubes, this function will remove all faces sandwidched between cubes.sswift2002
.bbNormaliseNormals()Normalises all normals on a particular meshsimonh2002
.bbTriangleNX#(), TriangleNY#(), TriangleNZ#()Returns the x, y, z normals of a particular trianglesimonh2002
.bbCreateSquareCreate polygon based 2D square (For blitz3d)Ziltch2002
.bbWeld()Weld a mesh's VerticesTeraBit2002
.bbCel ShaderCreates black outlines around a mesh so it looks like a cartoon.sswift2002
.bbPaintTriangleA Function to Paint Individual TrianglesTeraBit2002
.bbMesh MergeMerge your high entity count into one entity matching surfacesDavid Bird(Birdie)2002
.bbMesh PlaneCreates a mesh plane of specified sizeNeo Genesis102002
.bbDotMeshDraws a dotted version of a meshBlitzSupport2002
.bbDeleteEntity vs. ClearSurface speed testThis tests the speed of copying one mesh to another constantly in two diffrent ways.sswift2002
.bb3D WaterCreates the effect of water by moving the vertices of a mesh in a wave like fashionCyBeRGoth2002
.bbMesh terrainNon-dynamic terrain made from meshes. High polyBadJim2002
.bbTruespace 2 importer.Import truespace 2 cob models into Blitz. (ASCII only)David Bird(Birdie)2002
.bbmesh reassemblerPut multiple meshes back together easilycarcrash2002
.bbMeshExpand() It blows a mesh like a baloon moving vertices.Litobyte2002
.bbManaged Mesh LoaderLoads a specified mesh and makes texture handles availableTeraBit2002
.bbAutosmoothGive a mesh hard/soft edges. Weld or explodeDifference2002
.bbSave mesh to .asc file formatThis saves a mesh to .asc file format. Chroma2002
.bbFITMESH exampledraws a bounding box around a meshbradford62002
.bbSticky ShadowThis function will allow you to let a shadow mesh 'hug' the underlying meshWiebo2002
.bbMyPaintMeshThis small function paints a mesh without collapsing surfaces.FlameDuck2001
.bbOpenMeshExt()Opens a mesh with extenend attributes.Inner2001
.bbMesh OutlinesA slow method to create outlines on meshesDavid Bird(Birdie)2001
.bbCreateCylinderTaper()Creates a tapered cylinder per user passed valuesDragon572001
.bbCreateTorus()Creates a torus 'primitive' according to user passed valuesDragon572001
.bbCreateTree()Create a 3D Tree 'primitive' according to user passed valuesDragon572001
.bbCreateSegCube([segs],[parent])Creates a segmented cube.David Bird(Birdie)2001
.bbSaving meshes x file formatSave single surface meshes to a x file formatDavid Bird(Birdie)2001
.bbprimitives2update of samples/mak/ with FPS and Poly Countskidracer2001
.bbCenterMesh ()Fixes problems with weird-offset meshesBlitzSupport2001