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.bbSprite Editor 48x48About a 1000 lines now.Pakz2016
.bbMap editor to MonkeyX codeSimple Map editor 20x15 that reads/writes monkey arrays in textareaPakz2016
.bbCustomize iconCustomize your app icon without fussJimmy2015
.bmxBambooBasic EditorAn editor for my BambooBasic languageDabhand2014
.bbCreateWindow style flags helperb+ CreateWindow Style flag helper toolDan2013
.bmxPixmap text panelA proxy gadget panel with text on pixmapJur2012
.bmxGadgets treeA tree structure with the nodes made from gadgetsJur2012
.bmx.Net-style ToolbarsGradient background for toolbarsJoshK2012
.bmxSide tabberCustom tabview with side-on tabsmatibee2012
.bmxCheckBoxCheckBox proxy gadget with automatic True/False labelJoshK2012
.bmxWindowExEasily handles Windows, Menus, and ToolbarsJoshK2012
.bmxSystem Requestors for MaxGUIbrl.system requestors that disable all program windows while openJoshK2011
.bmxMove TreeViewNodeMoves a tree view node up and down expanded nodesJoshK2011
.bmxCodeArea GadgetText editor with undo/redo and syntax highlighting for BlitzMax, Lua, and CJoshK2011
.bmxRequestTextA simple small window that lets users input just a line of text.Galaxy6132011
.bmxModified Splitter proxy gadgetA few modifications to improve the Splitter proxy gadgetJoshK2010
.bmxGetGadgetAtPositionRetrieve the gadget at a screen coordinateJoshK2010
.bmxDetermine Text Selection ColorFunction call with implementations for Win32/Mac OS X/FLTK Linux.SebHoll2010
.bmxSimple QueryPopup window that prompts the user for a stringZakk2009
.bmxListManagerAdd simple commands to a list boxdegac2009
.bmxCodeArea gadgetCode editor with undo and formattingJoshK2009
.bmxCheckListBoxCreate a listbox gadget with checkboxdegac2009
.bmxSelf-contained splash screenDisplays a splash screen when your program startsJoshK2009
.bmxVector EditorEdit a vector with any number of componentsJoshK2009
.bbColor edit proxy gadgetColor gadgetJoshK2009
.bmxPath Edit GadgetGadget for choosing file and folder pathsJoshK2009
.bmxSpinner ProxygadgetAdvanced number editorJoshK2009
.bmxCalendarGadgetThis creates a calendar gadget with appointmentdegac2009
.bmxMouse commandsReplacement mouse commands for gadget mouse coordinates.JoshK2009
.bmxProperty EditorTree-style property editorJoshK2009
.bbColor picker proxy gadgetSelf-contained color picker proxy gadgetJoshK2009
.bbFile Viewer-Modification CheckerChecks Files for Modifications In Bytes and Loads Files For ViewingLuke1112009
.bmxMaxGUI LayoutLayout management for MaxGUIOtus2009
.bmxGUI Application TemplateTemplate to get a GUI application started, the right wayJoshK2009
.bbMaxGUI text area formattingExample on how to format a MaxGUI text areaDabhand2008
.bmxMulti-Column List BoxMulti-Column List Box with sort (Windows only)Ghost Dancer2008
.bmxdrawpixmaptextUtilize fonts in pixmaps for panelsLeon Drake2008
.bmxGadget HelperTransforms screen coordinates from one gadget to another, or to the screenJoshK2008
.bmxSetComboboxHeightSets the maximum height a combobox list drops down to when openedJoshK2008
.bbPopup menuSimple popup menuNebula2008
.bbAnimation tool (b+)Load Select and view and AnimateNebula2008
.bbQuick gui designer (b+)Design layouts quickNebula2008
.bbHtml table ripper (b+)Copy table skeleton from html text files.Nebula2008
.bmxTextArea undo moduleCommand set for undo/redo with textarea gadgetsJoshK2007
.bbKev's READONLY TextAreaKev's explaination on how to make a textarea readonly.Ked2007
.bbAnimate WindowsA cool way to animate windowsKed2007
.bbWin 3.11 style windowEmpty Windows 3.11 style window.Nebula2007
.bbConvenient menu programmingExample: simple text editorMatt Merkulov2007
.bmxProcess Tree - BlitzMax versionDisplays tree view of running processes and their childrenBlitzSupport2007
.bbMultiple OptionsA simple way to handle loads of boolean options in a programVic 3 Babes2007
.bbSimple System CommandsRead the titlePetron2006
.bbText editorText editorNebula2006
.bbTooltipsAnother extension to the BlitzPlus Gadgetryplash2006
.bmxConvert Textarea to Password Areause the password ****** in a textareaLeon Drake2006
.bmxMaxIDEBlitzMax program editorskidracer2006
.bbis online?My simple way to check user onlineAirilsm2006
.bbMax menuA colapable menu like 3ds maxAirilsm2006
.bbEditable comboboxEditable combobox without Api.Tiger2006
.bbDisable Alt+Tab Easily:PSebHoll2005
.bbKeep A Window On TopExactly What It Says On The Tin :PSebHoll2005
.bbListBoxSorterSort item gadgets in a list box.Wings2005
.bbColors by nameTo lazy to remenber all RGB numbers for special colors. Use this and rember only the name of the color.Fernhout2005
.bbRounded textTo create text serounded by another color.Fernhout2005
.bbNotifyImagelike Notify, but then for images (B+ only)CS_TBL2005
.bbFlash and BlitzPlusHow to use Flash for a user interfaceBeaker2005
.bbSet Client Width\HeightSet the client area width\height of a window without the 'client coordinates' flag!Blaine2005
.bbGroup BoxesCreates XP style group boxeskfprimm2005
.bbSibly's Syntax HighlightingSyntax Highlighting by Mark SiblyKuron2005
.bbtransparent windowsChange the opacity of a window and/or set one color transparentHip Teen2005
.bbStart Screenmini welcome sreen to choose resolution, windowed and playersNicstt2005
.bbHyperlink labelAdd Hyperlink labels to your BlitzPlus programs!Blaine2005
.bbButtons with multiple lines of textMultiline ButtonsCold Harbour2005
.bbTwo new button styles using APINew buttonsCold Harbour2005
.bbXp/Normal Group BoxGroup Box, with both the XP and normal style!Helios2005
.bbRaw keyboard functionsGet the state of the keyboard (and mouse) even when a gadget or other appication has focus!sswift2005
.bbGetSystemColor()Uses windows GDI functions to tell you what color different interface elements in windows are.sswift2005
.bbRemoveTabberHottracking()This function stops the tabber gadget in Blitzplus from highlighting the tabs in blue when you mouse over them.sswift2005
.bbGadgetEnabled()Tells you if a gadget or window is currently enabled.sswift2005
.bbImproved Mouse FunctionsThis set of functions tells you where the mouse or a gadget is on the screen (or relative to a gadget), and whether the mouse is over a gadget.sswift2005
.bbMulti-Column ListBoxAs used in outlook to display e-mails.MattVonFat2005
.bbAdvance Popup Menu extrasadds GetPopupMenuText, FindPopupHandle, SetPopupDataItem, GetPopupDataItem functions and better control over popup positiongman2004
.bbGoogle Search Bar for BlitzPlus InterfaceAdd a Google Search Bar to any BlitzPlus ApplicationTails2004
.bbBlitzPluz + Blitz3DBlitzPluz + Blitz3DCronos2004
.bbB+ window has a Minimize gadgetShow a minimize gadget to the Blitz Plus windowSphinx2004
.bbCustom Gadget PropertiesAssign unlimited integers/images/banks/etc to any gadget using win apiskn32004
.bbCreateAgentexample of scripting an activex componentskidracer2004
.bbAdvanced Statusbars in b+Complete implimentation of the windows status bar controlskn32004
.bbChange Cursor IconChange the icon of a cursor in your blitz+ apps (also works in B3d)Binary_Moon2004
.bbGadget TabberTabs through OS GadgetsMr Brine2004
.bbBlitz+ Event wrapperA premade chunk of code, to wrap the blitz event systemskn32004
.bbMinimize/Maximize ButtonsAdd Minimize / Maximize Button To A Non-Resizable Windowpantsonhead.com2004
.bbGdi font userlibLoad any type of font file, using the GDI functionsskn32004
.bbLabox FunctionThis is used to make what I call Labox. Check it out, really useful.Apollonius2003
.bbUnique Colour CounterCounts the amount of colours in a 24bit ImageSnarty2003
.bbskinnable windowscreates irregular shaped windowsdan_upright2003
.bbTextArea Html FormattingFormat TextArea using Html-style tagsTodd2003
.bbProcess TreeList of running processes...BlitzSupport2003
.bbB3D and B+Code a Program with WinAIP and 3D Functions!Xenon2003
.bbPic-2-DATA utilityInclude image DATA in your source codeKevin_2003
.bbAdvance Status barmore options for statusbarRed2003
.bbSetListBoxBackgroundchange background color of listboxRed2003
.bbAdvance Toolbarmore options for toolbarRed2003
.bbAdvance PopupMenuEasy popup menuRed2003
.bbCreateSyntaxArea(...)Syntax Highlighting in B+ShadowTurtle2003
.bbNice Fire FX for B+ using Blit'sNice Fire FX for B+ using Blit'sRichard Betson2003
.bbFast FullScreen Blur/FadeBlur/Fade a screen at 640x480x16.Richard Betson2003
.bbWaitTimer(timername)Replaces the old WaitTimer( timername) commandReaper2003
.bbWebSearch Plus 1.0Multiple Web-search :)ShadowTurtle2003
.bbGadGetKey_TextAreaScan key in a TextArea field and save this in a String.ShadowTurtle2003
.bbBlitzLeechCrude multi-stream file downloaderBlitzSupport2003
.bbFoldable menus3dsMax style foldable menusWiebo2003
.bbBlitzPlus File ExplorerB+ program to populate a treeview gadget with folders and selected filesassari2003
.bbBlitzPlus Irc Client 0.7 (Update)This is a Irc-chat client for BlitzPlusShadowTurtle2003
.bbStartupPlus - UPDATED for BlitzPlus v1.34Simple 'Display Options' startup windowEOF2003
.bbPanelWindowdemonstrates a backdrop panel for changing background color of a windowskidracer2003
.bbHotspots!MouseOver() events come into being at last, with Hotspots!cyberseth2003
.bbPopupmenus!How to make a popupmenu at mouse x,ycyberseth2003
.bbWindow/Canvas frame-timing setupSets up a window and canvas with frame-timingcyberseth2003
.bbWin32 ConstantsJust about any constant I could come up with for your win32 needsJim Teeuwen2003
.bbSplitter GadgetA gadget that allows realtime resizing of gadets with a simple mousedragJim Teeuwen2003
.bbWaitTimer()Replacement for the Blitz2D commandSnarty2003
.bbSLineUseing a Bank instead of WritepixelfastSnarty2003
.bbR, G, B To LockedFormat Short/IntConverts Red, Green, Blue elements into 1 Short/IntegerSnarty2003