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This site features news and archives for users of Blitz Research programming tools.

Monkey2 is currently in development. Using a community funding model, Blitz Research's next generation basic environment retains human readable traits of it's ancestors with optional power programming features such as templates and futures. Already a proliferation of editors and tools created by the Monkey2 community demonstrate the versatile and elegant style of this exciting new language.

Monkey2 offers a migration path for the original Blitz BASIC user with traditional lightning fast graphics and friendly syntax. Alpha versions of Mojo3D indicates Blitz3D users can finally plan for migration to locations with shadows and shaders.

A huge thankyou for all early adopters and patrons for their efforts and patience and generosity.

Cerberus X is the new home for the original Monkey-X product with a new support team and a new web site.

BlitzMax for desktop developers of all shapes and sizes is now free.

Blitz3D the legendary language of champions is now free.

Blitz2 for Amiga is now free including original Devpac source files.

Community News

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This site is a read only mirror of the blitzbasic and monkey-x forums and is under construction with some disruptions in service expected.

As an alternative home, many users may be found hanging out on Shinkiro's Discord channel, at and on

Go congratulate Adam on his totally mad CGA palatte at

Evaluate monkey2 now, mojo3D is coming so now is the time to polish some new chops. Modern software engineering meets classic clean syntax.

Or go help brucey aka woolybah build the BlitzMax of the future.


CS2D has modified BlitzMax graphics API, real-time lighting, multiplayer, multi-resolution support, multi-font, lua scripting and many more features.


Monkey Duck Turtle Productions needs your help!

Invest in the future!!! Click here.

Legend of Faerghail

User Krischan is building a remake of the classic Amiga game.

Verve Painter
User Taron demonstrates painting a galaxy in Verve - a stunning tool attractor of the super talented.

Shhh! Game Development in progress in the new Common Room
Tune in for realtime updates and chip in with comments and additions at GalacticControl Central monkey2 project.

I'm making tons of mistakes, but the compiler is the best Ive ever used, very good at spotting errors and telling you what they are,