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first attempt2017-03-09

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(website is a work in progress! :)

ok here I go! No more slacking..2017-03-08
So this is just the first entry- no code yet..
I would like to create an "Animation" procedure that works with 2 legged, 4 to 8 legged, and other misc. shape living creatures.

My first thought is that motion of "Limbed" life uses a pendulum effect for propulsion. Same as for grasping limbs- there is a neutral center position-1: Non moving, 2: forward moving 3: and then backward moving-

4 legged creature crawl or wiggle mode-center pivot for root- alternate left forward/right backwards:right forward/left backward movement for each "Step"
4 legged upright-"horse-lion-etc", center pivot and shoulder/pelvis for forward pair backwards pair- alternate fwd-backward pendulum pairs.

2-legged upright- center pelvis- left/right legs alternate simultaneous fwd-backward right-fwd then"plant as still" left fwd then "plant as still"

Flapping or semi circular reaction movement- (air or water)- center axis-left and right pivots- rotational limbed or folding limb pull motion** (this sounds better)

Stay Sharp- Program! http:/
(website is a work in progress! :)