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The Secrets of Dyrt by Tricky

The Secrets of Dyrt is a SNES style RPG game for Windows and Mac, written in Lua and BlitzMax.

You'll take on the role of Eric Sylvertin, Irravonia daughter of Fandalora, Brendor, Seelah Gandra, Rebecca Sylvertin, Dernor Woodlock, Merya the Magpie and Aziella, daughter of the house of Gandron. With these eight heroes you'll have to battle the evil Order of Onyx.
But why, what does he want from you. What is so special about Eric and the enemy wants him so badly?

The Secrets of Dyrt offers a fun story with a lot of humor and a lot of background about the playable characters and also a lot of background about your enemies.
The gameplay is easy to understand to every RPG fan and since you can play in three difficulty modes the game is accessible to beginning players, offers a lot of fun to the casual gamer and can also offer a true challenge to the die-hard gamer seeking an (almost impossible) challenge.

The Secrets of Dyrt is free to play and every portion of the code and script that does not refer directly to the story line is in an open-source license (most of it is either MPL 2.0 or zLib license).

If you happen to be a member of you can register your achievements on-line, however the game is NOT exclusively written for that site, so if you don't desire such an account, you can play the game all the same.

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Submitted: 2015
No. of ratings: 5
Average rating: 3.6 / 5