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delete_my_account(Posted 2012) [#1]
Hey folks,

I have some problems with my 3DWS (version 5.6).
When I lightmap a scene it temporary works fine in 3DWS until I open the file again. Then the lightmap is a colorful noise.
When I export to a .b3d model the lightmap is also messed up.
Furthermore the program crashes very easily once I rendered the lights.

Here's a lightmap of a simple room (just a cube made hollow) with a light in the middle...


the whole thing:

I think JoshK made 3DWS, doesn't he?
Maybe he can fix this or has an idea what is causing the trouble? Or do you?
(Is there no function integrated in this forum to contact another member?)

What I don't get is that the lightmap (and vertex lightning as well) works fine until I save and reopen the map.

BTW: Why does a 'Wrong Thead' message appear on closing 3DWS?

thanks for help

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RemiD(Posted 2012) [#2]
I have asked a similar question last summer on the leadwerks forum without having any answer...

I think 3DWS lightmaps the mesh by drawing several spheres of different sizes and shades, this is why it is very fast to lightmap, but this is why it is ugly in Blitz3d.

This example shows a lightmap with perfect per pixel lighting (scale 1 pixel = 0.1 unit) :

However i have not finished the project...

You may be interested in the YAL lightmapper :

Here :

Here :

delete_my_account(Posted 2012) [#3]
I actually like the lighmapping of 3DWS so I will first try to get it fixed before I look for an extra lightmapper.

Here is another example of a lightmapped room.
First is without then direct after lightmapping. The last one is after save and reopen the file.

Hotshot2005(Posted 2012) [#4]
I like the last one....it look like Disco light :)

RemiD(Posted 2012) [#5]
Sorry i haven't understood your previous message.

From your previous screenshots, it looks like it can be a problem with the lightmap, or the vertexcolor, or the materials which may be altered during the export / import.

Do you export in .b3d ?

Can you show the exported lightmap ?

If the exported lightmap looks like the one previously shown, you have a problem with 3DWS, either inside 3DWS or with the export of the lightmap. Maybe some graphic cards are not compatible. You should ask Josh for more details.

You can also try to run 3DWS in windows XP mode.
Or you can try to use 3DWS on another computer with another model of graphic card and see if this fixes the issue.

RemiD(Posted 2012) [#6]
One dumb question but we never know : are you sure you have only the lights you want before calculating the lightmap ?

RemiD(Posted 2012) [#7]
Hey Unz, :)

I have used 3DWS today and tried your map, the lightmap was weird indeed.

Here is a simple room with 2 lights and the lightmap done.
Here :

See if you can import it and export it properly.
And if it doesn't work, you should ask Josh.

delete_my_account(Posted 2012) [#8]

I tried your file on my computer.
I can open it and see the lightmap correct.
But the program crashes on 1. exporting to .b3d/.dbo/.fy 2. clear lights 3. render lights 4. save file (.3dw) and try to reopen it...

I tried 3DWS on another computer too.
There it works. Create level, lightmap level, save level, export level. Everything's fine
but your test room still crashes on render/clear lights, exporting, and pretty much everything else too :)

soooo... if I had to guess
I would say the graphicscard or whatever does the lightmapping and rendering.
On my system the communication between it and 3DWS doesn't work right.
3DWS want to render the lightmap and expect some information. The GraCa gives some other out than 3DWS can handle.
The first time the rendering is done with the information the GraCa gives itself -> works.
But then I want to save the file.
3DWS doesn't understand correct what the GraCa is giving and saves it missinterpreted.
On reloading the file the GraCa has the stuff 3DWS missinterpreted and shows some colorful nonesense.
Now if I try to lightmap again the whole system is freaking out because the GraCa expect the information it has given but 3DWS f*** it up in the meantime and everything EXPLODES :)

Just a guess :)

Why your file doesn't work the other system as well... no idea.

Anyway... does someone know how I can contact Josh? :)
Otherwise I think I will make the geometry stuff on my and then the lightmapping on the other computer.

RemiD(Posted 2012) [#9]

Why your file doesn't work the other system as well...

Maybe because i have put one of light too far from the origin.

how I can contact Josh?

Here :

Or Here :

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