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Hotshot2005(Posted 2011) [#1]
I have check in TubroSquid but most of them are Max or lwo :(

Is there Free 3D Tank in either .x or B3D Model?

please let me know :)

Sung(Posted 2011) [#2]
What kind of tank?

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Hotshot2005(Posted 2011) [#3]
Any 3D Tank will do as long as it is .x or B3D Model :)

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Sung(Posted 2011) [#4]
I make one for you.
Screenshot follow.
where to send? ;-)

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Hotshot2005(Posted 2011) [#5]
if you want a screenshot of it and you can upload on and you don't have register it as you click on is without account then upload the picture and post on here with the picture :)

Sung(Posted 2011) [#6]
I post here the screenshot of the model i made for you. Hope you like it ;-)

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Sung(Posted 2011) [#7]
Here is the tank.

160 poly
texture size: 256 x 256 pixel

Download link: *removed* - model is now available at

Have fun!

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Hotshot2005(Posted 2011) [#8]
WOW very nice tank


What Application did you made this?

Sung(Posted 2011) [#9]

I made it from brain with Milkshape 3D and Paintshop for the texture.

Hotshot2005(Posted 2011) [#10]
Interesting....I try to learn Blender but it wasnt easy to do on 3D Tank.

So I guess Milkshape 3D is the easiest to do 3D Modelings then?

Sung(Posted 2011) [#11]
No, not really. You must spent a lot of time to learn modelling. I do this for years and have a focus on low poly game models.
The modeller is not important.

Hotshot2005(Posted 2011) [#12]

Do you think I should Hand on Milkshape book?

The Contents of Milkshape

All I like to learn on how to model the vehicle and buildings

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Sung(Posted 2011) [#13]
Milkshape is a polygon modeller (i prefer it for game modeling). It's maybe to difficult for you to start, but it gives you all what you need for making game models. There is a book? Hear it first.

I found wings3d very easy to start with. It's for free and realtiv easy to learn.

Try both :-)

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Steve Elliott(Posted 2011) [#14]

I have check in TubroSquid but most of them are Max or lwo :(

Cool. I have 1 of those. Ultimate Unwrap3D is your friend here.