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Yue(Posted 2010) [#1]
Hello, I have a concern.
It is related to the skeletons of the characters, and show more detail the image.

My question is what role playing is bone in the middle of the legs in Blitz3D?, Is really necessary or is it optional?. He commented that in many modeling programs I've seen that and really do not know which is the end.

a greeting.

GW(Posted 2010) [#2]
I believe that it is for aligning the bone at the ground in your game or maybe as an anchor in animation.

_Skully(Posted 2010) [#3]
Its probably the pivot mount point

GfK(Posted 2010) [#4]
Its obvious what that is:

_PJ_(Posted 2010) [#5]
Yeah seems like its there to serve a few purposes:

a) Keeps the 'body' "upright"
b) Ideal for checking collision with the 'ground'
c) A suitable 'pivot' for "controlling" the mesh as a whole

or maybe, just a very well endowed mesh oO!!!

Yue(Posted 2010) [#6]
I appreciate your comments, but that difference can be set if I use a skeleton Blitz3D whether the bone, which benefits can be established and which not.

ShadowTurtle(Posted 2010) [#7]
Codewise you can use the main-bone for moving, rotating etc. the actor.

I do support models wich have main bones.

jhocking(Posted 2010) [#8]
I've seen that before, and I've never really understood the point.

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#9]
very useful bone (The Todger Bone as i call it)

ive always used this bone for adding the bounce in a walk cycle or moving the whole rig down when crouching or lying on the ground ,
i set it up so all othe bones are children of this, so moving this moves the rig and not the main object box

in blitz set up a weight map for it, like belt or hips and use this as the main rig bone