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stayne(Posted 2010) [#1]
If anyone has candy store could you please email me a copy? Thanks.

stayne(Posted 2010) [#2]
Got it - thanks to Yasha :)

Uncle(Posted 2010) [#3]
Hi, should also be available again at...

Happy to see people still using it :)

stayne(Posted 2015) [#4]
Anyone have this available for download? Site is toast.

Uncle(Posted 2015) [#5]
Try here...

Matty(Posted 2015) [#6]
Is that the same as particle candy?

I used to use that almost 10 years idea where I've put the code now. Same as nsprite2 which was a really nice system for 2d overlays and text. I remember writing to the developer with a question of some sort a number of years ago who was pleasantly surprised it was still being used after all these years.

stayne(Posted 2015) [#7]
It's an editor for particle candy.

Yue(Posted 2015) [#8]
Where Copy?, I am using for My game.