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Winni(Posted 2010) [#1]
If anybody is interested, send me an email - I won't use this thread for further discussion.

It's about a BUNDLE of this software that I will not sell separately:

Flash Professional CS3 for Mac OS X (US English)
-- it's an upgrade from Flash Pro 8/Flash 5 actually, and you will get all three serial numbers.

Flex Builder 3 Standard for Mac OS X & Windows (US English)
-- it's an upgrade from FlexBuilder 2, and of course you will also get the serial number for the full version of Flex Builder 2

You will get signed Adobe license transfer forms from me that you can submit to Adobe so that they will update their database accordingly and file you as the official license owner. Read this for more information:

The software are DOWNLOAD versions. I will send you my installation mediums, but since this software is from the Adobe download store, those are no retail DVDs. Which, before some idiot posts his crap here, does NOT make this software in any way illegal. Those licenses have been paid for and were not cheap. You will also get a copy of the receipt.

That software is also fully upgradeable to the current CS5 versions, if you want to do so.

Which leads me to an alternative: I would also trade this software for an upgrade to Photoshop CS5 Extended for Mac OS X. I don't need Flash and FlexBuilder anymore, but I still use Photoshop Extended CS3 and think it's a fair deal to trade those two licenses for that upgrade.

Okay, if anybody is interested, please don't post here but send me a private email.

Otherwise, you'll find the stuff on tomorrow.

UPDATE: I've put it on eBay (using my wife's account). Here's the link:

Reactor(Posted 2010) [#2]
Even if you're not coding in Flash, I'd personally hang onto it as an (excellent) 2D animation tool. But, that's just me :)