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Aussie(Posted 2010) [#1]
Hello all.

I will try an explain this the best i can.
I am modeling a number of objects with blender for a game, because all of the objects are relatively simple i am creating them all in the same scene. What i am having problems with is when i export an object, it sets its center to the world cords of 0,0,0 in blender, so when i use the object in b3d it rotates around an invisible point. Is there a way to export objects with their local cords or do i have to position each object at 0,0,0 before i export them from blender?

hope this makes sense.

Cheers : )

Reactor(Posted 2010) [#2]
What format are you exporting out as, and what version of Blender are you using? I have no idea about how to fix the issue- it just sounds as an odd issue if all you're doing is exporting out the geometry.

Aussie(Posted 2010) [#3]
I am using the b3d export & the Blender version is 2.49b.

EDIT: I just tried exporting as a .x & still end up with the same problem.

slenkar(Posted 2010) [#4]
you have to place them at 0,0,0 in blender im afraid

Aussie(Posted 2010) [#5]
I thought that might be the case.
Cheers : )