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Beaker(Posted 2009) [#1]
Continued from thread 4.

Colonel_Klink(Posted 2009) [#2]
@ Vorderman
"I'm using shadow LODs in SRX for the car shadows, and they work perfectly, although right now I can't recall how I got them to work.

However, they do work very nicely indeed, and massively decrease the casting-shadow polycount (no idea if that helps the framerate or not though..)
Are you using FastExt or some other shadow system. I'd be very interested to know how you got them to work.

Vorderman(Posted 2009) [#3]
I'm using FastExt yes. I'll have to take a look at the code to see what I did...

Vorderman(Posted 2009) [#4]
OK, I found it. Here's what I'm doing:

1. Create a SHADOWMESH shadowcasting object that is either parented or positioned to follow the main mesh. The main mesh is NOT set as a shadowcaster.

2. load 2 textures - one to turn objects black, the other effectively hides them (by being a small 16x16 masked texture that is completely black):

GAMEDATA\SHADOWTEXTURE_BLACK 					= LoadTexture("textures\SHADOWTEXTURE_black.tga")
GAMEDATA\SHADOWTEXTURE_OFF 					= LoadTexture("textures\SHADOWTEXTURE_black.tga" , 4)

3. just before RenderWorld (outside the logic loop) I apply the solid black material to the shadowcasters so they become visible, then render the shadows, then apply the invisible black material to hide the shadowcasters again before the main renderworld:

	;show the shadowmesh entities
		;check player car against each AI vehicle
		For a=1 To 1+(UI\AI_PLAYERCOUNT-1)
	UpdateShadows GAMEDATA\camera1 , frameTween#

	;hide the shadowmeshes
		;check player car against each AI vehicle
		For a=1 To 1+(UI\AI_PLAYERCOUNT-1)

	RenderWorld frameTween

This seems to work fast and well, whereas using Hideentity or Entityalpha IIRC gave me loads of problems.

Colonel_Klink(Posted 2009) [#5]
Thanks, Vorderman. I didn't think of using a texture to render the object invisible. I shall give that a try.

IcyDefiance(Posted 2009) [#6]
OK, I figure I'll get a better answer here than in the beginner's area.

I'm using FastExt to get some good looking water, complete with reflection and refraction, but I'm having a problem. It's reflecting my skybox under the terrain. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but with the refraction it bends the blue reflection into view.

Now I'm new to this thing and I only understand about 75% of how to do this, and I'm already running the line between quality and fps, so I don't want to duplicate and flip my entire terrain. The only thing I can think of is to export just the parts of the terrain wherever the altitude is 0 (water level) as a mesh and load that in seperately. This should only add a few hundred faces, but it's a hassle.

Is there an easier way to fix this? By the way, I'm using BlitzTiles for the terrain, and the code from the example that comes with it for the water.

Oh, and question #2, for some reason the water keeps creeping higher and higher (or everything else keeps dropping lower), but there's no commands for it to move. Is this a known problem with that water, or did I just do something idiotic again?

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#7]
@Yippee: Attentively study an water-examples, at rendering of reflections you can hide any objects to increase FPS. About question #2 - you have an bug in a code, I am assured on 100%. To change a water Y-position, you should set Y for a water-mesh and water clipplanes.

IcyDefiance(Posted 2009) [#8]
I don't want to hide objects, I want one to show on the opposite side. Although that does tell me that I could hide the reverse of the terrain for the camera render to save on fps. That should save me some fps for other random things too.

And I figured that's what it was, but I was hoping I was wrong. It's weird, though. I can't find any TranslateEntity commands or the like that could be affecting the water plane. I wonder if I copied some collision code accidentally that could be affecting it...

Thanks for the help, MikhailV.

FlagDKT(Posted 2009) [#9]
Hi Mikha:)
Doing some speed test, It seems that hidden shadowcaster don't lower framerate.
If you create 20 characters and then use hideshadowcaster on them, FPS remain similar.
Why?How to effectivley skip them in shadow calc?

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#10]
Hi FlagDKT :)

There are two suppositions:

1. Your videocard is fast and object rendering occupies not enough time (and does not reduce FPS).

2. May be a logic error in shadow system. Try change code in UpdateShadows function:



FlagDKT(Posted 2009) [#11]
Uhm..nothing changes!
That's strange because if I move cam far from characters, fps start to lower...
Why hiding casters I don't get same result?

and...Is it necessary to render receivers even if my only receiver is ground?it seems to work faster without it...

FlagDKT(Posted 2009) [#12]
toc toc..MikhailV? :)

Krischan(Posted 2009) [#13]
> for some reason the water keeps creeping higher and higher (or everything else keeps dropping lower)

Hmm dunno, but just a hint - BlitzTiles has a feature which moves the water mesh in Y position to simulate shore move (very simple). Just check the scene.ini setting "ShoreMove=1" is set to 0 instead of 1, or delete/uncomment the following lines in BlitzTiles in the function BT_UpdateScene():

; Water movement
If BT_ShoreMove Then
	BT_ShoreMove1=(BT_ShoreMove1+(0.2*BT_ShoreSpeed)) Mod 360
	BT_ShoreMove2=(BT_ShoreMove2+(0.1*BT_ShoreSpeed)) Mod 360
PositionEntity BT_Shore,0,BT_WaterLevel+Sin(BT_ShoreMove1)+(Sin(BT_ShoreMove2)/10.0),0
PositionEntity BT_Ocean,0,BT_WaterLevel+Sin(BT_ShoreMove1)+(Sin(BT_ShoreMove2)/10.0),0

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#14]
@Krischan: Thanks for help.
@Yippee: Small remark - for water, which is made with library, also is necessary to displace clipplanes (synchronously with the water mesh). Do not forget it.

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#15]
Do you have any experience about Blitz in windows 7? And Fastextension in windows 7? Blitzbasic and fastextension are important parts of my system (XP) and without information I don't want to change for win7.
Otherwise I have bad feeling because of Dx7.

Tab(Posted 2009) [#16]
@Mike0101 I have Win7 and FastExt works without any problem on my VGA (GTS250).

Oiduts Studios(Posted 2009) [#17]
This is kind of off topic but when will version 1.14 come out? And how would i get it if i already bought version 1.13? Also has anyone tried using BlitzSky with this? The moon's texture is lost or something because it turns into a large white square...

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#18]
@Tab Thank you

Chi3f Stadi(Posted 2009) [#19]
Same here. Windows 7 and FastExt works pretty well. So I would like to buy 1.14 as soon as it is released.

When using DOF, is it possible to postprocess it with the first created camera instead of the last camera ?

EDIT: okay, there is already a workaround for that problem using renderworld two times when using a cam for HUD

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#20]
With this library the Blitz is almost up to date enough but the FSAA.
This is very important today for professional looking 3d games. This is a missing feature.

FlagDKT(Posted 2009) [#21]
Hi MikhailV
FastLibs need to be updated again :(
Blitz3d Update 1102 has been released and noone of the libs seems to work anymore.
bad luck..

Quote from Mark: "Any 'struct hacking' libs may have to be modified to deal with the fact that an internal std::list has been changed to a std::map "

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#22]
Update 1103 is the most important upgrade in last couple years, a faster animation system. Would be great an update of Fastlibs

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#23]
@Mike0101: I prepare an update for library (will be this week)

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#24]
@Mikhail: Thank you

Oiduts Studios(Posted 2009) [#25]

ZJP(Posted 2009) [#26]
Cool ;)


Cronos(Posted 2009) [#27]
great news

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#28]
Mikhail, what do you think about FSAA? Is possible in Blitz any way?
When I'm set the 8x FSAA forced in Nvidia menu, the picture quality is much better. This would be a very useful feature.

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#29]
Hi! :)
FastExt v1.14 is available:
 - Now the FastExt library supports work with Blitz3D v1.101 and v1.103;
 - New function for rendering - RenderGroup, GroupAttach, GroupDetach, GroupFind, ClearGroup and ClearGroups;
 - Added new Postprocess effect "Posterize" and example;
 - Added new high-quality modes (2 & 3) for postprocess effects: Blur, BlurDirectional, BlurSpin;
 - Work of function SetBuffer is optimised and more correct with RT-textures;
 - Shadow frameworks and changed:
	- Fixed problem with tweening, example;
	- Fixed problem with EntityAutoFade for any objects;
	- Fixed conflict with postprocess effect FE_BLURMOTION;
	- Now possible to add entity as a receiver, to avoid wrong shades
	  at intersecting casters and a receiver, example;
	- Now possible to use low-poly model for shadows casting (LOD)
	  and increases FPS in the application, and it will work automatically, example; 
	- New possibility to create a shadows from a Spot light source, example;
	- New example, showing how to increase shadow area
	  with two shadow objects simultaneously from one light source.

 - Do not forget to update dll, decls and included files!

You can download library from a site or from your personal account.

semar(Posted 2009) [#30]
Cool, thank you MikhailV !

RifRaf(Posted 2009) [#31]
Hey MikhailV,

A little off topic but
I get "userlib not found" with fasttext on any blitz3d version above 1.000
Do you have plans to get fasttext working on the latest Blitz3D version ?

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#32]
@RifRaf: Yes, I plan :)

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#33]
Cool. I'm testing right now. Thank you

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#34]
The shadow post blur does not work with Createshadow quality, mode=0 (this is the mode parameter). In theory the mode=0 is the faster method.
This is not the a new 1.14 problem.

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#35]
The multiple shadow trick is pretty smart. How can I calculate more accurate position of drawed rect? When I'm using this features I see an empty border beetween the first and second shadows.

k# = ShadowRange(FirstShadow) / ShadowRange(SecondShadow)
w# = k * (TextureWidth(SecondShadowTexture) - 2.0)
h# = k * (TextureHeight(SecondShadowTexture) - 2.0)
x# = (1.0-k) / 2.0 * TextureWidth(SecondShadowTexture)
y# = (1.0-k) / 2.0 * TextureWidth(SecondShadowTexture)
Color 255, 255, 255
Rect x, y, w, h, 1

Cronos(Posted 2009) [#36]
Thank you for the FastExt v1.14 update
please update FastImage and FastText ( Great Library set )

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#37]
You right, and you not right about mode=0. This method uses RenderWorld to BackBuffer and CopyRect - it is slow on old videocards. And size of shadow texture less than GraphicsHeight(), it minimal quality.

Postprocess Blur really does not work with mode=0, as for FX is required RT-texture (render-texture). I will make changes in shadow system that it could work in any mode (I will blur texture after rendering in the current graphics buffer).

About more accurate position for increase range trick — Alas, it is unreal. There is no accuracy in calculations of a projective matrix, videocard uses standart Float vars (32-bit) - it is not enough.

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#38]
@Mikhail: Thank you. The blur shadow of the faster method would be great.

Luis de la Cruz(Posted 2009) [#39]
Thanks MikhailV for the FastExt update!

A question for all: someone has certified that the 1.103 update of Blitz3D produce a faster animation system. Is it really true? Also, someone has problems with 1.103 and another lib?. I would like to upgrade to the latest versions but first I want to be sure. Thanks.

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#40]
New update again :)

Thanks for Mark and new Blitz3D, it have induced me to find a new way for creation of beautiful postprocess FX (GodRays) which I could not make earlier.
Personal thanks for Filax which has created an excellent example for library, and constantly uses my libraries in the interesting projects.

FastExt v1.15 is available:
 - New function ShadowsBlur, now can work in any shadow mode. Example (with changes);
 - New postprocess FX - 'GodRays' and new functions CustomPostprocessRays, CustomPostprocessRaysEx + example
 - New beautiful example (thanks for Filax);

 - Do not forget to update dll, decls and included files!

You can download library from a site or from your personal account.

p.s. Rays postprocess FX screenshot:

ZJP(Posted 2009) [#41]
OMG ;)

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#42]
Cool, THX

Uber Jase(Posted 2009) [#43]

Is the site down for anyone else?

OJay(Posted 2009) [#44]
wow, sounds and looks great! so, who needs dx10 anyway? ;D
it works through a directional blur, doesnt it? tried this myself, but didnt get any usable results...

btw: the download of the update doesnt work successfully logged in, but the link doesnt load :/ (while 1.14 download DOES work)

edit says: everything fine now, locked n loaded 8-)

PS: mikhail: what hardware do you have, so you're getting over 700fps in the godray-sample and over 50 in the fakeray-sample? im having a gtx280 and getting "only" 250 and 7fps o_O

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#45]

I have ATI Radeon HD4850.
UpdateShadows disabled ~750 fps
UpdateShadows enabled ~485 fps

and ATI Radeon X700 Pro
UpdateShadows disabled ~240 fps
UpdateShadows enabled ~170 fps

and Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express
UpdateShadows disabled ~30 fps
UpdateShadows enabled ~17 fps

Fake raytracing - it's a simple beautiful example, not more, and not for realtime of course.

Mike0101(Posted 2009) [#46]
The GodRay effect is beautiful. Thank you
I was upload a few pictures


Rroff(Posted 2009) [#47]
Great job on the rays!

It was one of the key features I've been missing from the project I've been working on! and couldn't get my head around a way to do it other than misusing stencil shadow volumes (flip mesh) but that didn't produce as good results (and slowed things down a LOT).

Any chance we will see the object self shadowing feature available?

MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#48]

FlagDKT(Posted 2009) [#49]
Hi Mikha
A very small optimization for and would be to change :
HideEntity ShadowCameraDefault

CameraProjMode ShadowCameraDefault,0

quoted from b3d manual:
"Using projection mode 0, nothing is displayed on the screen, and this is the fastest method of hiding a camera."


MikhailV(Posted 2009) [#50]
:D Thanks. I will try to not forget it and to add in a next update.

Polan(Posted 2009) [#51]
I would like to buy fastex but I want to know, is there any wrapper of it to blitz3d sdk for blitzmax? (I found couple people asking same question on forum but without real answer)

Paolo(Posted 2010) [#52]
I bought the full package few months ago, ...this is just the best add-on to blitz3d.
Congratulations for such a good work.

I have a problem,
don't know if it is a bug,

I can't make a cubemap-texture to be deformed by a normal-map using FE_BUMP,

... the cube-map is displayed with embm-distortion but the map itself is not correctly displayed, it seems to be "stretched" over the surface ...

This is the pseudo-code that is not working:
EntityTexture entity, ' anyDiffuseTexture ',0,0
EntityTexture entity, ' bumpTextureUsing_FE_BUMP ',0,1
EntityTexture entity, ' cubeMapTextureLoadedWithFlag_128 ',0,2

Basically, I want to apply embm-distortion to a cubemap texture ...


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#53]
Yes, I repeatedly spoke about it at a forum. And again - Don't use cubemaps with bump, it's incorrect! It is forbidden in DirectX specification and can work only on ATI videocards.

Use CopyRect + 2D projected textures, see example and

OJay(Posted 2010) [#54]
hey mikhail,
is there a specific blending-configuration to allow shadow mapped entities to be alpha mapped also? or is not even possible at all?

thx in advance!

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#55]
@OJay: Problems shouldn't be. For example?

OJay(Posted 2010) [#56]
i edited your shadow_simple demo to show the problem:

see the lines 85-90. if you comment out the shadowtexture line, the cube is displayed with correct alpha, with the shadowtexture applied there is no alpha anymore...

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#57]
@OJay: Oh, I understand your problem. It's simple! Use EntityFX cube, 32 (force alpha-blending) :)

Blitz3D has internal intelligence for application of textures to entities/surfaces and which disables alpha-blending (if any entity/surface texture has been loaded without a flag 2).

OJay(Posted 2010) [#58]
douh! tried all kinds of weird textureblend modes...and didnt thought of the entityfx flag :X
thanks a lot, works like charm! :)

Paolo(Posted 2010) [#59]
Ok thanks MikhailV,

I'm solving it.

one more question,
what's the point of using flags "FE_RENDER + FE_ZRENDER" ?
I mean, if you already added "FE_ZRENDER", is it necessary to use "FE_RENDER" too? why do you use both flags instead of just one of them?


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#60]
@Paolo: You right, is it not necessary :) I forget it all time and I do it for certain (not to be mistaken).

Oiduts Studios(Posted 2010) [#61]
I am having a problem with my code, i have multiple shadows and the water used in the samples. I started out with simple shadows and when i implemented the multiple version i got a MAV on "SetBuffer TextureBuffer(ReflectTexture)", this line is used for the water. I can't figure out the problem, please help.

Edit: never mind I fixed it

Marcell(Posted 2010) [#62]
Once one have purchased FastText, can one use it royalty free commercially?

chi(Posted 2010) [#63]
Iīm working on a terrain editor which is based on fastext. textureblend modes!
But right now itīs just "proof of concept"...

Oiduts Studios(Posted 2010) [#64]
That looks really good chi.

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#65]
@chi: Cool!

Rroff(Posted 2010) [#66]
If your doing what I think your doing... your gonna have hideous issues if the engine starts using other objects with alpha i.e. some sprite clouds - the texture layers on the terrain will start flickering.

I was doing something similiar:

starting to get nice results but its a dead end.

puki(Posted 2010) [#67]
Isn't it a case of just not using alpha on the base layer?

chi(Posted 2010) [#68]
I donīt have any problems here! The trees in the video are with alphamaps... and of course no alpha on textur layers.

nice pic btw... reminds me on building a road system too ;)

Rroff(Posted 2010) [#69]
Forgot you had the trees in there - looks like the system your using might work around the alpha fighting issue.

KronosUK(Posted 2010) [#70]
Out of curiosity what would be required to make FastExt work with the Blitz3dsdk - (8litzmax).

chi(Posted 2010) [#71]
@mikhailV: any chance to get explicit reading of individual texture color channels to work with FastExt / DX7 ?

according to this article ( )

- > Merging Alpha Maps Using Color Channels

i know: dx9 and pixel shader! but maybe thereīs another way?

cheers, chi

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#72]
@chi: You are right, it is impossible without pixel shaders :(

chi(Posted 2010) [#73]
too sad! would have come handy... but thx for taking the time anyway ;)

JA2(Posted 2010) [#74]

Have you considered porting your libraries for use with BlitzMax? FastExtension running with MiniB3D would be really nice. Plus you wouldn't be limited by DX7 anymore...

Yasha(Posted 2010) [#75]
Err... FastExtension is built on the same DX7 technology as B3D, you don't really have the option of using it with OpenGL? (and on the flipside, miniB3D's OpenGL means readily-available pixel shaders already)

JA2(Posted 2010) [#76]
Hmm okay then...

@MikhailV: Have you considered making any similar libraries for Blitz Max? An extension to MiniB3d for rendering shadows and post process effects would be really nice, especially for those of us (like myself) who wouldn't know where to start programming such things...

Dreamora(Posted 2010) [#77]
those who don't know where to start look at minib3d ext to get an idea and on the nehe opengl tutorials ( )

Alternatively you would get leadwerks, the irrlicht wrapper, flow3d, the tv3d wrapper ...

chi(Posted 2010) [#78]
ok, hereīs a little preview of FastTerrain... yet itīs a terrain painter but there are much more features to come.
load/save and some other functions are still not implemented... but hey, itīs an alpha version ;) (3.3Mb)

(thereīs a known bug with AA on and speedtext... so i might need to swap to fasttext soon. + only tested on win xp)

edit: under settings/preferences check trueform and reload the noise brush... much better now ;)

cya, chi

GIB3D(Posted 2010) [#79]
I like it. It's a very nice program :D Also, may I ask what you are using to do you're GUI?

chi(Posted 2010) [#80]
thanks gib!

the gui is called "escape gui" from eps ( ).
itīs very fast and has a lot of gadgets and styles... and thereīs also a gui editor available (but export doesnīt work so you have to write it on your own).
source, help and editor are well documented in german though! just ask if you need help ;)

btw... at the bottom of the page thereīs escape3d. itīs a fusion between escape gui and draw3d

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#81]
#post copied from beginers section

can any body tell me where im going wrong and how to fix it

i have a simple plane with a hill textured with 4 colourd tiles and 3 alpha maps

im using FastEXT

the problem is
when ever i turn the mesh and a part of the ground goes behind the hill the hill becomes transparent
which is not good its got to be something to do with alphas or aliens or something, i could be wrong but it looks like an alpha is blending with its self

zip file Clicky

code and exe
code wont run unless you have FastEXT the exe will

#edit i just dowloaded chi`s fastterrain if that uses the fastext blend then it works fine, dont know what im doing wrong

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#82]
@scribbla: You need disable alpha-blending for mesh (Blitz3D set it automatically, if you uses one or more alpha-textures)

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#83]
Hi MikhailV

thanks for the quick reply

i have just tried
EntityBlend mesh,FE_NOALPHA ; to turn off entity alpha

but i still get the same problem,

i have even redone the mesh thinking something was wrong there, but its just a simple plane with a hill in the middle converted using Ultimate Unwrap

the code im using

updated zip
zip file 2 Clicky

using the blending demo supplied, all i did here was load a plane instead of createcube() & added "EntityBlend mesh,FE_NOALPHA"

thanks Dave

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#84]
only problem now is 3ds and x only saves 1 uv set

1 for alpha
1 for tiles

back to square one, has anybody actualy done this in blitz on a simple .b3d mesh with a hill in the middle ?

need to use .b3d
but...i dont think this can be done on a .b3d mesh

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#85]
@scribbla: Check your email, I found solution for you )

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#86]
you sir are a genius :)

IT WORKS at last

many thanks for your time and effort


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#87]
@scribbla: Thanks. And I'm waiting beautiful screenshots from you for my site )

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#88]
as soon as i get a good level done ,you can use any screenshots you want ;)

just playing about at the moment

opengl shot

wmaass(Posted 2010) [#89]
Looks great! First I have seen of this. I assume with this technique you can achieve "finer" terrain painting? With vertex alpha painting seemed blocky and unnatural.

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#90]
yep, basic set of tiles then blend & pick out some finer details highlights/shadows on the tile and so on to give it that bit extra

stayne(Posted 2010) [#91]
L3DT exports alpha maps. I'm gonna whip something up tonight.

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#92]
i beleive blender acts as an editor , ive seen the vid not not tried it


Charrua(Posted 2010) [#93]

when i aply the ShadowTexture to a blitz entity, the drawing funtions of FastImage stop working (particulary DrawLine)

i posted on a separate thread but no answers... seems that a thread called "fastExt + fastImage problem" isn't of interest.

i tested on the same machine on XP and VistaHomeBasic and the problem persist.

any idea?

seems to be the graphic card, i hope shold be something i'm missing or doing wrong.


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#94]
@Charrua: It is a videocard problem, I'm sure. I saw it earlier on very cheap mobile videocard (not completely supports DX7). For three years of existence of library - you the second person only, who observes the similar.

Charrua(Posted 2010) [#95]
ok, thank's

knowing that is not bad use is enough for me.
I try so many things and the fact that apply a texture were far from my thoughts. When at the end i realise that this were the problem, really i get confused.

btw, I do prefere to be the second on a race, why just my computer!

kind regards


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#96]
@Charrua: It is not necessary to despair, I think that I can solve this problem in next version of library

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#97]
@Mikhail: Whats up about next version? New features or optimized?

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#98]
@Mike0101: Anything especial - small bugfixes, floating values for coordinates, ā few additional possibilities. I speak about FastImage library.

puki(Posted 2010) [#99]
Don't forget to allow me the option to change the red/blue filters for anaglyph in FastExtension - I've been waiting longer than some of the people who you pander too.

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#100]
@Mikhail: thanks

Charrua(Posted 2010) [#101]


ZJP(Posted 2010) [#102]
Don't forget to allow me the option to change the red/blue filters for anaglyph in FastExtension


Tab(Posted 2010) [#103]
floating values for coordinates

That sounds good! :D

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#104]
@puki: ColorFilter function already is present for anaglyph. What is required, I don't understand?

puki(Posted 2010) [#105]
I want to change the colour shades.

Jiffy(Posted 2010) [#106]
Red/blue are the popular colors, though red/green is out there. There are others as well, but they usually work off of a different dynamic- like amber/blue (which might be ok, but is 'weighted' different), and yellow/blue (which I think uses a different perceptual technique altogether)

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#107]
@Mikhail: The multitexturing is very fine with your new blends. I'm using max9 for modelling and I can't export in b3d with your blends (because of the limited exporter). Can I manipulate the exported b3d model with a hexaeditor? If yes, how? Do you have any description?
By the way would be great a new full featured max exporter.

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#108]
@Mike0101: You need read B3D format specification and find & change blend values in 'BRUS' tags with Hex-editor. And about max exporter - will be better to contact with developer of plugin.

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#109]
Thank you. What is the code of FE_ALPHAMODULATE and FE_ALPHACURRENT?

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#110]
DebugLog Hex(FE_ALPHAMODULATE) :) Or look file

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#111]
Thank you

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#112]
What is the texture parameter and blend parameter of lightmap texture?
(I'm created in max render to texture menu)

Santiworld(Posted 2010) [#113]
hi, i have problem with fastextension and shadows

i have blitz v105
fastextencion 115 retail
fast image 173
fasttext 124

im using windows 7
Video : nvidia gtx 260

when i start the demo samples, shadows or some fastextended demo, have a MAV error.

Runtime Error
Memory access violation

in all shadow demo have the same error

function setbuffer% *..
return setbuffer_ (buffer) <-- error here

whath can i do to fix this problem?

Tab(Posted 2010) [#114]
@Santiworld Fastext don't supports v105 at the moment.

Santiworld(Posted 2010) [#115]
thanks Tab!

Uber Jase(Posted 2010) [#116]
Has this been updated yet to work with the latest Blitz version?
Thanks :)

Tab(Posted 2010) [#117]
@Uber Jase Nop... Still no update.

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#118]
@Uber Jase: Pleeeease wait...

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#119]
FastExtension library updated - v1.16
- now compatible with Blitz3D 1.105

You can download library from a site or from your personal account.

Don't forget to update dll, decls and include files in your Blitz3D and projects!

SabataRH(Posted 2010) [#120]
Let me be the first to say... THANK YOU! :)>

Nice work MikhailV

chi(Posted 2010) [#121]
yup, thanks mikhail

byo(Posted 2010) [#122]
Really nice, thank you.

Uber Jase(Posted 2010) [#123]
Thanks for the update Mikhail :)

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#124]
I have problem with multitexturing. I'm using Ambitenlight and Lightcolor commands for simulate day-night cycle. When I'm using multitexuring objects (FE_ALPHAMODULATE blend for alphatexture and FE_ALPHACURRENT blend for color texture), the lightcolor and ambientlight color don't affect on objects. How can I resolve this?

Here is a sample:

alpha1=LoadTextureEx ("alpha1.png",2) : TextureBlend alpha1, FE_ALPHAMODULATE
stone=LoadTexture("",1+8) : TextureBlend stone, FE_ALPHACURRENT

EntityTexture ground,sand,0,0
EntityTexture ground,alpha1,0,1
EntityTexture ground,stone,0,2

puki(Posted 2010) [#125]
Nobody told me that 1.16 was out.

I am hurt.

The whole chuffing suite has been updated. Do I get a phone call - no.

Rroff(Posted 2010) [#126]
Mike0101 if you haven't worked it out yet - use something along the lines of:


Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#127]
Thanx but doesn't work.

Rroff(Posted 2010) [#128]
Ah seems a little more complex when your alpha testing rather than supplying alpha in the same stage :( (it does work if your texture has an alpha channel). Don't understand the D3DTOP blends well enough yet to know if its possible to make it work with your example - but thats probably the only hope of a proper solution.

Leon Drake(Posted 2010) [#129]
hey MikhailV how do i get my login info to update fastex, i dont remember signing up for an account when i purchased it earlier this year.

Paolo(Posted 2010) [#130]

Just in case you missed it,
I'm doing a thorough use of your fastExtension and fastImage libraries in this demo

May be you would like to use the screenshots or take your own for your website ...

As I said in the past,
congratulations for doing the best add-on to blitz so far...


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#131]
@Leon Drake: Check your email, please.

@Paolo: Great screenshots, really. I will necessarily place them on the site within week!

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#132]

I have problem with multitexturing. I'm using Ambitenlight and Lightcolor commands for simulate day-night cycle. When I'm using multitexuring objects (FE_ALPHAMODULATE blend for alphatexture and FE_ALPHACURRENT blend for color texture), the lightcolor and ambientlight color don't affect on objects. How can I resolve this?

Here is a sample:

alpha1=LoadTextureEx ("alpha1.png",2) : TextureBlend alpha1, FE_ALPHAMODULATE
stone=LoadTexture("",1+8) : TextureBlend stone, FE_ALPHACURRENT

EntityTexture ground,sand,0,0
EntityTexture ground,alpha1,0,1
EntityTexture ground,stone,0,2

Do you have any idea about this?


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#133]
@Mike0101: It is impossible (as far as I know) to use FE_ALPHACURRENT blend simultaneously with vertex colors. Please, use lightmaps!

Leon Drake(Posted 2010) [#134]
@MikhailV i think i bought fastex under another email i RE:'d you with the email i think i used.

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#135]

I have problem with multitexturing. I'm using Ambitenlight and Lightcolor commands for simulate day-night cycle. When I'm using multitexuring objects (FE_ALPHAMODULATE blend for alphatexture and FE_ALPHACURRENT blend for color texture), the lightcolor and ambientlight color don't affect on objects. How can I resolve this?

ive been tyring to get the lights to work for days, same problem

i have found lights will only affect the first layer
lights & ambi set to red

damn this is sad news :(


Rroff(Posted 2010) [#136]
You'll have to change to using vertex alpha and textures with their own alpha channel... using a large alpha map to blend between texture layers is hugely inefficent and quite limiting any way.

EDIT: I'll have a play a bit more with the d3d flags too see if its possible to get anything to work but so far I've not been able to get it to work with alpha testing + vertex colors.

Mike0101(Posted 2010) [#137]
I can't see how can I use lightmap instead of multitexturing. Two different things.

scribbla(Posted 2010) [#138]

using a large alpha map to blend between texture layers is hugely inefficent and quite limiting any way

the alpha map doesnt have to be that big and texturing large levels is superb using tiles & an alpha map



I can't see how can I use lightmap instead of multitexturing. Two different things.

Mike use tiles & a lightmap,
lightmap as last layer that uses the alpha map uv s

this image uses 4 tiles, 3 alphas & 1 simple test lightmap

; load textures --------------------------------
soil=LoadTexture ("media/soil.png",1+8)

sand=LoadTexture ("media/sand.png",1+8) : TextureBlend sand,FE_ALPHACURRENT

alpha2=LoadTextureEX ("media/newalpha2b.png",2)
rock=LoadTexture ("media/rock.png",1+8) : TextureBlend rock,FE_ALPHACURRENT

alpha3=LoadTextureEX ("media/newalpha3b.png",1+2)
grass=LoadTexture ("media/grass.png",1+8) : TextureBlend grass,FE_ALPHACURRENT

lightmap=LoadTextureEX("media/lightmap.png",1+2) : TextureBlend lightmap,1
; set UV set ------------------------------------
TextureCoords soil,1
TextureCoords alpha1,0
TextureCoords sand,1
TextureCoords alpha2,0
TextureCoords rock,1
TextureCoords alpha3,0
TextureCoords grass,1
TextureCoords lightmap,0
;- set textures to mesh -------------------------
EntityTexture mesh,soil,0,0
EntityTexture mesh,alpha1,0,1
EntityTexture mesh,sand,0,2
EntityTexture mesh,alpha2,0,3
EntityTexture mesh,rock,0,4
EntityTexture mesh,alpha3,0,5
EntityTexture mesh,grass,0,6
EntityTexture mesh,lightmap,0,7

i wanted to use blitz lights for effects, like flash from grenade that affects its surrounding or vehicle lights, how am i going to get any amount of specular on terrains, there is probably some weird & complicated trick using sprites for light effects or some other coding wizardry, but i aint that smart ;(


that TECNO the Base looks damn good, never seen anything like it in blitz before, seriously well done

Rroff(Posted 2010) [#139]
If you do a large scale terrain and want a decent resolution on the alpha blends tho your quickly chewing up texture memory and in some cases can hit fillrate badly. I love the possibilities with texture splatting over vertex alpha but it really is quite restricted due to various blending and memory issues as you increase the complexity.

SabataRH(Posted 2010) [#140]
Something still doesn't seem right with FastExt 1.16, I;m still get long pauses in my games when using shadows. Haven't been able to track down what causes it but its occurred in every project i've attempted so ive ruled out that it was something i was doing. Anyone else noticing this with their projects?

On closer review I believe it has something to do with Blitz3d's copyentity() command, when used with animated mesh, causing it.

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#141]
I`ve just started to use this great lib so please excuse me if this is something obvious but is it possible to completely turn off the texture blurring effect in a similar way that the directx7.dll that Tom created a while ago did?

By this I mean so that the individual pixels can been seen in textures like on the Nintendo DS or PS1 games. Anisotropy is probably what I need but I cannot seem get the effect that I am looking for, something like this,

I need to remove all blurring as in the image above, nice sharp textures. Any advice would be great.

If this is not possible in FastExt would you consider adding it? I will then be more than happy to buy a copy.

Great work on this library it is fantastic!


Kryzon(Posted 2010) [#142]
Hello, I'll try to give the API aspect of that visual; perhaps you can try to find how to reproduce it with fastExt.

It does not use Mip-Mapping.
It has the Minification and Magnification filters set to Nearest Neighbour.

(perhaps it might look better if you turn on anisotropic mipmapping but use Nearest filtering for the Magnification filter - it will stop the flickering of distant textures).

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#143]
I would like to point out that the image above was not made by me it is just to serve as an example of the effect that I am trying to recreate with FastExt.


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#144]
New small update FastExtension v1.16.1, special for QuickSilva :)

Added new functionality for TextureAnisotropy function + example
(Now can disable filtering for textures!).

You can download library from a site or from your personal account.

Don't forget to update dll, decls and include files in your Blitz3D and projects!

Yue(Posted 2010) [#145]

Thanks: D, hey there if someday you decide to get an update with particle systems.

A greeting.

My license sponsored by Google XD

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#146]
Thank you so much MikhailV you`ve made my day!

You really are speedy at adding users requests. I will definitely be buying a copy of FastExt now and encourage anybody else who`s considering it to purchase this excellent extension to Blitz 3D. Hopefully there will be more great updates to look forward to in the future.

Thanks again.

Edit - just ordered but keep getting an access denied when trying to login to my account despite the details being correct, anyone else having problems login in at the moment?

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#147]
Hello, is anyone else having trouble login in to their FastExt account at the moment? I registered about a week ago now and I still cannot access my account. I have double checked my account details but it still says access denied. I am still waiting for a reply from MikhailV but just wanted to know if anyone else is having difficulty. Maybe it is just the website?

Thanks for any help,


Yue(Posted 2010) [#148]
hola, Cuando Te Producto adquieres un, UNOS horas despues te envian las Naciones Unidas Nombre de Usuario Una contraseņa y, la Pregunta es, ya te llegaron Estós Datos???

Un saludo.

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#149]
After a quick translation I am guessing that you are asking if I have received my registration data.

I have yes but am still unable to login. I haven`t yet heard back from MikhailV but assume that he`s probably just busy at the moment, I`m sure that he`ll get back to me shortly just really wanted to know if the site was working properly for other registered users.


MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#150]
@QuickSilva: I see that you have changed login and password. Therefore the account details from my letter doesn't approach. And check your email please.

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#151]
Thank you for the helpful reply MikhailV, all is working well now.


Panno(Posted 2010) [#152]
@Quicksilva muhahaa your pic looks so funny show me moore

QuickSilva(Posted 2010) [#153]

Sure, the screen shot above was from a game (not made by me) called Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch.

See a trailer here,


Blitzplotter(Posted 2010) [#154]
I've just started to use this lib, a very impressive library, fantastic that I stumbled across it just as the darker nights are drawing in.

Yasha(Posted 2010) [#155]
Feature request?

How hard would it be to add a "selective Gaussian" blur effect? ( ) i.e. Blur that doesn't smooth out hard contours.

I don't have a specific use for this, I just think it's really cool! (Much like FastExtension!)

Leon Drake(Posted 2010) [#156]
thats looks almost the same as using Depth of Field blur

Blitzplotter(Posted 2010) [#157]
Hi, I've also just started recently on this great lib. My question is where abouts is the W,A,S,D defined (as in how many pixels the camera moves whilst pressed ) & how easy is it to add rotational elements to the camera (say using the cursor keys)?

The image beloew is a little training run I do plotting GPS co-ordinates in 3D with my heart rate superimposed on the top of the respective GPS co-ordinates. The device I use is a garmin F305.

Charrua(Posted 2010) [#158]
in the "include" dir, there are a "" file with 2 functions, the one that defines wasd and mouse turn velocity is:

Function MouseLook(cam)
	RotateEntity cam, -(GraphicsHeight()/2-MouseY()), Float(GraphicsWidth()/2-MouseX()), 0
	 If KeyDown(17) MoveEntity cam,0,0,.1 
	 If KeyDown(31) MoveEntity cam,0,0,-.1
	 If KeyDown(32) MoveEntity cam,0.1,0,0 
	 If KeyDown(30) MoveEntity cam,-0.1,0,0 
End Function


Blitzplotter(Posted 2010) [#159]
Thanks Charrua, implementing now, my rotate entity seems to be fighting against something else....:-

Charrua(Posted 2010) [#160]
hi, when an arrow key is pressed, you update roll or pitch but zeroes the other, i asume that rollby and pitch by are globals, isn't it?

try something like this:

Function MouseLook(cam)
	;RotateEntity cam, -(GraphicsHeight()/2-MouseY()), Float(GraphicsWidth()/2-MouseX()), 0
	If KeyDown(17) MoveEntity cam,0,0,2
	If KeyDown(31) MoveEntity cam,0,0,-2
	If KeyDown(32) MoveEntity cam,2,0,0 
	If KeyDown(30) MoveEntity cam,-2,0,0 
					;give up on indentation
	If KeyDown(75) TurnEntity cam,0,-0.5,0
	If KeyDown(77) TurnEntity cam,0,0.5,0,0
	If KeyDown(72) TurnEntity cam,.5,0,0
	If KeyDown(80) TurnEntity cam,-0.5,0,0
	;try and pivot the camera....
	If KeyDown(203)
		;RotateEntity cam,rollby,0,0
	If KeyDown(205) 
		;RotateEntity cam,-rollby,0,0
	If KeyDown(200) 
		;RotateEntity cam,0,pitchby,0
	If KeyDown(208) 
		;RotateEntity cam,0,-pitchby,0
	RotateEntity cam,rollby,pitchby,0
End Function

RotateEntity rotates the entity to an absolute value, no matter wich orientation it has previosly


Blitzplotter(Posted 2010) [#161]
Aaah, I thought it was an incremental command, whoops, thanks for the clarity. However the following got me where I was going:-

Function MouseLook(cam)
;	;RotateEntity cam, -(GraphicsHeight()/2-MouseY()), Float(GraphicsWidth()/2-MouseX()), 0
	If KeyDown(17) MoveEntity cam,0,0,2
	If KeyDown(31) MoveEntity cam,0,0,-2
	If KeyDown(32) MoveEntity cam,2,0,0 
	If KeyDown(30) MoveEntity cam,-2,0,0 
	If KeyDown(75) TurnEntity cam,0,-0.5,0
	If KeyDown(77) TurnEntity cam,0,0.5,0,0
	If KeyDown(72) TurnEntity cam,.5,0,0
	If KeyDown(80) TurnEntity cam,-0.5,0,0
        If KeyDown( 208 )=True Then pitch#=-1
	If KeyDown( 200 )=True Then pitch#=1
	If KeyDown( 203 )=True Then yaw#=-1
	If KeyDown( 205 )=True Then yaw#=1
	If KeyDown( 45 )=True Then roll#=-1  ; 'Z'
	If KeyDown( 44 )=True Then roll#=1   ; 'X'
								TurnEntity cam,pitch#,yaw#,roll#
End Function

Charrua(Posted 2010) [#162]
yes, TurnEntity is accumulative


RifRaf(Posted 2010) [#163]

Feature request?

How hard would it be to add a "selective Gaussian" blur effect? ( ) i.e. Blur that doesn't smooth out hard contours.

I don't have a specific use for this, I just think it's really cool! (Much like FastExtension!)

I would love to have an easy way to implement this as well, good request

crazydba(Posted 2010) [#164]
Hoops ,ignore this message , I though there was an issue with fast Ex or Fast Image, but I am just a poor progammer, sorry

Last edited 2010

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#165]
@crazydba: Happens, don't worry.

Somebody has problems with library after a new B3D update (1.106)?

byo(Posted 2010) [#166]
Hi, MikhailV.

Yes, after the update the examples in the latest FastExtension library don't work properly. Many of them have the "unsupported" lines with red text on screen and the textures seem to be broken.

I haven't tested the other libraries yet. I'll do so once I have enough time.
I hope this helps. If you need me to test anything please let me know.

I'm using Windows 7 by the way.


Andre Guerreiro Neto

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DaveS(Posted 2010) [#167]
Hi MikhailV,
Yes like byo said - something is broken - in my IDE (own one) the Debugger shows some MAV like on Cls_ etc. methods

So returned to 1.105 for the meantime ;)

by the way to hijack,
under Win7 FastText is incredible slow... anyway using FastImage Bitmap Fonts for now - ultra fast :]

by the way, great libs, great support like always :))


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MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#168]
Well, I will make an update :) Please wait a little time...

byo(Posted 2010) [#169]
Thank you, MikhailV. :)

FlagDKT(Posted 2010) [#170]
Mikhaliv please hurrryyyy up! :) :) Fix needed urgently!

byo(Posted 2010) [#171]
The man says he's working on it and politely asked people to wait for an update. So just be patient. Jeez...

Blitzplotter(Posted 2010) [#172]
MikhailV, thanks again for such an excellent lib. I'm flying around the training runs I've done in the 'real' world thanks to your lib package - I would not have realised my protottype without your lib (;-) I've got this mad idea where by I (might) be able to create some 3D tracks (Stunt car racer esque) simply by going for a drive in my car with my GPS watch around the local area. Possibly overreaching there, but hey - you never know!

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Yue(Posted 2010) [#173]
"Somebody has problems with library after a new B3D update (1.106)?"

I have problems with the new update of blitz3d, with the new update does not walk any of the examples of the libs, but to return to the old version all is well, I expect an update soon as they have corrected the problems of sprites .

A greeting.

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#174]
Good news! :)

FastExtension library is updated - v1.17

- now compatible with Blitz3D 1.106
- new small function ShadowUpdate() in system. Read more in Shadows_Help_Eng.txt.

You can download library from a site or from your personal account.

p.s. Don't forget to update dll, decls and include files in your Blitz3D and projects!
p.p.s. FastText library too is updated - v1.26

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Yue(Posted 2010) [#175]
A million acknowledgments man underlined your support these great libraries, note that Persiva a slight increase performance Windows 7. :)

Leon Drake(Posted 2010) [#176]

byo(Posted 2010) [#177]
Thanks a lot, MikhailV. You're the man! :D

SLotman(Posted 2010) [#178]
Any chance of having this ported to miniB3D? It really is incredible :)

Yue(Posted 2010) [#179]
hello there if you help me on this, I have two buttons, but when I put this piece of code only runs if the order of the first, any suggestions please?

	If TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-100,GraphicsHeight()-100,Salir,1) And MouseHit(1)
	End If 
	If TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth(),GraphicsHeight()-100,Iniciar,1) And MouseHit(1)
		AppTitle "mujaja" 
	End If 

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MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#180]
mh1 = MouseHit(1)   ;<<<<<

	If TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-100,GraphicsHeight()-100,Salir,1) And mh1<>0
	End If 
	If TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth(),GraphicsHeight()-100,Iniciar,1) And mh1<>0
		AppTitle "mujaja" 
	End If 


Yue(Posted 2010) [#181]
:) Thanks, well now that the following code aplicare.

	; Boton Salir
	If TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-150,GraphicsHeight()-100,Salir,255)=False
		DrawImageEx Salir,GraphicsWidth()-150,GraphicsHeight()-100
		Estado_Tecla_Escape = False 
	ElseIf TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-150,GraphicsHeight()-100,Salir,255)=True
		DrawImageEx Salir2,GraphicsWidth()-150,GraphicsHeight()-100
		If MouseDown(Tecla_Mouse_1) = True  And TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-150,GraphicsHeight()-100,Salir,255)=True
			DrawImageEx Salir3,GraphicsWidth()-150,GraphicsHeight()-100
			Estado_Tecla_Escape = True
		ElseIf MouseDown(Tecla_Mouse_1) = False And Estado_Tecla_Escape = True
			Estado_Tecla_Escape = False 
			ClearWorld True,True,True
		End If 
	End If 
		; Boton Iniciar
	If TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth()+50,GraphicsHeight()-100,Iniciar,255)=False
		DrawImageEx Iniciar,GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth()+50,GraphicsHeight()-100
		Estado_Tecla_Escape = False 
	ElseIf TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth()+50,GraphicsHeight()-100,Iniciar,255)=True
		DrawImageEx Iniciar2,GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth()+50,GraphicsHeight()-100
		If MouseDown(Tecla_Mouse_1) = True  And TestImage(MouseX(),MouseY(),GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth()+50,GraphicsHeight()-100,Iniciar,255)=True
			DrawImageEx Iniciar3,GraphicsWidth()-GraphicsWidth()+50,GraphicsHeight()-100
			Estado_Tecla_Escape = True
		ElseIf MouseDown(Tecla_Mouse_1) = False And Estado_Tecla_Escape = True
			Estado_Tecla_Escape = False
			FreeEntity Plano
			FreeEntity Auto_1
			Goto Cargando 
		End If 
	End If 
	DrawImageEx Raton,MouseX(),MouseY()

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Yue(Posted 2010) [#182]
Hi, I have a problem using entityparent (...) for the camera to chase the car, the shadows are distorted all, any suggestions.


The shadow problem has been solved, unfortunately not English, to learn by reading, so I have to learn through trial and error to understand how things work, and damn is that all technology and manuals are in English.

Appreciate tips for the performance of my project based on these data I present below:

My computer:

Motherboard: M7vig 400
Ram memory: 1.5 Giga Frequency 400
Processor: AMD +3400 real speed a jig, with over 1.7 clok

3D Accelerator Card: Nvidia 128 of ram.

and I realize that creating a game is much better than playing one.

A great library. :)


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Yue(Posted 2010) [#183]

Hello, good entityparent commented that using a mesh that reflects a shadow comes, the shadow is distorted, do not know if this is fixable in a future update, but I've solved the problem as follows:
What I do is make a function that I retrieve all groups in the model, and then establish that these groups give a shadow and so when engaging the camera with the car, does not distort the shadow.

Global Car = LoadAnimMesh("Car.b3d")
Function Grupos(Entidad%)
	For G = 1 To CountChildren(Entidad) 
		Grupos = GetChild(Entidad,G) 
		CreateShadowCaster Grupos
End Function


EntityParent (Camara,Car) ; :D

Yue(Posted 2010) [#184]
Help me Please oO???

Tab(Posted 2010) [#185]

I have bad news... the latest drivers from Nvidia ( Version 260.99 ) destroy the perfomance of Fastext and Fastimage.

Here some screenshots.

A test scene with 1000 cubes without FastImage. ( Pure B3D run faster on 260.99 )

A test scene with 1000 cubes with a simply image using FastImage.

Fastext DOF + Glow

I hope you can do something to fix the problem. =(

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Yue(Posted 2010) [#186]

no sirve esta joda!!! = does not work and second blucle

Yue(Posted 2010) [#187]
ok, sorry no problem =)

Yue(Posted 2010) [#188]
CreateShadow 0

CreateShadow 0

I noticed that the farther the point of light on the object the shadow is made of low quality, no matter who uses shadow quality 512 x 512 does not both me low fps. =)

Yue(Posted 2010) [#189]
I have an issue with the shadow type 2, to start with low FPS CreateShadow 2 on 60 to 20, the strange thing is that the change in real time the type 0 or 1 and then again with type 2, and this time does not go 20 FPS, but it remains at 60.

Any suggestions.

Yue(Posted 2010) [#190]
BUG!! FastImage Depth 16

Blitz3D Native Perfect

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Yue(Posted 2010) [#191]


Hotshot2005(Posted 2010) [#192]
Someone got help this guy as he need some help!!

_PJ_(Posted 2010) [#193]
Hi MikhailV,
I'm quite new to FastExtension, and I'm not sure where to find the ExtVersion() function. What file(s) need to be included?


Edit - DoH I feel so stupid, it was within the decls ;)

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MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#194]
@Malice: You need update, FastExt.dll in you project, and FastExt.decls in Blitz3D userlibs folder.

_PJ_(Posted 2010) [#195]
Yeah I got it, thanks for responding though :)

I only just recently purchased the full version, so I'm just getting used to it at the moment. It's got so much potential and really enhances B3D - it's almost a necessity!
I'm sure I'll have plenty of (stupid) questions in the future!

Yue(Posted 2010) [#196]
I have a question, that the difference between Text_ DrawText and as I've seen Text_ hurts me the fps from 60 to 30, while DrawText does not happen with the drop in FPS.

MikhailV(Posted 2010) [#197]
@Yue: DrawText - it's wrapper function for DrawText_(...) from DLL. It is made for easy usage. You don't need to install each time all variable parameters on a function input...

jfk EO-11110(Posted 2010) [#198]
Hi MikhailV, a question: Are the postprocessed FX using pixel shaders? And if so, could you implement a dynamic shader program loader? (and how does this work anyway, is there a parallel dx8 surface?)

Yue(Posted 2010) [#199]
Hello, when you have time to have if you correct the problem with FastImage does not work with depth of 16, the error occurs when I see a button using the mouse, the color depth of 16 does not work.

Another issue is that I think FreeImageEx not working properly, and does not remove the image from memory, because if I redial DrawImageEx this image should be removed, is drawn on screen, but loses its starting point and moves to focus drawn from the top left corner.

A greeting.

Yue(Posted 2010) [#200]
ok no problem, FreeimageEx(Logo,1)

Rroff(Posted 2010) [#201]
Supporting 16bit color depth in this day and age is a waste of time IMO. Any hardware that can only do 16bit is gonna be on its last legs and not upto running any modern project with sufficent speed.

Yue(Posted 2010) [#202]
If you think like a programmer, and not as computer users understand art, it is necessary to implement a menu of options where the user can choose the configuration that best suits your hardware, is a necessary, although it does not seem to live in ass in the world, a third world country where most computer users do not use dual core which should be provided as is my case that these applications run at least detail.

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jfk EO-11110(Posted 2010) [#203]
I do agree with Yue, also because Blitz3D is part of an area that shifted from 16 to 32 Bits. And also because it means more work to me to mask out the 16 and 24 Bit modes, compared to when I simply offer all Display modes the Caps claim to support.

BTW MikhailV, I used to read some of the older threads, so my question is answered: FastExt does not use Shaders, nor DX8 or 9, but does some advanced tricks with buffers in DX7, when I get it right.

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MikhailV(Posted 2011) [#204]
@jfk EO-11110: FE does not use shaders and can't use them in general as Blitz3D is constructed on the basis of DirectX7.

About 16-bit color depth - It is very strange, as the library isn't connected in any way with what or a graphic mode. I will check up it...

MikhailV(Posted 2011) [#205]
@Yue: FastImage 16-bit color mode - work fine, problem not found! (16-bit fullscreen too)

click for zoom

Yue(Posted 2011) [#206]
Hi, I appreciate your patience in the matter, I'm new and I think it will always be a novice in the matter.

You're absolutely right, if it works at a depth of 16 bits, not what is happening and what we thought it was a mistake, I'll confirm a user whose signature is a website called Mouse bad, I think it's BAD or something well.

Similarly appreciate your patience with my ignorance on the subject.

A greeting.

Yue(Posted 2011) [#207]
then I am who I am doing something wrong, the example named Example_Text_Objetcs, it works fine in 16 bit depth but something happens in my project, where in trying to establish when the mouse pointer is over a button, fastimage does not work, is whether it can be an incompatibility problem with Fastext or fastimage. attached some pictures on the matter.

Yue(Posted 2011) [#208]

As you can see the top of the image, it runs at 16 bits, this is where I can not have interactive buttons, and in the lower 32 bits to work properly.

I speak specifically in full screen.

As data, the number 11 shows in graphical mode in which it is and the one above is the available memory of 128 RAM that supports the graphics card.

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Yue(Posted 2011) [#209]

Hey, for some reason I do not know the problem is the following:
;Full screen
Function D_Botones(Imagen1%=0,Imagen2%=0,Imagen3%=0,PX%,PY%)
	Local MX#=MouseX()
	Local MY#=MouseY()
	If TestImage(MX#,MY#,PX,PY,Imagen1%,128)= False  
		                            ;255 Error!! depth 16
	ElseIf TestImage(MX#,MY#,PX%,PY%,Imagen1%,128) = True 
                                                 ; 255 Error!! depth 16

The above code works perfectly at all depths in full screen, 16,24,32, but if it amends the data of 128 by 255, something strange happens and it only works with depth of 32 bits, and change reliza The program is fucked.

likewise do not know why this happens, since according to the manual gives these parameters to detect transparency with respect to the mouse pointer, but I am greatly pleased to have resolved this. =) (0-255)

Greetings from the ass of the world =)

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MikhailV(Posted 2011) [#210]
@Yue: May be problem with blitz function ReadPixel(). I will check up it...

lauri(Posted 2011) [#211]
Help! I can't get FastExt working. All postprocessing and shadow examples cause MAV and bump examples run but bumping doesn't work.

MikhailV(Posted 2011) [#212]
@lauri: you use old FastExt.dll

lauri(Posted 2011) [#213]
what? I bought it last sunday. Or is there some update?

Santiworld(Posted 2011) [#214]
hi, i have a question.

how is the right way to do this?

I have an entity, this entity is a screen in my game, so I want to apply a texture to that entity (alltime). the texture is a radar, created by 2d drawings.

I draw the radar using the drawimageex and drawline functions.

but I can't apply it to a texture.


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Beaker(Posted 2011) [#215]
Continued on Thread 6 here.

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