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Gabriel(Posted 2009) [#1]
I've just been given a 3dsMax file with a rigged character in it. It's rigged with Biped and Skin. Initially the biped elements are frozen and hidden, but when I unfreeze all and unhide all, all I get is some nubs. I actually want the whole biped. I'm guessing that the artist has done some clever trick to ensure that the nubs must be used for animation which is great, but I need to access all the bones. I've obviously written to ask what he's done and how I can undo it, but I'm wondering whether anyone has ever come across this and has a suggestion.

AdrianT(Posted 2009) [#2]
Hmm, could it be that the bones are turned off in display properties?

if you go to the display tab of the control panel there's a checkbox for bone objects. When checked it hides bones independently of the regular hide function.

Found a pic online...

If the bones are hidden via this panel unhide won't make the bones visible.