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_PJ_(Posted 2009) [#1]
Looking over the demo version, I see some constants are defined of course relating to mass and torque etc.

I was wondering how these are interpreted by the ODE, are they arbitrary or do they conform to any particular units?

I can understand how it of course is all down to scale of one's program, but in working with real-world-physics, do newtonian equations still hold?

Obviously, there would be limits as there are in real-world experimentrs (for example, various energy considerations are negligible for most experimental purposes)

VIP3R(Posted 2009) [#2]
Missed this one, sorry.

Measurement units are relative so any scale can be used. There's a brief related post here...


_PJ_(Posted 2009) [#3]
Yeah I figured after a while the content creation tools probably wasnt the best place for the question.

Thanks a lot!