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Litobyte(Posted 2008) [#1]
Hello everyone,

I feel to share this piece of tool I coded a couple of years ago.

I could have an ogre demo, which I can't find right now, but I will post here ASAP, done with a maplet lightmapped mesh, and a generic ogre.3ds I had on my drive wrapped with magical vertex shader 2.0 (like wobble gum and other already present in the OgreSDK) applied to it.

This software is Freeware

Check it out, and write here a note if it was useful.

Download Blitz2Ogre

It is a small tool done with blitz3D and bui and can converts .b3d meshes (for example done with maplet) + lightmaps into ogre.mesh (XML format) with lightmaps (2nd uv channel) support.

The material export features is broken so please don't use it.

There is a maplet .b3d scene I did for example included

Use mouse + left and right mousebuttons on the 3d view to look around the mesh (not so good I know)


some image of the tool to capture your attention!

you know, sometime in this world done of images some text isn't just enough!

Blitz3D + blitzui + xml export stuff tool:

The exported result, seen in OgreMeshViewer

Thank you!


Ricky Smith(Posted 2008) [#2]
Very nice - thanks - I see there's a save skeleton option - does it export animation too ?

sigi(Posted 2008) [#3]
Will try this, thank you.

Litobyte(Posted 2008) [#4]
No sorry,

Skeleton (bones) and maplet lights as entities are not supported yet.

If anybody is interested in finalizing this for supporting non-static bones mesh and entities, (eg: have the source code to make future version avaiable for free to the community, GPL license) drop a mail to: info@...


AdrianT(Posted 2008) [#5]
Damn, looks like a brilliant tool. Were releasing Flow3D beta around christmas, Can I plug this on our site? Flow3D being an game dev solution for blitzmax.

Seems like it would be a nice tool to get old media over to flow :) And even has a UI...

Litobyte(Posted 2008) [#6]
Yes but please use the link I provided and do not host the file directly on your website. Just link it please.

I like your work, I expected something like that.

Unfortunately i'm only a blitz3D and Ogre user (with c++)

Please go on!

Damien Sturdy(Posted 2008) [#7]
haha, two threads- Nice work! :-) definitely going to be useful!!!

AdrianT(Posted 2008) [#8]
Hey thanks, I'll list your game and give it a page on the wiki when thats done. Linking to your download URL as specified :)

Litobyte(Posted 2009) [#9]
Hey guys, I received a mail by a folk who says the application doesn't save the file nowhere...

Well I tried my self the uploaded application, and is true!
weird, I wend to my old source brench, and...gasp!
Even my newer version in the source branch same bug.

If you don't have a specific User folder under "Documents and Settings" it won't work!!! That it is sadly hardcoded in the source...

How you guys could use the tool instead ?!!?

Who could is a discrete "hacker" and a good observer ;-)


Litobyte(Posted 2009) [#10]
A new version is up!

check it out at the old address at the top of the thread!