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Doggie(Posted 2008) [#1]

Please read the description. Huh?

(I do not endorse this product as it might "brick" your ppc)

Doiron(Posted 2008) [#2]
If vertex paint fad exploding his Pocket PC wasn't scary enough, I'm mystified by the idea of ingesting the Activesync in order to ask the electrical cable tribute for a backup wish...

Doggie(Posted 2008) [#3]
sigh...if only I had in days of yore to learn but its possiblities

not to mention a "tranquil Hard reset"

I've done a hard reset. That's not how I'd describe my feelings at the time.

Shambler(Posted 2008) [#4]
I did try to contact support but got a

Warning: main(includes/contact_body.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/home/jesusbox44/mobile-apps.org/index.php on line 66

He (note the caps) must be busy.

D4NM4N(Posted 2008) [#5]
I love blender, but i cannot think of anything worse to try and model on :)