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Dicon(Posted 2008) [#1]
In the image below is an image using Blender render and a screen dump from Blitz3D after exporting a portion of the meshes.
The problem area are the supports which are OK in Blender and not in the exported mesh using the Blender B3D exporter.
Is there a solution to this?
I think the exporter has a problem with irregular extruded shapes, which may mean a rethink of further designs.

Dicon(Posted 2008) [#2]
OH *** here is another try

ardee(Posted 2008) [#3]

Apply scale/rotation to the objects causing trouble.

1. Select object (right click)
2. Object-->Clear/Apply-->Apply Scale/Rotation to ObData (or shortcut Ctrl A, 1)

The exporter works perfectly, if it doesn't it's down to you.


Dicon(Posted 2008) [#4]
Thanks for that advice. And after six hours trying to solve the problem.


Dicon(Posted 2008) [#5]
And another one for ya, even though the blender render shows an area of "cobbles" with "dirt", using the clouds textures and a bump map ( see above lins ) this is not translated into the UV, even though the x,y,z co-ord were set to 14.
Any tuts on UV texturing so that the layers are added in and "tiled" across the face?
I have looked through Google and the books but cannot see anything.
OTOH it could be staring me in the face.

ardee(Posted 2008) [#6]

Not to sure what you're saying but it sounds like the cloud texture is a procedural texture (cloud, noise, stucci etc) generated by Blender, is that right?

If so, you can't use procedural textures for UV maps (remember they aren't real images, just some mathemtical code generated stuff internal to Blender) unless you convert them into actual images. There is a script for rendering procedural textures to images which can then be UV mapped, but you'll get better results with using an image right from the start.

If that's not what you mean just e-mail me the .blend and I'll take a look. Remember to pack images if you do (File-->External Data--->Pack into Blend).


Dicon(Posted 2008) [#7]
OH dear, the procedural textures , yup, that was what I wanted.
The nice things about the procedurals were that they were a low memory way to "break up" any face and stop the tiling from looking too obviously "Tiled". So.........I will use my paint package to shade and tint the UV.

The other problem was to get the "cobbled tile.jpg" which looks OK and tiled in blender to export AS a tiled UV surface. I still ( in Blitz3D get one tile only on a large ground mesh.

( You can see I am a beginner at this, can't you? )

Thanks for the advice.

slenkar(Posted 2008) [#8]
in blitz3d you may have to use the SCALETEXTURE command to get that effect

ardee(Posted 2008) [#9]
To get it to tile the easiest way is to just scale up the face in the UV editor window. The face doesn't need to lie within the image boundaries. If it doesn't the map will tile.

1. Select face
2. Move mouse over UV/Image editor window
3. S to scale.

Or as Jeremy says you could scale the texture within Blitz.

Dicon(Posted 2008) [#10]
Thanks, will try that ( as in all the above )
Will report back later.